alex russo being a RELATABLE QUEEN

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Feb 23, 2020




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Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth 19 hours ago
Legit this show is the cheesy show looking back but Selena played the role so well that it’s so amazingly funny cause growing up if y’all come tell me you don’t relate to Alex u are a liar
Esmeralda Monzalvo
minty you are so rite
Dan shiba
Dan shiba 2 days ago
1:59 this awoke childhood PTSD i forgot i had
Liel Rigai
Liel Rigai 2 days ago
1:15 her laugh omg
maryam mure
maryam mure 3 days ago
Haha no I don't run. As she puts on her shades and walks away so gracefully. I love that scene at 46sec. She's so funny. Little miss diva.
maryam mure
maryam mure 3 days ago
She was the reason to watch the show. She's so funny. And that laugh omg. Love her.
Myleah Miles
Myleah Miles 3 days ago
We all need a Harper letsss be reall
saswati bhattacharjee
6:44 Awesome
Elihu Gonzalez
Elihu Gonzalez 3 days ago
2:27 - 2:35 😄😄
Anonymous Draws!
Anonymous Draws! 4 days ago
“Uh, no. I don’t run✨💃🏻” haha love her
Cate Lisa
Cate Lisa 4 days ago
Is that China Anne McClain?
Coastalwaves360 5 days ago
I’m like a mixture of Alex and Justin. My sister is Max
Basika Waj
Basika Waj 7 days ago
Naina Agrawal
Naina Agrawal 8 days ago
Alex Russo isn't a name it's an iconic emotion
Stephen McClellan
And Pheobe, Joey and Rachel rolled into one
Carla Moro
Carla Moro 8 days ago
She acted really similar to Jennifer aniston on friends
Emilee Jones
Emilee Jones 8 days ago
Anyone else notice the crazy 10 minute sale sign from the first episode 1:24
Sarah Vollmer
Sarah Vollmer 9 days ago
"We have one of those in the wizard world! It's called ALEX" Alex: *waves* Truly an icon.
Ángeles 9 days ago
No one will ever be as relatable as Alex Russo and no one can tell me otherwise😁
Melissa løves Josh
i'm still bitter that i got into this show after it ended
Kronyum Smoke
Kronyum Smoke 9 days ago
2:27 2:32
Nalina Johnson
Nalina Johnson 10 days ago
Not her being completely unbothered by Harper driving
Kronyum Smoke
Kronyum Smoke 10 days ago
6:19 6:30
Patricia Rego
Patricia Rego 10 days ago
I will be honest...i was alex and im still most of alex xD
Jeylakey Breezy
Jeylakey Breezy 10 days ago
She is my bitch😂😂😂😂
S. H
S. H 11 days ago
Everything she has ever said is iconic, I don’t make the rules 🤷🏻‍♀️😌
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 11 days ago
Alex was literally me as a kid
Coco_Butter 13 days ago
Awwwww look at China
Jaming Rythm
Jaming Rythm 13 days ago
Why is every character that's the most sarcastic or snarky in a show coined relatable. Just wondering lol, cause it happens a lot and I definitely don't relate to having a sarcastic personality. Although I do love Alex's personality and they gave her a lot of funny lines.
vyn.lieben 14 days ago
I shaped my whole personality on this character
Lex Luther
Lex Luther 14 days ago
2:38 best part
alana terrel
alana terrel 15 days ago
Oh yes china was in WOWP
lovely dreams
lovely dreams 17 days ago
Gemini energy
taeyecnx 14 days ago
DeathandCookies 18 days ago
Who doesnt have a crush on justin
DeathandCookies 18 days ago
Justin screams Ross. Max screams Joey. Alex screams Rachel. The friend (I forgot her name) screams Phoebe.
Somapriya Das
Somapriya Das 19 days ago
They missed hang I need to throw myself off the stage
Elise McGann
Elise McGann 19 days ago
she has jennifer anniston in friends energy
Charlene Yu
Charlene Yu 24 days ago
petition for selena to start acting again
KOOLIE 24 days ago
Alex: “I Dont Run” Literally next clip: **runs** 😂😂😂 she will always be iconic to me and my childhood
Safira Latiana
Safira Latiana 27 days ago
Shes literally my spirit animal
Brooklyn 27 days ago
Let’s be honest anything that came after this era of Disney was 🗑
Joseph Nieves
Joseph Nieves 19 days ago
In my opinion, Disney turned into 🗑 after 2018
Apoorva Singh
Apoorva Singh 27 days ago
Selena 🥺🥺😍💛
Neele schwarzer
Neele schwarzer 28 days ago
Megha Sinha
Megha Sinha 28 days ago
Her laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣
Janita James
Janita James Month ago
Alex Russo is who i aspire to be
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
I’ve watched this series three times now! Thank you DSTV :)
King CC
King CC Month ago
I would love to see Selena continue her acting career, she could’ve been an A list actress.
Josh DeGroot
Josh DeGroot Month ago
I wish Alex Russo was my sister instead of the one I got
Yan Arie
Yan Arie Month ago
anyone know where to download this series.........
Daniel Bridge
Daniel Bridge Month ago
Alex is such a vibeeee
Bamo Month ago
Her character would be perfect on friends!
Iza Edits
Iza Edits Month ago
Alex: no, I don’t run- Next clip... Alex: runs
ILoveCookie Month ago
"Oh, I thought Alex was just being uncharacteristically generous" Alex is me🤣🤣
chile anyways so
Alex and max will always be my favorite charectors
Net Hawker
Net Hawker Month ago
I was 100% Justin before watching this show but now I am Alex bad at studies funny and popular . And bit of Max (gross)
Roma Lochan
Roma Lochan Month ago
I love when she breaks the cup😂😂
CAM Month ago
Back when Disney had good shows
Hümeyra Özcan
Hümeyra Özcan Month ago
I don’t run Me In Gym Class lol🤣🤣🤣
Aaliyah Patel
Aaliyah Patel Month ago
Is that Lucy Hale at 6:03?!
Helena Steffens
Helena Steffens Month ago
Aaliyah Patel yessss
Savannah Saenz
Savannah Saenz Month ago
Wow how could the gay Justin Bieber ever leave her for trash she’s so perfect in everyway
Aichi Toshiki
Aichi Toshiki Month ago
Selena's acting was impeccable. I do love her music, but her acting was incredible. She has the talent.
Ayesha Qamar
Ayesha Qamar Month ago
My fellow Slytherin ❤️
Ayesha Qamar
Ayesha Qamar Month ago
It's funny how Selena is Alex IRL 😂
Tiana Grey
Tiana Grey Month ago
7:22 This part sent me! 😭😭😭 "Eughhh, I found him attractive? Ugh."
Doreen Wanjiru
Doreen Wanjiru Month ago
In the wizard of waverly place Alex is a bad ass girl but in real life selena gomez is a kind hearted woman. I like when she acting than when she singing and just so dam cute 😍😍😍
Candid Month ago
I love her character! I love the cast!
Anusha Dubey
Anusha Dubey Month ago
Anusha Dubey
Anusha Dubey 19 days ago
@Shanice Williams Yes.... Well indeed I am
Shanice Williams
Shanice Williams 20 days ago
Wow you’re young if you don’t know who China Anne McClain is
Black Pink Luv
Black Pink Luv Month ago
There will never be another show like this
CS - 05AG 921827 Arnott Charlton PS
Selena being a lovable Slytherin
Crazy Sheep Lady
Anna Paulina Silveira
Alex Russo is not a character, she is a RELIGION!
Jae Redbird
Jae Redbird Month ago
im not gonna like you until you leave 😂
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose Month ago
"Oh, I don't run" *Same*
I’m dat weeb yoongi stan
1:15 her laugh here is amazing😂
A murder
A murder Month ago
1:04 is such a mood
Simply Chary
Simply Chary Month ago
Alex gives me Damon Salvatore humor
Brent oesterle
Brent oesterle Month ago
I've was be a Mason what's he's go to asleep or oringal simply to be would he liked just do now
Chima Amanambu
Chima Amanambu Month ago
Alex: Hey, lady! Why would you do that to our car!?
Jasmine Lepelaar
"I'm ready for my punishment, daddy"
Hannah Marin
Hannah Marin Month ago
I never know that Lucy hale was on the show she is the girl that Justin kissed
i’m ugly • 69 years ago
Yeah and people mistaken her and selena cuz they look very similar. Off topic from ur comment but justin and lucy hale used to date and have a picture of them kissing but it was on their side profile (not on the show), and then there’s people who spread rumors that selena and david date lmao.
kim yeba's alalay
i have watched this in Disney when I was young, bought CDs of all of the seasons of wowp when I was high-school and now I have graduated already from college but watching it again in Netflix lol
Ariel Fonseca
Ariel Fonseca Month ago
Alex gives me scorpio vibes lol
123cora123 Month ago
She reminds me of Rachel from friends a little bit
Saumya Jhaveri
Saumya Jhaveri Month ago
Alex russo reminds me of damon Salvatore in some ways
Meme Dream _
Meme Dream _ Month ago
As a kid I hated Justin, after rewatching it I'm just 😍 my boy, when you're 17 crushing on characters from your childhood 😂🤣
Britani Powell
Britani Powell Month ago
I always loved Alex's character and Max was my imaginary boyfriend😌😌
Li Ming Yu
Li Ming Yu Month ago
4:34 🐈‍⬛ 0NLY MEN FOR FREEE 🐈‍⬛ itsmonaco.github.io/monaco5exchat/y8b/ សូមនិយាយដោយស្មោះត្រង់យើងទាំងអស់គ្នាចង់ក្លាយជាខណៈពេលដែលឪ
kadicha madakimova
kadicha madakimova 2 months ago
OMG I have so much nostalgia
Angel K
Angel K 2 months ago
I am alex.
Rhy Rocks
Rhy Rocks 2 months ago
*ice cream* BP and Selena collab is after one day!!!!
Raagniya 2 months ago
0:48 - is that a Naruto RUN I see?!
Ιzzу Єм
Ιzzу Єм 2 months ago
You see, THIS is being a savage, an icon, a legend, a hbic, etc❤️ Alex Russo does it perfectly. She’s not a bitch to others like Santana Lopez, Brittany S Pierce, Jade West, Sam Puckett, etc. Alex’s the best
블리블링 2 months ago
I’m sure that Alex is acting Selena
Stephanie Ratt
Stephanie Ratt 2 months ago
Lol, omg, this shows I haven't watched all the episodes of wizards of Waverly place!!
Kate Grant
Kate Grant 2 months ago
Wow Selena is so great actress
Mya Morales
Mya Morales 2 months ago
I’m a combination of Justin and her
Shania Adams
Shania Adams 2 months ago
Hahaha i owe my sassiness to her🙂
Reese Pieces
Reese Pieces 2 months ago
4:32 - 4:36, 7:46 - 7:50, 8:08 - 8:16 LOL
ssgg617 2 months ago
1:14 she sounded like Cristina Yang from Greys anatomy
Plat NRG
Plat NRG 2 months ago
I went from icarly to victorious the to this. I’m just exploring my childhood
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