Alpha Pack opening but for every common I donate money to a Siege streamer

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Comments 80
NarcolepticNugget 6 months ago
If you are coming to TwitchCon San Diego next week come visit me! Meet N Greet Info Where: Streamer Alley When: Saturday September 28 Time: 12:30 PM
Jaydon Nave
Jaydon Nave 11 hours ago
You should’ve donated 2.50 instead of 250 lol
Riced Pandas
Riced Pandas 8 days ago
NarcolepticNugget just watched this video. ik u wont read this comment but if u do, ur such an good guy. ur amazing. god bless
cardland 227
cardland 227 16 days ago
It be funny if you did 251
DropSh0t08 25 days ago
Good guy!
Oscar Rodriquez
Oscar Rodriquez Month ago
NarcolepticNugget but to make people respect the homeless
Arthur Horton Iv
Arthur Horton Iv 56 minutes ago
Every times he opens one: his friend: huh ooh huh ooh huh
Emir Türkeköle
Emir Türkeköle 2 hours ago
NarcolepticNugget: Gets an epic or a legendary The rest: *HEAVY BREATHING*
Succ4 Money
Succ4 Money 3 hours ago
I bet your charm was a fucking common
Caoboy 4 hours ago
Shit I wish I got that charm
King 4 hours ago
i swear that one dude has a loss of breath or something like, *breaths uncontrollably*
Caoboy 5 hours ago
When your broke but you need good content on your channel
MaDDoGPlayz 7 hours ago
Buddy greys are common/un common idiot
Braulio Razo
Braulio Razo 19 hours ago
"She just took the 50 and dipped" 😂😂😂😭
Kiernator 88
Kiernator 88 22 hours ago
Not even lying got mp5 black ice as my first black ice
Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones Day ago
10:26 absolute simp
Alex Loveman
Alex Loveman Day ago
unKnow forMeToKnow
Nug this video was so amazing!💪🏻🙏🏻 your a gift from god on helping other people out💪🏻🙏🏻 touched my heart and cried a little bite keep up the heart work man 💪🏻🙏🏻
Alpacius The Great
9:45 SIMP.
Middleton Day ago
You really are a good man
Fernando Gonzales
How do I get your charm
Serino Seni
Serino Seni Day ago
Florida man
Florida man Day ago
you are now my favorite rainbow streamer
Btîmp Agario
Btîmp Agario 2 days ago
Looking back at time I got black ice for MP5 on my second pack loll
Cameron Ngu
Cameron Ngu 2 days ago
d callendar
d callendar 2 days ago
Wait nug donated 250 to a girl streamer? SIMP
Adrian Garcia JANY
Me: wants to buy a £300 computer for my family. NarcolepticNugget: Donates 250$ to a random streamer
Balázs Boncsér
Balázs Boncsér 2 days ago
the thing is uncommons are more rare than legendary lmfao
XrapterGaming 2 days ago
how do they know what nug got?
Joshua Eager
Joshua Eager 3 days ago
The amazon guy’s ass is to big bro he split his pants
Fabian C De Baca
Fabian C De Baca 3 days ago
Spit 3 days ago
How much money do you have?
Your Favorite Internet Asshole
He paid Ubisoft With renown
Pedro Poleza
Pedro Poleza 3 days ago
it is obviously fake btw
Gavin Rayburn
Gavin Rayburn 3 days ago
Hey you should donate on mixer
Dumpling 3 days ago
Could have donated to a charity instead of dumb streamers smh
Adam Delay
Adam Delay 4 days ago
So your telling me that you gave double the money to a guy that needed a new pc than you did someone that was helping his grandma with cancer and then got kicked from his house?! Am I the only one that sees this stupid!?
Synixx__ 4 days ago
Bro nug is worth $517,000 he be ballin bro good shit 🤑
Poolcool04 4 days ago
Can I get the charm if I play on ps4
Dragon_Beast 42
Dragon_Beast 42 4 days ago
He should've just waved over and over trying to get more money lol
NiteR0kz 4 days ago
I want ur charm bud don't know my ubi 😭😢
SebZer0 0
SebZer0 0 4 days ago
10:27 nugget was simping
Aiden Kirin
Aiden Kirin 4 days ago
Aiden Kirin
Aiden Kirin 4 days ago
(JK love your videos)
Oh No no
Oh No no 4 days ago
Bro can I add you and play with you pls I need help
GastricPenguin !
GastricPenguin ! 5 days ago
ILuvKew2 XD
ILuvKew2 XD 5 days ago
Nice guy nuggy
Jacoby Shive
Jacoby Shive 5 days ago
Daylin Scott
Daylin Scott 5 days ago
Had to subscribe to this one💜
JBS Productions
JBS Productions 5 days ago
this made me smile
Mason Schwoeppe
Mason Schwoeppe 5 days ago
Yoooo 2020=BAD!!!!!!!!!!!
Zexiel Gaming
Zexiel Gaming 5 days ago
Narco you maybe be happy about the C-75 legend sking but ive gotten 3 times and if get it one more time i might uninstall siege
Almighty _GVN
Almighty _GVN 5 days ago
Call me Nosebleed
general zod
Ben Blake Games
Ben Blake Games 5 days ago
I think this video is old but that hairline though
iRezzed 5 days ago
Your luck disgusts me
Crazydrgon 2.0
Crazydrgon 2.0 5 days ago
So Wholesome
Casper Benoit
Casper Benoit 6 days ago
ReapThePlace 6 days ago
Your video are awesome ! Your helping people going threw ruff week and everything ! love that
An adopted Lego
An adopted Lego 6 days ago
Some one call mrbeast for the homless dude
Gta Playa
Gta Playa 6 days ago
Most wholesome video I’ve ever seen sorry to hear u went homeless nugget😂
Large Human
Large Human 6 days ago
Ngl the good guy who donated to the first streamer before you donared 637.00 I’m greatful that you’re donating to small stresmers but some of these people don’t even have jobs
Pringlez Men
Pringlez Men 6 days ago
I bought 25 packs and got 22 commons, 2 uncommons and 1 rare. Then i broke my controller so -60€ and now im depressed. I was plat player. Now i have no point to play this game.
Noah Butler
Noah Butler 6 days ago
brooo i cant believe someone called the homeless guy a bum :(
The Traveler
The Traveler 7 days ago
instead of streamers why not charity?
iboota_boi 7 days ago
Not to be that guy but this is fucked up...you donated 400$ to a guy that is actually in a bad situation...but you donate 800$ for a guy to build a new PC that's fucked up!
LostBigGaming 7 days ago
Do an alpha pack opening but for every duplicate you donate to streamers
Kid 783
Kid 783 7 days ago
Slade Scolaro
Slade Scolaro 7 days ago
It’s pretty cool that people like you can help others in ways that other people can’t think of, I was almost crying with the homeless guy. This warms my heart. What a lad.
GusGus Gamer
GusGus Gamer 8 days ago
Nugget: gives guy who just needs a new pc 800 Also Nugget: oh your poor and your grandma has cancer... 400
PB Playz
PB Playz 8 days ago
Nuggies a simp
Gen Fab
Gen Fab 8 days ago
The second time they said nug paid ubi they started dishing out the commens to not raise suspicion
EmotiionzFn 8 days ago
Alright time to stream siege🤣
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales 9 days ago
Nug im just saying this is very awsome but u donated 800$ to a guy so he can buy a pc but then only 180$ to a guy where he was helping his grandma who has cancer and got kicked out his house and lives in his office. I mean 180 is alot but come on now like think abt that
Jackson Palmisano
Jackson Palmisano 10 days ago
Not mr beast but still
Zrealgamingg _
Zrealgamingg _ 10 days ago
nug: there's never 2 commons in a row me: opening 11 commons
Chiefjjhunter 1234
Chiefjjhunter 1234 10 days ago
11:34 I swear I have that. Me: bro how do you even know you have that many skins
Trikogaming 10 days ago
not going to lie i legit cried from the guy in the office i was in a pretty similar situation and he was so genuine narco your a legend no matter what anyone says and never forget it i maybe watching this in 2020 but who gives a shit
Ivyless 10 days ago
6:45 anyone know LG Kiwiz. they look a lot alike
XxSUPERMARIOxX 10 days ago
you should play with meatymarly
Jowm da worm
Jowm da worm 11 days ago
Nug’s pog
Parzod 11 days ago
Clear fire 50
Clear fire 50 11 days ago
Nugget being level 219 and wondering if commons exist
Itz_Hybrid 11 days ago
I have respect for him
Toes Big Toes
Toes Big Toes 11 days ago
Iam lvl 81 is with 1.0 k.d on Xbox....kinda trash but Iam getting confused bc I never got a black ice yet
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