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Funny and totally awesome life hacks that will come in handy for you in life. It will be useful for everyone! Make your life easier and more convenient 👌
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Sep 4, 2018




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Comments 80
Marie Krissele David
Emanuela Billa
Emanuela Billa Month ago
xaesthetic_beexxx roblox
Don't eat in front of a mirror, it can make you insecure about your body
What_is_owo Month ago
GerardWaysMic Month ago
I'm sorry but I can't have other people watch me let alone myself
Stephenneil Pichay
Ndkd Kdk
Ndkd Kdk Month ago
Amy Haines
Amy Haines Month ago
A faster way to clean your paint brush is to first, fill a cup with hot water (not boiling), next wait 1 hour, get some soap, take paint brush out of water, then pour out old water and put in new water with soap mixed in, grab a wash cloth or small sponge and clean brush. IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM, I TRYED IT MYSELF IT WORKS WAY BETTER!!! 😁
MAXIM Month ago
foarte frumos dar mai fa ceva nemai vazut
Fala aí Dulce
Fala aí Dulce Month ago
Quarentena ta chata neh mano
Amanda Marques
Amanda Marques Month ago
Catastrophic Stupidity
I just need an hour long distraction to te time through quarantine.
Breanna Williams
why everyone a talk about momo
millwalllboy9 Month ago
Forgotten Wolf
Forgotten Wolf Month ago
Who even does things that way anyway?
Darisa Torres
Darisa Torres Month ago
Gina Raddi
Gina Raddi Month ago
O that smart!!
قناة سجودي العامري
Sixty-six million magnificence Achtrko Baknati
Hailey Graves
Hailey Graves Month ago
I fall asleep all the time
cat squad_meow meow
How are they going to teach us to feel bad about our bodys we can eat if we want to
Olivia-Rose Month ago
Esther Potter
Esther Potter Month ago
U wasted salt salt is a precious resource during these quarantine times at least this was made beforequarintine
Alex Ghacha
Alex Ghacha Month ago
K and my name is karina
cinnamon twist r gud
So you’re telling me that while this is playing i was asleep the whole time
Adhurim Muriqi
Adhurim Muriqi Month ago
It's a perfect
Mega Games
Mega Games Month ago
The Hyper Dog
The Hyper Dog Month ago
17:19 How to scratch every surface you walk on
Farjana Begum
Farjana Begum Month ago
I mean of
Farjana Begum
Farjana Begum Month ago
1 if the hacks my school does but it's for making timetables and division easier
Sarah Wiggins
Sarah Wiggins Month ago
Why eat in front of a mirror when you can just watch some RUvid videos
Taleah Johnston
Taleah Johnston Month ago
The hairs come off
Taleah Johnston
Taleah Johnston Month ago
If you love painting DONT leave paint brushes in the water
ivy Month ago
dumb and bored
dumb and bored Month ago
Can y'all stop hating on five minute crafts? I'm tired of agreeing with y'all
Rena marie Frederiksen
My name rena marie🥰❤️
Flora Dyer
Flora Dyer Month ago
อรรถพร ฉิมกูล
MrBigdave579 Month ago
these hacks are so amazing\
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez Month ago
Who plays roblox here
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez Month ago
Who plays Robles here?
Lauren Boettger
Lauren Boettger Month ago
Lies. This video is full of lies.
Mirko Djordjic
Mirko Djordjic Month ago
5-minute crafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felix Hickish
Felix Hickish Month ago
30:38 shivermetimbers
Julianne Rulloda
I'm just watching this to fall asleep 😂😴😅
Shawna Blunt
Shawna Blunt Month ago
who else watches 5 minute crafts just to fill in time? Anyone? Hello?
The Hyper Dog
The Hyper Dog Month ago
Shawna Blunt nope no one here
baby bear
baby bear Month ago
love the vidos
Gelena Santucci
Gelena Santucci Month ago
Alysha Month ago
I thought it was 5 minute crafts 24 hours is not 5 minutes..
hadley Mcabee
hadley Mcabee Month ago
can you guys subscribe to y youtube channel it is hadley mcbee i am a makeup artist im trying my best
Unicorn Stardust
40:27 How U Can Lose Ur Keys While Jogging
Marc Marinich
Marc Marinich Month ago
You do not do anything to help me
Rubielee Gallagher
no i have not seen them' are they good
Evie Wise
Evie Wise Month ago
15:01 don’t do this. Silica gel is poisonous, and if you use the knives for cooking, a little bit if silica gel gets on your food. This is not ok.
Hello my turkish
Lane Bryant
Lane Bryant Month ago
Chrissy McMullin
Chrissy McMullin
I do
Amyas working place and gaming Mya
Video: put toothpaste in a balloon Me: Why you need to buy toothpaste and a balloon just to make a Color-Changing Balloon?
Påñdä ŠhädøŴ
0:52 or you can just swill the brush in the sink
Jacky Dorival
Jacky Dorival Month ago
Elle et bien la video
Claire Hebert
Claire Hebert Month ago
I'm sorry I love 5 minute crafts but its s little 3xtreme to put hand sanitizer in your hair how dirty r u go take a shower. Also why do they show the same hair styles and hacks in like every video it kinda gets annoying to see it every single video. Is it just me or are they trying to make you feel insecure about your unhealthy habits and not having super long hair. Good thing I have thick hair I dont have to worry about the same stuff as thin haired people. Still love 5 minute crafts tho
Evi Zebua
Evi Zebua Month ago
Tis is so cool
Osasere Emokaro
Osasere Emokaro Month ago
Addison youndt
Addison youndt Month ago
this is the supidest craft ever
It's Scarlet Blu
28:52 hairstyles
It's Scarlet Blu
28:52 hairstyles
Ewa Skoczek
Ewa Skoczek Month ago
fajne sztuczki
Sherry Said
Sherry Said Month ago
GOOD IDEAS 5 MINUTE CRAFTS VERY GOOD I WISH TO YOU 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000LIKES.
Cookie CousinsLPS
Finding dumb errors because I’m bored. 0:27 Just bring a friend to do that! (Unless you have no friends-) 1:35 just use sliders. They are easy to use and cheap. 1:56 that just makes my food amounts look bigger than it would on a bigger plate. Just give yourself less. There is a thing called self control. 2:06 eating an apple won’t do instant effects. 2:31 That would motivate me to eat more junk food 2:44 why would I be calling somebody while eating! That is disgusting to listen to on the other end of the phone- 2:57 *YoU’Re NOt MY MoM!* 3:17 you are making my eyes bleed with that lipstick- 3:53 JUST BUY MORE STAPLES! THE PAPER CAN WAIT! 4:04 or you can get separate containers for your art supplies. I think that would fall over easily anyway. 4:47 just don’t stack wet art pieces on top of each other! 5:59 this doesn’t need explaining 6:27 alright- that is just nasty! 6:50 use a electric pencil sharpener! It is quick and efficient! (If you are broke then use led pencils. The dollar store has tons of led pencils and led refills!) 7:09 I’m sorry- but what did that do to change anything? 7:26 why did you need to make a whole entire contraption for washing the dishes? You could’ve just used the dish detergent on the sponge and it would’ve done the same thing. 7:45 why would you even try using a knife? Anyone who has braincells can figure out that a knife would obviously be the wrong tool to *scoop* things out.
Sami Brey
Sami Brey Month ago
writes hate comment
Mariam hassan
Mariam hassan Month ago
18:12 leave a like and comment if you love cats
Lauren Playz
Lauren Playz Month ago
America De los Reyes
Alison Zetina Dominguez
i do i actually did last night it did help me
Volot And Melody
Dr Sonic
Dr Sonic Month ago
I Love to watch, Helps me sleep and also to concentrate, Well kinda, It would rather help me to concentrate on the video instead of my studies.
Nagakhan Month ago
Gabby Cantu
Gabby Cantu Month ago
0:35 That’s a little bit of common sense tho right?
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