Ali Gatie - If I Fall In Love (Official Music Video with Lyrics)

Ali Gatie
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If I Fall In Love (Official Music Video with Lyrics)
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Director: Russell Majik
Official Lyrics:
It feels like magic
It feels like magic
If I....
It feels like magic
If I fall in love
With you
Then it’d be magic
And if you gave me a chance
Then I could prove
What I’ve been planning
Verse 1
Cuz your smile takes me places I’ve never been
It could travel continents
In our love I’m confident

Cuz your eyes make me see things I’ve never seen
Baby it’s just you and me
You’re part of my destiny
Yah when you talk , it’s different
The way you feel , it really makes a difference
So in love and lately I been thinking
Why are you the one that got me tripping
Baby there’s just something about you got me thinking bout you
Every time you’re r gone I wanna be around you
Tell me where you are , I’ll come and grab you
Girl I’ll never leave cuz I can’t leave without you
You my first and last choice ima always choose you
I would rather die before I lose you
Having you around is something I’m used to
If I gotta lose you now then girl I lose too
But I don’t wanna lose you it’s not an option
If you wanna talk let’s get to talking
Everything you want you know I got it
Ima love you till the end I’m never stopping
If I fall in love
With you
It’d be like magic
And if you gave me a chance
Then I could prove
What I’ve been planning
If I fall in love
With you
It’d be like magic
If you gave me a chance
Then I could prove
What I’ve been planning
I can’t lose you no, no, no
Girl I can’t lose you no, no, no
Girl I can’t lose you no, no, no
Girl I can’t lose you no, no


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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Ali Gatie
Ali Gatie Month ago
Where are you watching from ??
Hana Min
Hana Min 7 days ago
O_12 OFFICIAL 21 day ago
India , mizoram
كاظم الموسوي
🇮🇶From Iraq🇮🇶
Gabriel Luzio
Gabriel Luzio Month ago
Premchand hijam
Premchand hijam Month ago
BEEMO MO Hour ago
Parabens ao canal..musica linda
Moni ka vlog
Moni ka vlog 6 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️love your songs 😍
Dohling Paltin
Dohling Paltin 6 hours ago
When I listin to this song I feel like I'm always happy .. THANK YOU ALI GATIE🙏🙏🙏🙂🙂
Kashish Gupta
Kashish Gupta 6 hours ago
yes i fallen 🥰😍😇😇😇😋😍😍
GnarlyManga 8 hours ago
Ali Gatie speak truths 🤞
Mikayla Vang
Mikayla Vang 9 hours ago
My question is: why is this song not on apple music yet??? 🙃🙃
Winter Narkawicz
Winter Narkawicz 10 hours ago
i love this song
WeFlyOnUnicorns 11 hours ago
all his songs are literally my favorite! I can never just choose one lol.
Mahima Debbarma
Mahima Debbarma 12 hours ago
Very nice song like 9k... 👍👍
James Smith
James Smith 12 hours ago
From Northeast India 🤗🤗🤗. This is so relevant 🥰. Thank you for the beautiful Song Ali gatie.
Dewi Masyithoh
Dewi Masyithoh 13 hours ago
Could you please put this amazing song on spotify too?
Rajib 13 hours ago
This song was awesome but only 5.3 Million views it's not fear 😑
Yahya Abdi
Yahya Abdi 16 hours ago
Ali gatie is my favourite of all time he is wow,love this guy a lot
Rimu Rab
Rimu Rab 20 hours ago
Every girls dream 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Richard Huishunao
Richard Huishunao 21 hour ago
People who disliked his songs! Are you guys Okay ?
mariya meryama
Omg Ali, u didn't have to do all that to ask about my opinion 😶of course I fall in love with u too😋😄
Mix anime Studio
If only love lasted long..... if only..
Anita Darang
Anita Darang Day ago
Getting really really curious about his past love and the reason behind his painful lyrics. Guys pls
Kat Rose
Kat Rose Day ago
When’s the release on Apple Music??? Coming soon? 👀👀
Prod. Kyber
Prod. Kyber Day ago
Virgin media be playing this shit man
Shantanu Changmai
Why it isn't available on Spotify
Melody Dang
Melody Dang Day ago
i’m so sad this isn’t on apple music :(
rubigull kumari
when v r happy v enjoy the song.. but when v r sad v feel the lyrics😰😭😭😭💔💔💔
Anjana Hazarika
I love your songs💕💖❤😍
Faizah Sadiq
Faizah Sadiq 2 days ago
Falling in love sounds nice and lovely and all But being single is just SPEECHLESS
Nate Ezler
Nate Ezler 2 days ago
Autotone 100%
souad kousan
souad kousan 2 days ago
I Love Youuuu Aliii ❤️❤️❤️🌹
senor chucho
senor chucho 2 days ago
Is this going to make it to apple music?
ZAHRAA AL SAADI 3 days ago
Jaasiel Zurano Martínez
Spotify?!! This song is perfect.
jaasiel zurano martínez
Anita Darang
Anita Darang 3 days ago
what attracted me most is his lyrics omg like really how depth.
Anita Darang
Anita Darang 3 days ago
am a new fan here✋
Tasi Camacho
Tasi Camacho 3 days ago
please get this on Spotify 🥺❤️
Shaaz kim
Shaaz kim 3 days ago
man.. your songs are so calming, and awesome...keep shining♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
ahmed adel
ahmed adel 3 days ago
love you Ali gatie and I like you lf I fall in love
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez 3 days ago
Put this on apple music and Spotify
Iain Alexander
Iain Alexander 3 days ago
get this on spotify fs
Livika Kiho
Livika Kiho 3 days ago
Don't give up
Livika Kiho
Livika Kiho 3 days ago
I love you so much
Latin Rose
Latin Rose 3 days ago
From Tunisia (North Africa)... Yes, his voice is very smooth and calm... That's music to my ears! Love his music... 💗🎶
Lutagonist 3 days ago
Why ain’t this song on Spotify?
hehe 3 days ago
this needs to be hit... more then billions ❤️
Erick Solteo
Erick Solteo 3 days ago
Not avail in spotfiy :((
Emang Banneetse
Emang Banneetse 4 days ago
From Botswana 🇧🇼 I can't get enough of this sonh
sady mayline
sady mayline 4 days ago
I would rather die before I lose you , but I lost you and then lost my self💔
Maria Torres
Maria Torres 4 days ago
Ali is perfect!😻♥️
Robco 4 days ago
Great song my girlfriend loves it too
Duck head Weching
4 things u are doing right now! 1.watching utube 2.scrolling down comment section 3.thinking about ur love.. And a cute smile on ur face \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥
I Nasrullah
I Nasrullah 4 days ago
Miguel Aguilar
Miguel Aguilar 4 days ago
I’ve played this song over a million times. Amazing song!!!👍
Agita Ashya
Agita Ashya 4 days ago
Roel Shane
Roel Shane 4 days ago
You always make my day❤
Roel Shane
Roel Shane 4 days ago
Watching from Philippines♥
Patel Umaymah
Patel Umaymah 4 days ago
OMG I love this 😢😢
DIMPLE OBEROI 4 days ago
Awesome awesome, superb, mind blowing, you are my favorite one. God bless you with everything.
Agassi Khwairakpam
I love your voice brother
Faith Channel
Faith Channel 4 days ago
I love your songs they express how I feel, the words to your songs are exactly how I feel I love them so much
Zarif Syahmi
Zarif Syahmi 4 days ago
I like the intro
albert nongkynrih
Just love this song I just can't stop listening over and over again
michael cabrera
michael cabrera 5 days ago
Thought that was Russ for a minute lol 😂😂
Ziggy Jnr
Ziggy Jnr 5 days ago
He going down a legend
دهاء نسىم
Your voice is so soothing omg ❤
Sharmaine R. Clutch
am i the only one feels like his always inlove 😍
Liza Shaikh
Liza Shaikh 5 days ago
This song has whole feeling.!!🥺😘♥️💯👍🏻
Ana Siqueira
Ana Siqueira 5 days ago
Eu. Teadoro. Fofo
Lemede Geemo
Lemede Geemo 5 days ago
I'm a guy not a gay but I love this dude 😇in love with ya voice
Ahmer Balabat
Ahmer Balabat 5 days ago
this is sooooooo underrated
it's benedict
it's benedict 6 days ago
Namibia 🙌
Vĩnh Guppy USA
Vĩnh Guppy USA 6 days ago
Cant get rid of this guy's voice
Angelina 6 days ago
Neha Gurung
Neha Gurung 6 days ago
Indeed your voice is magic ♥️♥️
Sisco Chawngthu
Sisco Chawngthu 6 days ago
This is perfect
Johnrick Vinson
Johnrick Vinson 6 days ago
Spotify please
Zawlthangpui Hmar
I love you ali gatie
Itz Lizeth
Itz Lizeth 7 days ago
This needs to be on Spotify dow//
Jakob Mühlpointner
When I’m spotify?
Bianca Cmprtv
Bianca Cmprtv 7 days ago
Listening to this till I fall asleep...really relaxing
Fernando Lopis
Fernando Lopis 7 days ago
canta mt, parabens
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