Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight (Live on SNL)

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From the new album "Sound & Color" available now.
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Mar 1, 2015




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Comments 80
Lori22 Whitmore
Lori22 Whitmore 16 hours ago
Wow! That’s the realest shit I have ever seen! Have mercy look at her soul !
Hope Skies
Hope Skies 4 days ago
this episode is what hooked me onto Alabama Shakes! Thank you SNL!
Swampgeese 12 days ago
So much emotion in her performance. I love it
Maira Perez
Maira Perez Month ago
Y’all can’t even lie. The guy playing guitar, with the beard, with the yellow shirt PASSES VIBE CHECKKKKKKK
Domenique Meneses
jeff salinas
jeff salinas Month ago
Who else loves the first lyric to this song..
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 2 months ago
Very Chill
Damian Kożuszek
Damian Kożuszek 2 months ago
How many popular artists would dare to sing live?
Kandy Harwell
Kandy Harwell 2 months ago
I hate that song
Victor Rodrigues
Victor Rodrigues 3 months ago
It's simply amazing how they can feel their music and transmit this to anyone who hears. Eargasm!
Relle Zaza
Relle Zaza 3 months ago
I miss them :/
Amanda Feliciano
Amanda Feliciano 3 months ago
She does it as natural as breathing
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland 3 months ago
Honestly I rarely ever like a video. But this is worthy. Almost had me crying at that passion at the end
tokesalot42069 4 months ago
She tried to get the band to solo like the guitar player shrugged it off then she turned to the drummer and he went know where, so basically she is a really great musician/artist and needs to get a better band that can work improvisational with her, pretty much like how Queen operated.
Fe Borges
Fe Borges 4 months ago
Muito bom♥️
tippycolfax 4 months ago
but they do.
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 5 months ago
She is ugly as f.ck but she sings freaking great..😂😂😂
KEVVYOFFICIAL 5 months ago
I love this band so much
K. Chris Caldwell
K. Chris Caldwell 5 months ago
Another AutoTune slayer.
Chris Greene
Chris Greene 5 months ago
Swampgeese 5 months ago
Shit so funky and soul food my chicken and waffles joined the group chat!!!! 😍😍😍😍
This Is Fallacious
This Is Fallacious 6 months ago
I love this song but the chorus bothers me, it kills me inside since I love the test of the song lol
Neisha Nine Starz
Neisha Nine Starz 6 months ago
I love
Scott B_
Scott B_ 6 months ago
All the stupidity of the comments aside, this is fuckin' MAGIC. Too bad no one can appreciate it. Shame on you.
Rodrigo Lara
Rodrigo Lara 6 months ago
that first part always gives me chills
joe 6pack
joe 6pack 6 months ago
That girl has the perfect face for radio
joe 6pack
joe 6pack 6 months ago
I get the Alabama Shakes whenever i smoke crystal meth
morg morg
morg morg 5 months ago
oh joe
Michael Bowe
Michael Bowe 7 months ago
I literally don't think its possible to dislike this unless you have never felt emotion before
Claire McCallum
Claire McCallum 7 months ago
I love how shes so passionate while shes singing! :)
Carlton Jumel Smith
Carlton Jumel Smith 7 months ago
So y'all gon' act like you don't see them fly ass Prince earrings she's rocking? Damn I love this girl!
Monica Sanchez
Monica Sanchez 5 months ago
Yes Lawd!
DiscoScottie 6 months ago
Damn straight. Prince is a huge influence on her music.
bruce bluteau
bruce bluteau 7 months ago
Epic performance!!!
Troy Tolbert
Troy Tolbert 7 months ago
That squeal tho.
kayesissle mczeal
kayesissle mczeal 7 months ago
Killed it on Late Late Late Night Show 10-10-19.
emmanuel martinez
emmanuel martinez 8 months ago
Gina Quintana
Gina Quintana 8 months ago
🎶I DONT WANNA FIGHT NOMOE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I feel you girl🎶
Gina Quintana
Gina Quintana 8 months ago
Why can’t we both be right..? Dang she hella badass 🥰
Christina Savannah
Christina Savannah 8 months ago
Is she a transgender? Brittney Howard
Lottadale S
Lottadale S 6 months ago
No, she's a genetic female, but she is a lesbian. Maybe that's the vibe you get.
Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday 8 months ago
Bad mama, she is great.
jose jose
jose jose 9 months ago
Fucking the best. !!
Doc G
Doc G 10 months ago
sparksoffyou 10 months ago
“What if Aretha’s vocals were over Lynard Skynards music?”
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra 10 months ago
Did anyone notice her Prince earings?
Mike Roadblock
Mike Roadblock 10 months ago
Holy shit yeah!!!!!! Alright! Wow!!!!!!!!!!
Louie Garza
Louie Garza 9 months ago
Mike Roadblock agreed Hahahah
Kinetic Card
Kinetic Card 11 months ago
Volume levels on this video are awful. Great song though.
Jefferson Macias
Jefferson Macias 11 months ago
Me encanta, muchisimo mejor que en estudio, demasiada fuerza, y presencia.
yvonnezido 11 months ago
I’ve never seen someone’s mouth match their voice so well
ValenTina Plasaj
ValenTina Plasaj 11 months ago
Wow. These guys are incredible. Authentic, and a blast to listen to. She’s quite engulfed in her talent- they all are and that’s what I call anointed!
Gabriel Wilson
Gabriel Wilson 11 months ago
So incredibly talented. So much soul.
Lcmr Crss
Lcmr Crss 11 months ago
Какой у неё шикарный рот
Raghu Seetharaman
This makes me want to start using gender-neutral pronouns until I orgasm.
Angelica Muncy Harris Coleman Gracie
Soul train music! I had the pleasure of hearing this band for the first time when this nice guy who was a food vendor in Ann Arbor and I made friends, last summer maybe, we love this band, I think it was fall of 2016 music festival in Ann arbor across from the Fleetwood dinner before the Native American apperal shop closed on main street, this lead singer blows my mind!!
292 dickheads
Real music for real people. No jive assed shit here!
Jam Year ago
ooohhh this is sooo amazing!!!! aaaa ♥️
Montez from Workaholics can sing his ass off. y'all don't know about my bedroom!
Cyril Maher
Cyril Maher Year ago
what a tune, I'm up to my neck in that shit right now! fits perfect!
MrJeezus Year ago
Jared Kushner on guitar
Ciudadana Quinzel
Es Santa Cecilia Gringa 😮 .. Me encantan sus canciones 👍👏😍
Anika von Lynch
Real MuSick!! 🖤👏🖤👏🖤👏🖤
Everytime i hear her sing it makes me tear up, it just hits me for some reason, i love all she puts into her performances. Brittany you beautiful goddess!
Rwededyet Year ago
The "Live from Capitol Studio A" version has much better sound quality
Bubba DooM
Bubba DooM Year ago
LOve iT 7:45 AM 12/29/2018
Drew B
Drew B Year ago
Amazing song and that woman’s voice is magical!
NEIL Year ago
2:16 ooops
Riley Bob
Riley Bob Year ago
She’s a badass. A badass with awesome earrings.
oh wow
todd shaw
todd shaw Year ago
Awesome, rocking soulful real!
Guille Mendez
Guille Mendez Year ago
The face of Zac Cockrell 2:40 :D
Big Money Grip
Yeah OK! If y'all say so Sounds amerturish too me
_hide_ Year ago
I just stumbled into something amazing. First time RUvid suggests something good. Love it!
126 doss
126 doss Year ago
I didn't except that I lose at Huge mouth Competition. -Steven Tyler-
bobbyfan418 Year ago
I love this woman. Holy wow, man. This beautiful human being. Every video is as good as the last, if not better. A DAMN good guitar player. Very consistent....I need more.
r. Ananias
r. Ananias Year ago
Simplesmente sensacional
Diesel Weasel
Diesel Weasel Year ago
Did she shit her pants?
Carlos Ulises
Carlos Ulises Year ago
The bass woooww
camjoscelyn Year ago
Qué mina tan poderosa
Kokey TakeO'Pvff
She is very animated!
Ross Viles
Ross Viles Year ago
I didn't think any singer's mouth could be bigger than Steven Tyler's. I was wrong.
TIGER17TANK Year ago
I love this!!!!
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