Alive - (Synths Live at Lakewood Church)

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Here’s a clip of Alive during worship night at Lakewood church.
Guitar 1 - Joel Camey
Guitar 2 - Louie Garcia
Bass - Abel Orta
Drums - Jonathan Camey
Keys - Sersh (Me)
Piano/MD - William Garcia
Lead vocal : Arthur Ceker
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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 17
Chi-K Month ago
I'm definitely subscribing I want to get into this analogue synth stuff :D
SershKeys Month ago
Analog synths are fun!
Chi-K Month ago
It's so school to hear the in ear mix of a big church like that!
Chi-K Month ago
@SershKeys yea very detailed and fun
SershKeys Month ago
The MD is a beast, William García.
Aaron David Barnett
Aaron David Barnett 3 months ago
Can you list equipment?? So good!
SershKeys 3 months ago
Too Synth: Korg Minilogue XD Top left FX: Korg Kaos Pad 3 Bottom Keyboard: Nord Electro 5
Nancy Ramos
Nancy Ramos 4 months ago
SershKeys 4 months ago
Caleb Owens
Caleb Owens 8 months ago
yeah but that BASS tho
SershKeys 8 months ago
Caleb Owens Yes sir! Abel Orta on bass
Isaí Delgado
Isaí Delgado 9 months ago
Muy buena ejecución de Synths, ¡Felicidades!
ChurchDee 10 months ago
This is GOOD!! Love it
Pol Juarez
Pol Juarez 10 months ago
you are using a a kaoss pad?? Sound so cool the chop sound
Pol Juarez
Pol Juarez 10 months ago
Sound amazing. Ando funky
jburr2107 10 months ago
Hi Sersh, I live in Houston. How can I work with you for just one day? Your creativity is ridiculous man. Awesome work!
erick david precido moy
Hello, excellent job! Could you tell me what devices you are using for the sound of the moment 03:14. and in general what synthesizers you use !!! Thanks
erick david precido moy
@SershKeys ,Hello, thanks for answering !!!! Again I congratulate you for excellent work with analog sounds, nothing like making live music with your own hands. Greetings from Cali - Colombia
SershKeys Year ago
erick david precido moy Hey, Thanks!! The device is called “Kaoss Pad 3” by korg. For my synths, I’m layering the “korg Minilogue xd”, and the “Virus ti Snow”.
Jesus Gutierrez
Amazing bro !!!
SershKeys Year ago
Jesus Gutierrez Thanks Jesus!
Raul Linares
Raul Linares Year ago
I love it! Thank you for uploading. Please upload more of this kind of videos. Those Synthesizer sound so good, the bass is so good, the drums, everything!
dey litera
dey litera Year ago
what amp is abel orta using?
SershKeys Year ago
Dave Car Not sure :/
Aminadab Miranda
bro amazing synth and great job! just a question what is the thing you have next to the synth ?
SershKeys Year ago
Aminadab Miranda Thanks! It’s called “Kaoss Pad 3”. It’s an effects processor/sampler.
Mike Palacios
Mike Palacios Year ago
The guy talking on the mic can the person singing hear him?
Lizbeth Guerrero
Lizbeth Guerrero 11 months ago
Sersh wow this helps the band from making a mess and disorder very functionally
SershKeys Year ago
He has a mic that only we can hear. Same at the church Im at, I have a mic only the band and singers can hear. That mic is muted on the main speakers. When the worship leader wants to flow, my job is to follow him, and help the band by calling out chord progressions and rhythms. When we are playing a song, my job is to call out what’s next. You are able to communicate with media people as well, so they can hear what part of the song is next, and put the lyrics on the screen.
Mike Palacios
Mike Palacios Year ago
Sersh i mean how do you guide the band thru ear monitors?
SershKeys Year ago
Michael Martinez What do you mean?
Mike Palacios
Mike Palacios Year ago
Sersh how do you do that? Everyone is supposed to be in the same channel ?
Chris Smits
Chris Smits Year ago
Hi there, do you this song link to Risen?
SershKeys Year ago
Chris Smits Yes, they tag the bridge of risen
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