All four officers in George Floyd case to be charged by Minnesota AG

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Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) announced that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is increasing Derek Chavin's charge to second degree murder and is charging the other three officers involved in the case.
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Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 80
Nathan Jedrej
Nathan Jedrej 4 days ago
The police think they are in the military, that is the problem right there.
Ruven Wegner
Ruven Wegner 15 days ago
Two of them are at large again. Good job, USA.
June Elise
June Elise 26 days ago
AHAHAHAHA COMMENTS ARE BACK ON but now for all reports on trump lmfaooooooo Fox News literally cracks me up
joedawg713 28 days ago
How many times a week does this happen when their isnt a screaming crowd or a girl with a camera phone watchin?
Pamela Tucker
Pamela Tucker Month ago
He look like a total different man than the one by the police car,his mug shot looks different
James Month ago
Mr. Mayor before you run your mouth let the invetigators investigate and speak with them dont be a DeBlasio
NOXISUM Month ago
I’m actually really surprised and impressed that Fox News didn’t try defending the cop or try bringing up reverse racism or try bringing politics into this, its great that the right and left finally see eye to eye and wants to fix this American issue so it will never happens again
Cat.and.Dog.lover 180
there say go home why don't all the protestors go home you have caused a lot of pain and you the ones on here should be hind bars all them
Cat.and.Dog.lover 180
one thing those officers could have pushed Derek Chavin off George Floyd so that maybe George Floyd may be could have lived
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Month ago
"Nobody wins when a Family feuds"Jay-Z. America must come together while the fight for Justice goes on🙏
Invisible Fiddle
They should go to prison
shawd thompson
shawd thompson Month ago
Hey Fox News, there is a global protest for Mr. Floyd that you seem unaware of. I don't see you covering the protests in Rome, Hungry, Tokyo. I don't see you covering the global support for Black Lives Matter. Afraid of Real news?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Month ago
Fox needs to stop turning off comments for videos regarding race
Alexander Higgins
. . . but wait. This isn't enough. Europeans attacked Africa 10,000 years ago.
fstbr4 Month ago
Congratulations to Sen. Klobuchar who in no way deserves to be a senator and laughs at her supporters who keep her in office. There is another tragic truth that is being completely over-looked is that George Floyd was confirmed to be infected by Covid-19. He's system was severally weakened but instead of heeding all the warnings that are being broadcasted he was outside, unmasked, and made the situation worse by physically not complying with the police.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Month ago
Shout out to Floyd Mayweather paying for his funeral.
Lucy Calzada
Lucy Calzada Month ago
Floyd autopsy result show he was higj on fentanyl and methamphetamine. In the video there is a white baggie on the groud. This man was a violent criminal. In 98 he spent 10 months in prison for theft with firearm. 2002 spent 8 months in prison for cocaine offense. 2004 just two years later spent another ten months in prison for a cocaine offense. 2005 spent another ten month in prison for having less than one gram of cocaine on him again in 2007 and this is the biggest instant that made ma realize he was a horrible human being. I am Not going to pretend he was a good person in 2005 a pregnant woman aswered a knock at her door. A person pretending to be someone from the water department. She soon realized that this person did not work for any department and attemped to shut the door. A car then pulls up to her resident with five men. They forced their way to the home. Floyd held a gun to the pregnant womans stomach. She screamed and pleaded for the life of her baby, while Floyd and the men ransacked the home. A neighbor caught the licence plate to the vehicle. Police track down the car of which Flyod was the driver and they arrested him in two years he was sentenced ti five years in prison. He was a criminal of the most violent kind. He did not deserve to die, but Iam not going to play a part of the broken black culture that wants always want to martyr criminals who want to pretend that they were upstanding people. He was a dangerous man. He was an example of a violent criminal his entire life. Thank you Candace Owens
Joshua 4050
Joshua 4050 27 days ago
He may not have been an angel but he still shouldn’t have been killed
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Month ago
The mayor and gorvernor should do their jobs: put looters, thieves, violent riots, pyromaniacs in jail.
Elaine Hicks
Elaine Hicks Month ago
No more police brutality.
Lynoue Parangon
Lynoue Parangon Month ago
where is the footage inside the store to show when he handled the 20 doll bill to the cashier. He was already inside his car How do we know that the cashier didn't change the bill herself to a fake one. It seems like a set-up to me.
Ceo32 Month ago
They planned this ..all 4 🐖’s deserve lethal injection ,if George Floyd would’ve killed one of them that’s what he would’ve gotten
palimpalim Month ago
Question for this mayor: What about the life of David Dorn who was killed by the very "this energy" he is talking about? Will justice be served? Should justice be served? Does this black life matter?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Month ago
Look at the damage those four pricks have done to our nation!
gggfgfgfgfgf Month ago
off-duty cops may have been the outlaws destroying property at dead of night
T M Month ago
Minnesota Police Union Endorsed Trump who’s Republican party is anti-union only if the price is right; no different with her a Democrat that’s why!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Month ago
enough of this coward! Thank you, Sir! and sorry it had to end this way for you too...God Bless America.
Maria Callous
Maria Callous Month ago
He knew he was lighting a fuse to a keg of dynamite. It's the reason he did it on camera. He couldn't do that much damage himself so he chose you to do it instead. you should be proud of your reaction ... Chauvin says, thanks. It's not racism. It's crime and sin. You need to ask yourself the question of : When was the last crime or sin I committed. He was calling out your sin.
John Papa
John Papa Month ago
Racism in America won't end untill all Americans of all colors call for it to end. Christians don't hate other people.
Julie Mckee
Julie Mckee Month ago
Hope you know it was all set up so they could put new world order in motion just like corona
alllied alllied
alllied alllied Month ago
When is Fentanyl Floyd's funeral?
J Month ago
@alllied alllied crazy if you knew anything about the man, he was trying to change his life for the better and even joined a local ministry after getting out of jail. I think you're so blinded by your hatred for black people that you fail to see how his criminal past is irrelevant to the fact that he was murdered by a POLICE OFFICER. You have no good argument bruh so gtfo
alllied alllied
alllied alllied Month ago
@J Karma is what happened to Fentanyl Floyd for pistol whipping a pregnant women while his homies ransacked her home....
J Month ago
Karma's gonna hit you clown boy
Roderick Porter
Roderick Porter Month ago
Fox needs to stop turning off comments for videos regarding race
Dave M
Dave M Month ago
After Derek Chauvin is convicted, I can't wait for the first time he walks onto the prison yard.Then we will see just how tough he really is.
MO EL Month ago
This is way america is BURNING
Sandra Grimaldo
Sandra Grimaldo Month ago
This should be shameful for america out of my whole 50 yrs never heard amything like this. Goibg on no where is safe pople we are forgettibg about corna virus 19 let start taking care of buisness
Bing Ly
Bing Ly Month ago
The mayor and gorvernor should do their jobs: put looters, thieves, violent riots, pyromaniacs in jail.
Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean Month ago
Trump to cops: 'Please don't be too nice' while arresting 'thugs,' and don't worry about their heads when you toss them in the 'paddy wagon'
Vaan H
Vaan H Month ago
how the hell u know those ppl arrested r not fighting back when when u dont show us the full vid
Greg Demeter
Greg Demeter Month ago
I WANT TO STAND ON THE COPS NECK, FOR JUST TWO MINUTES.....See IF he would live? Put a Leash on the 4 Cops and then, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Can I just get some Comfort in that? Thank You!
Eventdash01 Month ago
It is a sad day in which our judicial system took a backseat to people’s hysteria and bias.
Lisa Mahabir
Lisa Mahabir Month ago
Luv how she stumbles over her choice of words at 1.25-1.30 rioters ... Oops peaceful protesters!!!... Yeah not judge mental!!!
Joan Bacho
Joan Bacho Month ago
u love black man we are the one brother and sister
nikorn chinakul
nikorn chinakul Month ago
This Menacing n-word is a multi-times felon, he's a drug-addicted, he had multiple arrest warrants for robbing a pregnant woman and robberies and he's on parole. A pretty nice career he had going for him in America. All that came to a sudden end ( Thank God) By one Brave and considerate American hero officer. Who probably said to himself, I had enough of this coward! Thank you, Sir! and sorry it had to end this way for you too...God Bless America.
nikorn chinakul
nikorn chinakul Month ago
@ss206 Yes!...Stupid, Racist and Mainstream media politically correct biased has made this undeserving piece of sh*t, a World Hero!
ss206 Month ago
He was just taking out the trash...but stupid has made trash a national hero
S.A.k SAK Month ago
Another call for justice, but not from Fox😟
Amanda Bilger
Amanda Bilger Month ago
There is one thing that most people don't know. The media has been mostly silent about it. Two of those 4 officers had been on the job less than a week. One had only worked 4 shifts and the other had worked 3. Chauvin, the one with his knee on Floyd's neck, was their training officer. One of those 2 asked Chauvin twice if maybe they shouldn't roll Floyd onto his side so he could breathe better. Chauvin told him no that the position that he was in, on his stomach, was the correct way to do it. The other checked for a pulse and didn't find one but Chauvin ignored that. Those 2 rookies, new on the job, were doing what their training officer told them to do, they were following his lead. They basically just had their careers, and maybe their freedom, flushed down the toilet by their training officer. I am not saying that they are blameless but everyone needs to have all of the facts before they make a decision not just the facts that the media is choosing to tell you.
ss206 Month ago
Media is also hiding the fact that Floyd is career criminal with a rap sheet as long as his theiving arm.
Seeing Through
Seeing Through Month ago
Justice.But what about Justice for Dorn?What about the 17 dead protesters?
Andrew Steinert
Andrew Steinert Month ago
Andrew Steinert
Andrew Steinert Month ago
God gives what people's should get
G man
G man Month ago
J Month ago
Wow you're sense of morals is disgusting and racist
G man
G man Month ago
gamelvr1 Month ago
Yes prison. He didn't deserve to be murdered though.
Jamie Andrick
Jamie Andrick Month ago
From what I seen, they didn't even arrest the real "officers" involved! They appear to be look a likes! And if this is true, which I think it is, it is an outrage and NO decent human being should continue to follow their narrative and reasoning behind it! WE need to wake up people!
aswin daffa
aswin daffa Month ago
Is it wrong to protest? why the police must be brutal to the taxpayers' community.
Rebecca Z
Rebecca Z Month ago
I felt so sad for George Floyd. He let his friends trick him into participating in a psyop, then he was drugged on fentenyl and held down until he died, I guess. When soy boi Antifa reared its hideous head, I knew it was complete bs.
John Ross
John Ross Month ago
I want my burgers Klobuchar broiled.
Helen Martel
Helen Martel Month ago
It’s quite troubling that police in America is actively against the constitution that they swore to uphold by attacking reporters, journalists and innocent people
POSTCODE_OX27 Month ago
So if your a police officer and a person resists arrest your suppose to do what? Be nice?
gamelvr1 Month ago
What you think the only option is using lethal force? They had him handcuffed and on the ground. They ignored his begging for his life and even kept him pinned down and on his neck when couldn't find a pulse
Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer Month ago
If it wasn't recorded, the police would have swept it under the rug, as they have so many times. It's impossible to respect the police, as a group they lack even basic human decency.
Marianne Month ago
Fox "news" is so poor, as is "CNN" Both polarized to please extremists. moderates would hav no interest in this dramatical 'reporting'.
Trail Hiker
Trail Hiker Month ago
George was high on drugs, passed fake money, and resisted arrest.
Neal Spencer
Neal Spencer Month ago
Trail Hiker That shows me all I need to see. If you can’t handle reading a few paragraphs, clearly sitting down and reading a book or two is beyond you. You’ll keep speaking in generalities because it’s the only way you can mask how little you actually know about these issues.
Trail Hiker
Trail Hiker Month ago
@Neal Spencer blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!!
Neal Spencer
Neal Spencer Month ago
Trail Hiker It’s your choice to read and respond, I’m not at all forcing you to do either, and the subjects I addressed were all things you brought up first. In any case, I don’t understand how what I said was an”invalid argument”, especially considering that I made multiple arguments in response to yours? Claiming that without offering any kind of precise explanation why is itself a fairly weak argument imo. There’s also plenty of academic literature explaining/proving how these disparities started because of actions primarily by whites in America, starting with the slave trade and continuing because of practices like redlining, the war on drugs, gerrymandering, and much more. There are also plenty of studies proving that these disparities still exist. Citing examples of how white America has unsuccessfully tried to solve these problems without acknowledging that they caused many of them in the first place honestly seems pretty disingenuous.
Trail Hiker
Trail Hiker Month ago
@Neal Spencer invalid argument. If the civil rights workers died decades ago....it shows that for decades whites helped people of color. The issues they helped with are still here today. You also type a lot...you should keep it more to subject and condensed.
Neal Spencer
Neal Spencer Month ago
Trail Hiker (sorry to make you read more, if you’re not interested anymore I’d understand) But, also, just as an afterthought, RUvid on Android shows a user’s comment history and it seems you’re using the example of whites fighting against the klan as a rebuttal to the concept that the racial bias black people face nowadays, especially from law enforcement, is an issue. That doesn’t really make sense to me because that happened decades ago, and this is a present-day issue. If we use your logic, then white people in the US should actually pay reparations to African American communities because far more black lives were lost through the US’s participation in the slave trade than white lives in efforts helping black people. But, we both know that’s never going to happen. Past civil rights movements have brought black people a long ways towards equality with other groups in America, but the data shows that way more still needs to be done. If you’re interested, I can provide you with some studies proving this. RUvid won’t let me send links, but I can give you plenty of paper names.
Connor Hofmann
Connor Hofmann Month ago
"Anger is a natural human response." no, sir, anger is a choice. It is evil and unnecessary. Anger clouds the mind and makes you see evil as good. My friends, do not choose anger.
info145 Month ago
Look at the damage those four pricks have done to our nation!
Marlon McDonald
Marlon McDonald Month ago
Austin Miller
Austin Miller Month ago
I love being white
Antonio don
Antonio don Month ago
lets keep protesting for justice we can not stay silence to this horrible crime
Ms Happy Apple
Ms Happy Apple Month ago
They all need to go to prison! Now there are other officers who are hurting people but people are hurting them too. Mr. Floyd would be embarrassed by all this as he was a peace loving man. This is not about Mr. Floyd anymore. It's about people wanting to be treated fairly. What's good for one has to be good for all.
SC 03
SC 03 Month ago
Killer cop is not a racist he married Asian woman... The black guy must have said something really bad to loose his control..
Bruce Baldwin
Bruce Baldwin Month ago
Burning building and looting?
Bruce Baldwin
Bruce Baldwin Month ago
Anger is not understandable. Justifies looting and burning yielding?
Jacques Cardinal
ok im scared again! this aint cuba happening! the black lives matter is good, this aint Black Liberation Army
Vlad Kantor
Vlad Kantor Month ago
Be ready for second looting, riots / protest, when court acquit rookie (just 4 days on the job) cops
Chicken Feet
Chicken Feet Month ago
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Chicken Feet
Chicken Feet Month ago
Fake news
Rsn Trell
Rsn Trell Month ago
rip george floyd
e correa
e correa Month ago
No tienen. sentido común y peor una inteligencia pobre deben revisar. Su pasado antes de. Darle un trabajo en la policía ,
Juju Mane
Juju Mane Month ago
If no1 protested for him those pigs would of been on paid bonus leave smfh
SuziQ Month ago
Rick Fortine
Rick Fortine Month ago
Jack Carver
Jack Carver Month ago
peaceful rioters
Sanaa noor
Sanaa noor Month ago
Criminels assassins
Legendary Snake
Legendary Snake Month ago
White people, Hispanic people, Middle Eastern people, have had a hard time too. But of course only Black lives matters....Amazing how the media knows how to divide. I think justice has been overly served, now can you leave the department stores alone....
SuziQ Month ago
norton done
norton done Month ago
Awesome!!! Yes he’s right they all need to be in prison
Orlaith McManus
Orlaith McManus Month ago
Good each and everyone of these cops deserve the full weight of the law
JoburgNerds Month ago
Fox is a Far right channel.
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