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Once it was seen as the worst Alien movie, now it's seen as...just a bad one. What went wrong with the riskiest Alien movie ever made? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Alien 3.
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Alien 3 is a 1992 American science-fiction horror film directed by David Fincher and written by David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson from a story by Vincent Ward. It stars Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as Ellen Ripley and is the third film installment in the Alien franchise, preceded by Aliens (1986) and succeeded by Alien Resurrection (1997).
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Jun 12, 2019




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Gerasim Petrov
Gerasim Petrov 3 months ago
I learned about Ryan from this. Thanks, Doug!
NitriedI GaveupN
NitriedI GaveupN 4 months ago
Pitch meetings is freaking hilarious! Glad you are plugging them.
Snake Daemon Art
Snake Daemon Art 6 months ago
Anyone want to see another pitch meeting done by Doug I do
Manecki Neckbeard
Manecki Neckbeard 8 months ago
Wow, Critic. Pandering to the philatelist fetish demographic, I see. So does this mean you’re going to be reviewing the legendary 90s parody porn flick, “Philatelist Frenzy??” Please please please say yes!!
Manecki Neckbeard
Manecki Neckbeard 8 months ago
Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster What!? I hadn’t thought about that movie in over a decade, until a friend randomly brought it up in conversation yesterday! It’s like the universe is telling me something...I don’t know what that something is, but clearly my fate depends on this review being made!
GraphicGore 2 days ago
Alien 3 : I am most hated alien film Alien resurrection: hold my smart gun
Lunar Liam Productions
David Fincher: I hate Christians. Steven King: Me too, we should write a movie together. Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
Thalles Vinicius
Thalles Vinicius 3 days ago
Pete_ Sassafras-6
one thing I really do not like about the extended cut is they change it to oxen instead of a dog
Ice Reduction Through Daughter Combustion
Why does everyone always get so worked up about the prison planet not having guns and letting its inmates walk about freely? Its a prison of >50 on a mostly uninhabitable planet with no means of escape other than the occasional supply ship, the only people they can hurt is each other and no one outside of the prison would give a shit. They don't need guns or guards because the inmates have NOWHERE to go, and even if they staged a coup all it would take is for the supply ships to stop coming and they'd starve. These inmates are running a ghost shift on a refinery on some unimportant backwater planet - they are the most expendable of the expendable. They're allowed to walk around freely because the planet IS their cell.
Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter 7 days ago
2:07 critic.exe is lagging
Fire Brand 72
Fire Brand 72 7 days ago
Dog takes shorter time because dog gestation is shorter, Queen chestburster takes longer because it has more complex systems than normal aliens, No idea why it comes out full formed though
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl 9 days ago
Why not make a movie about the army able to weaponise the Aliens...fghtign against other alien races...but we see it from teh poitn of that alien race.
Amanda Braun
Amanda Braun 10 days ago
21:06 I am so loving the Hades reference here. Maybe it slipped by some people, but that's what I love about it. Man, I fucking adore Hercules. A much better film compared this one evidently. 😂
MasterGeek1234 11 days ago
Upon the third movie and onwards, I don’t consider canon.
Jacce Mains
Jacce Mains 12 days ago
The intro sketch is so effkin' funny, I don't know how many times I've watched it xD
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 13 days ago
All of the „Wind“ man scenes made me actually pretty sad
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
I thought the title was 'Alien [cubed]'
dahelmang 14 days ago
The Last Jedi of the Alien series
Power Ranger Nerd
Power Ranger Nerd 15 days ago
NC, is the audio really that low in the "mumble whisper" part, or did you just edit the audio to be quieter than it really is?
SquirrelKnight 15 days ago
A four Minute comercial break! Are you actually insane?
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt 16 days ago
My show now bitches Rob walker show
tottysk8er 18 days ago
21:06 I like the Hades reference.
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 18 days ago
The opening to this is genuinely hilarious
veryblackraven 18 days ago
Prisoner: "Until now - no temptation." Critic: "How cool it would be if Newt was there." Me: "Oh no... oh, God, no-no-no-no-no!"
Abhothra 19 days ago
10:55 So true, when I first saw this I went "Yeah so now it'll become just another slasher but with a Xenomorph" And Ripley went from hardcore badass to a "Woe is me" character which was annoying AF even the romance they set up was longwinded at best and you as the person watching it knew it didn't go anywhere since "Slasher" so why bother getting invested.
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 19 days ago
It was cool to find out that the first time a alien ripped out of that guy the actors had to idea how intense it was going to be to get the best reactions
Rory Lumley
Rory Lumley 19 days ago
That was a disapointing batman vs alien movie.
Erphas Raegil
Erphas Raegil 19 days ago
AgentX250 20 days ago
3:53 Y A L I K E J A Z Z ?
Red Meridian
Red Meridian 20 days ago
Yeah, um. I’m going to have to disagree with you.
Nicho Moor
Nicho Moor 21 day ago
Parodys are tight
Casper 21 day ago
What are Roland tembo and lanister doing in this movie?
Ryan Gettig
Ryan Gettig 22 days ago
Wasn't a Religious Cult-It was Apocalyptic Millenarian Christian Fundamentalism.:)
Kelley Bozeman
Kelley Bozeman 22 days ago
Padme: anakin what about the sand people? Anakin: I killed them all. Padme: what? Anakin: I killed them all Padme: the men Anakin: killed them all Padme: the women Anakin: I killed them all Padme: the children Anakin I killed them all
Case Southerland
Case Southerland 22 days ago
Unpopular opinion: the "Alien" franchise absolutely does not need to exist! And yes I hate "Aliens". It was booooooring! The first film is one of the few films that genuinely scared me and I love it! The only sequel I could be mildly entertained by was "Alien 3". Sorry, but not sorry.
TFmaster 96
TFmaster 96 22 days ago
considering all the whispering in this movie, I wouldn't be surprised if it took place in bumblebee land.
clancydowrca 22 days ago
Is the beginning part legal? Lol!!!!
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 23 days ago
Simple explanation for the alien birthing faster in the dog than in Ripley: Dog years.
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 23 days ago
You know what happens when a prison runs on the honor system? Australia!
jake traicoff
jake traicoff 24 days ago
thanks for making a nazi
TheBoulder 027
TheBoulder 027 24 days ago
Love the opening
Josh Monge
Josh Monge 25 days ago
Super easy barely and inconvenience
MrFooFighter13 25 days ago
This is the first one of these I've seen for a movie I genuinely think is decent. I can't watch without defending the movie every few minutes XD.
John Legue
John Legue 26 days ago
I honestly didn't think I could hate you more. ripping off someone else's vid. LOSER!
John Legue
John Legue 26 days ago
well, at least you know your own content is garbage. that you have to rip off someone else's formula. pathetic!
Matt Way
Matt Way 27 days ago
This actually got me into Screen Rants Pitch Meetings
Donovan Rooney
Donovan Rooney 28 days ago
How did you not say "well actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience!"
Jackson Rushing
Jackson Rushing 29 days ago
When writing the novelization, Alan Dean Foster wanted to have Newt survive, with Ripley's motivation being to prevent the alien from getting to her, but he was prevented from doing so. He called her death a travesty, and refused to write the novelization for the next film.
yakir chernin
yakir chernin 29 days ago
It's funny how creepy is the ad. Lol
Vic Morales
Vic Morales 29 days ago
Is it just me or is he doing the white power sign 🤔
ThePonyDalek 29 days ago
I like alien 3, introduced in film that the xeno isn't humaniod exclusive, provided the royal face hugger (deleted scene), and the prison without weapons thing is unique concept and even if there was an outbreak...not like they're going anywhere.
roxychik 06
roxychik 06 Month ago
Super easy barley an inconvenience!!!!!!!!
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson Month ago
Fox: "How can we escalate the xenomorph threat after Aliens?" Warhammer 40K: "Giant xenomorphs, humanoid infiltration xenomorphs, biomechanical weapons and ships, global reconnaissance, infestation, assault, subjugation, and absorption..." Fox: "Let's make this one a dog."
Mister McHamilton
14:33 Cracking open a cold one with the boys.
Juan Ignacio Montoya Vélez
Covenant and Prometheus are better than Alien 3.
Anthony Bardon
Anthony Bardon Month ago
Alien 4 is way better than Alien 3... Alien 4 have is own style and it was a new treatment for the Alien... Alien 3 is an unfinshed movie...
XenoMike Month ago
I absolutely love and adore Alien3 but this was hilarious lmao
Thicky Month ago
Ya see, that no no bad touch scene is one of the reasons a female surrounded by males with no way out always makes me shudder.
klimmr3021 Month ago
At least Logan had Wolverine AND XAVIER in it!
klimmr3021 Month ago
8:23 I know this takes place in the future, but can someone tell what is a friggin' Double-Y Chromosome?
Cosmic Sammy
Cosmic Sammy Month ago
What they need to do is fucking revive Newt and Hick and pretend alien 3 never fucking happened. I am still fucking pissed off about that to this fucking day.
thatfockinfella Sharp
Well, I'm getting stamps.com Your commercial was fucking uhhhmazing. Also fuck you. Covenant and Prometheus are awesome hahaha
BoringLex Month ago
I actually like this movie. It feels really desperate and tense.
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber Month ago
Don't worry wind, surely you can go start a tornado or somethings that send someone to Oz. Also, I believe the Weather Balloon.
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber Month ago
Paul McGann was in this movie. The eighth Doctor from Doctor who.
Ryan Woodward
Ryan Woodward Month ago
Wait... the AVP movies are in the same universe, just in the past... just not done all that well... but the Pred-alien and the Predator Wolf were badass. And side note, please donate to this charity guys! I have Lupus, and it’s not fun!
Ryan Woodward
Ryan Woodward Month ago
Wait... the AVP movies are in the same universe, just in the past... just not done all that well... but the Pred-alien and the Predator Wolf were badass. And side note, please donate to this charity guys! I have Lupus, and it’s not fun!
Anna Melissinos
Anna Melissinos Month ago
Alien 3 is The Last Jedi of its day just as Alien Resurrection is the Rise of Skywalker of its day
LIKEABO$$ Month ago
Alien covenant was awesome
hydro px
hydro px Month ago
did you guys make the" Pitch Meetings" by screen rant?
burningb24 burning b24
They squandered a good film that could have been a LOT better..then fucked it with No4 which was total shit.
adam check
adam check Month ago
molten lead does not glow
Rift Shredder
Rift Shredder Month ago
The Assembly Cut of this movie is way better than the Theatrical Cut
A.D.S.F Month ago
i always believed the alien inside Riply wasn't placed like usually do by face hugging, she said she was violated and she has a queen so basically a face hugger had sex with her and the queen inside her was in her womb not chest, so it took almost 2 weeks to be birthed .... your welcome, i just made the movie more scary and creepy for you
kaptan aşikar
kaptan aşikar Month ago
this video introduced screenrant's pitch meetings to me. if it wasn't for doug, I would never click on those videos.. and I'm so glad I did.
event horizon
event horizon Month ago
Alien 3 is the heart of the Alien franchise.
James Lucas
James Lucas Month ago
Copying screen rant was super easy,barely an inconvenience
Vjotkr Month ago
why are androids bleeding cummies :3
Leslie Borregard
Leslie Borregard 2 months ago
Michael Biehn?......*well he dies in everything* just wow!
Barnabas Gordon
Barnabas Gordon 2 months ago
‘Nowadays there are more female action heroes’ no, at least from the films I’ve seen, they’re Mary Sues, not mega badasses like ripley, even in this one she’s badass and I love her weirdness in resurrection because it shows the mental communication stuff you see in the comics/ books between characters like Billie and the alien queen mother, so in short, please do not compare badasses like ripley to modern day Mary Sues
H3r3TiK 2 months ago
"Get crossbowed on the toilet by a dwarf" Nostalgia critic
Miyuru Eranda
Miyuru Eranda 2 months ago
6:16 Which is lame as fnck
Péter Ring
Péter Ring 2 months ago
Actually, the novel version was kind of enjoyable.
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