Aldo Nova - Fantasy (Official Video)

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Aldo Nova's official music video for 'Fantasy'. Click to listen to Aldo Nova on Spotify: smarturl.it/AldoNovaSpotify?IQid=AldoNFAN
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City nights, summer breeze makes you feel alright
Neon lights, shining brightly make your brain ignite
See the girls with the dresses so tight
Give you love if the price is right
Black or white, in the streets there's no wrong and no right, no
Outta site, buy your kicks from the man in the white
Feels alright, powder pleasure in your nose tonight
See the men paint their faces and cry
Like some girl it makes you wonder why
City life, sure is cool but it cuts like a knife, it's your life
So forget all thatyou see
It's not reality
It's just a fantasy

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Comments 80
Tis This
Tis This 4 hours ago
i miss my sissie . rock on
Mooshe Guertin
I've actually NEVER heard of them... Clicked on it in case I might but after that WEIRD ASF beginning... It actually turned out cool... I'm 30 and my music ranges further than both my parents in there 50s
Dick Longmire
In the 80's, conventional wisdom associated long hair, wearing makeup and wearing a leopard jumpsuit meant you were gay however rock stars figured it out way before before everyone else that this was the best way to get the chicks.
Mr. West lndian t.v.
Mr. West lndian t.v.
🇨🇦Canada 1981🎸
Debra Carpenter
Debra Carpenter 3 days ago
Man....I want to go back, but since I can’t imma keep bringing back forward! 80s girl for life!!!
arealmench 3 days ago
A guy opens a door with his quitar?...That's bullshit. Fake News!
derek mattingly
derek mattingly 4 days ago
i liked those damn yankees
derek mattingly
derek mattingly 4 days ago
my mom loved it
kenneth peterson
kenneth peterson 4 days ago
Winners Dog
Winners Dog 4 days ago
So cool I named my first show Pug after him.
Winners Dog
Winners Dog 4 days ago
Oh yeah, skin tight leopard print jumpsuit AND the boots?!?! Awwwww suki, suki! Yowza!!!!
Fix News
Fix News 5 days ago
November downs Piano man
i remember doing 132 mph in a camaro to this song! somewhere near hamburg ny
Jennifer Knipe
Jennifer Knipe 6 days ago
I 💘 it
White Lion
White Lion 8 days ago
Waaayyyyy back, amazing how listening to just a few seconds of this brings back memories of the past, crazy
Spankyblack69 9 days ago
Some people thought Liberace was cool. Just saying.
Lavwren Beeh
Lavwren Beeh 11 days ago
Damn. I'm old!
Biff Malibu
Biff Malibu 12 days ago
Cocaine and hookers my friend.
Lee Churchill
Lee Churchill 12 days ago
Say what you will, but nice solo at 3:37
Debbie X
Debbie X 12 days ago
Where do I get that leopard outfit? It is a must in 2020.
nobhiker 13 days ago
OH SHIT this ccp coronavirus, if last any longer I do not know I'll be watching.
Awreck Rann
Awreck Rann 13 days ago
My mom always had great rock albums like this and I was raised on badass rock jams , I’ll never forget those covers
Thaddeus Oggh
Thaddeus Oggh 13 days ago
4 decades later and I still want a laser gun guitar
peaceful dreams
peaceful dreams 13 days ago
Whos listening in march 2020? Hell yeah!
Gabriella Valencia
About to be April 2020 for me and still planning on going 💕
Scott Inniss
Scott Inniss 13 days ago
Obviously one of the best songs and videos of all time
Андрих Завьялов
Jefferson Starship - Jane, очень похоже
jon gibson
jon gibson 15 days ago
TR Bowlin
TR Bowlin 17 days ago
I lost 10% of my hearing because of this song...
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa 18 days ago
ahhh so many memories,,i was about 16 when Mtv started airing this video, watched it so many times, 80,s music kicked ass !!
Ray Fabris
Ray Fabris 18 days ago
funny my real name is ALDO.LOVE HIM AND I DO PLAY GUITAR.
bluebird 19 days ago
Memories of 1982
Cliff Booth
Cliff Booth 20 days ago
Cocaine is a helluva drug
Michael Padgett
Michael Padgett 21 day ago
So forget all that you see. It's not reality. It's just a fantasy.
NoStress90s 21 day ago
jane? your playing a game you never can win girl!! what a knock off this song is, heard it on the radio thought it was JSTARSHIP and it was these wankers!!
Eric Carrington
Eric Carrington 22 days ago
This would have been my high school music if i knew white people back then!
DoorKicker 22 days ago
Im wearing my skin tight leopard jumpsuit right now while frying up some hogjaws and cow brains.
Hey Bud!
Hey Bud! 22 days ago
This was the coolest song ever as a kid
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 23 days ago
good guitarist as well
Douglas Aprile
Douglas Aprile 23 days ago
awesome ... they dont make a song or video like this anymore!?
Matt Peckham
Matt Peckham 25 days ago
Aldo has the armed guards so nobody steals that leopard print jumpsuit.
1groovygreg 25 days ago
What happened to this guy?
Hollywood pipefitter
Canadian rock at its best!!!!
Ricky Torres
Ricky Torres 26 days ago
The Greatest Prank Call Ever brought me here in 2020 Lol
New Glam Metal Revival
Aldo Nova rules!! I remember hearing this in pizza hut when it came out and was blown away! The new wave of hair metal bands owe a debt of gratitude to Aldo Nova. Bands like Knock Out Kaine, Smokin' Aces, Bloody Heels, John Diva and The Rockets of Love, Keith Kessinger, Temple Balls,,,,they're all living the FANTASY!!
Shannon S.
Shannon S. 27 days ago
Been over 20 years since I have heard this . Cool as ever😊
John Bryant
John Bryant 27 days ago
powder pleasure in your nose tonight
Keith Norris
Keith Norris 28 days ago
My Les Paul doesn't shoot lasers. Is this a factory defect?!
Boba Phat
Boba Phat 28 days ago
My favorite song of all time!
Mack Avelli
Mack Avelli 29 days ago
He looks better in leopard print than a lot of women.
Green Hornet
Green Hornet Month ago
Rick Somers
Rick Somers Month ago
Aldo Nova was in Beatlemania.
louis mays
louis mays Month ago
A giant banana bass drum lol don't slip
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills Month ago
I have to imagine, being that he was the only one who came out of that chopper.... in a leopard jumpsuit..., the guys in his band must have just hated Aldo Nova.
Joe Wimberly
Joe Wimberly Month ago
Damn I'm old jammed on this at 17
Robert Cunningham
no more than autograph video .....turn up the radio! love it TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Robert Cunningham
loved em! WDVE Piitsurgh>...Jimmy & Steve..and then the others guys that took over HA HA lovd it all so many yeaqrs ago!
Ernie King
Ernie King Month ago
Any man wearing a jump suite like that is in the closet for sure
Maxxx Modelz
Maxxx Modelz Month ago
The cocaine was strong with this one.
Mike Month ago
My attention span lacking...intro too long. What song was this?
R Sum
R Sum Month ago
Ahhh yeah.... God I almost forgot about them. Lol, still a cool song to hear again though!
55mazzella Month ago
One hit wonder.
Dominic Del Principe
1:20 A great example of the 80's art of rockpicking....
John Zeljko
John Zeljko Month ago
01:25 When the music starts. Cool riff.
Mar Blox
Mar Blox Month ago
The boys from Canada.!!!
442rocketdave Month ago
Matt Downer
Matt Downer Month ago
I always knew that “fantasy” was a hard rock excalibur! Well played, Aldo Nova!
Gustavo Castaño
Congrats Aldo, love this song, bring me nice memories. Greetings from Argentina!
hammer down fast lane
official video....lol......um.........ok
Jayrock 85
Jayrock 85 Month ago
God Damn this jam is my favor jam to Star my workout 💪 at the gym,I love the way the lead singer make that guitar sound ,this song take me back in time ,the 80's great times and funny memories, beautiful girl's house party's badass decade in Rock, life is just a fantasy!!!🎶💯🔥
Jeff Harjo
Jeff Harjo Month ago
Neon lights 👀
Cesar Calix
Cesar Calix Month ago
Aldo Nova always good influence on me.Small dude that rocks a big sound.
Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad
38 and STILL going strong . . .
dennis collins
dennis collins Month ago
Nancy allen is that u
James Morrison
James Morrison Month ago
This song, and "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits, have the all time best intros!!
LolaCrazy2221 Month ago
The rest of the album is poppy unfortunately.
Bart Johnston
Bart Johnston Month ago
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher Month ago
1:19 Dr. Evil: Can we get some GUITARS with frikkin' lasers on their heads? Aldo: No problemo, Dude!
skooter72 Month ago
Jump to 1:25
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