Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs

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Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Jada Pinkett Smith open the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
Full winners list: bit.ly/2SnSTFG
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11 фев 2019




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Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Recording Academy / GRAMMYs 4 дня назад
Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs: goo.gl/gghnMy
oldsexy 19 часов назад
+Steve Allen Same thing about that traitor trump in collusion with Putin. When that unfit president sales the US to Russia, what you gonna say then? Learn your Russian.
xoxoxo xoxo
xoxoxo xoxo 20 часов назад
She stil the first lady for me Obama is the best. .
M Almaraz
M Almaraz 23 часа назад
+clovdy to he is home with
3finger10 День назад
Kantrice Dorsey Hell no. She’s a freaking man.
john badger
john badger День назад
She didn't steal anything but maybe a wallet
hello lyda
hello lyda 9 минут назад
The amount of weave and hair extensions that Grammy night LAWD....
Given Family
Given Family 11 минут назад
Alicia is the BEST host ever!!!! She is genuine and her smile brightens the whole room
Emma F
Emma F 13 минут назад
Michelle Obama name first in the title**
Monsoon Thapa
Monsoon Thapa 29 минут назад
I’m not a speech specialist but they ALL sounded really nervous. Their voice was breaking .. ! I know it coz it happens to me too 🤧
Anita Tamez
Anita Tamez 43 минуты назад
Michelle Obama, the best, classy, real, honest, open, once in a lifetime time First Lady we have ever had. You can always feel the love when she walks into a room!
princesscrafttube 45 минут назад
# Grammys so black
VeroSweetHobby 50 минут назад
Please please please Michelle, run for President. We all love and respect you so much!
Angelina Tan
Angelina Tan 50 минут назад
0:22 there is jk,rm,and jimin❤❤
Aly's Adventures Volgs
Aly's Adventures Volgs 52 минуты назад
I don’t watch the Grammys anymore as it’s to liberal and of the left but what is Michelle Obama doing there she isn’t in the music artist just my opinion
Ann Cannon
Ann Cannon Час назад
Ryan Bugden
Ryan Bugden Час назад
LOL! 😂 Good effort ladies; that was cute..
Melissa Workman
Melissa Workman Час назад
Absolutely True For Everyone! Helps Express Our Emotions With Whatever We May Be Going Through In Life!🙏❤️🎶
Z Z Час назад
I loveee GAGA
Nhi Arslain
Nhi Arslain Час назад
So much love and mutual respect! Sisterhood is so beautiful to watch.
Asia Palmer
Asia Palmer Час назад
It looks like jlo and Lady Gaga swapped clothes
nikkiniceness Francis
nikkiniceness Francis Час назад
I got goose bumps! The best award show ever! Powerful ladies!!! I love it! I am in awe!! Bring Alicia keys again! And again! She is so smooth! Like some good old fashioned nice cornmeal porridge(l😍
dmarkslove Час назад
“Who runs the world?” And Michelle Obama points down🤔
John Smith
John Smith Час назад
Michelle Obama is only famous because of her husband. She is such a false idol and a racist.
Karakyn Sladka
Karakyn Sladka 2 часа назад
Wow the comments about the wife of another war monger drone ordering baby killer is enough to make the outside world looking in on America vomit. What a programmed society that look up to Satanists and those that spread messages through song such as being in love with Judas and that she (Gaga) wont cry for jesus crucification etc. Idolosie away fools.
Karakyn Sladka
Karakyn Sladka 2 часа назад
Is that why Obama points down when asked who runs the world?
Nicki Queen
Nicki Queen 2 часа назад
Michelle Is the Queen 👑
Miss Gee
Miss Gee 2 часа назад
Fake azz no singing j-lo only use blacks to further your career! Gurl bye!
Jayden Franklin
Jayden Franklin 2 часа назад
M Obama made my day
Cindy B
Cindy B 2 часа назад
Michele Obama Elizabeth Warren debate would be historical
Dao Ph
Dao Ph 2 часа назад
O Michael Obama liar 🤥
D Taylor
D Taylor 2 часа назад
bts wooow
Afsana Perveen
Afsana Perveen 3 часа назад
I saw bts lol I had to
PisaCake9 3 часа назад
I promise you I came for the speech's but when I saw my babies I screamed 4:37
Taylor 3 часа назад
Pearl Hanna
Pearl Hanna 4 часа назад
Alicia Keys is adorable!
A Van der weide
A Van der weide 4 часа назад
God almighty, Big Mike Obama is towering over all of the other, real, women. How long is everybody going to pretend they're not looking at a transgender? Fine, but let's stop the lies, like "I had two miscarriages" etc.
Millie Cruz
Millie Cruz 4 часа назад
We love us some Michelle Obama
Unique Creation
Unique Creation 4 часа назад
I don't know why after watching Michelle Obama speech for the 2nd time, I almost just cried. It just makes my heart so happy as us black women are portrayed in America and around the world to be the most hated and least desirable. I love this moment, it teared me up.
Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia 4 часа назад
Michelle Obama looking more manly the older she gets..
Hambouu 58
Hambouu 58 4 часа назад
Iconic af ♥♥
utbr01 4 часа назад
THAT was Amazing!! Just hearing Michelle Obama's voice....just touched me! GOD I miss them sooo soo MUCH!!!
Hodan Isack
Hodan Isack 4 часа назад
Jennifer Lopez legend love u
Karen Hargis
Karen Hargis 5 часов назад
Dang, Michelle Obama is tall
Jerrell Ronnie
Jerrell Ronnie 5 часов назад
Michelle Obama Voice speaks for itself!!! 🤗 LOVE HER
Dionne Eckstein
Dionne Eckstein 5 часов назад
Michelle says 2 words and everyone starts screaming and crying ugh her influencr
Dionne Eckstein
Dionne Eckstein 5 часов назад
Mother monster we love u 😍😍
Aime Price
Aime Price 5 часов назад
Alicia high as f#$K
Jacquella Mack
Jacquella Mack 5 часов назад
I swear I only come to this video to see my For ever First Lady Michelle Obama....she's not even in office but they give her PROPS WELL RESPECTED...
Marco Z
Marco Z 5 часов назад
All the Garbage of the world...with Obama
MsJohann44 6 часов назад
Michelle for President
zoya baisultanоva
zoya baisultanоva 6 часов назад
У Дженнифер не самый удачный образ, лица не видно
Last name First name
Last name First name 7 часов назад
🇺🇸🇺🇸DEAR AMERICA,🇺🇸🇺🇸 Why let some monkey, wall making douche run your country when there is Michelle Obama right here.... hands down she would be amazing!!!!! ... Someone please explain???!!!!???? Thanks, from a person really concerned with your country slightly going down hill from a carrot looking man... 😂😆🙏
egbenjui julliette
egbenjui julliette 7 часов назад
I love Jlo's outfit and speech
egbenjui julliette
egbenjui julliette 7 часов назад
Wat is Alicia wearing on her hair.my God
Aerron Jarin
Aerron Jarin 7 часов назад
I want to ask a question to americans:Do you missing the time when obama was president
Queenette Udi
Queenette Udi 7 часов назад
I can listen to Michelle all day
Arnold Schuermans.
Arnold Schuermans. 8 часов назад
Let's pray GOD shows us, not only in the USA, but all over the world, what an evil person Michelle (Michael) Obama really is.
Gina Greenlee
Gina Greenlee 8 часов назад
I LOVE that she is still on her "no makeup" train. "Regla" gals need to see this. And she got her celebrity doo rag on. Love, my sistuh! Love to ya!
figgypudding 8 часов назад
Good on mish for having the balls to step up there onstage with those women.
Danny Steeler
Danny Steeler 8 часов назад
*Feminist has left The Chat*
Mr. 79
Mr. 79 9 часов назад
5:09 AJ Styles?! 🤔
Oussama Almaskine
Oussama Almaskine 9 часов назад
You can tell that jlo was nervous, Alicia and Michelle they really control the nerves
Pratibha Kanojia
Pratibha Kanojia 10 часов назад
Happiness is Little sight of BTS ❤️ between beautiful ladies and their inspiring words
GFormica1 10 часов назад
Obama is gigantic...never knew how tall she was.
littlexredradio 10 часов назад
this gave me LIFE.
Gabriel Medina
Gabriel Medina 10 часов назад
I feel like Michelle is the only one to really beat Trump.
Edgars Grazulis
Edgars Grazulis 11 часов назад
Truly inspirational speeches! Thank you, ladies, for sharing your experiences and telling how much music has been part of your lives. Of our lives :)
GWANDARU MATHENGE 11 часов назад
If u watch this and it doesn’t put a smile on u! Nothing can 😂
Lynn Wyatt
Lynn Wyatt 11 часов назад
girldairy 11 часов назад
Why all women?
Jesus Is King
Jesus Is King 11 часов назад
Look up the interview of Gaga with his mom on Oprah! He admits to being a man! Also, there is a video of Gaga in concert, he (Gaga)gets off a motorcycle, has no undies on, and flashes his Penis! I'm not repeating this anymore! Like I said, look it up yourself if you don't believe me! #Nasty #Trannie
TR3NCH 11 часов назад
"Who runs the world?" Hmm... :/
Patrick Tuohy
Patrick Tuohy 12 часов назад
What a coincidence because music told me not to listen to Caca
L G 12 часов назад
JLO out there looking like Raiden.
Kels Courses
Kels Courses 12 часов назад
At 6:38 Alicia asked “Who runs the world?” Michelle pointed down. 🤔
Deysi Ramirez
Deysi Ramirez 12 часов назад
Yes, sra. Michelle sea la próxima presidente !!!
Sebastian Iturria
Sebastian Iturria 13 часов назад
Lady Gaga is a lil Winona here.... (Love em both)
DAN VYCH 13 часов назад
I didn't know hosting the Grammys was supposed to be just bragging
sHisHtAr JuNgKoOk sNaTcHeD
sHisHtAr JuNgKoOk sNaTcHeD 13 часов назад
Dolly scares me :/
Noeline Johnson
Noeline Johnson 13 часов назад
Awesome thank you so much for sharing I ❤️ it 👍🌹❤️☘️
blue person
blue person 13 часов назад
Bts at 5:08 heheheheh
Alexandra Bain
Alexandra Bain 13 часов назад
Haters of Michelle don’t be jealous. She is a queen yet you are nothing but trash. This lady is missed
Jay Suma
Jay Suma 13 часов назад
'Musical superwoman' Alicia, did anyone get that lily reference?😏
superyousiezekiel Moss
superyousiezekiel Moss 14 часов назад
Why j lo pause for 10min after saying 'back in the Bronx' like she waiting for some cheers lol
Watergate II
Watergate II 14 часов назад
Trump will never feel that sort of love
nobody 14 часов назад
SJW city! Yeehaw, snowflake central!
Viko W
Viko W 15 часов назад
Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama..😘😘😘
Shook Queen
Shook Queen 15 часов назад
Lady Gaga could have just said that she’s a bad bitch and no one can kill her
LiveInLove 15 часов назад
*Did anyone notice:* 6:38 *Alicia Keys:* "Who Runs The World" *Michelle Obama:* Points down (referencing Satan)
GarageStudio 15 часов назад
*I can't deny,* the cringe was real during Gaga's "speech" 😥
Hodan Ahmed im18yvo GE
Hodan Ahmed im18yvo GE 15 часов назад
i love how they respect girls it was a very great speak i loved it
Hodan Ahmed im18yvo GE
Hodan Ahmed im18yvo GE 15 часов назад
Eleanor Jaya
Eleanor Jaya 16 часов назад
I honestly can’t believe how many people love Michelle Obama & why would she be at the grammy’s. Have you all forgotten what her husband Barak Obama did for America. Voted one of the worst presidents. He did absolutely nothing. The Obama’s destroyed the country & bought on so much corruption with their dear friends the evil Clinton’s. She shouldn’t be on stage she should be in a cage.
Tezar Achmad
Tezar Achmad 16 часов назад
15 times? make it 20 times
So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,
So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,
Wow what a diverse poc crowd! Feels just like 1800s during reparation days
s s
s s 16 часов назад
@ 4:10, the applause J.lo was looking forward to but didn't get.
Pinky Wishbowl
Pinky Wishbowl 17 часов назад
💥💥❤️❤️🌸⚡️🌼 🌟 ⚡️💜💜💜 🌼 🌟 ⚡️🌼 🌟🌸💙💙💥💥 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* (Just ask Him)
Turbo Nicko
Turbo Nicko 17 часов назад
Michelle theman Obama
Cool Boy
Cool Boy 17 часов назад
Alicia Keys' voice is sparkling
1984musicman 17 часов назад
Dolly should have been up there.
Elisabeth joseph
Elisabeth joseph 17 часов назад
They talking about music as if it was God, and they say Amen etc... It's not normal to glorify music like that! Jesus is coming guys... 😒
1Webbman9 18 часов назад
JLO be looking like the Wife of Raiden from Mortal Kombat 😆
leyla moqimi
leyla moqimi 18 часов назад
Isn't it irrelevant though?
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty 18 часов назад
Alicia keys reminds me of J Cole funny enough.
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