Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions (One Song, Many Artists)

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Jimmy challenges Alessia Cara to attempt as many impressions of random singers as she can, like Ariana Grande and Cardi B, while singing Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy."
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Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions


Published on


Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 80
Lozzawayne Day ago
Vocal imitation is one of the most difficult skills to master and truly takes a vocal talent to be able to do it. Alessia = TALENT!!!!
Cheryl Topaz
Cheryl Topaz 2 days ago
Why do I think she kinda sounded like Halsey um
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls 2 days ago
She said “might seduce your dad type” and “ best always so puffed guy” twice but this was still awesome
Doodle Bug
Doodle Bug 3 days ago
All Of Them Sound The Same...
CookiEs and CreAm !
Dhanush SR
Dhanush SR 5 days ago
Brilliant ...internet well spent
Menna Tamer
Menna Tamer 7 days ago
Anyone else thinks she sort of looks like zendaya?
Aya Issa
Aya Issa 7 days ago
killed it
Brinda Latai
Brinda Latai 7 days ago
Wow the Arianna Grande was on point
Dhanashree Shirsat
WTF. She did it perfectly 😵 Amazing.
Jack Gross
Jack Gross 8 days ago
Billie: Duh Ariana: Yuh Me: Bruh
Thahaani Hashir
Thahaani Hashir 8 days ago
Whether rehearsed or not, she did show her inner talent out. TBH, *SHE KILLED IT!*
Adwaith Roshan
Adwaith Roshan 9 days ago
i was just low-key singing her version of "how far i'll go" from moana and a minute later as soon as i opened youtube, saw this video first on recommendations. *wtf google*
Adwaith Roshan
Adwaith Roshan 7 days ago
@Eliza S okay einstien that's why i clearly mentioned "alessia cara's version of how far i'll go". dude you gotta chill
Eliza S
Eliza S 7 days ago
@Adwaith Roshan yeah yeah okay. Fyi, How Far I'll Go isn't really Alessia's song. She just sings it
Adwaith Roshan
Adwaith Roshan 7 days ago
@Eliza S our phones are always listening to us, but not just as seriously as i mentioned earlier as far as i know. i sang a song of alessia cara and the next moment i'm seeing her videos on youtube. that's kinda crazy since i'm not the first guy who's experienced this.
Eliza S
Eliza S 7 days ago
@Adwaith Roshan What were you tryna say before???
Adwaith Roshan
Adwaith Roshan 7 days ago
@Eliza S * *facepalm* * 🤦🏻‍♂️
The Philosopher
The Philosopher 9 days ago
That Billie impression was perfect, tho.
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez 9 days ago
That thumbnail looked like Zendaya for a second
BlushGush 10 days ago
More than her voice impression it’s her body language and hand gestures that really make it
Jaumaya Gurung
Jaumaya Gurung 10 days ago
Billie needs to see this
Caleb Akai
Caleb Akai 10 days ago
Alessia Cara is underrated...?
Renthlei Jr
Renthlei Jr 10 days ago
"Wow" is the only that comes to my mind
Clara Nantz
Clara Nantz 10 days ago
Is it just me or.. did my blood in my back get cold when she did Ariana grande...?
Jewel Tabitha15
Jewel Tabitha15 10 days ago
her voice doesn't sound real.. IS SO GOOOOD
Rubab Bajwa
Rubab Bajwa 11 days ago
Nicki minaj, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, CARDI B IMPRESSIONS, were the best oh gawd I'm addicted lol
Aastha Bhandari
Aastha Bhandari 11 days ago
Dude this girl is amazing
Becca Rooney
Becca Rooney 12 days ago
When I watch Jimmy it try not to laugh for me
Momina Mansoor Ali
Momina Mansoor Ali 12 days ago
Talented when she came on shakira🔥🔥
Leah Ross (STUDENT)
She is sooo beautiful
My Goodlife
My Goodlife 12 days ago
Her smile 😊 love so natural beautiful
Sanaz Baghaee
Sanaz Baghaee 13 days ago
Jaya Pandey
Jaya Pandey 16 days ago
Will he let her speak?
Positive Energy
Positive Energy 16 days ago
Zendeya ?? Anyone?
조렬분 16 days ago
와 잘한다
Suzie Ménard
Suzie Ménard 16 days ago
The Shakira:😳😳😳😳😯😯😯
Ange 16 days ago
Mohammad Ershadi
Mohammad Ershadi 16 days ago
That was awesome 😳😳😳
#Otakulord 16 days ago
Loveta G
Loveta G 17 days ago
Niharika Haari
Niharika Haari 17 days ago
Did anyone else notice that she kinda looked like Zendaya in the thumbnail....
Obama Barack
Obama Barack 18 days ago
Billie: Duh Me: Yuh mythicZR:bruh me:bruh
Jules S
Jules S 19 days ago
They all sound the same
Preethika Jaganathan
her smile's like demi lovato's ❤️
Kaylee Chin
Kaylee Chin 20 days ago
I love the Ariana impression. That was amazing!
cindy r
cindy r 20 days ago
she deadass sounds the same
Olivia Petrolito
Olivia Petrolito 20 days ago
alessia cara i'm amazed
Claudia isabel Gutierrez
My favorite part was the Shakira one
Janu 20 days ago
Damn that was amazing
LINCER PREP 21 day ago
When I saw the thumbnail I thought she is zendaya . Spare me
Giuliana sosa
Giuliana sosa 22 days ago
Bansri patel
Bansri patel 22 days ago
Pure TALENT!!❤️
Monkeyas World
Monkeyas World 23 days ago
She looks like Mackenzie Ziegler
Banana World
Banana World 23 days ago
Sad fact: Cardi b’s brother ra*ed an 11 year old and she has also done crimes her self
MD Hakeem
MD Hakeem 23 days ago
Is she supposed to make a singing impression? Cuz I think the only thing that was changing is her body movements Don’t get me wrong she’s so freaking talented but come on this time it wasn’t even good
Gena Waugh
Gena Waugh 23 days ago
Isobel Walker
Isobel Walker 23 days ago
the actual song starts at 1:15 thank me later
safiyyah islam
safiyyah islam 24 days ago
Yes the artists are great but the BAND!
Leah Lesiuk
Leah Lesiuk 24 days ago
She did a pretty good job, but *nobody* does Ariana like Ariana. It had to be said.
Jeevika Malhotra
Jeevika Malhotra 24 days ago
jumah alhamadi
jumah alhamadi 24 days ago
Zainab Sultani
Zainab Sultani 25 days ago
That was soo good!
grace w
grace w 25 days ago
wait but can we just take a moment to appreciate the band's talent like wow i--
deadly kiss
deadly kiss 25 days ago
I like how ariana has her own different style😍😍😍😍😍😍
Taylor Clayton
Taylor Clayton 25 days ago
Who’s watching this in quarantine
Poppy Clark
Poppy Clark 25 days ago
I dont like the fact that she changed the lyrics
idk man
idk man 25 days ago
i don't understand how can she be so underrated like i-
Irrelevant Rat
Irrelevant Rat 25 days ago
All kind of sounds the same
Grace Cate
Grace Cate 26 days ago
That Ariana impression thooooo
Olivia Lepage
Olivia Lepage 26 days ago
She is so good
suman verma
suman verma 26 days ago
She is just so adorable
Heromine 6
Heromine 6 26 days ago
1:17 thank me later
Swarangi Andhare
Swarangi Andhare 27 days ago
I love her so much, she is fantastic
Danielle Dixon
Danielle Dixon 27 days ago
The cardi impression...she killed it! p.s. who else thinks she could be Demi's daughter!?!?
Sharon Ho
Sharon Ho 28 days ago
If you closed your eyes while she was singing, you would actually think it was the real singer lol
Zero Two But With More Swag
who else thought the thumbnail was zendaya?
Sara Radosevic
Sara Radosevic 28 days ago
I think I made the comment section have 10000 comments
ilayda şen
ilayda şen 28 days ago
you r so good alessia,love u
Anastasia Erica
Anastasia Erica 29 days ago
during corona virus, always watch this
oya mukhoyaroh
oya mukhoyaroh 29 days ago
OMG!!,,you are amazing girl!!!😘😘😍😍😍😍❤❤❤
Carley Reilly
Carley Reilly 29 days ago
It every celebrity was on that list, her own voice wouldn't even be on the list.
alro 25 days ago
Samara Yozgat
Samara Yozgat 29 days ago
She does a great impression of the song bad guy.
없음이름 29 days ago
Shit she is so damn cute!!! xxx♥
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