AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect!

Marques Brownlee
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AirPods Pro are the best non-best headphones you can buy.
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Nov 4, 2019




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Comments 80
Soin Solih
Soin Solih Hour ago
The title was Imperfectly Perfect
Water 4 hours ago
Think I’m bout to cop.
Dope Tech
Dope Tech 21 hour ago
The intro audio In This video makes me revisit it every time
Jason Price
Jason Price Day ago
Abigail Barlis
I almost decided not to have this! The 'imperfectly perfect' phrase got me!hahahaha! Sooooo..im going to get this on my birthday!🎁
Chris Lawrence
use ur watch to change the volume
Nikos 2 days ago
No ear pressure? No eye pressure? No headaches?
Hemmy Dayabhai
Hemmy Dayabhai 2 days ago
My boiros earphones which I rate is 5/5 because it’s waterproof, and it is good sound and it takes 2 seconds to pause by clicking on 1 earphone and if I click it for 5 seconds it can activate Siri and if you have an iPhone you can spy using hearing mode and it’s for $30 on amazon.
Maleeka Abbas
Maleeka Abbas 2 days ago
Anyone else here think the regular AirPods fit perfectly in their ears?
jensen hughes
jensen hughes 3 days ago
AirPods Pro are the Gullit of headphones (Fifa players will get me)
Roderick Nieuwenhuijse
The airpods 2 are €140,- in the Netherlands compared to the Airpods pro’s that are €214,- are the airpods pro still worth the bigger price or not? Would appreciate it alot if someone could give me advice
Happylittle3x3 4 days ago
They’re not Great for anything but there great for everything, I see.
OceansZx14 Day ago
Omid Torabi
Omid Torabi 5 days ago
am i the only one who has the hard plastic ones fit better in their ear than silicon tips?
Nice Thumbnail
Eth1834 6 days ago
I dint even have airpods
NW n
NW n 6 days ago
On android use the App Assistant Trigger that enable all and more functionalities of airpods
Blibnorphe Æ32
Blibnorphe Æ32 6 days ago
Okay I’m getting these then, I like AirPods cause they’re less bulky than the Powerbeats Pro, BUT, the sliding out of my ear problem ruined them for me, so I’m gonna get these instead
fun fact : that small pocket was designed to carry zippo lighters back in the day and it has stuck around ever since
UncreativelyDani 7 days ago
I bought the AirPods 2 about 3 weeks ago and they hurt my ears after 1 hour of wearing them so I’d decide to give the AirPods to my brother and I got myself the pros best decision I’ve made ! Should of gotten them the first time ! They don’t hurt my ears 👂
basmla 7 days ago
Who is too broke to afford 6s but watches every apple product vid?
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 7 days ago
2:29 The tiny pocket you never use. Women all over the world stunned.
Baller boi
Baller boi 7 days ago
Whoops thought this was not ur avg consumer
Gavin Hipps
Gavin Hipps 8 days ago
That's the best thumbnail I've seen in 3 years
threeendyy 8 days ago
I watched this using the AirPods Pro 😂
ReddyPlays 8 days ago
i will get these for my bday
ReddyPlays 8 days ago
are these god for going to school and going home?
anurag senapati
anurag senapati 8 days ago
Black reviewrs suck
Ajay Nehra
Ajay Nehra 8 days ago
Spaaadez Games
Spaaadez Games 8 days ago
Just what i needed, i was about to buy these.
Carter Glass
Carter Glass 9 days ago
The volume is just a way for apple to want you to buy the watch so you can do it that way
Year of the ox
Year of the ox 9 days ago
They're uncomfortable
Kenneth Faulk
Kenneth Faulk 9 days ago
Lastly. Apple should make a locator that is volume sensitive the close you get to your product. But also make it to where you can locate other apple products in case they lose their phone.
Flaber cat
Flaber cat 9 days ago
i speak taco bell
Im sorry but did you make an airpods dude Its adowable >•
Cucumber Water
Cucumber Water 10 days ago
Loveee that intro with the camera
J Ryan
J Ryan 10 days ago
I wager the "on" mode thing was just a small mixup. Realising it actually says "off" causes it to make so much more sense.
MadiK 10 days ago
I literally bought these and now I'm watching the review smh... Whatever, they're amazing!!!
Chris Ong
Chris Ong 10 days ago
If you have a iWatch. Just use the crown on the watch to up or down. Its pretty neat with small volume control increment. Its better than touch control IMO. Another thing why it feels better in the ear than other ear buds is because the ear tips is oval shape. Think Apple study human ear canal is not totally round but oval. That explain why I feel better with this compare to all the rest of the rounded tips ear buds I have as some part of the rounded tips is exerting more pressure on the ear canal surface than other part which makes you feel uncomfortable at times.
Lil Jose
Lil Jose 11 days ago
He has a white guy voice
sajesh yesodharan
sajesh yesodharan 11 days ago
airpods pro or sony wh1000xm3? which one would u go for? let aside compactness
Venkat Karthik
Venkat Karthik 12 days ago
Turn on the captions at 0:00
JJ Bash
JJ Bash 13 days ago
That thumbnail tho
Lutz Friedrich
Lutz Friedrich 13 days ago
Does active noise canceling work without music ?
MaybeThisIsMark 13 days ago
Lenni Taattola
Lenni Taattola 13 days ago
I love your intro
Hamza Khalid Baig
Hamza Khalid Baig 13 days ago
Does marques really workout or does he have a gym in the studio just to test earphones....🤔
Akira Haziq
Akira Haziq 14 days ago
The squaseing see anoyoing.
Gription Gear
Gription Gear 14 days ago
Great review! I've been trying them out for two weeks now. So far the ANC is incredible. Unfortunately, they fall out of my ears every time I smile or chew food! I've tried all three tips. Planning to order some memory foam tips and wings which I've heard help. It's sad to have to buy accessories for a $250 pair of earbuds though, just to make them fit right. With that said, they do sound great and I love how well they integrate into iOS on the iPhone. Overall, worth getting-IF I can get them to stay in my ears better. -Griptioneer Dan
Vansh the boy
Vansh the boy 14 days ago
Same dude don’t wanna ask siri too change volume can’t carry my massive iPhone everywhere
Nicholas !
Nicholas ! 14 days ago
Thumbnail looks like that man from the memes
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar 15 days ago
Jabra elite 65t does all this and more I highly rec!
Andre's 15 days ago
lol 'Is that a word? well that's gonna be the title'.
Ruben Valle
Ruben Valle 16 days ago
me: *buys sony over-ear ANC headphones that cost the same price as airpods pro* marques: "They're not audiophile-great headphones.." *me who wanted to try out the pros cuz the regular airpods are shit*: "damn, nvm then" I want to give them a shot but for that price and that quality.. nahhhh :/
Uli_PlayzYT 16 days ago
When I saw the pic scrolling though RUvid I laughed so hard
Jay Eccleston
Jay Eccleston 17 days ago
Volume control isn’t too big an issue, you’ve got the Apple Watch my dude! When I’m out walking or going for runs and need a quick volume toggle, just use the crown on the watch. :)
Dhruv Jain
Dhruv Jain 17 days ago
Whose watching this with airpods??
Henry N.
Henry N. 18 days ago
Dang he’s listening to dynamic duo?! That’s awesome.
lukafireman 18 days ago
05:46 Off mode. We get the gist, just wanted to point it out that the "Off" mode can conserve battery. If it was On, battery conserving wouldn't be a thing in my opinion.
Christian Blomqvist
These Cost more then My phone
ChleeseSpot 19 days ago
9 minutes and 37 seconds to say the AirPods pro are the jack of all trades. Thank me later.
Teleblack 19 days ago
Lol 250? I got it for 140 :)
MaybeThisIsMark 13 days ago
Then they’re probably fake. Or used??
Fardeen Mahdi
Fardeen Mahdi 14 days ago
U got ripped bruh....check the serial number i’am pretty sure they’re fake
BRivera21 17 days ago
Spacemonkeymojo 20 days ago
They don’t sound any better with ANC on. That’s a placebo because outside noise is cancelled you noob.
MaybeThisIsMark 13 days ago
I mean if everyone experiences the placebo and it seems like it sounds better, then it sounds better.
Spacemonkeymojo 20 days ago
RUvidr with 10M+ subs yet didn’t do a mic test.
Paramvir Gill
Paramvir Gill 20 days ago
I love you so much MKBHD that I wish I could hug you 🤗
K-REX 20 days ago
When are we getting a galaxy buds review ?
Spacemonkeymojo 21 day ago
You didn’t do a mic test.
Harman 21 day ago
Am I the only one that I like that first and second gen AirPods design more than the pro
Silly Mongoose
Silly Mongoose 22 days ago
AirPod user: I can’t hear broke AirPod pro user: I can’t hear
SamMcPie \ [ •_• ] /
*me sitting with AirPods in my ears at the first launch* “dude those are so dumb!! Why are you wearing those!!” *some years later* *everyone starts wearing AirPods because they are “in”* Same exact me: ????
Mihir Saini
Mihir Saini 23 days ago
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amount of creativity displayed in the thumbnail.
Islam Ahmed
Islam Ahmed 24 days ago
I have iPhone X which is better AirPod pro or galaxy buds plus???
David Cruz
David Cruz 24 days ago
AirPods Pro Invented to ignore the world And that asshole who won’t stop talking -___-
Kami Newman
Kami Newman 24 days ago
😳 IM SO SORRY!!!! I accidentally clicked the dislike button and didn’t even notice 😢
Luik Hopper
Luik Hopper 25 days ago
The AirPods pro are great at everything, but isn’t amazing at anything. EZ ❤️
Yummypasta 25 days ago
AirPod pros are just a jack of all trades head phones it good at everything but not the best
Wahaab Mujtaba
Wahaab Mujtaba 26 days ago
Honestly a really really good review channel
Sherry Kharoud
Sherry Kharoud 26 days ago
You can even pick up calls using double tap But apple don’t want you to know this because you should buy the watch to do the same🧐
Sabby Ryan Amazon
Sabby Ryan Amazon 26 days ago
Please make your vault hoodies available. Ready to drop some major $$$
Aveion Adams
Aveion Adams 27 days ago
does he have a phone case on his phone?
Dipendra Bade
Dipendra Bade 27 days ago
I love to watch your reviews beo...thanks for giving us reviews of all those product.🤗
luke Pritchard
luke Pritchard 27 days ago
Those wall panels being out of alignment ughhhhh
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