Allie and Harry | Their Story Season 1 | The Society

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Allie and Harry f*ck me up i ship them so hard
Series: The Society (Netflix)
Characters: Allie Pressman and Harry Bingham
Song: listen before i go by Billie Eilish
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May 21, 2019




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Comments 293
Ada Kalfas
Ada Kalfas 2 days ago
Wait... did she get executed????
Sofia Tahan
Sofia Tahan 4 days ago
They need to be together next season such amazing chemistry
Marwa Benabdallah
I luv this 🥺
VaneNel1324 MarCruz
No sé que me gusta más xd
Phera PL
Phera PL 26 days ago
I need them together in season 2! They are amazing together and have huge chemistry! I hope that they will be couple in season 2 cause they are main reason I watch this show
Karen Barrera
Karen Barrera Month ago
This is what comforts me as I’m waiting for season 2
Anam Habib
Anam Habib Month ago
I have my finals in 3 days but I can't stop watching them!!!!! 😍😍
Kika Jencova
Kika Jencova Month ago
my babies :(
Fizz A
Fizz A 2 months ago
Is it just me or Harry and Allie are just like Clarke and Bellamy from the 100. They like each other but are denying their feelings... and are literally standing against each other to become a leader... wow... and Campbell is Murphy. I m DED 😂😂
Karen Barrera
Karen Barrera 2 months ago
I’ve rewatched this show so much just waiting for them to release season 2
Nadia 2 months ago
If they do them dirty like Bellarke next season imma cry
Viola-Cutie 2 months ago
I had really wished they would have become a couple, they had such good chemistry when they were both alone, they knew each other’s pain. Yeah I like Will but he kinda was over the place with Kelly & Allie, I honestly wish Kelly went with Will and Allie with Harry; just my opinion
gia crane
gia crane 2 months ago
I feel like....Allie and Will have 0 chemistry
stinkyonions 3 months ago
kelly + harry
Nora Kovačić
Nora Kovačić 3 months ago
we fucking ship
agam amos
agam amos 3 months ago
I love them too much❤❤ Will annoying me like hell! I hope Harry would save her
Ali Marie
Ali Marie 3 months ago
Will and Allie as a couple are so bland and shallow, while Harry and Allie's relationship is so connected with plenty of room to grow and change 💞
duda 25
duda 25 3 months ago
mikewlfx 3 months ago
sorry but i ship him with kelly ok bye
stinkyonions 3 months ago
mikewlfx tbh, i kinda just thought harry and allie were rebounds for each other
stinkyonions 3 months ago
mikewlfx thanku! i thought i was alone
Hii Tri
Hii Tri 3 months ago
jannet broen
jannet broen 3 months ago
I’ve watched this like ten times
The unicorn lover
The unicorn lover 4 months ago
Ok but is it just me or is this inspired by the 100 Fact 1 : a bunch of kids get stranded far far away from their parents ✔️ Fact 2 : the “leader” has blonde hair and blue eyes and falls for the guy who protects her ✔️ Fact 3 : the main character loses someone they grew up loving and last time they spoke before the person died they were in an argument ✔️ I kinda gave up with the facts but there is so many more I’m just kinda putting the pieces together no hate I love both shows I just thought it was a little odd
Hailey Irene
Hailey Irene 4 months ago
Isn’t there a wattpad book with the exact same story as this show...?
sehli feriel
sehli feriel 4 months ago
harry & allie They are a fantastic duo 😍😍😍 I hope they establish a relationship in Season 2 because they fit 🙏
caro.d 4 months ago
am i alone to ship kelly and harry ?
stinkyonions 3 months ago
caro.d nope!
Susanlynn Katadrik
Susanlynn Katadrik 4 months ago
"You are peculiar " ❤😌
LauEgan 4 months ago
this made me realize they have so many more moments together than I thought
LauEgan 4 months ago
Tory 04
Tory 04 4 months ago
this video is eddited so nicely, its very beautiful, amazing song choice
Jaklynn R
Jaklynn R 4 months ago
I can’t ship them, I tried but I can’t :(
16 dkfhjf
16 dkfhjf 4 months ago
I hope we will see them more in the next season. They have an amazing chemistry.
mikee althea
mikee althea 4 months ago
Like for HALLIE❤️❤️
Jenna ?¿
Jenna ?¿ 4 months ago
Cassandra freaking died ??? I’m barley on ep 3 😂
Jennifer Chavez
Jennifer Chavez 4 months ago
They would be so good for each other next season they have that great chemistry. Like they understand each other and understand each other feelings.
YouTubeLover 17
YouTubeLover 17 4 months ago
I think Harry is gonna save Allie next season. When is season 2 coming out??
Simona Eyob
Simona Eyob 4 months ago
i know :( if hallie doesnt happen im gonna be ticked
YouTubeLover 17
YouTubeLover 17 4 months ago
Simona Eyob aw that’s so long :(
Simona Eyob
Simona Eyob 4 months ago
2020 :(
nadeshiko 4 months ago
norffaz 4 months ago
why did she never confront him for giving her a sti .. or did i just miss that part
Agus Abnez
Agus Abnez 4 months ago
Ugggg, they're such a great couple🤩 i can't stand it
h zahra2001
h zahra2001 4 months ago
I didn't expect billie eilish
Anisah Katsirah
Anisah Katsirah 5 months ago
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