All Hell Broke Loose & The Shore Mates Are Picking Sides 😲 MTV Floribama Shore

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The shore mates have had so many ups and downs but this fight just might be the one to break them. 💔 With only a few days left in the house, no one knows if they'll be able to kiss and make up before they say goodbye.
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Set in the Florida Panhandle along the beach that stretches all the way to Alabama, "MTV Floribama Shore” is the story of eight young adults who come to spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold for just a little bit longer. But each is armed with incredible life experiences and standing at a crossroads, whether it’s ending a relationship, tasting independence for the first time, or trying to escape the past. This coming of age story captures the very real thrill and angst of being young and trying to figure out the future with a group of people you’ll come to call family.
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Comments 80
Mercedez Moreno
Mercedez Moreno 22 hours ago
I would pick Candace Bc she’s the mom of the group and has everyone’s back
Kirk & Gus act like Females fr fr 💯
omkarito 7 days ago
I love how shows like these have a normal person for reference
Kimberly Casi
Kimberly Casi 7 days ago
Candace is getting mad for Codi calling her a bitch after she just called him one. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it 🤷🏻‍♀️
Nate the Producer
Codi is the female version of ronnie
XiaoYaoYou 16 days ago
what is the final episode of season 3 ??? last time on MTV i see preview of episode where they go out/drinking with Jeremia`s brother (so the episode after his brother arives at the house) but the show has not been on TV for over 2 weeks now...so thats strange, like no ending to the season ,even they showed a preview for next episode...this sucks
Tiberius Rage
Tiberius Rage 16 days ago
Holy crap Mattie from party down south
Tiberius Rage
Tiberius Rage 16 days ago
Is that Mattie from party down south
Jose Reinoso
Jose Reinoso 18 days ago
Kirk is sum ugly ass dude fr
Marcus Vaz
Marcus Vaz 19 days ago
One thing i don’t understand the guys try to come off as so tuff (tough) but in reality they come as jerks though. Furthermore sometimes when they become extra they don’t look like this hegemonic tough masculine men they look like a man 👨 that people don’t want to say in the comments. But would rather attack the women instead
Kate Chandler
Kate Chandler 20 days ago
Why does Gus always swoop in on the girls. Super predatory.
silverton jersey
silverton jersey 20 days ago
Imagine them being ur neighbors
Castilion26 22 days ago
Bro gus is such a little bitch I wish Jeremiah would just lay his ass out one time
Collin Rank
Collin Rank 23 days ago
I almost want to say this shit is worse than jersey shore
Zoey Laurenn
Zoey Laurenn 23 days ago
hailey rose
hailey rose 24 days ago
What is the song playing when candice started walking into the other room
Sebastian 24 days ago
i dont know if these retards are more trashy than the jersey shore retards
Luis AC
Luis AC 25 days ago
Gus being Captain Save A Hoe and betraying Man Code. Little punk
CooliMeanBool 26 days ago
Bro all these people are fucking weird and stupid
Guzu B
Guzu B 27 days ago
The simping in these comments are crazy I agree Kirk couldve calmed it down a whole lot but nothing they said was incorrect What Codi was doing was straight up bitch shit playing the nice guy routine and it became even more obvious this episode kirk just called him out to say "its not gonna work so please stop doing it as your friend its embarrassing" (he just said it a lot angrier). We all know it wouldn't work but yall love seeing a guy be all gushy and romantic and "hope for the best" even though you know that only happens in movies not in reality.From kirks perspective Candice wouldve never given Codi the chance and if he was my friend i wouldve been upset as well.
Nichole Bartman
Nichole Bartman 27 days ago
who tf is this Mattie bitch???
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez 28 days ago
Some of these people should never had drank ever, and Kirk and Gus were evil starting shit bullying this dude for literally no reason, like I literally studied past episodes before after seeing how crazy Kirk and his started going off on him, but these people are the fakest worst kind of people, like dam som people love drama
Butthole Surfer
Butthole Surfer 28 days ago
Is it a requirement to have a brain disorder to be on these type of shows?
John Cool
John Cool 28 days ago
Kodi is so obviously gay lol
Bigbadbrettt 28 days ago
GuS just trying to "exert his dominance". Fucking dweeb. And he's got his bitches Kirk and codi in his back pocket
Beardedmonkey556 28 days ago
Where’s snooki??
C.J Dacuycuy
C.J Dacuycuy 29 days ago
did mtv just use the hardcore holly theme song? haha
Stevie B
Stevie B 29 days ago
They all a fucking mess.
Alex Guizzotti
Alex Guizzotti 29 days ago
They should plot twist this hardcore and place these girls In a 6 week military boot camp to teach them responsibility, appreciation and ethics.
Nick Newman
Nick Newman Month ago
God this is way way worse then jersey Shore
Vee Chim
Vee Chim Month ago
These ppl have some real issues lol dramatic
Summer Watson
Summer Watson Month ago
Matte wasn't invited from where i heard 😆
Count Duku
Count Duku Month ago
It blows my mind everyday, I didn’t know people this stupid existed.
Braulio Samuel
Braulio Samuel Month ago
There's no entertaining aspect of this show anymore, everything is so toxic.
Della Senpai
Della Senpai Month ago
Wow they are beating up on Candace like that! Typical bullshyt ♥️🖤💚
Della Senpai
Della Senpai Month ago
Isn't Codi gay?
Adrienne Scott
Adrienne Scott Month ago
Della Senpai Ummm idk butJeremiah hell yeah
Shannon Page
Shannon Page Month ago
Picking 2 sides with 1 piece of chicken.
Shannon Page
Shannon Page Month ago
A purse strap broke.
Shannon Page
Shannon Page Month ago
I wanna talk to Kodak.
Beraiah Yahu
Beraiah Yahu Month ago
Why is Kirk in Candice on this show lol I hate mtv 😩🤣
Quinasia Johnson
Don’t make a black girl angry that’s all I’m saying🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Alicia Solis
Alicia Solis Month ago
Why does the dude in the plaid look like a trash version of Ron
Victor Stone
Victor Stone Month ago
I love them all and don’t regret buying the whole season.
Bree Wild 247
Bree Wild 247 Month ago
i watched the first two episodes of this show when it came out and i have no idea wtf is happening rn 💀😭😭😭
k g_xo
k g_xo Month ago
It's my guilty pleasure,its so cringey but its entertaining😂
600 Block
600 Block Month ago
Codi mad for no reason. We all know he gay 🙄
Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant Month ago
@600 Block Karen?
600 Block
600 Block Month ago
Beachin Beth yes he is Karen
Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant Month ago
He is not gay
morgan r
morgan r Month ago
wow gus really finessing his way into Mattie’s life
Hannah Sivi
Hannah Sivi Month ago
I just feel like they needa quit drinkin so much cause truth comes out when ya ass drunk but they always drunk so it’s gonna be really toxic I mean I don’t watch this show just watch little clips of it and it seems like a lot of drama and drunks.
Sammy Month ago
Codi shouldn't have been mad at Candice he should have been pissed at Gus and Kirk.
LegitOneJC Month ago
I mean she didn’t tell one lie.....
Makayla Todd
Makayla Todd Month ago
What is the song???!!!!
mike6752 Month ago
This show needs to end on the real after this season. They starting to lose who they really are took the cameras and glory way to serious that’s one thing Jersey Shore never really did would be in it for the money which is why Kristen or w.e her name is gone everyone kind of obvious money was only reason why she there. Half them are mad toxic and not even honest with their feelings lol
same same
same same Month ago
Dont call me bitch but let every rapper say it
Gabriela Sanchez
" you don't give anyone pussy " . Like GOOOD FOR HER ! That ain't no insult
Mike T
Mike T Month ago
Gus is such a bitch ass dude
john Jacob jingle Lewis hymer auther schmidt
Candice is a crazy dramatic victim playing bitch...
#RollTide #RiseUp
Kodi dumb af. They both called you a pussy ass bitch. Kirk, multiple times. And your response is, thank you?!?
Rusheed Mohammed
does gus have a pussy?
Brandon Hansen
Brandon Hansen Month ago
Gus is a snake a rat and a punk rs. He just likes to come at any girl jerimieh talks to so he can feel like he can get more girls
Ian Himmelstein
Ian Himmelstein Month ago
Is it me or does this feel so staged
Ricky Botty
Ricky Botty Month ago
This is why you don't talk to other people about other people. It is never received well. Ever. If I got something to say, I say it to that person and that person only. Afterwards, its yard out then, talk to anyone you want after the fact but the first person to know should be that person..
X ShockWaveAMG
X ShockWaveAMG Month ago
It's really time for American guys to take a stand. time to date foreign girls why deal with this all the time. Really why? Haha
Heyyybray Month ago
Lol you must not have seen 90 day fiancé
This bitch is stupid as fuck, acting like a bitch then offended when she’s called a bitch, shut the fuck up
Rosey Buddy
Rosey Buddy Month ago
Over flowers 💐 like wtf
DJ BAE Bunnij
DJ BAE Bunnij Month ago
Candice has a right to feel how she feels for Codi whether it's love or friendship. Kirk and Gus need to relax and just let those two figure it out instead of getting loud and rude with Codi and making Candice upset and cry.
Anthony Gholston
I really dislike all the roommates except Mattie
Jordan Godinez
Jordan Godinez Month ago
I think this is the best show I seen
Lillian Juliet
Lillian Juliet Month ago
Candace literally didn’t do anything.
Peter F.
Peter F. Month ago
"I'm at a place where i think about it too much" I felt that
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris Month ago
I don't understand this unless there is more to this episode because Candice called him a b**** to so why she mad that he said it back or called her one?
Patty E
Patty E Month ago
Please take Gus and Kirk out of this show!!!!
D C Month ago
Is the dude with no sleeves gay??
D C Month ago
Hes defo gay
INDIGO Moe Month ago
This is what drinking does. Drinking brings out our darkest demons.
melissa joubert
melissa joubert Month ago
Good guy and good friend Gus
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith Month ago
Kirk was right, he is a bitch. That man publicly humiliated you and you’re thanking him. Candace been said you use her for the cameras and it’s true. We ain’t blind Codi.
jon landry
jon landry Month ago
Cheetos and white sheets....not good
Alexandra Foster
How she gonna say don’t call me a bitch and she called him a bitch?
SCAS P Month ago
Everyone mad Candace got flowers because they low key hate black ppl, especially black women. Gus been showing it more and more ever season.
Su Majestad Infernal
Gus and kirk must chill, and somebody must beat the floor booth
King Tut
King Tut Month ago
Kirk is not a friend. Gus is always scheming. lil boy shit.
-_-_-_ Month ago
I thought she said she's all about positivity. Because screaming to the top of your lungs ain't positive.
Cwick Yo momma
Cwick Yo momma Month ago
Bunch of fuck ups
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