all of the most iconic tiktoks that made history 😁🤠

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from willy wonka to "the volume inside of this bus is astronomical", let's hope we remember these if tiktok ever does disappear lol. i guarantee you've seen MOST if not all of these tiktoks :))
thank you guys so much for 4k!! ily all ❤️❤️


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Nov 12, 2020




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idcntunderstand Month ago
i just posted a part 2 with a lot of the ones people commented about! please check it out :) also, if you're here to comment about straight tiktok, please don't, we've already hashed this out. if you don't understand these videos, that doesn't mean it's straight tiktok. please make my comments section less toxic, that's all i'm asking for. ❤️
eshjoot 20 days ago
chile it’s the internet publishing a video like this is asking for toxicity
Mac Daniel
Mac Daniel 21 day ago
But it IS straight Tiktok lmao
Alina Kahsai
Alina Kahsai 21 day ago
the most iconic is the last one
Random Human119
Random Human119 22 days ago
@Harrison FR THO
Harrison 22 days ago
I would just like to put out here that in the heather song he’s singing abt a guy so I don’t get why straight tiktok snatched that song it’s not anywhere near heterosexual
Kotaz Owl Adventure
My brain randomly during this: yA yEeT *woah* Me: *does the woah* Me: o.O wHat
khretz 4 hours ago
Literally half of these aren’t iconic, like wtf where’s the og furry v gamer war?
Lovely Faye De Villa
This is just my opinion but.... *I think Addison Rae is better than Charlie Damelio* again this is just my opinion pls understand me.
Marcoantonio Mota
Marcoantonio Mota 6 hours ago
*Sigh again* ... 2:27
Marcoantonio Mota
Marcoantonio Mota 6 hours ago
*Sigh*... 0:51
heheAubree 7 hours ago
Me on draco tok:
Mary Moe
Mary Moe 7 hours ago
Hamzah made the original Promiscuous video not ScoobieZoobie
-Levi Ackerman-
-Levi Ackerman- 9 hours ago
not me simping over the willy wonka one-
Salty ._. Sushi
Salty ._. Sushi 9 hours ago
Me not being on straight TikTok be like: .................👁👄👁...........
General Wilbur
General Wilbur 11 hours ago
the one at 6:03 is my favorite
Serena Peltonen
Serena Peltonen 12 hours ago
some of these made me ✨uncomfy✨
Ava Tirk
Ava Tirk 14 hours ago
This video literally was the source of all my bi panik ex. 1:41 and the one following it I CANTTTTT🤣🏳️‍🌈
Suhita Kale
Suhita Kale 15 hours ago
The one at 4:01 has to be the most iconic one everrrr
Dora the Hawt explorer
drip_ Queen
drip_ Queen 19 hours ago
James charles's renegade 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aliyah Chaires
Aliyah Chaires 20 hours ago
me seeing jojo siwa: hey jojo 😏😌🏳️‍🌈
Noor Ghazi
Noor Ghazi 20 hours ago
8:11 song plz
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson 21 hour ago
Jesus Christ is our lord and savior Christ
-;; Day ago
i will never and can never take willy wonka seriously
Katie Beattie
oh god max dressler...
Villan Kirishima
2:27 EXPLAIN- How did this get iconic?
I am now your best friend
is the hype house still a thing?
Suhuki Shinden
Mouthing and dancing to music no originality
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz Day ago
i still don't understand what the danielle cohn harvard thing was about
apple juice
apple juice Day ago
3:05 i met him at the mall before lol he lives in my state
apple juice
apple juice Day ago
13:13 i also met him the samr day lol they were together but i only got a pic with max i didnt know the other guy was there oops
ariel ._.
ariel ._. Day ago
2:28 I cannot listen to this song without doing the head bobbing 😭✋
Cristina Brando
tiktok is just an awesome gen z inside joke
Rizky Nurhazmi
one question, what history?
burnt hair
burnt hair Day ago
The only good tik tok was at 10:01
Duda Peixoto
Duda Peixoto Day ago
Heavenly Rose
Why are these iconic? Nothing iconic about them
Mona Khodary
Mona Khodary Day ago
What in the white straight
Daisy Schnorr
Why did James use flat hands doing that dance he was so stiff 😭😭😭😭
Mush Room
Mush Room Day ago
8:30 he obviously said the n word
Kaley Ockman
Kaley Ockman Day ago
It’s 4:38 for me
M Riz
M Riz Day ago
Where’s the vsco trend at lol
Liberty Mutual
1:29 trisha be looking like a whole egg
heart-burn Harold
nothing beats tik toks from 2018
Sabellii Day ago
Where's the iconic?
kiesha reigns
kiesha reigns 2 days ago
kiesha reigns
kiesha reigns 2 days ago
0:30 I’ve seen every clip but that one
Reeni Dolan
Reeni Dolan 2 days ago
im still waitin on that cookie
:) 🍪
Rebecca Jen
Rebecca Jen 2 days ago
Lily Beckwith
Lily Beckwith 2 days ago
10:01 I love people who dance like this wit compassion it shows that they really love dancing and they arent doing weird dances like fricking Charlie D'Amelio!!!!
Dakota C
Dakota C 2 days ago
Saturne Sakura
Saturne Sakura 2 days ago
5:44 what 😙
Novalee Fontinel
Novalee Fontinel 2 days ago
no one: still no one jame: WhEn yOuR FiNgErS ArE GlUeD ToGeThEr
Vic 2 days ago
o fato de eu conhecer todos me preocupa..
lilly barber
lilly barber 2 days ago
we let teenage boys do too much 😭
Jasmine J
Jasmine J 2 days ago
Domani Rane
Domani Rane 2 days ago
1:12 the best
Chxhxhxjx Ss
Chxhxhxjx Ss 2 days ago
All the videos are from late 2019 or 2020 where are the videos from the best area summer 2019?
Danielle EP
Danielle EP 2 days ago
Where’s the “ i like them big, I like them chunky”
Mateya Arvin
Mateya Arvin 2 days ago
13:13 is probably one of my favorite tiktoks of history so hilarious lol haha
Sadhna Deborah
Sadhna Deborah 2 days ago
Laila Mahsori
Laila Mahsori 2 days ago
0:45 I'm Iaughingto tears, i love u james
Alien 2 days ago
Now this, this makes me happy🥲
Пчелина Ульяна
Remember when Griffin was cancelled for taking too much time to film a tiktok for the alphabetic chain
PotterHead Draco
PotterHead Draco 2 days ago
OK but the Tom Fenton its the best of them all just saying facts 😌✋
Kalie Lyle
Kalie Lyle 2 days ago
0:27 wtf is this supposed to be
Sonia Nevermind
Sonia Nevermind 2 days ago
it's about zodiac signs! the other two signs aren't water signs, but pisces are. water signs are emotional based sooo yup
alison henderson
alison henderson 2 days ago
lol tom felton
Dang u found me
Dang u found me 2 days ago
Woah straight tik tok so iconic 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😝😜😝😜😜😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 (this is a joke straight tt is just - no 😃)
COD league
COD league 2 days ago
Title: "tiktoks that made history" Tiktoks: "I clearly don't give a Fu*k"
ttycoon equine
ttycoon equine 2 days ago
this is my sHiteU
5:47 literally wtf
Saturne Sakura
Saturne Sakura 2 days ago
What’s up !
What’s up ! 3 days ago
Is this what straigth TikTok looks like if it is I’m scared 👁💧👄💧👁
What’s up !
What’s up ! 2 days ago
@Sonia Nevermind same here pls😥
Sonia Nevermind
Sonia Nevermind 2 days ago
take me back to cosplay tiktok. please.
arabella 3 days ago
going back after 5 years and reminisce everything
arabella 3 days ago
im here
camxxney 3 days ago
3:50 OH MY AH-
camxxney 3 days ago
camxxney 3 days ago
1:41 trust me
JiminnieChimChim 3 days ago
I don't have tiktok... honestly I'm glad I don't
Sonia Nevermind
Sonia Nevermind 2 days ago
this is just straightie tiktok, i promise you can go somewhere better 😭
ShadowXXXDemon 3 days ago
The last one;-; damn
AMarE vKqyden
AMarE vKqyden 3 days ago
2:12 iwas laughing my ass off
Amazing& Girly
Amazing& Girly 3 days ago
Only people who got a commercial for Taco Bell can like this
Miya Osamu
Miya Osamu 3 days ago
Go to 1:45 for good luck
Graces Gaming
Graces Gaming 3 days ago
3:47 made me cringe so bad
just a random person
3:38 i just want eyes like that insted of my caca ones ;-;
Leni Oxs
Leni Oxs 3 days ago
And thats on being on gay tik Tok I dont know any of these
Leni Oxs
Leni Oxs Day ago
@Camila Rosario Same but some of them are really still out there
Camila Rosario
I thought "straight" tiktok and "alt" tiktok ended months ago also half of these were from 2019 soooooo
madelyn martinez
madelyn martinez 3 days ago
so we're just going to pretend that the e-girl trend never existed
I aTe 2130 MoRe BoWLs Of rIcE tHaN YoU
tiktok is practically people doing body rolls, throwing back and lip-syncing
Myrto K
Myrto K 3 days ago
i really dont see why yall pressed- those tiktoks made history
elle cain
elle cain 3 days ago
that time, we all thought that Charli wasent going to be problematic-
Kayla Song
Kayla Song 4 days ago
I must be deep in gay tiktok cuz I’ve never seen like 90% of these 😂
Cher Day ago
Same😂 and I've also blocked everyone in the hype house bc I didn't want them on my fyp.
Narnia Parmar
Narnia Parmar 4 days ago
3:49. whats the sound name????????
Sarah Hamdan
Sarah Hamdan 4 days ago
the last guy looks like a mic of Jake Gyllenhaal, Noah Schnapp, and the Home Alone kid... I actually morphed them and it's accurate lol
Mishka Parashar
Mishka Parashar 4 days ago
why does this all give me nostalgia
Maria Solis
Maria Solis 4 days ago
i haven’t even seen half of these 😃
olivia 4 days ago
10:01 why'd i think it was gonna start playing that one song it's a hard knock life from annie
Victoria Quintana
No yall missing im in the ghetto RATATATATA, and timmy
Zaena 4 days ago
Grace Ifiegbu
Grace Ifiegbu 4 days ago
Charl_x 4 days ago
The boy in the last video made me wanna throw hands
Dani Edits
Dani Edits 5 days ago
the best one is 4:41 that I quote still on the daily
꧁Trash Weasel ꧂
I now have cancer
SleepyMona 5 days ago
0:51 lmao i know her on instagram
SleepyMona 3 days ago
@Charle Menson ya digg
Charle Menson
Charle Menson 3 days ago
What’s the song pleez
Brad Ului
Brad Ului 5 days ago
Om du vet, vet du
bianka 5 days ago
Sam Griffith Stopford
Straight TikTok; the video
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