Alien: Specimen | Directed by Kelsey Taylor | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

Alien Anthology
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It’s the night shift in a colony greenhouse, and Julie, a botanist, does her best to contain suspicious soil samples that have triggered her sensitive lab dog. Despite her best efforts the lab unexpectedly goes into full shutdown and she is trapped inside. Little does she know, an alien specimen has escaped the mysterious cargo, and a game of cat and mouse ensues as the creature searches for a host.
Starring: Jolene Anderson, Aubrey Wakeling, Goose
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Alien: Specimen | Directed by Kelsey Taylor | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

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May 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Trepid 9 hours ago
2:21 That expression on her face. I don't know where they found this actress but she's fantastic. This is a REALLY well done film.
Alex G
Alex G 5 days ago
Dont read the comments before you watch , learn from me or youll ruin the twist!! Grrrr
Fidel Alfaro
Fidel Alfaro 6 days ago
jonjon 12 days ago
like these short Alien films
Evelyn Stenberg
Evelyn Stenberg 14 days ago
Good job Maggie. You'll be missed
CheshireKat 19 days ago
It's difficult to empathize with Julie: she hears the dog whine and cry, she does nothing... Maggie is fighting and she doesn't go to check... She walks when she should be running and runs when she should be walking. It's weird.
Paulo V.
Paulo V. 19 days ago
The name of the music the girl is listening, please.
외부 링크
외부 링크 19 days ago
1:06 WTF is he saying? It's literally driving me crazy 😫 Why aren't there subtitles??
Piyush Singh
Piyush Singh 20 days ago
Doberman are the best guard breed ♥️
Dylan Crosby
Dylan Crosby 20 days ago
I smell omnibus
Dez Asta
Dez Asta 20 days ago
*_FOR THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES OF JONESY, HERE...._**_ruvid.net/video/video-NO2vJT7hRIM.html_*
Claudio Sevillano
Facehugger melt Maggie's head and died
Kevin Hartman
Kevin Hartman 21 day ago
Who is making these? Are these done by the Studio or are they fan films. they are fantastic.
ItsJustKimber 22 days ago
clyde15 22 days ago
*Engineers designing the greenhouse* “The minute we lose power these sprinklers need to start firing off at random ass times”
한글패치 23 days ago
I want their subtitles so bad :(
Imran Zeyn
Imran Zeyn 23 days ago
Maggie was good
Natty Tempest
Natty Tempest 24 days ago
Now THAT is what a synth should do! Stuff you David! A dog did a better job... also, WHAT A GORGEOUS SHORT! Not that my favourite part is seeing someone splat a face-hugger with a shovel... not at all ;)
Walangord 27 days ago
Top notch quality you guys. Keep on
The G
The G 28 days ago
Fantastic !!
psy bourg
psy bourg 28 days ago
I probably wouldn't have been man enough to kill my dog man that's gotta be like the worst feeling like ever
Music heals
Music heals 29 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Tm74jsLlXAk.html please view and subscribe God bless you
John Burgess
John Burgess 29 days ago
Any male lead roles?
Max Delacroy
Max Delacroy Month ago
comunication device with 1880's technology..
this was perfect!
Levent Özcan
Levent Özcan Month ago
Unbelieveable, a small freelance group can do it ten times better than those assholes @ fox
Yashwanth O
Yashwanth O Month ago
Is this an official channel of Alien movies.. What are these short films made for..?
Yuris Anugrah
Yuris Anugrah Month ago
Goodbye 20th Century Fox we love you
Disconcerting Alchemist
God damnit, android, or not. I could have gone without seeing Maggie like that..... On my way to hug my dog.
David James
David James Month ago
All things Alien fan though I am, I confess I've watched this 6 or 7 times now purely for Jolene Anderson. That girl can act. And she is soooooo watchable.
Adam George Brown- Music
ruvid.net/video/video-bBpUi2U4UzA.html subscribe dudes
M Moore
M Moore Month ago
9:30, I’m out. You don’t kill the dog. F you.
Jahigro e
Jahigro e Month ago
I feel like logic is absent in movies. I want a smart movie
vzR Tz
vzR Tz Month ago
i don't see the point in naming the dog Maggie; Goose sounded better to my ears
Siddhant Majumdar
I thought it was a trailer damn it!
Thoughtful Professor
I love the wider universe this is in. So many questions unresolved here.
Awesome. My favorite part was when it showed the facehugger in it's wounded/confused state. Never seen that before, very realistic per animal psychology. 10/10
drabsyo Month ago
“You did good.” Nice homage to Aliens (1986); what Ripley said to Bishop right after they got back to base. Love it.
Chairat B
Chairat B Month ago
Nick but not Nick
god remember when alien movies were good???????? someone needs to take alien away from ridley scott ASAP
Nick but not Nick
this 10 minute short was better than all 2 hours of covenant WHY DONT WE HAVE LEGITIMATELY FRIGHTENING STUFF LIKE THIS ANYMORE
Luke McDonladson
Matthew Serros
Matthew Serros Month ago
Music is awful in the future.,🤣🤣🤣
Dennis Huffman
Dennis Huffman Month ago
Go ask Ridley Scott why he messed up Covenant? He directed it.
Dennis Huffman
Dennis Huffman Month ago
I am on normal speed for RUvid so why is it taking so long to load because of buffering and how do I fix it, this is happening with all of the videos.
Marco Salinas
Marco Salinas Month ago
another fan movie?
Tobie Wolfen
Tobie Wolfen Month ago
This short film was better than all of Alien: Covenant. Loved it!
Osiris Month ago
Facts !
Kitsu Month ago
It was great, I really like it.
Kitsu Month ago
This is not a teaser?. There won't be another part? Another movie ?. I like this movie, it would be nice if they did more parts. 🦊
Envy OfTheBlock
Envy OfTheBlock Month ago
akmunchkin Month ago
not the dog :(
Fred Jones
Fred Jones Month ago
Wow! That was good!
you don't know me I'm tha real Jakemakeooh 3000
She remind of off rocky movie Dolph Lundgren she look like him .
drew fava
drew fava Month ago
How is this the first time I have seen this?
circleeh Month ago
Who wants a hug? 😀😀😞😞😞
grimcity Month ago
Damn, this was excellent in every way.
bobby flynt
bobby flynt Month ago
Bruh how is the writing better in this than in Covenant
Samuel Palmer
Samuel Palmer Month ago
We need a alien anthology tv series
David Vaughn
David Vaughn Month ago
That's how you take care of an alien.
Arjyadeb Sengupta
Nice fugger
James Milligan
James Milligan Month ago
The company set the gardner up to get impregnated. The Male was in on it.
Maria Teresa Sánchez Juárez
Me gustan lastima que no se inglés pero así las estoy viendo
Eugenio Angueira
I just bumped into this. Very, very well done! I kept wondering why the dog had not been attacked by the facehugger. That was some nice twist. Oh, and Julie not only has great reflexes, she is smart! I've saved the rest of these short movies to watch them all. :)
Ms. Mellymel
Ms. Mellymel Month ago
I was thinking headphones weren’t a good choice. Lol! Live the twist w/ the dog. Great short!
KARAGOTH Shlomi Dabush
Well a doberman is the only dog breed recorded to fight off a leopard...so i guess this movie is valid
L Month ago
Amazing job! How is this not a full movie? Everything from acting to music was on point! Make more!!!!
Alibotify Month ago
Real shame about not turning on the automatic subtitles for the hard to hear-parts.
Patricia Messias
Patricia Messias 2 months ago
Voxx-Chatter_777 2 months ago
This felt like Alien. Scary and suspenseful. Nice job!
Baynbileg Chinbat
Baynbileg Chinbat 2 months ago
John Lindem
John Lindem 2 months ago
Very slow for a 10 minute video.
Quincy Campbell
Quincy Campbell 2 months ago
Spoiler - (9:24) D@mn it Billy Mays you scared the p!$$ out of me!
Jaime Silverio
Jaime Silverio 2 months ago
Like the idea of space travel as a pilot
Brochnick 2 months ago
I'm a huge fan of the franchise, especially the first two films, but this just feel like a missed opportunity. The treat of the aliens as a species seems diminished as it's dealt with by a slow witted woman & a dog. That's just my opinion but i think you should keep at it.
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams 2 months ago
Oh no poor doggo stupid egg bug what was coming
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry 2 months ago
If it weren't for Ridley Scott, we've wouldn't have this amazing short Sci-Fi masterpiece made by Kelsey Taylor.
J Zamora
J Zamora 2 months ago
Maggie was an android..Asum..i want one.
Sydney Mathuka
Sydney Mathuka 2 months ago
ditship 2 months ago
Nicely done. She didn't feel the need to further inspect the facehugger... just killed it. A rare choice in story telling.
stone age
stone age 2 months ago
Not a dumb protagonist. And the Maggie twist was good too. Great production
Ron Hatfield
Ron Hatfield 2 months ago
How are there 2.4k 👎?
Derrick Cooper
Derrick Cooper 2 months ago
Aight then
Coast Call
Coast Call 2 months ago
طة شوقي
طة شوقي 2 months ago
The strongest horror clips on my channel
jetpoweredgriffin 2 months ago
“WHAT IS THIS THING?” It’s DEAD,that’s what it is! She must have been related to Ripley.... never come between a botanist and her dog&shovel.
Hadder Yuri
Hadder Yuri 2 months ago
Good to see the woman manages something no other attacked individual ever has and knocked the Alien away from her face with human reflexes. Also, so sad that Maggie went down protecting her-guess Maggie was Programmed to protect before all else.
Leanne Parker
Leanne Parker 2 months ago
First time i've seen one get done in like that, sadly not in time for Maggie. First time also to see the efects of trying to eat one. Protector to the end!
michaelglass00 2 months ago
why would the facehugger attack a dog it knows cant be a suitable host? this doesnt happen with any other facehuggers or androids.
Baribrotzer 2 months ago
If Maggie was an android (or, technically, canoid), she DIDN'T do her job at all. Her job was to preserve the alien at all costs, sacrifice Julie as its host (and probably Dev as well, if he's not an android), and deliver a live, marketable bio-weapon to the Company. One of the grimmer facets of the "Alien" universe is that there seems to be no law at all in the colonies except maximizing corporate profits.
the Andy
the Andy 2 months ago
I think it's pretty obvious what was her job in the short narrative
Jalal Najjar
Jalal Najjar 2 months ago
I have a red doberman like Maggie and this shatters my heart, Dobermans are such amazing dogs and would put their life at risk for their hooman.
A C 2 months ago
It was an Android dog chill.
Doug C.
Doug C. 2 months ago
the speaker on the intercom is installed backwards..........WTF?
Fifury161 2 months ago
It's call set dressing - prop makers trying to make it look like a futuristic design. It can be very distracting when you recognise an everyday object repurposed in that way (like plastic pallets used for hull walls in most Sci-Fi ships - or a hairclip used as a visor a-la Star Treks Geordi La Forge. I recall amovie using one of those pop-up booklights as a weapon and saw it again used in V for Vandetta as some hacking tool - oh what the Star Wars communicator that was part of a razor) I guess watching Dr Who & Red Dwarf made me numb to seeing such props...
tommyzDad 2 months ago
I felt more of a connection with Julie than I did with _any_ of the Covenant crew.
Siderite Zackwehdex
Siderite Zackwehdex 2 months ago
Yes, finally an Alien film that doesn't kill every animal in it, like they're inconsequential!
Eric Rice
Eric Rice 2 months ago
This was better than most of the cannon movies. Kudos.
Rampaging Dog
Rampaging Dog 2 months ago
Did not expect a ten-minute micro-short film to be this tense. Ms. Kelsey Taylor, please, please, please make an Alien movie sometime in the future?
Cliff Harald Jallamekk
I still feel for Maggie even though she was just a synthetic. :c
Ryan Sebrasky
Ryan Sebrasky 2 months ago
OH I didnt get that...now the white makes sense.
Wendell Muntslag van Amzink
This is alien through and through, the sounds from which we can't see where they are coming from. Motion in the dark without seeing what caused them. The dog scrabbling around clearly fighting with something. The alarm shutting everything down. Locked in the dark with something alien. This is really the best of all the alien shorts. It has everything apart from human stupidity a lot of script writers depend on to advance their plot. I mean humans are really smart, they are not going to hold down a man that is coughing up blood while you know that something clearly has infected him. Or going run away and scream loudly making it easier of whatever is chasing you to follow. Or leave doors open when there are monsters around. I hate bad writers making characters do stupid things like land on the surface of an alien planet and then go out without the protection of a full body suite. Or lets go and explore while you have drone technology that can scan surfaces and make a holographic map of your surroundings. Oh god I hate alien covenant so much, its so stupid.
Leonidas Piledriver
Leonidas Piledriver 2 months ago
so was like the egg put in there by accident or what? Did they accidently scoop it up
Linconidas 2 months ago
Subtitles please ! a french guy ;)
David C
David C 2 months ago
Lola Montez
Lola Montez 2 months ago
Never. Kill. The. Dog.
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