Alex Sandro ● Welcome to Manchester United ● Defensive/Dribbling Skills, Passes & Goals 🇧🇷🔥

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Comments 29
SVMM Year ago
Is that a good move for Alex Sandro? Comment below 👇 Show me some respect and leave a LIKE/COMMENT!
JostineKyok14 Year ago
Samuel A maybe staying is better for him cus mourinho is not the DT for him. He's going to ruin his carrer look with martial that he didn't go to the world cup, blame mourinho for that.
Samuel A
Samuel A Year ago
Alter Gant - Spastic madridiot Where should he go then you fuck? Every club loses to a bad side sometimes, city lost to wigan, barka dogs lost to levante, madrid lost to las palmas, arsenal lost to forest, but that does not mean they’re shit, fuck off!
JostineKyok14 Year ago
Nice setup
Nice setup Year ago
Why would he want to go to a club who lost to the 7th la liga team?
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor Year ago
United just signed that rb and and goin for Sandro any more
jakub Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-i3QXkvy4kS4.html check this man utd fans
joao adolfo
joao adolfo Year ago
Its a Very good Channel !!!
Edo Tensin
Edo Tensin Year ago
Arsene wenger pleasee...
Shola Coker
Shola Coker Year ago
He got exposed by Tottenham in pre season, he may get exposed in the premier league
Bogdan Bucifal cara beton
Did he signed?
The Bizness
The Bizness Year ago
He goes past the halfway line so why does Jose want him?
Andrés Benavidez
for me is the second best left back in the world and in his country, over filipe luis. What a shame we wont see him in the world cup.
Hanif Kamaly
Hanif Kamaly Year ago
Karma I10I I'm not a melon my gender is a pumpkin. So I'd like to be refered as pumpkin.
Karma I10I
Karma I10I Year ago
Hanif Kamaly fuck off you melonn
Karma I10I
Karma I10I Year ago
shit then read it all wrong 😂
Hanif Kamaly
Hanif Kamaly Year ago
Karma I10I thats what he is trying to say you melon. He said Alex is the second best and is over Felipe and marcelo first
Karma I10I
Karma I10I Year ago
Andrés Benavidez nope it goes felip luis 3 Alex 2 Marcelo 1 simple as that
Black lightning
After watching young in the fa cup final I'm glad that we are signing a defender if it actually happends.
MatriiX Year ago
Best left back in the world , he has everything , height , strength ,speed, passing/crossing , dribling/skill moves , defending and not a bad shot
Bob Terry
Bob Terry Year ago
Not hating but juve haven’t trusted him at left back in big games this season and he might get exposed defensively in the premier league
Mert Ergün
Mert Ergün Year ago
Impossible to transfer ManU. Juve playing Champions League. That guy not for Sale xd
Mahfudz R
Mahfudz R Year ago
Juve won't let him go
Jonathan Oakes
I don't understand why he didn't get called up to Brazil national team for upcoming world cup
Dhafa Kurnia
Dhafa Kurnia Year ago
Jonathan Oakes because fillipe and marcelo still the best i think
Jeferson Herrarte
Wonderful player just hope he fits in well with the squd
SVMM Year ago
Thayson André
Brasileiros dêem like no meu comentário 😁
Gabry !!!!
Gabry !!!! Year ago
Other video De vrij or asamoah or cuccurella?
l'élevage de samy
Mois je dis qui va signer au psg
Op Asihene
Op Asihene Year ago
I am United fan myself and don’t let him ruin his career here Id keep him at Juve lmao
Blackzz-. Year ago
No UTD fan
Lewis Wardman
Lewis Wardman Year ago
Hezuss no Utd fan
Manchester is Red Best
Hezuss Why???
Igor Oliveira
Igor Oliveira Year ago
Só de pensar que não vai eatar na copa esse ano...
Igor Oliveira
Igor Oliveira Year ago
Thiago Kleinubing Tite convocou Marcelo e Felipe Luis
Thiago Kleinubing
Igor Oliveira pq?
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith Year ago
Ashley young next ?
Edvin Falck
Edvin Falck Year ago
Super sub
Rodrigo Franco
new video kurzawa
Cauã Uender
Cauã Uender Year ago
Melhor que Filipe Luís
Thayson André
Cauã Uender devia ter ido pra copa
서경덕 Year ago
much better than pigshaw
iF7 Productions
Show! Brother
Topher JR
Topher JR Year ago
His career is over😂😂😂👋
Manuel S.
Manuel S. Year ago
If he wants a downgrade in internatonal football he can go to man u
Samuel A
Samuel A Year ago
Why is his career over you fucking spastic, he came to one of the biggest club in the world and certainly the biggest club in England, fuck outta here you NONCE!
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith Year ago
your picture has a dog filter fam dont chat to me
Sebastian Fraga
Christophe Dorcy your parents are brother and sister aren’t they?
Maikel V
Maikel V Year ago
Christophe Dorcy Aids bruh
Brody Herik
Brody Herik Year ago
Yes good move
SVMM Year ago
Justin Year ago
Der wechselt doch nicht mal?
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