Alex Sandro 2017 - INSANE Goals and Skills

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Jun 25, 2017




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Comments 80
colo99 3 years ago
Song: Sad Eye - In Case You Forgot
Casey Kuhrman
Casey Kuhrman 3 years ago
Please make a video on mertens or mbappe
Predator 3 years ago
Manchester M he has already done one
emanuel huoliwer
emanuel huoliwer 3 years ago
colo99. Valeu por ter feito o Do Alex Santro. melhor lateral do mundo sem dúvida tmjj mano vlu!
Arjun B
Arjun B 3 years ago
colo99. Do you have a vid on Dani Alves, if not please do one!
A A S G 3 years ago
colo99. luka modric sweet dreams
Saylax 157
Saylax 157 5 months ago
L'alex sandro di quest'anno era il miglior terzino sinistro al mondo e anche l'anno migliore della sua carriera
Alex Körner
Alex Körner Year ago
Alex 😏🔥
Nicolas Neymarquez
Chris MB
Chris MB 2 years ago
I want this man to come to Man Utd
Daniel Fortunat
Daniel Fortunat 3 years ago
Welcome to Chelsea done deal
CaYOu 2 years ago
Daniel Fortunat loooooool
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg 3 years ago
Bro these are amazing Videos!! keep it up!!
Serkan Müller
Serkan Müller 3 years ago
Come to Chelsea 💙
Hammad Mahmood
Hammad Mahmood 3 years ago
NMF HD 3 years ago
Colo99. ??
Kommentar Kanal
Kommentar Kanal 3 years ago
Do a Video about Pjaca 💪
omar 3 years ago
the goal in the pink kit wasn't from 2017
Sandro 2001
Sandro 2001 3 years ago
I think that Alex Sandro is the second left back in the world(behind Marcelo). He is very important for Juventus,but we are bored of our president which every year sell somebody very important for the team.
ilFrank 3 years ago
ashraf aladwan
ashraf aladwan 3 years ago
He will not join Chelsea. He is staying at juventus. Juventus will not sell him.
ashraf aladwan
ashraf aladwan 3 years ago
He will not join Chelsea. He is staying at juventus. Juventus will not sell him and a move to Chelsea is a step down for him.
Donald Uka
Donald Uka 3 years ago
toccatemi tutto ma non il mitico Sandro, Sandroo non se veeeendeeew
Gooner16 3 years ago
Why would he leave a team that was just played in a UCL final to go play for a bunch of plastic rent boys?
Bobby Pierre
Bobby Pierre 3 years ago
Welcome to Chelsea !!!
Soham Banerjee
Soham Banerjee 3 years ago
2:40 Well that was not from 2017
FC New England
FC New England 3 years ago
Welcome to some team in England named,"Chelsea"?
Endriu TM
Endriu TM 3 years ago
Ciao Alex...uno dei più forti terzini
Alfredo Izzo
Alfredo Izzo 3 years ago
Non possiamo e non dobbiamo perderlo!😫
Dom Casmurro
Dom Casmurro 3 years ago
Umberto Galietta
Umberto Galietta 3 years ago
Quel gufaccio maledetto di Conte... ci ha soffiato uno dei nostri pezzi pregiati. Spero che sia sostituito da un altro top player e non da De Sciglio, Darmian o Spinazzola.
Helio Lucio
Helio Lucio 3 years ago
quaresma please
achmad dzihan
achmad dzihan 3 years ago
For me, Alex Sandro is better than Marcelo for overall. He has a trait which Marcelo hasn't, an emotion in the game. I remember Juve against Monaco, He just gave smile after he provoked by Monaco's player.
boro Fuppi
boro Fuppi 3 years ago
plzz one for harry kane
FORGEDD 3 years ago
When he left Porto I felt the same you guys are feeling, he is an amazing player and it's sad to see him leaving but football it's like that nowadays, unfortunately...
fungoxD 3 years ago
Dategli 10mln al mese, ma tenetelo!
Álex 3 years ago
Goodbye, and thanks for all I´m waiting the Spinazzola video
Kağan Keskin
Kağan Keskin 3 years ago
Sean McCann
Sean McCann 3 years ago
nainggolan video
Drogba 3 years ago
Welcome to Chelsea
Alessandro Testa
Alessandro Testa 3 years ago
porco dio
TheFirstPhase 3 years ago
Mohamed Salah next please colo
EROO X 3 years ago
Damian Siniarski
Damian Siniarski 3 years ago
meh, im really sad when i think he will be in cfc soon :((
yung schafsjäger
yung schafsjäger 3 years ago
I really love your videos, everyone of them is absolutely amazing!
hikaru 3 years ago
Camisa 6 canarinho Sandro>>>>Marcelo
Giovanna Chiari
Giovanna Chiari 3 years ago
deve restare alle Juventus un elemento fondamentale per il ruolo che svolge, altrimenti siamo scoperti anche da quella parte, assolutamente No!😯
H Ozman
H Ozman 3 years ago
Juventus proving time and time again how small of a club they are. Always selling their best players. Italy needs Milan to return
Jim C.
Jim C. 3 years ago
feel so sad cuz I feel that he probably leave.
Max Wolkers
Max Wolkers 3 years ago
He great on FUT
alexandre goniashvili
sandro is staying at juve
ricky 3 years ago
Il terzino sinistro più forte del mondo per chi lo conosce. Il terzino sinistro più sottovalutato del mondo per chi non lo conosce. Alex non andare⚪️⚫️
ahmed aldhmashi
ahmed aldhmashi 3 years ago
افضل ظهير ايسر لعب مع اليوفي في السنوات العشرين الاخيره حرام يفرطو فيه ادارة اليوفي فاشلة وخونه
Augustine Glarence
Augustine Glarence 3 years ago
Hey Colo I missed that fire when the ball reaches the net. why you removed it? Anyway great video as always
Emilio Benvenuti
Emilio Benvenuti 3 years ago
Fabian 3 years ago
yannick carrasco please
Eugenio Nicora
Eugenio Nicora 3 years ago
Illegal left back. Non dobbiamo cederlo, anche perché rimpiazzarlo sarebbe complicato.
Msjewnicorns 3 years ago
Speriamo che rimanga ⚪⚫ #FinoAllaFine
se brage
se brage 3 years ago
please don't go sandro 😂
Rob Brok
Rob Brok 3 years ago
speriamo che non se ne va perché sarebbe impossibile sostituirlo a dovere attualmente
Kareem Daas
Kareem Daas 3 years ago
honestly if he goes to chelsea my love to juve will drop massively because they keep selling their stars and replacing them with notsogood players
Alessandro Iraggi
Alessandro Iraggi 3 years ago
Ismail and Younis
Ismail and Younis 3 years ago
Is he a wing back or fullback cause I am confiused?
Casey Kuhrman
Casey Kuhrman 3 years ago
Please do mertens or mbappe
CaYOu 3 years ago
Juve will never Win the CL if they Are letting their top Players all Go ... Sadly.. And i See Not Not a Potential worldclass Left back to Buy
Асет Байгаскина
dele alli
Pancho 3 years ago
bro can u tell me how u added that fire affect at 1:24?
Bolu Fakayode
Bolu Fakayode 3 years ago
Very very very good vid. All y'all Juve fans crying don't go to Chelsea and stuff but if he wants to truly come to Chelsea y'all should let him. Would be a good deal for Chelsea 😏
AshutoshVikram 3 years ago
Do a video on Mohammad Salah please, I know he wasn't in Juventus, but please?
Muhammad Amirullah
Muhammad Amirullah 3 years ago
Paulo Aaron
Paulo Aaron 3 years ago
make video Dani Alves first year at Juve pls :P and more first year
Momoh Kenji
Momoh Kenji 3 years ago
OMG we struggled a lot to get a word class LB & he is probably leaving :/
voice twice
voice twice 3 years ago
excellent work kip it up
Fadel Mosawi
Fadel Mosawi 3 years ago
One of the best left backs in the world, I hope he will stay with Juventus ⚽️. #Alex_Sandro 🇧🇷👑.
Kiril Lozeau
Kiril Lozeau 3 years ago
My favorite player
Antonio Fiore
Antonio Fiore 3 years ago
Conte merda
Little Uzi
Little Uzi 3 years ago
sa GAME01
sa GAME01 3 years ago
1:38 , si è driblato un certo messi (dio del calcio)
emanuel huoliwer
emanuel huoliwer 3 years ago
Alex Santro melhor lateral do mundo Sem Dúvida
Youssef Hijazi
Youssef Hijazi 3 years ago
Make vids of players in the news like Salah, Kane, Ronaldo, Alves, etc..
Youssef Hijazi
Youssef Hijazi 3 years ago
All he did was foul Real Madrid when the tried to counter attack. Good player but against big clubs the only good thing about him is his pace
RobinTheRubeFan 3 years ago
Youssef Hijazi that's what real did too. And he's not to be blamed for the loss, midfield should be blamed.
TheScientist 3 years ago
He has to stay, it's impossible replace him!
zoel9 3 years ago
TheScientist impossibruuu
Rafa AG
Rafa AG 3 years ago
Colo99 David alaba, please !!!
Giorgiao 3 years ago
Deve rimanere
Longo 3 years ago
Alex my fav
Даниел. В
Даниел. В 3 years ago
Matt Destroyer
Matt Destroyer 3 years ago
Colo, i hope the next will be Cuadrado 😉👍 Great job like all videos Colo! 👏👏
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