All Celebrity Moments in David Dobrik's Vlog

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Apr 24, 2020




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DD Highlights
DD Highlights 5 months ago
Thanks for watching!! Make sure you like and subscribe!!
Nicolas Krysztofek
You are so coool
Fred Davis
Fred Davis 2 days ago
Let's move you up to Mr beast count of 50mm while Jimmy goes onto 100mm)
Alonzo Mason
Alonzo Mason Month ago
Hi I Am Alonzo Mason I’ve been Married 2 years To My Childhood Lover we’ve known each other 16 years. She is a BIG FAN of Yours. If you so ever read this I know it would mean the world to her to met You. We’re in Houston
Playground Paul
Playground Paul 2 months ago
keala Hall ooo oooo boo
Johnny Nunez
Johnny Nunez 56 minutes ago
I haven’t laughed so hard since covid
Miracle Sio
Miracle Sio Hour ago
Yo the dude at the end he was like yo wtf dude look like he seen a ghost 😆😆
Miracle Sio
Miracle Sio Hour ago
Aye whats the lightskins @ cause he look like he from the bay or Chicago
Scott Gomez
Scott Gomez 4 hours ago
jevon rankins
jevon rankins 10 hours ago
“You know where the toilet paper is” 😂😂
Queen Rachel Moyeda O_O
john doe
john doe 12 hours ago
Was in downtown Sacramento and some dude was taking a public survey of what people think of David. I had a lot of good things to say about him and wondered why I dont follow him on RUvid. Never to late to follow and become a fan I guess. Maybe one day be lucky enough to meet him one day! That would be super inspiring.
Vee Elle
Vee Elle 13 hours ago
I wanna be your friend, David. My birthday's Sept. 13th. Favorite car Jaguar Sport. Canadian. And, my passport's up-to-date and, am available to fly at a moment's notice. (weather permitting.)
Hanzala Sumair
Hanzala Sumair 16 hours ago
courtney cocks? WHAT THE FUCK?
Jaydon Kitson
Jaydon Kitson 18 hours ago
Anyone know the name of that dude who was rapping while Charlie pith was playing
kimberly winters
kimberly winters 21 hour ago
Watch 6:03in slow mo
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Andrew Gunther
Those 4 word sum up my whole childhood 18:54
asvp. sergxo
asvp. sergxo Day ago
11:45 this dude was actually spittin some real n*gga shit hope he keeps it up 🙏🏾
Nahom Seyfu
Nahom Seyfu Day ago
Gotta simp 2 dis vid man😂😂
Jake webber
ANON6_ Injerin
you dopes! Live on a different planet.
Danny Cal
Danny Cal Day ago
ive never watched a david dobrik video but this one is changing that! what a cool dude
Jeremy Day ago
Was that JR garage in the Justin Bieber bit?
Daniela Robinson
please hire my mariachi group 😭
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Day ago
19:27 awe I got all the memories
Jaye Wynne
Jaye Wynne Day ago
do bille
Tyra’s Kay
Tyra’s Kay Day ago
I’m wearing a friends T-shirts that says my schools orchestra that me and my dad made
{Me} 2 days ago
The guy at the end was literally amazing
Juliann Hardy
Juliann Hardy 2 days ago
Song at 8:51 pls it sounds sooo familiar
Leena Sanchez
Leena Sanchez 2 days ago
I miss them sm
Kian Schipper
Kian Schipper 2 days ago
until this day i still wonder what that guys inst is
J Mac
J Mac 2 days ago
That snake is cute why is it adorable
J Mac
J Mac 2 days ago
So sweet, so pure
Raya Lopez
Raya Lopez 2 days ago
at 23:39 is sooo funny
Fred Davis
Fred Davis 2 days ago
I can't stopped watching this. The shear joy meeting stars in the car is amazing. Wow oh fk
Fred Davis
Fred Davis 2 days ago
David , you are gifted. Or was that a way I could say very lucky. Amazing the people you pulled together and what you do with them, the stars and meering them are dreams of many many people
Jack juggalo
Jack juggalo 3 days ago
Fucking fire 😂
KEeMi TrOn
KEeMi TrOn 3 days ago
Miranda Cosgrove is literally sexy asf now she bloomed so much is stunning.
Billybob Gideos
Billybob Gideos 3 days ago
Bruh the yodeling kid
El Patrón
El Patrón 3 days ago
11:12 what's the original song called again? fk
duckman 3 days ago
Honestly amazing
KCXW 4 days ago
Miranda is fing GORGEOUS it’s insane
Katelyn Gouthro
Katelyn Gouthro 4 days ago
David can u help me meet grant gustin my insta is -katelyn.________ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I’m Potato
I’m Potato 4 days ago
Technically if you think about it all of David’s vlogs have celebrities
Sara Fernanda
Sara Fernanda 5 days ago
10:11, thats so me singing this song kkkkkkkk
Vanessa's Life
Vanessa's Life 7 days ago
nobody David: do u know we’re the toilet paper is Me:😂😂😂😂
IDK IDK 8 days ago
16:02 when ur grindr appointment picks u up for the first time.
shakarian sampson
Awwww yhe banter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥
Black Crystal Dragoon
Charlie P knows his music theory well
Shana Kolgjini
Shana Kolgjini 9 days ago
i want u in Belgium I love u so muchhhhh !!!!!!
Ev Risky
Ev Risky 9 days ago
14:06 what’s the song
Oscar Rahardian
Oscar Rahardian 10 days ago
David is awesome that he can do a collab with amazing people
Zero_ 10 days ago
casually invited the guy smoking a blunt into his tesla 0.0 LMFAO
elijah hampton
elijah hampton 10 days ago
David is the most luckiest guy alive
Melissa Stevens
Melissa Stevens 10 days ago
I am crazy
Colin Mcrae
Colin Mcrae 11 days ago
SavageHectorKing 11 days ago
17:34 Sensei ?? Cobra kai Johnny Lawrence
Xxsophia LizzyxX
Xxsophia LizzyxX 11 days ago
Begging The end Sike Ok now the end
Miki Myers
Miki Myers 12 days ago
When they surprise Susie why did Jona look gay 🤣🤣🤣
ALONDRA * 12 days ago
Does liza and david still friends
milque bun
milque bun 12 days ago
when you ask your friend in elementary to tell your crush you want to date them 17:47
Jungguk_is_ IronMan
Imagine being David’s Friend sisjjz
Her: Gets a celeberity and a whole cake for her b-day Me : Gets one cupcake and 10 bucks
•Axel• 13 days ago
Kiran Klare
Kiran Klare 14 days ago
Big Momma
Big Momma 14 days ago
Ezmagirl 14 days ago
Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love.
Adam Stuart
Adam Stuart 15 days ago
Fe4r Størmzs
Fe4r Størmzs 15 days ago
Is it me or that girl that met Justin Bieber isn't she In cobra Kai???
mattajas 15 days ago
2:50 what is gravity, Trisha. Do we need it?.
Johny Kash
Johny Kash 15 days ago
Did he go talk to her tho or you had to give her his number???
Zxrkz._ 16 days ago
Walmart kid🙏🙏🙏😭
Tiernan Reece
Tiernan Reece 16 days ago
I gotta ask who's idea was it to put Jason in the blog squad? like did David go I need a middle aged man in the squad to make fun of?
911 999
911 999 16 days ago
911 999
911 999 16 days ago
Natalie FromCA
Natalie FromCA 16 days ago
I seriously love the celebs in the back seat!! And.. ugh. Even though on 36 the Bebs is still so cute!!! Super crush on his grown up look!!
Wolf Kid
Wolf Kid 16 days ago
When yodel kid came out of nowhere I was fucking kidding me
Miah Huertas
Miah Huertas 17 days ago
The ajr music got me going crazy
Michael Sosunov
Michael Sosunov 17 days ago
is that Highlight from this year so the videos too, cause when did u start making vlogs having so much money its insane xD but youre making rly nice videos and i love em
Soraldy Azcona
Soraldy Azcona 18 days ago
11:35 “we are the world” “he hangs with children” this is the best part in the video
Sanchali Kapoor
Sanchali Kapoor 19 days ago
Luckiest people on the Earth are David Dobrik's friends.....I said what I said !!!!!!!!
Phil Hahn
Phil Hahn 19 days ago
She says that she can’t cry 2 seconds later she crys
Gumm Gumm
Gumm Gumm 19 days ago
why did i only realise this was i carly after hearing “hows gibby?” lol kill me 😂😂😂😂
C4G3 JETSY 19 days ago
James was my tour bus driver
Dominique Toussaint
I love when Kevin hart was on his channel cause David’s like oh just a quick stupid game and Kevin Hart is just like no it’s not giving him advice and shit about his fake show
alana terrel
alana terrel 19 days ago
Kendall seems like the only normal one
LabLifeOrNoLife TV
LabLifeOrNoLife TV 20 days ago
Kaden N Daddy
Kaden N Daddy 20 days ago
i love db
Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts 20 days ago
Please take a min to look at this💌 www.gofundme.com/f/25mq0p5sio?+share-sheet&pc_code=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=b65fccf337a84babbc8b23ae28fa0275
Obitonemusic 20 days ago
Epic!!!!!! much love from ObiTone Music!
Papasamjhle 20 days ago
Suzie can't act bro
This is my friend suzy, she's huge.
STRIVE TOO 21 day ago
Just gonna skip the fact Charlie puth doesn’t know Night moves.. 🤨
Gio Lopez
Gio Lopez 21 day ago
25:53 i like how the smoke went right back in
kering 21 day ago
That’s how u smoke
Jeffin Mathew
Jeffin Mathew 22 days ago
How's Dobrik so comfortable with that PYTHON!? 😅 😅 😂😂😂😂
Jeffin Mathew
Jeffin Mathew 22 days ago
Wow this video is just so good
M6ck 22 days ago
Today is my birthday 🎂
Edward Frye
Edward Frye 23 days ago
We are the world, he hangs with children😂😂😂
Luffyee Hehe
Luffyee Hehe 23 days ago
Do you know where the toilet paper is
LOUDZZZ 23 days ago
If he had travis scott on his vlog it be dope as fuck
Tanya Echevarria
Tanya Echevarria 23 days ago
I want to be apart of their crew 😭😭😭
itz jade
itz jade 24 days ago
This video gives me so much serotonin 🥺✨
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