ALL the BEST (and WORST) Luxury & Drugstore CONCEALERS

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Today I'm giving you a full run down on the Best & Worst Luxury and Drugstore Concealers on my list.
xo's ~ Tati
😇 HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » halobeauty.com/pages/halo-glow
ELF Camo
Sisley Concealer

✔P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
KKW Beauty Concealer
Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
BH Cosmetics Total Coverage Concealer
Elf 16HR Camo Concealer
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer
Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer
Derma Color Camouflage Creme
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer
Make Up Forever Ultra HD Light Capturing Concealer
Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24HR Concealer
Stellar Beauty Concealer
Cover FX Power Play Concealer
BareMinerals Bare Pro Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer For Under Eyes
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Dermacol Filmstudio Make-Up Cover
Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination

✔ M A K E U P W O R N
Pur Correcting Primer
L’Oreal 24HR Foundation // 425
Smashbox Studio Skin Concealer // Light/Medium Warm Peach
KKW Brightening Powder // #1
Huda Beauty Loose Powder // Pound Cake
RCMA Palette // VK #11
La Mer The Bronzing Powder
Gosh Blush // Flower Power
Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb // How Many Carats?!
JLO Livin’ The Highlight
Mac Fix +
Urban Decay All Nighter
Mac Paint Pot // Painterly
Make Up For Ever Let’s Gold Palette
Col-Lab Killer Kohl Liner // Knockout
Callas Lash Glue
Col-Lab Wow Effect Mascara
Urban Decay // Neutral Nana
Huda Beauty Lip Liner // Bombshell
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick // Hi, How Are Ya?
Mac Lipglass // C-Thru

✔ S N A P C H A T
✔ I N S T A G R A M
✔ T W I T T E R
✔ F A C E B O O K
✔ E M A I L

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Comments 100
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 18 hours ago
You look absolutely stunning in this video! I know you just have your hair pulled up in a messy bun with a hoodie on, but your makeup is SO gorgeous! I will have to try out a few of these concealers. Shape Tape doesn't work well on me unfortunately :(
Hannah Ramsey
Your makeup in this video looks BOMB. I think this is my favorite look on you
J Casey
J Casey 2 days ago
I live for the fact that Tati isn't one if those gurus that only use super fancy and crazy expensive makeup she does use fancy and expensive makeup but she also uses drugstore makeup and will like it if its a good product even if its frin the drugsrore
Literally one of the most useful videos I’ve ever watched. Thank you so much!
Madison Mehrtens
Madison Mehrtens 2 days ago
It would be amazing if you could do this for all the products you’ll put on your face ie primer, foundation, brows, setting powders and that such
Diana Shelton
Diana Shelton 2 days ago
Allergies suck! I live where the highest pollen count is in the world and it’s terrible! I get so annoyed by it.
King Juliaи
King Juliaи 3 days ago
In NY the allergens are strong too. Just getting over being sick too^
Teeairra Motton
Teeairra Motton 3 days ago
What are your thoughts on the Born this Way multiuse sculpting concealer?
Kaitlyn Ficken
Kaitlyn Ficken 4 days ago
Tati: for your allergies go buy local honey. Must be local. Just a tablespoon a day. ❤️ It works wonders for allergies.
Gabriela Plancarte
I’m in The OC and I feel you about the allergies and pollen is everywhere and it’s May and still going strong 😢. In fact one of my eyes keeps watering during my makeup application and it’s driving me nuts, it’s it allergies?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rebecca Weisz
Rebecca Weisz 4 days ago
You seriously remind me of Christina Applegate. I’m sure you get that all the time but she’s totally your celeb look alike!
Angie del villar
Angie del villar 5 days ago
Pop Mary
Pop Mary 5 days ago
Why didn’t you mention flower beauty?
Lisa Sheth
Lisa Sheth 6 days ago
I love your channel and have been a long time follower! You're outfits are amazing, would you mind linking what you wear?
S. K.
S. K. 6 days ago
That messy bun is so beautiful, it's killing me
Julia Spoonie
Julia Spoonie 6 days ago
I have learned today that YSL touché eclat is NOT a concealer but a type of brigthener. Not a highlighter but it is made for highlighting areas without sparkling. I hope I explained it right 🙈 just if anybody needs that information ❤
Gillian Rose
Gillian Rose 7 days ago
okay but can we get a perfect messy bun tutorial
Lola Osman
Lola Osman 3 days ago
But why would you want a tutorial for something so silly just try it a few times you got this.
Priscilla Gonzales
Did she mention ColourPop? I really like that one...
Juli S
Juli S 7 days ago
Can you do eyebrow dip version of this !
bellatrix lovegood
Does she have merch? Cause i would totally buy😍
Katie Potts
Katie Potts 7 days ago
With my budget, I'm thinking Elf is best for me 🤔 Thanks Tati 💕
Anaisha Toledo
Anaisha Toledo 8 days ago
Please do a glossier review!
I spent so much money on a Laura Mercier concealer and I HATE it. It looks so crepey. But I spent so much, I keep trying to use it.
enter name here
enter name here 5 days ago
whatiwasgoingtosay i hate that. i brought two products last week. the lighting was ok in the shop. at home. i look like a ghost. so dissatisfied. especially when i don’t have a lot of money ☹️
Jude 8 days ago
You look very pretty today! You always do, but today you glow.
cookieaddictions 8 days ago
Lol I love the NARS concealer for those same reasons. Shape tape is sooo heavy and drying but I love the NARS one because it's creamy. Since I won't wear foundation, just the concealer, I love how I can just use it under my eyes and it blends in to my skin without looking obvious or having a noticeable line where it ends.
plikt lusitaniia
plikt lusitaniia 8 days ago
I JUST HAD A FRUSTRATING MORNIIIING!!!! ~chills out to Tati joyfully reviewing concealers~
Lani Kai
Lani Kai 9 days ago
I use the morphe fluidity concealer and I love it to death. It blends out super well and the coverage is nice and buildable but it does crease if you don’t set it quick enough but i set it right after I blend It out and it always looks good to me
Psycho Giraffe
Psycho Giraffe 9 days ago
Re-watching this video because Tati is my queen xoxox
Zerish Kamal
Zerish Kamal 9 days ago
Not even a word on fit me hahaha
Evelyn Santos
Evelyn Santos 9 days ago
Im sick to
elia .07
elia .07 9 days ago
That color is amazing on you
Hana Luisa Davila Correa
why did you did this to james ?
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
Hana Luisa Davila Correa because he’s a predator and a pedo.
Layla Manansala
Layla Manansala 10 days ago
i’m glad i have a good concealer i thought it was bad but he said they were the best drugstore concealers lol
Xxlusia xX
Xxlusia xX 10 days ago
Ser tor 🖕🖕🖕🖕🍆🤤😯😮
Søren Thomsen
Søren Thomsen 10 days ago
is it greenscreen?
Chloe Henrico
Chloe Henrico 10 days ago
Nour Sabra
Nour Sabra 10 days ago
Finally i found a celebrity who is so relatable 😂❤️
Lexxi Paul
Lexxi Paul 10 days ago
Your make up looks so good and the color of your shirt is pretty.
Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Carter 10 days ago
Can someone explain what she means about ironing before powdering the shape tape?!
plikt lusitaniia
plikt lusitaniia 8 days ago
You plug in an iron.... :p
Cipriana Costello
Elizabeth Carter you've got to physically smooth out you under eye before baking otherwise you will literllly set your creases.
Nevaeh perez
Nevaeh perez 10 days ago
James Charles is better than you
Nevaeh perez
Nevaeh perez 9 days ago
+elizabeth. mp4 who you talking to
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
Ya, I love to Stan a predator! 🤔
The Dressage Rider
The Dressage Rider 10 days ago
Aaron Romero
Aaron Romero 10 days ago
Maquillame esta viejaaaa
Raquel H
Raquel H 10 days ago
Your just so hot, every time i watch your videos, i'm just like she's so pretty!
Carol Ann Mitchell
Carol Ann Mitchell 10 days ago
Love when you joke around with your James and your step son... you're all too funny
kamyira Smiley
kamyira Smiley 10 days ago
Your so ugly James Charles is way better
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
kamyira Smiley She’s a rose, your a rotting sunflower. So, stfd.
Kimberly Coronel
Kimberly Coronel 10 days ago
Emma Boddy
Emma Boddy 10 days ago
Kiley Canavan
Kiley Canavan 10 days ago
U sister stole James career and I hate u for that. Ur 40 get awayyyyyyyyyyy
Stephanie Chua
Stephanie Chua 5 days ago
Kiley Canavan well in your pic you look way over 40 so... Why dont you go away
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
And your 12.
Audrey Gebauer
Audrey Gebauer 10 days ago
...green concealer?... Literal Gamors, the queen
Destiny Leonixous
Destiny Leonixous 10 days ago
Honestly your voice is so peaceful. I could listen to you read a phone book and just be a peace with the world.
Tina Esnaashari
Tina Esnaashari 10 days ago
One of my FAVE makeup/hair/outfit looks on you!!
Dacie Galbraith
Dacie Galbraith 10 days ago
This is all your fault now James is losing follows just for give him
LifeAsAriel 10 days ago
Dacie Galbraith it’s his fault she was just keeping it real
david Cardozo
david Cardozo 10 days ago
like tati comment james
Just_jezzell Ruiz
Just_jezzell Ruiz 10 days ago
Omg what did u do to James you ugly mother f**ker
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
Just_jezzell Ruiz She’s gorgeous.
bread winner
bread winner 10 days ago
"You're wrong Tati! You're wrong, I love roses" 😂
Pop Up Opinions
Pop Up Opinions 10 days ago
Im pissed you not doing a video today...but I want you to be good...and understand....so im stuck watching videoa that has slipped threw the cracks....we love ya ass lady xoxo.... Tati oclock...even with the reruns
Diane Santamaria
Diane Santamaria 11 days ago
Omg mama 9 million are u kidding me you deserve it because your so foking real 👑 love u Tati
Hi World
Hi World 11 days ago
🤮James Charles is queen!
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
Hi World ya. You must love a predator and a pedo. Fun stuff.
jahmaru Te Maru
jahmaru Te Maru 11 days ago
Dumb James is cool
sophia b
sophia b 11 days ago
lmao all u twelve year olds attacking her for exposing james need to get out of her comments and go buy sister james some new subscribers.
extrasophia h
I just turned 13 but I like her better Not all kids are the same
Lauren Holli
Lauren Holli 11 days ago
Yess I have the worst allergies! Feel better
kanye 2020
kanye 2020 11 days ago
does anyone know where she got that hoodie from?
kanye 2020
kanye 2020 7 days ago
Nichole Giordano thank you!!
Nichole Giordano
Nichole Giordano 7 days ago
kanye 2020 Alo!
Kristi Odom
Kristi Odom 11 days ago
You look great!
Ruth Templeton
Ruth Templeton 11 days ago
Allergy tip: if you’ve been outside during the day, wash your hair at night because your hair traps pollen/allergens. It will get in your pillow and your hair rubs your face during the night really getting those allergens in your nose and making your allergies worse the next day.
Kristi Raquel
Kristi Raquel 11 days ago
Totally 100% agree about the NARS concealer, it did not work for me!
Pea Nut
Pea Nut 11 days ago
Wow you’re really beautiful Tati 😊
Annalise Snoddon
Annalise Snoddon 11 days ago
I'm curious about the fuller coverage touche eclat, even though I'm not likely to spend the money on it.
MMMackenzie 11 days ago
elizabeth. mp4
elizabeth. mp4 9 days ago
Bye pedo supporter!
LifeAsAriel 10 days ago
MMMackenzie and
Cari Brown
Cari Brown 11 days ago
Thank you for the tips on what to look for!! I'm new to makeup and that helps so so much.
Purple Nymphe
Purple Nymphe 11 days ago
Yep, I feel the same about NARS, totally regret buying it.
Ruby anna
Ruby anna 11 days ago
Your a sick horrible person taking James career away because of something that happened between u dosent mean u get to tell the world xx
Jalia holley
Jalia holley 11 days ago
Ur a hoe and ur using James Charles for Clout🖕🏽😒🤕😭
LifeAsAriel 10 days ago
Jalia holley she gave him the clout
The Dressage Rider
The Dressage Rider 10 days ago
She really isn't
Georgina P.
Georgina P. 11 days ago
The Dressage Rider
The Dressage Rider 10 days ago
Georgina P. Same!
renyi zhao
renyi zhao 11 days ago
I wonder if you still like the cle de pau sick concealer. Remember you talking about it years ago.
Maomao Fang
Maomao Fang 11 days ago
Why do you want to destroy a kids future and carreer.
Michaela Hephner
Michaela Hephner 11 days ago
Thank James for you gaining subscribers
Addison&Laney Scrunchie squad
I hate you
LifeAsAriel 10 days ago
Addison&Laney Scrunchie squad kid sit down
Kikisixx 11 days ago
Thank you for your videos! You teach me about makeup stuff I didn’t know and watching this I can see the mistakes I have made lol. Love you Tati
Alessandra 11 days ago
Do this with mascara please!
Content clam Lol
Content clam Lol 11 days ago
Hyper Pranksters
Hyper Pranksters 11 days ago
I hate Tati
Claudia Sardinas
Claudia Sardinas 11 days ago
I wish you could see how many people disliked this comment
Destiny Bermudez
Destiny Bermudez 11 days ago
Subscribe to james charles
Bethany BuffedBeauty
I’m obsessed with your channel💕💕
Ariana Sekic
Ariana Sekic 11 days ago
Tati=🤮🤦‍♀️💩 James=🤤♥️😍🤩🤯♥️
Jimin’s Lost Jams
Ariana Sekic not really, just because people are finally realizing his true side because of her please don’t hate on her
Gao Xiong
Gao Xiong 11 days ago
I can't believe you came so everyone can hate James Charles
Leah DEM
Leah DEM 11 days ago
Jeffree’s makeup in the back 😂💖
Itzyo Girlsyd
Itzyo Girlsyd 11 days ago
Ur a demon James is loosing a lot of subscribers
Jimin’s Lost Jams
Itzyo Girlsyd just because people are finally realizing his true side because of her please don’t hate on her
Gianna Mele
Gianna Mele 11 days ago
How can her messy bun look so good but whenever I try to do a messy bun I look like a crazy which 😂😂😂
Kris Vazquez
Kris Vazquez 12 days ago
Laurie les trésors de bretagne
merci pour ta vidéo . Bravo ❤️
pastel seungmin
pastel seungmin 12 days ago
tati’s so sweet and pretty!!
lizzy ko
lizzy ko 12 days ago
So helpful video thank you very much
Yamileth Martinez
Yamileth Martinez 12 days ago
He does does more makeup hoe
Jimin’s Lost Jams
Yamileth Martinez just because people are finally realizing his true side because of her please don’t hate on her
Yamileth Martinez
Yamileth Martinez 12 days ago
Stop hating on James
LifeAsAriel 10 days ago
Yamileth Martinez so that give you a right to hate on her?😂
Alexis Voyles
Alexis Voyles 12 days ago
Can u do a video on how to cover freckles
Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis 12 days ago
Tati can die in spring time
Nina Martinez
Nina Martinez 12 days ago
I have allergies too and they are horrible 😂
Alicia Graham
Alicia Graham 12 days ago
How about make up revolution?
Alicia Graham
Alicia Graham 12 days ago
I don’t powder much at all, so I don’t set under my eyes usually but when I have with nars it goes Creasy but if I don’t it looks nice
Abigail Jolene
Abigail Jolene 12 days ago
Idk why I haven’t started watching you before
Gastro *•* ʊ
Gastro *•* ʊ 10 days ago
Abigail Jolene I didn’t even know about her, I’m sooo glad I do now though!
Pop Up Opinions
Pop Up Opinions 10 days ago
Right i watch her everyday ...tati oclock welcomes u)❤❤❤
Ava Wilde
Ava Wilde 12 days ago
I have never had allergies and u suddenly have the worst ones this year, ps I love you
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