Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Alessia Cara to attempt as many impressions of random singers as she can, like Ariana Grande and Cardi B, while singing Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy."
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Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions




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Comments 80
Bryan Stiener
Bryan Stiener 47 minutes ago
sooooo, late night talk shows have all shit the bed, eh? there was a time when they ruled the late night. ah well, nothing stays the same.
Priscilla Roach
Priscilla Roach 2 hours ago
shes so stinking cute!
Armeen Malhi
Armeen Malhi 6 hours ago
wtf she actually sounded like ari on the last line when she said might seduce your dad type
Shumaila Sasmith
Shumaila Sasmith 14 hours ago
Didi she really say that bad guy is one of the hardest song...... girl that song is really just 2 notes.
Nx arb
Nx arb 18 hours ago
La amo. I love her.
nethumlee OMG
nethumlee OMG 22 hours ago
Infinte4 Evapropack
Infinte4 Evapropack 23 hours ago
I got her mixed up with alecia keys shes so pretty 😍
Anky Day ago
Alexi Dinampo
Yow she's cool
ROQIEA ISMAEL 2 days ago
The ariana impression was sooo good why isn’t anyone talking about it
Robin Yumnam
Robin Yumnam 2 days ago
Rehearsed like 1000 times. Good acting though.
Peppa pig
Peppa pig 2 days ago
Gaud she's talented
Philza 2 days ago
2:02 Oh my f*cking god,close your eyes and listen to this you'll seriously think this is ariana singing
mrs voice
mrs voice 2 days ago
I love her soooo much😍😍😍
ashutosh Yadav
ashutosh Yadav 2 days ago
Oooo.. she is awesomee.....🤟😊😊🖤🖤🖤🖤
Matt Harlan
Matt Harlan 3 days ago
I can't tell by the comments but even scripted this is so impressive
Mystique Queen
Mystique Queen 3 days ago
Her personality reminds me of a mix between demi Lovato and camilla cabello
Intal Army
Intal Army 3 days ago
MeeksPerson -
MeeksPerson - 3 days ago
The Lorde one was on pointtt
Friends Don't Lie
The ariana impression was lit.
Linda Rrapi
Linda Rrapi 3 days ago
This is soooo weird .I hate how u fake everything
Serene Sweet
Serene Sweet 4 days ago
She low-key looks like demi lavato
vishnu sekhar
vishnu sekhar 4 days ago
She's so cute, she makes my heart melt 🥰🥰
corie_raktan 4 days ago
She nailed it
Alexia Owen
Alexia Owen 5 days ago
Jalynn* 5 days ago
Bruh the Cardi B oneeee ooohhh shiiittttt
Nazar Sadrazam
Nazar Sadrazam 5 days ago
Disgusting 👎
Cool Boy
Cool Boy 5 days ago
That was so cool
NS - 07PA - Balmoral Drive Sr PS (1403)
Did anyone hear her say " just always a puffed guy " twice
DayDreamlav 5 days ago
For some reason she looks like Demi Lovato when she sings
Edgar el compa
Edgar el compa 6 days ago
wasn't cristiano ronaldo on this too?
Robyn Robinson
Robyn Robinson 6 days ago
This looks practiced
Aiza Khan
Aiza Khan 6 days ago
Xxx why_do_u_care_ ?Xxx
Why does she look like nikki minaj to me😂
Xxx why_do_u_care_ ?Xxx
I luv this girl she's so underrated😍😢😢😳😎
Natallia e•J•k
2:03 Was the best.
Parris Lepinsky
Parris Lepinsky 6 days ago
Do you think she should collaborate with Halsey?
Reagan Chukwu
Reagan Chukwu 7 days ago
dude she ligit killed it
K C 7 days ago
why bad guy
Ria Ping
Ria Ping 7 days ago
Her impressions are spot on!!
lA B
lA B 7 days ago
She’s talented
Sangeeth shaji
Sangeeth shaji 7 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-QHsciuV6iv0.html fl studio remake and tutorial
Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy
oh my gosh she is so talented!!!
Menime Em
Menime Em 7 days ago
*she's the best and real* ♥♥♥
nikhilaa nikhilaa
Oh she impressed me
Karina Valles
Karina Valles 8 days ago
I love alessia
Zari G
Zari G 8 days ago
Am I the only person who thinks she looks and sounds like Demi Lovato
Nilusha Nilusha
Nilusha Nilusha 8 days ago
She did 2 mistakes 1. Chest always so puffed guy Chest always so puffed guy ME:what
Katelyn The Banditø
she has an alright voice but her impressions are pretty good. can stand to watch her sing though. her billie impression sucked tho.
Anaiylah Baukman
Anaiylah Baukman 9 days ago
The Billie Ilish part was perfect tho !!
Vijay Durga Raju
Vijay Durga Raju 9 days ago
this is a good skit but fallon ruined it
Sengul Kumecal
Sengul Kumecal 9 days ago
Air and cardi
1000 subscribers before  april 29
Billie: duh Justin:i'm the one yeah Blackpink:du du du du Ariana:yuh Selena:mmmm mmmm mmmm Cardi B: Okrr Shawan: ohh la la la Hotel: Trivago
Andrea Villarreal
and billie eilish is like, COPYRIGHT
M K 9 days ago
2:06 - It was actually "make your girlfriend mad type". She said "might seduce your dad type" twice Overall, the impressions were amazing!!
Arifa sunny
Arifa sunny 9 days ago
She's amazing
Stella Wittkowsky
Stella Wittkowsky 10 days ago
Blip Wits Trivia
Blip Wits Trivia 10 days ago
Jimmy loves this song... he used it in almost every episode last year!
Anju Anju
Anju Anju 10 days ago
Tiktok Compilations
My favorite when she did Cardi B she sounded kinda like it
David Coronado
David Coronado 11 days ago
Amazing voice Alyssa
David Coronado
David Coronado 11 days ago
_BillieEillish_ 11 days ago
Came cuz I saw Bad guy, was not sure what to expect but she’s good 🤣
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this in 2020 This performance is beautiful 1:57 ❣ 👇👇👇👇🔥
Mariam Gaibi
Mariam Gaibi 11 days ago
she is so good
Titan 11 days ago
Pranav Sachan
Pranav Sachan 11 days ago
0:47 your welcome
i h8te tOmAtoeS
i h8te tOmAtoeS 11 days ago
she looks like Mackenzie Ziegler, they're both so pretty.
ツн¡หคтค cнคห
Navya sharma
Navya sharma 12 days ago
2:00 she missed the " just can't get enough guy" GAWD!!!
Pujan Shrestha
Pujan Shrestha 12 days ago
Nailed it..wow 💕
Digital india
Digital india 13 days ago
Ariana's part was osmm
SWIM cookie
SWIM cookie 13 days ago
she got so into it, forgot the lyrics, smiled and kept going - i felt that
Madison King
Madison King 13 days ago
*plot twist: no one was there because of the coronavirus*
Madison King
Madison King 11 days ago
I know this wasn’t published when the corona virus was in the us.
MaLOL :D 13 days ago
A song 👍
Johny Blitz
Johny Blitz 14 days ago
I like her teeth a lot
wolve girl
wolve girl 14 days ago
The best one that sounded like them was Billie lol
layla turk
layla turk 14 days ago
She sings like all looks like Zendaya kind of sounds like Vannesa Hudgens
Sude 14 days ago
She is So sweett omg i cannt
Freedom Seekers
Freedom Seekers 14 days ago
wow she is massively talented
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