AirPods Tik Tok Meme Compilation

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Jan 19, 2019




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Comments 60
creeperkill8198 19 days ago
I have AirPods Pro. Dont worry! I'm from the future.
Bruh Ok
Bruh Ok Month ago
Wow was that avani?
Verra Gurrman
Verra Gurrman Month ago
Me sitting here awkwardly with my beats.
XxTomisdepressed xx
XxTomisdepressed xx 2 months ago
Whats the remix of 3:11
LordRee 3 months ago
People call me spoiled coz I have AirPods but I had to save up for them my parents wouldn’t buy me these in a million years
Legionbus 3 months ago
To be honest air pods kinda suck
KindaGood 3 months ago
this comment section is annoying, you aren’t poor for not having airpods imo they trash, wires are where it’s at- because people don’t like airpods that doesn’t make them jealous- and jokes on you i can afford college without being in debt because i don’t waste money on tic tacs that fall out of your ears and play sound
Josephine Tendo
Josephine Tendo 4 months ago
0:06 Is that avani or not im litterally freaking out!?!?
Maatcha . Nii
Maatcha . Nii 4 months ago
2:43 okay I will just wear *airphones* He only said headphones are no good so what about *airphones?*
Content Park Deluxe Edition
Are we gonna acknowledge the fact that wired EarPods saved our phones when the fell?. Come on people.
Brenden Xiong
Brenden Xiong 4 months ago
Rice 5 months ago
Wow so funny I am laughing at this fucking comedy
The Next step
The Next step 5 months ago
We were in class the other day and a bunch of boys asked to use headphones and some other boy turned round eww broke people but they were wearing fake AirPods 😂😬
Chqnel -
Chqnel - 5 months ago
No one : Me : *AVANI IS THAT YOU ?!?*
XEN0X 5 months ago
Tbh her background looks poor 0:31 and her shirt
Zerda OMG
Zerda OMG 5 months ago
But if u drop ur phone u can’t catch it 😐😐
goo’s foot fungus
goo’s foot fungus 5 months ago
wait avani oof🥺
freboi 5 months ago
Flex as shit
Carla Bill
Carla Bill 5 months ago
People with AirPods just can’t afford wires
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 5 months ago
The girl that said you guys are a bunch of broke bitches I have the AirPod pros
1K With no vids
1K With no vids 6 months ago
Who is watching this with AirPods
Jacob Parisi
Jacob Parisi 6 months ago
Dude, imagine only having regular AirPods instead of pros
Carlos Pollock
Carlos Pollock 6 months ago
If you think about it if you have Air Pods your poor because you can’t afford wires.😂
Ava Rogne
Ava Rogne 6 months ago
What if people actually come smell if you were poor? No-one Absolutely no one: The Upperclass w/AirPods: What is RACHET smell? *sniff*. Is that? *sniiiiiifff* Is that b-bb-BROKE *le gag*
XxDELFROxX 6 months ago
meh galaxy buds are better
98 12
98 12 6 months ago
i have airpods and everyone thinks im rich but actually im poor cause i spent all my money on the airpods! 😂
Zeptrom 6 months ago
100% of cringe.
MEmento mori
MEmento mori 6 months ago
i actually dont like airpod but since my earphone kept destroyed by me, i have to bought it lmao.
DarkRush 6 months ago
why do so many people have fake ones???
TwitchTwitch187 6 months ago
ppl that dont like airpods are mad bc they cant afford them
PurpleHDPlayz 6 months ago
They’re all poor now AirPods Pro has been released lol
Red Superman
Red Superman 6 months ago
Erika Jane
Erika Jane 6 months ago
I just came back from school and this 0:28 is how my guy friend flex his airpods except it is an *airpods pro* and called me broke ass midget but im not that short but im getting airpods not sure if its real or fake
Brenden Xiong
Brenden Xiong 6 months ago
People who get AirPods are probably poor and the people that don’t, save money so that’s the logic
Mytimekook 6 months ago
Not when their parents get it for them 🤪
~K~A~L~I~ 6 months ago
0:16 why did this actually happen to me?
marianadr07 6 months ago
Toad Tings
Toad Tings 7 months ago
Bro everybody saying 150$ is expensive Me in nz 🤯 Where there 290$
Paradox Angel
Paradox Angel 7 months ago
0:10 I knew there was a charger at the bottom
_becky _ym
_becky _ym 7 months ago
Once in my school two AirPods were stolen from two 8th graders and then all classes in the 8 grade were checked and the police came
소피야Yhu 7 months ago
**apple starts releasing strings for airpods**
Skye Le
Skye Le 7 months ago
In Australia for AirPods 1 it’s $250 for Airpods 2 it’s $320 and for AirPods pro it’s $400
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh 7 months ago
Mom:A order to keep u grounded u three have to be poor for a day kids:what is that mom:what is what grounded? Kids: no the one that started with a p...mom:poor Kids:yeah mom: u really don’t know what’s poor is
Knoxs 7 months ago
ok i have the airpods1,2 and the pros
Martina Lunar
Martina Lunar 7 months ago
Summer Nuarin
Summer Nuarin 7 months ago
Me watching this bc i have airpods for a day
Lemon Trade
Lemon Trade 7 months ago
Stacy Telle
Stacy Telle 7 months ago
ngl that Taylor Swift one was kinda cute
Bwbdb Sjdjfx
Bwbdb Sjdjfx 7 months ago
Pfff i got AirPods pro
Joecoolfast6 O
Joecoolfast6 O 7 months ago
Air pod users: sorry I don’t speak broke Air pod pro users:I doNt HEaR BrOke
Boran Karaman
Boran Karaman 7 months ago
0:21 This part made my day HAHHAHA
Gigi Hernandez
Gigi Hernandez 7 months ago
AirPods are so overrated damn humble down
Magic Trash can
Magic Trash can 7 months ago
I have AirPod pros
benjahmin 7 months ago
*puts on my airpods to watch this*
ramen noodles
ramen noodles 7 months ago
I find that a lot of people want them to be cool but in reality I have them and I use them for actually using music😂but they work really good tbh
Meowchie plays
Meowchie plays 7 months ago
Omg 2:28😅😂😅😅😂😂😂😂
Ariel jade
Ariel jade 7 months ago
The AirPods girl is me this Xmas
Tomás Diaz the 5th
Tomás Diaz the 5th 7 months ago
I just got AirPods today
Mikeila M
Mikeila M 7 months ago
Tbh my naughty hands would've just pulled the plastic thing out for the first tiktok
coolferenc 7 months ago
I have a REAL Airpod
iiOcean 7 months ago
i wouldn’t cut the cords off the wire earbuds because, there could be one day where you leave your airpods at home. So you’ll have earbuds as a spare.
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