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Allie and Harry f*ck me up i ship them so hard
Series: The Society (Netflix)
Characters: Allie Pressman and Harry Bingham
Song: listen before i go by Billie Eilish
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May 21, 2019




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Comments 435
Jackie 6 days ago
when she got hit by the car he was so worried and it was adorable, protecting her from the rain, and when allie went to see harry and she like grabbed his hand and he rubbed his hand against hers 🥺
Ruby Flannagan
Ruby Flannagan 8 days ago
Will is annoying as fuck and Harry and her make a ten times better couple than her and will ever could.I said what I said.
melanie avendano
melanie avendano 10 days ago
They remind me of Bellamy and Clarke in terms of their friendship. They would be so cute.
ela • 69 years ago
bro when is ts2 coming out seriously
mirella 21 day ago
I hope sm that they are going to be endgame🥺🥺
dean ambrose
dean ambrose 22 days ago
Rooting for them♥️♥️♥️
yuk. taa
yuk. taa 26 days ago
But it's kind of stupid and selfish that he arrested Allie just to get drugs from Campbell.I ship Hallie soo much... But now all I want is to see Allie happy..Whoever she ends up with I WANT TO SEE HER HAPPY.
Corky Romano
Corky Romano Month ago
Relax people. Let them actually build a relationship before rushing into it and kinda ruin it.
Srkena Month ago
Will be Season 2? Does anyone know?
Jasmine Lona
Jasmine Lona Month ago
Me waiting for the next season 👁👄👁
Gabrielly Honorio Lima
Tá aí um casal que tinha tudo pra dar certo
_lunahh & co
_lunahh & co Month ago
It literally broke my heart when he apologized and she said “get out” and he whispered “what” and than she just screamed and he was so sad and omg I just can’t I-
_lunahh & co
_lunahh & co Month ago
Bella Month ago
They are so beautiful together, like their chemistry is great
Brooklynn Schmidt
Eeeeh! I SHIP IT♥️😍
Lucy Adler
Lucy Adler Month ago
I needed a edit like this. Listen before i go such a nice song and i like the society
Emma Silk
Emma Silk Month ago
I really love Allie and will together but I feel like all and harry are so perfect for each other and I think they need each other. Hopefully Harry will save her next season
Dalia Kerira
Dalia Kerira Month ago
the scene of him laying in bed and allie comforting him makes me so sad
Hemilly Martins
Hemilly Martins Month ago
I think that in s2 allie will realize that she doesn't even have feelings for Will anymore
Hemilly Martins
Hemilly Martins Month ago
I fucking cried the entire video 😢
Monika Tamelyte
Monika Tamelyte Month ago
This show is kind of similar to the 100 in many ways, and they have the set up to be the Bellamy and Clarke of the series. Allie just wants what’s best for everyone and is thrown into a leadership position she did not ask for. Harry actually wants to be a leader, just so he could do whatever the hell he wants, he’s a villain who will (hopefully) turn into a hero. They are enemies, but maybe next season, they’ll team up against Campbell and become reluctant allies, then friends who would die for each other, and finally, in the end, they’d fall in love. I mean, we don’t know whether Bellamy and Clarke will actually date, we’ll find out soon, but I’m assuming they will. So yeah, Harry and Allie might become the bellarke of this show: aggressively shipped by fans, yet the slowest burn romance you could ever imagine.
Melody Sinas
Melody Sinas Month ago
Who knows the title of this story
Holly Fraser
Holly Fraser Month ago
I hope their end game
Μυρτω Καλωγιαννιδου
I think that the reason why they did it after he kissed her it was because Allie didn’t want to catch feelings for him and that’s why when he asked her to dance she refused and said “i think it’s better if we don’t in the long run”
val :D
val :D 2 months ago
i think he’s gonna save her in s2 I SWEAR TO GOD THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER
Zabriann Myles
Zabriann Myles 2 months ago
They have so much chemistry & I want them to be together in season 2!!
angel habitat
angel habitat 2 months ago
I feel like in order for them to gain trust and establish a new healthier relationship there has to be some sort of overdose for Harry or near death experience so that Allie saves him to prove that she still cares and wouldn’t hesitate to save his life even though he was the reason her sister was murdered, I feel like that scenario could really pull some meaningful emotions out of both of them and it would be interesting to see.
Saba S
Saba S 2 months ago
Whyyyy am I crying?!?!?
Hey Your awesome
Hey Your awesome 2 months ago
I’m sorry but I don’t ship them 😭 I’ve watched the show and I really don’t 💀
briana 2 months ago
If hallie doesn’t become a thing in season 2 imma be mad
Kairi Venzke
Kairi Venzke 2 months ago
if they don’t end up together I’m actually gonna sue Netflix idc 😤
caroline 2 months ago
5:13 when he grabbed her arm back 🥺💕
caroline 2 months ago
petition to boycott netflix if this doesn’t become a reality
Anisa 2 months ago
I really want Allie to be the one to pull Harry out of Campbell’s brainwashing
Mathi S
Mathi S 3 months ago
They’re endgame😍🥺
paolo camirand
paolo camirand 3 months ago
Harry and Allie have great chemistry and hopefully they become a couple in season 2.
Prasalya L
Prasalya L 3 months ago
Everyone is talking about 5:20 but what about the scene at 2:52 that’s soooo cute
Lilly Snow
Lilly Snow 3 months ago
I think Harry is in love with Allie, and Allie feels the same, but she doesn't know how to let him love her. I honestly believe she won't date him because she doesn't want to take everything from Kelley. Will was easy for her, Harry wasn't. Not being in charge would help her a lot. She went to having nothing to having everything.
help me
help me 3 months ago
Awh the way he grabs her wrist and he closes her eyes, like he can’t remember the last time he’s been touched and he needed that hand to steady himself
ece 3 months ago
Yao Yu Quan
Yao Yu Quan 3 months ago
Will is best as her best friend and Harry is just soo good with her. Their chemistry was overlapping everything
Kotomi Yui
Kotomi Yui 3 months ago
this show reminds me so much of the 100
Camila Vitelli
Camila Vitelli 3 months ago
Whats song?
Carly Deco
Carly Deco 3 months ago
Will is great and all but I NEED HARRY AND ALLIE pls pls pls
Farahmoh Khaksar
Farahmoh Khaksar 3 months ago
this is so cute but i want kelly and harry together !!!
Who? Not You.
Who? Not You. 3 months ago
They way she saw him when he was performing in the play in the first episode made me ship them automatically.
movieprincess8 MSP
movieprincess8 MSP 4 months ago
They had so much chemistry throughout the season & then he just threw it all away at the end for some stupid drugs, what a shame:( He really messed up & I think gaining her trust again wouls be very, very hard
jenikah elayda
jenikah elayda 4 months ago
i’m smiling so much like an idiot rn bc a lot more people agree with this than me cos i literally thought it was just me thinking that they have so much chemistry together
Jess Christian Acar
Jess Christian Acar 4 months ago
I've probably watched this a hundred times by now waiting for season 2. HAHAHAHA. I'm gonna be real mad if they're not going to end up together.
Jess Christian Acar
Jess Christian Acar 4 months ago
@habesha barbiee i think its may
habesha barbiee
habesha barbiee 4 months ago
Jess Christian Acar when is it supposed to come out ?
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 4 months ago
Remember when allie had sex with harry and in the end she said " Ooh That was it" like was it her first time having sex or what !!!???
Maylaxmayla X
Maylaxmayla X 4 months ago
If they don’t start dating again I’m gonna be very very very sad and mad
Sophie Slagter
Sophie Slagter 5 months ago
This is just my opinion but I HATE completely HATE the Allie and will couple. Sorry I just can’t stand it . I desperately want harry and Allie to get back together
King JA
King JA 5 months ago
Season 2 need to hurry tf up 💯
Юлия Гурченкова
2:42 What is episode?
Paladin 000
Paladin 000 5 months ago
Wow that was cutted well
SU *
SU * 6 months ago
...Seems like a nice place...
Mariana Gomez
Mariana Gomez 6 months ago
alex fitzalan is, no cap, the cutest boy alive
sophia hines
sophia hines 6 months ago
can’t be the only one who thinks they look related
Celina 6 months ago
They would be the perfect couple i Love them together hopefully Next Season they will come together because if not it will break my heart🙏🏻❤️
Nadeen Husam
Nadeen Husam 6 months ago
ok.. I ship harry and Allie so much not will and Allie I’m sorry !! I ship harry and Kelly as friends
Albndri 6 months ago
I think harry have some feelings for her , he might want his luxury comfy life back but still even if he got it back he won’t feel the same he used to feel .
Raining Diamonds __
Raining Diamonds __ 7 months ago
Omg I thought I was the only one who preferred Harry and Allie
Raining Diamonds __
Raining Diamonds __ 7 months ago
I think he couldn’t save her (but I think he will in the 2nd season ) because he was on drugs when he agreed with Campbell to take it by force (the election )
Laundry Options
Laundry Options 7 months ago
come on,this is a good ship.
Kaniz Sohana
Kaniz Sohana 7 months ago
Will is sooooo shitttt
Ada Kalfas
Ada Kalfas 7 months ago
Wait... did she get executed????
Sofia Tahan
Sofia Tahan 7 months ago
They need to be together next season such amazing chemistry
Marwa Benabdallah
Marwa Benabdallah 7 months ago
I luv this 🥺
VaneLozano1324 Meraz
No sé que me gusta más xd
Phera PL
Phera PL 8 months ago
I need them together in season 2! They are amazing together and have huge chemistry! I hope that they will be couple in season 2 cause they are main reason I watch this show
Karen Barrera
Karen Barrera 8 months ago
This is what comforts me as I’m waiting for season 2
Anam Habib
Anam Habib 8 months ago
I have my finals in 3 days but I can't stop watching them!!!!! 😍😍
Kika Jencova
Kika Jencova 8 months ago
my babies :(
Fizza 101
Fizza 101 9 months ago
Is it just me or Harry and Allie are just like Clarke and Bellamy from the 100. They like each other but are denying their feelings... and are literally standing against each other to become a leader... wow... and Campbell is Murphy. I m DED 😂😂
Karen Barrera
Karen Barrera 9 months ago
I’ve rewatched this show so much just waiting for them to release season 2
Nadia 9 months ago
If they do them dirty like Bellarke next season imma cry
Viola-Cutie 9 months ago
I had really wished they would have become a couple, they had such good chemistry when they were both alone, they knew each other’s pain. Yeah I like Will but he kinda was over the place with Kelly & Allie, I honestly wish Kelly went with Will and Allie with Harry; just my opinion
gia crane
gia crane 10 months ago
I feel like....Allie and Will have 0 chemistry
meg 10 months ago
kelly + harry
Nora Kovačić
Nora Kovačić 10 months ago
we fucking ship
agam amos
agam amos 10 months ago
I love them too much❤❤ Will annoying me like hell! I hope Harry would save her
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