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Boyce Avenue
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Boyce Avenue:
Alejandro Manzano (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano): instagram.com/alejandroluismanzano
Fabian Manzano (Background Vocals, Guitar): instagram.com/fabianmanzano
Daniel Manzano (Background Vocals, Bass, Percussion): instagram.com/danielmanzano
Instagram: instagram.com/boyceavenue
Facebook: facebook.com/boyceavenue
Twitter: twitter.com/boyceavenue
Website: boyceavenue.com
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Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue performing "All of Me" by John Legend
#BoyceAvenue #AllOfMe #JohnLegend
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Some clothing for this video was provided by These Quiet Sounds. TQS is a Sarasota, Florida based Design Studio & Clothing Line. Founded by Fabian Manzano (Lead guitarist and background vocalist in Boyce Avenue) #TheseQuietSounds #TQS
(Filmed at the TQS shop in Sarasota, FL)
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Audio & Video Produced by Alejandro Manzano & Daniel Manzano
Arrangement by Alejandro
Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Adam Barber
Video by 3 Peace Productions




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Comments 80
Boyce Avenue
Boyce Avenue 5 years ago
Tickets and Meet & Greet passes are now on sale for our upcoming shows! smarturl.it/BATour
jrizzle drizzle
jrizzle drizzle 20 days ago
Can you please show a tutorial for the acoustic guitar?
DanielDude10 2 months ago
Your voice is from an Angel 😲😳It 's so intensive 😍😍
Marlene Ferreira
Marlene Ferreira 2 months ago
Gisleide Farias
Gisleide Farias 3 months ago
Alguém sabe disso
Grass Dungeon
Grass Dungeon 3 months ago
Come to New York
dirayakan1 16 hours ago
I listened this since i was a kid
Claudilene Almeida
Passaria o dia todo ouvindo Boyce. A voz dele é reconfortante!
Ivan Bento
Ivan Bento 4 days ago
Qualidade impecável... Bom demais, um artista completo...
Joe Reichard
Joe Reichard 4 days ago
Such a beautiful song exceptionally well done. What is the tuning?
ประเสริฐ เชิดชู
Babi David Leonardo
are you brothers
alpha 101
alpha 101 5 days ago
Is it just me that can't say "ALL" like that.
A San Da Cumberbatch
just love this song its means alot
Gabriele 6 days ago
Great playing and voice! Loved it!
Zé Toquinho
Zé Toquinho 6 days ago
Im from Brazil 2020😃🎶🕺
Boyce Avenue
Boyce Avenue 6 days ago
Love Brazil!
Tere Hoffling
Tere Hoffling 6 days ago
Marcela Gouvêa
Marcela Gouvêa 7 days ago
Não canso de admirar a qualidade audível de todas as canções que ele faz! Qualquer canção, desde a mais simples que há fica sofisticada ao extremo! Parabéns Boyce Avenue! Encantada
Sheila Wallenburg
I think I'm in love 😍
YZY LEGENDS 7 days ago
Olesya Bondareva
Olesya Bondareva 8 days ago
Daniel Dey
Daniel Dey 8 days ago
Wow what an amazing cover, I have also tried a cover of this song!
andresa moura
andresa moura 8 days ago
Noxian Dunker
Noxian Dunker 9 days ago
This is my voice when i sang
Givanildo Silva
Givanildo Silva 10 days ago
Muito lindaa a musicaaaa!!!!
Vanessa Albuquerque
Perfeito demais...
monica ubatuba
monica ubatuba 10 days ago
Lindooooo magnífica voz canta demais
Fatima Nunes
Fatima Nunes 10 days ago
Myrela Paiva
Myrela Paiva 10 days ago
I Love you boyce avenue perfect
Turki 1995
Turki 1995 11 days ago
We love you 😍🇸🇦♥️
Thilinaka Wijepala
Thilinaka Wijepala 12 days ago
How can anyone dislike this?
Ajay Sudershan
Ajay Sudershan 12 days ago
Jst WoW ❤️
Andreia Pinheiro
Andreia Pinheiro 14 days ago
Linda a tradução desta 👉👈❤️
Jonas Kamel
Jonas Kamel 14 days ago
can someone tell me which key this is?
Ammie Was
Ammie Was 14 days ago
Wow i love this song THANKS for sharing
Rebecca Francisco
Rebecca Francisco 15 days ago
iloveu Alejandro ❤️❤️❤️
Lucilene Vicente
Lucilene Vicente 16 days ago
Howard Dexter
Howard Dexter 16 days ago
Algum brasileiro em 2020?? Eu amo nao me canso de ouvir ❤ Novembro de 2019? 🇧🇷
Vera Iavorski
Vera Iavorski 16 days ago
Adoro essa voz , canta muito
gungun Kashyap
gungun Kashyap 17 days ago
That's like so soulful omg
alancoustic 17 days ago
who still likes and watches this video in 2020?
Vjigmet Jimz
Vjigmet Jimz 17 days ago
March 2020..Anyone?
Silvio Caracciolo
Silvio Caracciolo 18 days ago
Ma non sei bravo
Taisa Valente
Taisa Valente 18 days ago
Essa voz + essa música = Perfeição! ❤
Alexander Versinin
Chords please I begging..😮😩
yididiya aklilu
yididiya aklilu 22 days ago
i just fall in love with ur voice
Purple Sky
Purple Sky 23 days ago
I wish I could meet you
Ahmad Rahmad
Ahmad Rahmad 24 days ago
Salam kenal dari indonesia
Aries Morales
Aries Morales 24 days ago
Cassia Raiany
Cassia Raiany 25 days ago
Mano essa musica e muito boa melhor musica que eu escultei hj . ♡♡♡♡
Dira Alves
Dira Alves 25 days ago
Q voz é essa ❤❤❤
jessica barnett
jessica barnett 25 days ago
Eu sou fã de BOYCE AVENUE, reunem todos os artistas em um só. Parabéns!!!! My wedding song. ❤ 22/06/2019.
Gislaine Emanoele
Gislaine Emanoele 26 days ago
Minha música e do meu amor ,😔
Isadora Rodrigues
Isadora Rodrigues 27 days ago
Galera do Brasil 2020 .
Dwy Mey
Dwy Mey 27 days ago
galera do Brasil novembro 2019 Incrível como na voz de Boyce as músicas parecem está mais vivas , ou é só cmg?
Cleidiane Silva
Cleidiane Silva 28 days ago
Amo de mais
Reen Bai
Reen Bai 29 days ago
Beautyful 😊😘
Só RPG do Bom
Só RPG do Bom 29 days ago
3 de março de 2020...BT a Brasil da Like ai
Só RPG do Bom
Só RPG do Bom 29 days ago
Lisa Gonzales
Lisa Gonzales 29 days ago
Lovely version...
HANG DARA Month ago
So amazing super star 🌟
Ketsadaporn Sunontarach
I. Love you 😍 was your time for me
Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva Month ago
Top 10
KbT Yang
KbT Yang Month ago
I absolutely love your vioce so much!!!!
Regina Furtado
Regina Furtado Month ago
My head's under water But I'm breathing fine Aquaman: Am i joke to you? 2019?
gisele simoes
gisele simoes Month ago
Jennie Partee
Jennie Partee Month ago
Vim do futuro, 2020 alguém?? Cadê os brasileiros aí ??? Alguém do Brasil ouvindo em nov/19 ?
Claire Smith
Claire Smith Month ago
My head's under water But I'm breathing fine Aquaman: Am i joke to you? What a beautiful voice, beautiful music, I love to hear you sing!
Enriqueta R. Wagner
Alguém do Brasil ouvindo em nov/19 ? Oh wow just beautiful song and his voice. I rather watch him singing then all the originals. My head's under water But I'm breathing fine Aquaman: Am i joke to you?
Jhosua Rumbarar
Jhosua Rumbarar Month ago
I come from Indonesia, really like this again 😊
Porter Beauchemin
Galera do Brasil em abril de 2019??? Música maravilhosa ❤️ Canta muito o cara, outubro 2019! Parabéns show
TheCalvío .83
TheCalvío .83 Month ago
This cover is perfect to dedicate it to the love of your life 💘
Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed Month ago
bolinhos chan
bolinhos chan Month ago
Better than the original song
zeina salloum
zeina salloum Month ago
It's better than the original for me
Paty Soares
Paty Soares Month ago
Julian Camino
Julian Camino Month ago
sos un genio!! tremenda voz, seguí así
Júlia Kellem
Júlia Kellem Month ago
Jorei mas ameiiiii
Dodi Herdiyanto
Dodi Herdiyanto Month ago
My x girlsfriend so like this song hehehe
Derek Month ago
ahhh another inspiration! :)
Mike George
Mike George Month ago
would love to see you and Luciana Zogbi do this song together as a duet!
astromiky Month ago
~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~
Asia Month ago
OMG now is 2020 and I always listen to this song ❤❤
Thais Araujo
Thais Araujo Month ago
Consegue deixar a música mais linda😍
Aan Akustik
Aan Akustik Month ago
good like 😍
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