AirPods 2 vs. AirPods: Spec comparison

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Apple announced the new AirPods 2. We break down the differences between the old and new AirPods based on specs.
The new 'AirPods 2' are really AirPods 1.5: www.cnet.com/news/airpods-2-are-really-airpods-1-5/
New AirPods add wireless charging, Siri compatibility, more talk time: www.cnet.com/news/apple-new-airpods-add-wireless-charging-case-for-199-dollars/
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Mar 21, 2019




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Comments 759
Mia Tonnu
Mia Tonnu 17 days ago
TD 29 days ago
Huawei brought those technology 4 month ago in the market. What is so impressive about this🤦🏻‍♂
Robin Vd
Robin Vd 29 days ago
There are still people stupid enough to buy these...
Mobile fortine god
Mobile fortine god 29 days ago
If you already got AirPods don't buy the new one but if you want just get the new one
Huicho Dominguez
Huicho Dominguez 29 days ago
Tas bien wena
Alexandre Giguere
here is the comparaison but we don’t have the new AirPod lollll
Andrew McGee
Andrew McGee Month ago
H1 chip wireless charging on a Duracell mat wireless mat that has been available since 1999 and I get to see the charging light on the outside of the case WOW!!!! I’m so excited I’m selling every share of apple I have!!!!!!!!!
DashCamEyes Month ago
Siri still behind google Assistant
Michael Rodriguez
Unless they break, I’ll stick to my first gen thanks
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel Month ago
Confirmed worst Apple second generation product ever
Grace Yoo
Grace Yoo Month ago
Behind Galaxy buds all the ways...
MazdaChief Month ago
Nesly Leonvil
Nesly Leonvil Month ago
Sooooooo...apple selling the same device again as they do with the iPhone and mock up the price ,what a surprise. t
Nesly Leonvil
Nesly Leonvil 15 days ago
Tay Smith ooh ok,that makes sense. I was wondering why they are selling them for last year price but you for sure gave me incite to why they did it.
Tay Smith
Tay Smith Month ago
Nesly Leonvil I look at it as more of an updated version hint to why they’re not calling it the AirPods 2 and they’re the same price as the first generation. I heard later this year or next year they’re suppose to do something different with them.
Jonas Cabrera
Jonas Cabrera Month ago
Will airpods 2 work with Android as a Bluetooth device?
Alexander Ozerov
Jonas Cabrera if they are anything like gen 1 they should
Critics K
Critics K Month ago
First of all I would like to tell you that you have nice boobs
Marcophono Swiss
tws i10 - thank me later
BKV Month ago
I’m going to keep my first ones 💁🏻‍♂️
Premium Unboxing
Apple Airpod user xtremely awesome gadget
WWE Heel Entertainment
I’m a apple user and I have AirPods but damn, apple really couldn’t include the AirPods with the new iPhones like Samsung? They also couldn’t give us different colors? The only good thing about it is that it is the same price. I’m surprised these didn’t cost $500. Honestly it is basically the same exact thing just one more hour of talking and being able to say “Hey Siri”. I’ll just stick to my AirPods. I’m fine needing to touch my AirPods. Plus I talk on the phone at the maximum 15 minutes per day and most days I don’t even talk on the phone so there’s no reason for me to get that 1 hour more of talk time. Thanks but no thanks.
Tristan L
Tristan L Month ago
So.. no noise isolation/cancellation? I’ll stick with my first gen air pods then and save my money. That’s gotta be the only reason I would upgrade.
geek mee
geek mee Month ago
I am so disappointed in AirPod 2.0... I think I’ll try the new Galaxy ear buds... PSYCH!!
The difference is u have to pay 200 dollars just for a wireless feature. 🖕 apple I’m keeping my first ones.
mikefj2004 Month ago
“Significant changes” is a bit of an over statement
A person
A person Month ago
These aren’t really for upgrading, it’s for people who don’t have the AirPods. Also, I’d rather charge my AirPods with a wire than wirelessly, so basically it’s the same price, for people who don’t want to wirelessly charge it.
Ayoub Wajdi
Ayoub Wajdi Month ago
*Uh I dOnT sPeAk BroKe LaDy* *LIkE if U DonT haVe ThE 2Nd Onez uR bRokE uH* ^ §poiled kids be like
Nebzy Slays
Nebzy Slays Month ago
What’s the point of the wireless case
Robert Losha
Robert Losha Month ago
Lol Just as expected, absolutely nothing changed with the new airpods
Keelan Healey
Keelan Healey Month ago
Out of all the games it’s fortnite wow
emilia pts
emilia pts Month ago
i have the 2 but with the same case
Memes Month ago
AirPods two is not worth the buy, like, no black color, and who even needs hey Siri? I could just double tap on my AirPods. I could also care less about the wireless charging. no hate, just meh opinion
Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson Month ago
First gen is amazing enough. These are an insult
Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson Month ago
Underwhelming to say the least
Surfer dude VLOGS
Who's watching with airpods leave a like on this comment
Surfer dude VLOGS
Exactly bro
VLight Month ago
Surfer dude VLOGS You most likely liked your own comment
Strawberry Havoc
No joke i got a samsung ad for this video
ED Edits
ED Edits Month ago
Now it has a H1 chip. That’s the difference .
TheEndZoned_10 Month ago
If you don’t need it, then don’t buy it.
Brendan Bourke
Brendan Bourke Month ago
Apple Airpods 2 with wireless charging container is $319 in Australia, what a rip off Apple
kopicha Month ago
Another scam artist job from Apple. Surely many gonna fall for it regardless.
S1 Month ago
Lol Samsung is still better
Brian Lau
Brian Lau Month ago
Lol I just bought the 1st generation AirPods just last weekend. I guess I'm just gonna exchange them for the 2nd generation AirPods since I'm still within that 14 day return policy haha
Tay Smith
Tay Smith Month ago
Brian Lau lol might as well
Thanos Lee
Thanos Lee Month ago
too pricy for a small earphones.....use the money to buy useful things instead of this ripoff trash
Peter the Panda
Peter the Panda Month ago
Why buy this when Galaxy Buds for example already come with a wireless charging case out of the box. Obvious cash grab from Apple.
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon Month ago
Three letters. L O L
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Month ago
now its 2X faster for you to flex on your friends
A J Month ago
They are the same
Gerald Mack
Gerald Mack Month ago
Completely Disappointed, for one the main issue with AirPods is fit, didn’t even try to address that. Two compared to galaxy buds, less features, more money. No thanks Apple, I’ll get galaxy buds. Maybe when those wear out, *if* you have a comparable product for a comparable price, I’ll bite but knowing Apple, that won’t be the case.
Everyday WeWin
Everyday WeWin Month ago
This some bullshit honestly, I waited this long for this shit 1st gen shit. Next upgrade will be Samsung at least they are trying to improve the product
chris huntly
chris huntly Month ago
Give me a like for the Samsung galaxy buds. Each I'm using right now
Jamil Vints
Jamil Vints Month ago
New Airpods are like Jerry cloning himself.
SilvesterClash ClashRoyale-Gaming
Glad that I didn‘t for the AirPods 2 because I would be very angry
SilvesterClash ClashRoyale-Gaming
Basically a Upgrade makes no sense
Pahoa Productions
Pay more money for what again?? Ill absolutely pass on this product. sorry apple, won’t be getting my money
BeginningAndLast 7
I’m glad I have the old ones.
MR NON PC Month ago
I would like to know if the new AirPods have the latest version Bluetooth 5.0? Also can you connect them to a iPhone and a Galaxy phone at the same time?
Lxteishx Month ago
Does anyone no how to tell the difference between the 1 & 2 to make sure your not getting ripped off (£159 ones)
Nihil Sine Deo
Nihil Sine Deo Month ago
WHY, on their official video, the Airpods look seamless, but the actual product is glued together. I HATE that line and how quickly it collects dirt. From day two of using, that line was impossible to clean!
Samuel Beniuga
Samuel Beniuga Month ago
199 way too expensive for what the are
Simon Mortensen
Simon Mortensen Month ago
No noise cancellation? No IP rating? No new colors? No new volume touch gestures?
Els life ❤️
Els life ❤️ Month ago
Great Video ! I’m getting the new AirPods soon, so I’m glad I can see what they’re like .
木林 Month ago
Want to know the background music 🙏🙏
E E Month ago
She say " backwards compatible". That's the only thing she got right. Apple is definitely going backwards 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
E E Month ago
Apple ushers are ranging in the comment section...boy am I enjoying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
E E Month ago
I'm coming of this video now lol, I just wanted to see everyone's reactions.. I have reached my conclusion... Over 87% agree that they are disappointed in this product... Nothing is new apart from the case.. it's not new at all Case closed.....I'm disappointed and I'm not even a apple fan.I really thought it was gonna be more than just a case...SMH
Howlbeast Month ago
Is it splash proof yes or no? Water resistant/ sweat resistant
mhill Month ago
I’ve read all the Apple store details on the AirPods 2 specifications , but still came to watch Lexi say it lol
mhill Month ago
Sexy Lexy
Cyruss Tanola
Cyruss Tanola Month ago
Just made my decision on which wireless earbuds I would buy. Ill go with the galaxy buds thank u very much
E E Month ago
Good choice
Alexander Sokolov
People here think that Apple forces you to upgrade. You don’t have to. But newcomers will appreciate the upgrades.
E E Month ago
alicia Month ago
no one: me with my airpods 2: "hey siri"
Sofly213ks Month ago
“Wtf did I just watch” So they got a new wireless case charger. Oh the phone still don’t charge my AirPods! AirPods--Airpods 5s? Something big has happen at Apple today folks😂😂😂😂. Some things still don’t change.
Anthony Freire
Anthony Freire Month ago
let me not get them, but get the wireless charging case. sound quality is the same....sooo, i’m good. lol.
Sidharth Prekash
W1 chip to H1 chip.... The biggest upgrade yet! 🤦
Mrs manveer lisa Gurjar
Disappointing only color white 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Santania Month ago
Airpods 2 same shit as the first lmao meanwhile Samsung buds, able to adjust EQ, ambient noise etc
Jack Month ago
Galaxy buds, because black.
Aaxion bradley
Aaxion bradley Month ago
am I the only one who thinks she is hot af
Sekhar K
Sekhar K Month ago
That background music is too loud, and it's very hard to hear what you saying. Directors/Editors - play music at the beginning and at the end to get similar effect without annoying audience. Thanks
Tommy Later
Tommy Later Month ago
The only difference is that the case know supports wireless charging. SMH
meds Month ago
Haha this a freakin joke the isheep will say this is a revelation..... omg how embarrassing....
ラインRain Month ago
Should have called it the Airpods S
E E Month ago
No difference... money grabbing product.. only thing thats nee is the case lol... The case alone cost £80 that's ridiculous and not worth it.
Alaa Ghathith
Alaa Ghathith Month ago
haha still tooth brush design ..... ugly, galaxy buds is too much better with more features
MPBeast Month ago
People who own airpods are so poor. pfft can't even afford wires
Free Bandz
Free Bandz Month ago
I shoulda bought the AirPods 1 long time ago I’ve waited literally to buy the same one
ラインRain Month ago
FBG 23 they’re the same price ( just have to pay extra for the wireless charging case 👀 )
TBT Month ago
Yeah Apple user your money machine for Apple brand (y'all are bunch of fools)
supreme one
supreme one Month ago
These aren't airpods 2, there just airpods 1.5
haider hlsk
haider hlsk Month ago
Nothing interesting here. Next Video please!!
haider hlsk
haider hlsk Month ago
In other words, adding features that already exist in other wireless earpuds
ramen Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tim Crook
Randomguy Month ago
so basically nothing changed?...
ben wa
ben wa Month ago
Thank god it looks the same as my first gen AirPods, no need for upgrade to flex on my poor friends
Haim Green
Haim Green Month ago
She's so sexy ...
KinglyDecay Month ago
How embarrassing..... Plus CNET obviously sucking up to Apple. Jeez....
kickassez Month ago
will there be black ones?
gutenmuach Month ago
After 2 years of airpods 1, the new airpods should have more features. Wireless charging should have come standard, not extra (just like iphone xs should have got a fastcharge for its price tag). Imho, im a bit over and tired of Apple and its price tag with not much improvement.
Captain Clarate
Captain Clarate Month ago
*Finally, now I can flex on airpods users with my new airpods*
Timo Tio
Timo Tio Month ago
0:11 While the're look pretty similar to the old airpods in the outside *IT'S NOT SIMILAR AGAIN BUT IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE OLD* HEY
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed Month ago
My fake airpods already have wireless charging
Jason Fan
Jason Fan Month ago
More like airtoothbrush
Mikeal Ellington
Sad, right after Galaxy Buds came out they are adding a wireless charging case and yet again claim innovation. $199 for literally Airpods 1, with a little less latency and a new case. At this point, you pay for the brand, the logo. Apple is probably one of the greediest companies at this moment. My Wife who always loved Apple and iPhones is finally making the switch, she's had enough of this repetitive BS and corporate greed.
E E Month ago
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