Alexander Romanov Lays Out Erik Brännström With Huge Open Ice Hit

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Alexander Romanov lines up Erik Brännström at the blue line and lays him out with a huge open ice hit.

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Published on


Mar 2, 2021




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Comments 95
Matrix IsReal
Matrix IsReal 11 days ago
Beautiful hit ! This is what the game been missing
zenitchyk 27 days ago
хит как хит. ничего особенного
123slimgym Month ago
Reminds me of Scott Stevens
funnyman 007
funnyman 007 Month ago
Nah Scott Stevens was a dirty bastard that ruined Paul Kariya's career, what Romanov did wasn't a dirty elbow, it was clean
CanadaSugarDaddy Sugardaddy
That looked eerily familiar to PK’s extermination of the Rat hit
Alex Month ago
CLEANNN what a hit.
Woody10719 Month ago
How sad, that it has to be said of a clean hit that no response was given. What a crap league. If that's tom Wilson he gets suspended, what a joke.
Will Sk
Will Sk Month ago
Hes a beauty. Just sad habs will prob trade him for some french player who cant perform in a tough market. Or until Bergy tells him take it or leave it. Lol
Max Milučky
Max Milučky Month ago
wannabe rocker
wannabe rocker Month ago
Open ice hits is an artform, a forgotten artform in the no hit NHL of today.
Macville Month ago
Love that no one from Ottawa went after Romanov like usually after a big clean hit
Willie Walker
Willie Walker Month ago
Scott Stevens was the master of open ice hits, at 5'11" he wasn't tall but he was a BIG MAN on the ice ;)
anonymous Month ago
2 players 1 hit damnn
T.J. Thornton
T.J. Thornton Month ago
Clermont Chuckles
Zinetula Bilyaletdinov's grandson, another brilliant defenceman like his grandfather!!!
Beautiful, clean hit!
CLiFF AKweenda
CLiFF AKweenda Month ago
Man if there were fans, the whole arena would’ve gone nuts
Jay K
Jay K Month ago
reminds me Subban hit on Marchand
cookieman136 Month ago
Nice hit!
OScaleAmtrak Month ago
What, no fight after this hit? I feel like it's the 90's again!
D. D.
D. D. Month ago
I cant stand how they mispronounce his last name. Roh-mah-nov, not Roh-man-ov. Drives me insane
Victor Rotciv
Victor Rotciv Month ago
In Orbit
In Orbit Month ago
... what day is it ....
1 bourbon 1 scotch
Brannstrom barely seemed to notice lol.
foxjumper7 Month ago
I see a subban in you!
Asys11 Month ago
Respect to the swede that jumped straight up and continued playing like nothing happened. Thats what hockey is all about.
Jordan Baldwin
Jordan Baldwin Month ago
His name: “Romanov” The announcer: “Rum- ON-OV”
crazypants 1234
crazypants 1234 Month ago
That’s actually how he asked them to pronounce it. He says it’s RoMANov and not ROmanov.
Jason manzo
Jason manzo Month ago
What a hit.
Great hit..where is Cale Fleury ?
pagoren Month ago
Валерий Поцелуев
Очень жаль...Вечная и светлая память!!!Однозначно прекрасный комментатор!!!
R P Month ago
@Кирилл Иванов Бывает. Жаль за Юрия Розанова.
Кирилл Иванов
Валера ты перепутал пост
Thirdeye3pic Month ago
Yep beautiful hit! 10/10
Guillaume Léger
Poverty Spec
Poverty Spec Month ago
Tom Wilson got a penalty for this.
Alexandre Desrosiers
See? You can lay a good hit without touching the head. Other teams should take note.
Josh Gimple
Josh Gimple Month ago
My son Alex Romanov is elite
Desp0tic0men Month ago
Wow no fight after that? Crazy
oleg kornienko
oleg kornienko Month ago
A great power move performed by Alexander Romanov. In one move, he put two opponents on the ice.
Thomas Gerber
Thomas Gerber Month ago
Marchand got PTSD watching that play
Almost perfect 9/10. Orlov's hip check on Duchene top1 still secured.
Императрица Романова
Неплохо, молодец) Что-то наших в комментах не видно
Императрица Романова
@Верник Илья из России.
Верник Илья
А вы откуда сами?
Верник Илья
Вот и мы
The Flying Scotsman
As a Habs fan , can we put together at least 1 good sports team out of this province 😡
Lucas Month ago
Keep the umlauts coming.
Quade Vellacott
Quade Vellacott Month ago
de132 Month ago
Romanov has been so impressive. Clean and big open ice hit.
alikhan alizada
alikhan alizada Month ago
I love these kinds of hits but I love them even more when its a clean hit so nobody gets injured.
Logan Léger
Logan Léger Month ago
He'll be a fan favorite when the barns open up to civilians
Tjay Metal
Tjay Metal Month ago
Clean weak hit. Not that big. Just basic body to body open ice.
R P Month ago
Mister Sir, Your expert input has really shed light on the situation!
six side
six side Month ago
Thanks for this information, I don't know what we would've done without it..
Curtis Martin
Curtis Martin Month ago
Keep your head up homie.
Victor Guyomar
Victor Guyomar Month ago
This reminds me of Subban's hit on Marchant, I love it.
screeechbud Month ago
brannstrom just barely ducked out of the brunt of that hit. nice hit by romanov.
a alex
a alex Month ago
wow no backlash ??? it’s a miracle no one reacted knowing the NHL these days.
Drew Jenkins
Drew Jenkins Month ago
I just watched a bust bust-up another bust ....
Paul Ouellette
Paul Ouellette Month ago
My dad can beat your dad
Drew Jenkins
Drew Jenkins Month ago
@Nut I'm your father. Guess why I named you nut ....
Nut Month ago
@Drew Jenkins the leafs have won a single playoff series in my entire lifetime, the fact that leafs fans think they can even SPEAK to fans of other teams is hilarious
Drew Jenkins
Drew Jenkins Month ago
@Nitrix -_- More seasons? Sandin his played 9 more games ... and has a much higher points per game .... sooo? Goog luck with Petry winning the Norris !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Nitrix -_-
Nitrix -_- Month ago
@Drew Jenkins bruh petry is winning the Norris so I think I will enjoy his contract and the other 2 are just as good and also sandin has played more seasons then romanov so if he keeps getting points he’ll have more then sandin
Fake Name
Fake Name Month ago
Alexei Emelin throwback
Vaan Month ago
i miss those hits
yammie75 Month ago
Gorgeous hit. Nice and clean in the open ice. Love it.
i Lai
i Lai Month ago
Game recognize game, no need to start a scrum (though that wasn't THATTT hard of a hit TBH).
Marcel InShape
Marcel InShape Month ago
Emelin vibes
Edna Turnbull
Edna Turnbull Month ago
I said that soon as that happened lmao
J B Month ago
habs4life41 Month ago
Emelin vibes
Bj Coon
Bj Coon Month ago
So this is the romanov weve waited for..
Randy N
Randy N Month ago
Reminds me of Emelin ‘s great hits from back in the day
YoutubeHub Month ago
@WhiteFox Gaming Ghost oh yea i know what ur talking about, that was great
WhiteFox Gaming Ghost
Subban hit on Marchant 🤤🤤
Mel Barrios
Mel Barrios Month ago
The two-fer!!
Zeke Elliott
Zeke Elliott Month ago
jump up, play hockey Unless you have a concussion and in 20 years will forget your child’s name
AJ L Month ago
And he got right back up and kept playing 🤘🏻
Hi:) Month ago
Perfection from both sides!
Wes Month ago
No kidding! Somebody got checked hard and their wasn't a fight! Wow! "-Game on! -Yeah, game on!"
Bolo Month ago
To me the location of that hit, and that overall scene reminded of that hit by subban on marchand but the subban hit was more vicious for sure because Marchand went straight to his bench because he felt some pain.
Marchand was lucky if he is still alive
bando Month ago
Except Brannstrom isn’t hated by the whole league 😂
Jocelyn Chiasson
That was the very best moment of PK Subban in Montreal hehe
Sports Guy Talk
Sports Guy Talk Month ago
Alexei emelin who?
Habbo Month ago
Marchand definitely should have got 10
ильгиз махмутов
Почаще так делай и уверенность появится как у Емелина потом очки пойдут
Кирилл Иванов
Главное чтобы не сломанная челюсть как у Емели)))
Дмитрич Month ago
Ну что сказать ,играй не хуже Константинова, мы только за ,отличный силовой.,так держать!
yammie75 Month ago
Константинов был одним из моих любимых игроков в молодости.
Brent Kelly
Brent Kelly Month ago
you can tell right away it's a european player. proper hit. fast and clean
Asceptor Month ago
NHL 21 be like
Yomasi Month ago
This looks like a hit I would do in NHL 21 XD
KUBA Month ago
As a sens fan, good hit
Duke Storm88
Duke Storm88 Month ago
I know it’s a clean hit and all but it was a big hit so I kind of would’ve expected a little scrum to insue especially since he is one of the younger guys on the team (yes I know Romanov is younger than him)
Scarzey_ Month ago
It’s good that there wasn’t. That is a totally legal and nice hit and it’s just so annoying how everyone fights over everything now
French Montana
French Montana Month ago
wait aren't the ROMANOVs family last name one of the richest families in the world?
endo krivonosy
endo krivonosy Month ago
I think last Russian Tsar Dynasty had same surname
YOU GOT ROMANOV'd *clap clap clapclapclap*
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen Month ago
Aman Ibraev
Aman Ibraev Month ago
funnyman 007
funnyman 007 Month ago
I miss Emelin's hits but Romanov is way better than Emelin
Ry A
Ry A Month ago
*subban on marchand (same spot at bell centre)
Георгий Фёдоров
Пикей тоже может отвесить люлей!
sam93931 Month ago
PK !!
Naz Idoura
Naz Idoura Month ago
Lord Rupert Everton
Dude got Kronwalled
zaying Hui
zaying Hui Month ago
Great hit glad the goons stayed away clean hits are welcomed
07foxmulder Month ago
“Huge open ice hit” Anything to make Habs fans feel better about being Habs fans, I guess.
07foxmulder Month ago
@Yong Yea LOL
Yong Yea
Yong Yea Month ago
@07foxmulder Just stop man. It's getting cringey.
jean-francois boulanger
@07foxmulder loser
07foxmulder Month ago
@John Mactavish lol
07foxmulder Month ago
@Shane Nath Lol learn from your lazy argument? So, by your logic, for me to critique food I have to be a chef? For me to dislike a band, I have to be in a more popular band? That’s some sound logic, genius. I’ll try my hardest to learn from it lol
PeteOnFire Month ago
Was that a Subban-like back skating hit?
Arim Month ago
Sure was
Paul Month ago
Clean hit, however, Kadri should still get 3 games for this
BugSplat Month ago
@Hexproof 730 Sean Avery would like to get a piece of the pie too.
Alex E
Alex E Month ago
@Миелофон but still should be suspended
@Alex E Wilson is a gem. And now he is a scorer.
Hexproof 730
Hexproof 730 Month ago
Raffi Torres needs a few games too even though he’s been out of the league
Olivier Bergeron
@ongon68 Matt Cooke is not happy with those decisions, he wants his part from retirement!!!
HavokR505 Month ago
that was a pretty soft hit. borderline not highlight worthy. and certainly not something that would require a fight for.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Month ago
Justin Sideyou
Justin Sideyou Month ago
I miss the bell centre crowd
Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia Month ago
@Justin Sideyou do you miss paying 100$ to sit in the lower bowl? I've been there twice for road games, I dont live in Montreal.
Justin Sideyou
Justin Sideyou Month ago
@Bye Felicia do you miss paying 10$ for one?
Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia Month ago
I miss bell centre hot dogs.
Margarita Alix
Margarita Alix Month ago
0:45 vor.in.net
Parker Schultz
Parker Schultz Month ago
Internal Month ago
Glad to see him jump back up immediately. Great hit, love that nobody came in to start a scrum over a totally clean hit!
Niklas Hägg
Niklas Hägg Month ago
How its done in every league outside north america. Clean hit - > keep playing
Mariusz Czerkawski style. Quick back in play, no crying, no knock out like Modano/Lindros. True big players both. (I meant Romanov and Brannstroms ofc)
Carson Forwell
Carson Forwell Month ago
@Go LEAFS respect to see a leafs fan supporting a Canadiens play, u guys r on fire this year
Go LEAFS Month ago
Zalapski Month ago
That was a pretty mild hit.
yammie75 Month ago
No need to maim anyone.
Alex Leblanc
Alex Leblanc Month ago
Romanov slowed up a bit directly before the hit or it would have been a spicy one.
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall Month ago
That’s how it’s done! Across ice, big hit and no butt hurt retaliation!
danglez Month ago
"no butt hurt retaliation!" it triggers me so much when players flip out over 1 big hit
Jonathan Holstein
No head contact either, and no hitting the side of the player only to kill him, a surgeon's accuracy
Dejan Siljegovic
Good hit! Way to get back up and play... his own teammate did more damage on the drive by
I remember Wilson and Ovi hit each other on full speed full contact. Coach was about to get paralized.
stratsFG Month ago
Folded like a lawn chair
Ribit 34
Ribit 34 Month ago
“Jump up play hockey” , that is what it is all about
Henrik Boriths
Henrik Boriths Month ago
I mean that should be the case but 9 out of 10 times that hit would have stopped the game for some kinder garden fisticuffs.
三八弟Mr. Month ago
Or...play for Boston.
Stéphane Baribeau
Contrary to soccer (roll on the ground for 1 minute and cry) 🙂