Akon - Ain't No Peace (Official Video)

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Official music video for Ain't No Peace performed by Akon
Available everywhere: vydia.lnk.to/aintnopeace
#Akon #AintNoPeace
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Oct 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Peter Wakibi
Peter Wakibi 5 hours ago
My best
harsh_vardhan_ 2001
Kya Gajab Song Hai Yaar Kya Message Diya Hai 🙏🏼 Osm Akon
fanto 8 hours ago
anfinsons 11 hours ago
This needs an award.
Mohmad Iraqi
Mohmad Iraqi 13 hours ago
No to Racism ❤️ Yas to love ❤️ Make America great again together
Megumi Maroua
Megumi Maroua 15 hours ago
No more
Emilly Barrosc
Emilly Barrosc 18 hours ago
Ericson Charles
Ericson Charles 18 hours ago
É isso que deveria acontecer com os brancos porque só acontece com nós negros 😔
LEONARDO XAVIER 12 hours ago
Teu cu
Josephine Sila
Josephine Sila 21 hour ago
Whoever's listening to Akon 2020@is a legend 🖐️🖐️
Bénin 94969070
Fun fact: "CHAMMAKCHLLO" song is sung by this guy AKON
الدوله الهكريه
عربي حط لايك
PA afo Afji
PA afo Afji Day ago
PRIEST Day ago
Eno Cent
Eno Cent Day ago
Mi Royal
Mi Royal Day ago
nice One
Jason Tindall
Keep playing the victim. Maybe worry about y’all killing each other before you worry about fake statistics (More white people are killed by police than black). Go ahead and call me a “white supremacist trump supporter”...... I love all people. Doesn’t matter what your skin color is. Quit teaching your children to see skin color. It’s dividing this country.
Kerry Waynes
Kerry Waynes Day ago
Paweł Zieliński
Every fan of Akon must comment this video: ruvid.net/video/video-WupRNV-XvB0.html
Matthias Schwientek
Akon when do you come to Germany ?
Agent Gaming
Agent Gaming Day ago
When I was 10 years old he is my favourite and now I'm 22 still he is my favourite singer ❤️🔥
Abdikarim Hussein
Vice vasa white men killing s
Haikyuu a
Haikyuu a 2 days ago
*S M A C K T H A T*
Riko Qocalı
Riko Qocalı 2 days ago
Greetings from Azerbaijan.💙🇦🇿💙
Scott Matlock
Scott Matlock 2 days ago
Akon just lost my money.
Lucien Roger GANDOGO
Who like in 2020
Tim Mingles
Tim Mingles 2 days ago
This is released in lieu of BLM
Izabela Oliveira
Izabela Oliveira 2 days ago
Curto Akon desde minha infância, até hoje❤️
Twitch Skywalker205
Didn't know akon was still making music videos
Simão 360
Simão 360 2 days ago
Good my friend... Simão 360 no RUvid ... Fron Brazil
Turikumwe Emmanuel
ncasibi nada
ncasibi nada 3 days ago
Oh wow what a deep meaning behind this video
cleiton frez
cleiton frez 3 days ago
akon is not alone anymore now he has his family
Lary Onoh
Lary Onoh 3 days ago
Yamee Tv
Yamee Tv 3 days ago
Akon ❤️🙏
Yuslove Cisse
Yuslove Cisse 3 days ago
Who is still watching this❤️
Ely Sarita Cano
Ely Sarita Cano 3 days ago
Sehr gute Ansage 😊❤️
BTR Alice
BTR Alice 3 days ago
why white hate black? why black hate white?
Ubaid Bukhari
Ubaid Bukhari 3 days ago
Scarleth de Miler
Soy mexicana y americana❤ me gusto tu tema porque es fuerte y profundo lo que quisiste exprezar y ya no quiero ver a mi pais asi,todos somos iguales y no por tener diferente color nos hace diferentes o mas especiales que otros yo digo no al rasismo y abajo el gobierno si no ayuda y en vez de eso destruye ✊
TREM BALA 3 days ago
Brazil love you
LiN Ferreira
LiN Ferreira 3 days ago
Moneer Alnahari
Moneer Alnahari 4 days ago
Ain't no peace
Braulio Black
Braulio Black 4 days ago
Cadê os Angolanos fã deste mostro 🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴
GUTO FF 3 days ago
Tech-NAA 4 days ago
Black lives matter ... What a video full of message of peace ... White Black loves peace no war ... Mind it for long time ... BTW no more Trumpo 😂😂😂
Rom Thaddeus
Rom Thaddeus 4 days ago
I love Akon!!! ✊🏿
TOG SouthSide
TOG SouthSide 4 days ago
I just was listening to : smack that, I was really wondering how he’s doing and if he’s still making music and he really got worse..🤧
Florin Tng
Florin Tng 4 days ago
Smack That all on the floor
ADONAI NLOMBA 5 days ago
White live matter😂😂
David Bochette
David Bochette 5 days ago
Did till this song. I'm a black police officer, and my message to all other people of color, black, Latina, Indian, mexican, whoever.... if you don't like the way police are treating people, join them and change it for the better.
Faisal Stoof
Faisal Stoof 5 days ago
معقوله ما في عربي غيري ، الله يسامحكم بس هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
Said Ismail
Said Ismail 3 days ago
في هاذ الغنية راه يمعني بزاف صوالح
The rise of leaders
واني شنو هنا
N A S I R 5 days ago
*Akon is legend of my childhood* 💕
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh 5 days ago
I love you akon ♥
Allan Santos
Allan Santos 5 days ago
Fogo nos racistas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thein win
Thein win 6 days ago
Akon forever
Bannanification 6 days ago
Racist video that brings hate. Shame on you
Sriteja Rajanala
Sriteja Rajanala 6 days ago
I Support blacks
BARDO 5150
BARDO 5150 6 days ago
Uno reverse card
Dr. EVIL 6 days ago
Canal Funk Animado
O Brasil ama Akon
Dave Preble
Dave Preble 7 days ago
Flag worn with the stars down? That's bs! Have a lif who hard but yet a multimillionaire . Akon is a worthless pile now days j get the whole racial bs is completely bs and we all bleed red we are all gods children and the injustice NEEDS to stop but qhen you disrespecting the flag thats entirely enough. Wanna change be the damn change!!!
Valdaeli Pinto
Valdaeli Pinto 7 days ago
Peace please!!!
Кирилл Солодовников
It's not racism.ok.
Sandy Wexler
Sandy Wexler 7 days ago
Racism goes all ways and I'm tired of people looking down on me cuz I'm white I have never made anyone feel bad about who they are because of what they look like, but yet I'm pushed into a group. It's not right and I can't change anything that happened a hundred yrs ago. It's sad but I have respect for all and I don't think my life is no important then anyones. And I'm tired of people saying their life is more important than mine.
CASH TUBE kashmir
We too want survive Kashmir ruvid.net/video/video-8JqN-O9nVRA.html
Ayodeji Aremu
Ayodeji Aremu 8 days ago
Peace is inside Jesus bro
Vishal Routela Vlogs
love from india
UPMDs Marketing & Digital Solutions
Oh wow. What a song! Brilliant
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee 8 days ago
Shank A White ! Shank a Cop ! Alls well only when theyre all in Hell !
Annan Jhee
Annan Jhee 8 days ago
Raise your hand if you get what's the message of the song😁
Annan Jhee
Annan Jhee 8 days ago
Raise your hand if you get what's the message of the song😁
TheHypnoses 8 days ago
its good to see him back
Darlene Anne Sario
عبد حسون
عبد حسون 8 days ago
Iam lonly 😐😔
Jn-Baptiste Jackendy
love akon since lonely, now and years coming.. shadmosss#thedoctor. where you at guys?
Максим Галямов
Голос пропал
Stacey Barr
Stacey Barr 9 days ago
Aмιт 9 days ago
new song ruvid.net/video/video-IhlcP8gmu0I.html
Mic more Nwameme
Mic more Nwameme 9 days ago
So good
Lucky Oki
Lucky Oki 9 days ago
I love that particular convict sound, akon u are the best.
LEE BROWN 9 days ago
Has always loved akon
Brandon Macias
Brandon Macias 9 days ago
Akon back at the right time 💯
Jamali Litamba
Jamali Litamba 9 days ago
Rafael farias efrain farias
Nao entendo oque ele falar..mas acho que ele tá dizendo através do Clipe...que muitas pessoas negras morreram por policias tá ligado
NaturaL YT
NaturaL YT 10 days ago
Akon bhai india aajaaho hit hojaho ge ..
Jalal Uddin
Jalal Uddin 10 days ago
Isaac Njoroge
Isaac Njoroge 10 days ago
Lesson to you is the masterpiece of all his music
Flávia Pessoa
Flávia Pessoa 10 days ago
George Floyds scene😥
Aneesh Pun
Aneesh Pun 10 days ago
When i was child i only knew the name of akon.....from eng singer.....
Дмитрий Андреевич
Ну ты и рассист
Петя Маскарад
Ни хххх не понимаю))))???
Lethal Lies
Lethal Lies 11 days ago
Who’s here a big akon fan
CR7SW16 11 days ago
Akon ayyy 🔥
lil jules62 Sidibe officiel
#TOP #Dopé Beautiful #Hope AMENÉ
Ralph Winter
Ralph Winter 12 days ago
Ayse HZR
Ayse HZR 12 days ago
Oyyy bebeğim yaşlandın mı sen 🥺
dawsyn 12 days ago
Anyone remember when “I wanna love you” came out ? Good times 😔
Justin Whitfield
Justin Whitfield 12 days ago
NixhtSoGqt 12 days ago
Nice video story, I am ashamed of my ancestors
Biswajit Das
Biswajit Das 12 days ago
Akon give us hits again
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