Am I a lesbian?

Morgan Adams
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This is in no way meant to offend anyone, this is just the comment I get the most so I wanted to answer the question everyone has been asking. Everyone is allowed to love whoever they want and I love all of you guys the same :)
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May 2, 2018




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Comments 24 341
Heather J
Heather J 2 days ago
your grandma is SO CUTE
Lori Lynn
Lori Lynn 3 days ago
bad ass video
Lori Lynn
Lori Lynn 3 days ago
i just love you. you are so funny and sweet. keep being YOU
Lisa Morrison
Lisa Morrison 3 days ago
Garrett reminds me of a young John Lithgow.
c0ke princess
c0ke princess 3 days ago
just came back to this video to say i came out as bisexual! ❤️
SiannanIsTheBest 3 days ago
Morgan is so naturally beautiful
Val_lycan1223 4 days ago
I think Morgan is bi - I am bi - my gaydar senses are tingling
Val_lycan1223 4 days ago
Bajajaja cold brew gets me off the walls 😂
natalie ann
natalie ann 4 days ago
I loved how your grandma answered “ hi! Hi gorgeous!” Awh love it
Bianca Blu
Bianca Blu 5 days ago
I laughed to hard with rylands lil one liners hahaha
Destiny Jaquez
Destiny Jaquez 5 days ago
7:19 to 1:34 had me dying omg I rewinded it to that part like 10 times it was so funny
Adi Valdez
Adi Valdez 5 days ago
Morgan you are so beautiful and your personality is a plus !
Jenna Ragsdale
Jenna Ragsdale 5 days ago
I AM HOLLERING!! I LOVE THE ENDING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "NO." end video 😂😂😂
April Pink
April Pink 6 days ago
I’m exactly how Shane described you! And I also got the lesbian thing since I was a teenager 🤔. Super interesting!!
Justine Hughes
Justine Hughes 6 days ago
Shane looks like such a dad at 6:17 xD
Amada Lopez
Amada Lopez 6 days ago
How come I put captions and the captions don't work on shane but on the rest yeah
Kalysta Milliner
Kalysta Milliner 6 days ago
At 7:14 well um my family has two gay people me and my sister
Judy Jude
Judy Jude 7 days ago
Morgan is gorgous
Judy Jude
Judy Jude 7 days ago
Yes you are
RhinoSet13 Sandoval
You sexy💖💖💖
Nicole Stucchi
Nicole Stucchi 7 days ago
I love how ryland ALMOST did a little dance in the back.... then didnt
SMG 7 days ago
it's really no one's business what that is as that is something you have to figure out yourself who and what you are. Why are you asking other people what you are who cares what other people think. Loads of people today are stupid and ignorant and think because someone is on their own a long time that they are this or that. None of you have any right to assume what sexuality another person is. You figure out that on your own Morgan to hell with anyone else what they think.
SMG 7 days ago
Or that other guy
SMG 7 days ago
Do not listen to Shane either
SMG 7 days ago
do not do a poll those people do not know you end of
Stupid Yuri._.
Stupid Yuri._. 8 days ago
“ I can’t believe you knew how to answer?!”
Arorasky Lights
Arorasky Lights 8 days ago
LOL I love your potato phone!
Queen Yas
Queen Yas 8 days ago
I think morgen you’re bisexual
AlexthePatato #1
AlexthePatato #1 8 days ago
does anyone else just want to hug shane
you're beautiful
you're beautiful 9 days ago
Morgan is so pretty
SaTINAtiva 9 days ago
I needed this video because I was certainly wondering. Not because you seem lesbian, but because you're super cute & it's girls like you that remind me I'm queer as fuuuuck. Thank you
Alyssa Roman
Alyssa Roman 10 days ago
I never thought you were gay you seem straight to me lol 😂 plus you’re awesome 😎
xXQueenYandereXx 10 days ago
My name is Trinity omg!!! XD
PeachyButtCookies 10 days ago
Wait so..... I'm a lesbian? at the end. Shane's making me question.
Yvette B
Yvette B 11 days ago
Love the anti climactic ending 😂😂😂
Renae Almburg
Renae Almburg 11 days ago
I love what garret said.. Does it matter..what a gd friend!!!!
Kathryn Nava
Kathryn Nava 11 days ago
Am I the only one that ship Garret and Morgan so hard
8:02 that sync tho
Mothersload 11 days ago
I sooo thought because I didn’t enjoy men that I was but I didn’t want to be with women either.... I’m so confused... lol 🇨🇦🐢❤️ Your not alone.. xoYou know your balls are bigger so how do you proceed? lol
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Peterson 12 days ago
Wow so many haters to dislike this video. So it's not cool to be straight anymore?
Heather Wheeler
Heather Wheeler 12 days ago
We love you Morgan ♡
Ama Artz
Ama Artz 13 days ago
Ryland- Gay Shane- Bisexual Garret- Super Gay Andrew- Straight Morgan- Single Hotel- Trivago
Lacie Glaab
Lacie Glaab 13 days ago
love it! You are beautiful though. Don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise!❤
Einavi A
Einavi A 14 days ago
Lukas Meyvisch
Lukas Meyvisch 14 days ago
She’s 20??????? I’m 19 and I look literally 12
Heather Gregoire
Heather Gregoire 14 days ago
Let them wonder girlfreind
Heather Gregoire
Heather Gregoire 14 days ago
She is 110 just like I am..
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 14 days ago
Actually, yes,you are.
Nicole Lamourt Rivera
Honestly I have the same problem as you Morgan. I am very down to earth I do my shit I work for my stuff I do what I want to do because I was raise by a Independent woman but a lot of people think I am a lesbian because literally don’t take shit from man that don’t know what they want and period wee don’t have time to waste ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
Teresa Melo
Teresa Melo 15 days ago
I died through this entire video😂😂
Hudsynn Shay
Hudsynn Shay 15 days ago
uh no ur American
balu5018 16 days ago
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Taylor Burdine
Taylor Burdine 16 days ago
You’re one year older than me so like... we can be friends right? 😂
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 16 days ago
Ryland: “so this is my dads fault” No one: Shane: *nods for quite a while*😂😭
Kristie Verstelle
Kristie Verstelle 16 days ago
My hopes and dreams are crushed
Skull Mad
Skull Mad 16 days ago
Guess your not American
xion9923 16 days ago
I dont know how she is single, i would date her in an instant, shes so funny, intelligent and gorgeous
The Hole in Dans Sock
Your hot as fuck....... How about that?
RinaIliasoff 17 days ago
Macie Anne
Macie Anne 17 days ago
Blessss Shane Dawson for knowing about Avril and her battle with Lyme Disease!!! Lyme warriors like myself seriously appreciate when people recognize the disease!
Gina Marie
Gina Marie 17 days ago
Garett is hot af!
Gina Marie
Gina Marie 17 days ago
I love you Morgan!!🤟❤️
ThatOneTallKid572 18 days ago
I'm sitting here thinking its gonna be a serious video, then I hear "slide into the coochie and come out of with the gucci"
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