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Thirty-seven years and millions of miles later, the legendary Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 lives on with new technology and a new look.
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Apr 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Techy Manish
Techy Manish 5 days ago
I purchased this shoes from online store, can anyone tell how to check the authenticity of the shoes
Jp111 5 days ago
Bring the PEG TURBOS back . Cant believed they have being discontinued
Vadim Ussenko
Vadim Ussenko 16 days ago
Pegasus turbo 2 за 6500рублей. www.avito.ru/kazan/odezhda_obuv_aksessuary/nike_zoom_pegasus_turbo_2_9us_1993862806?
KËSHÅV RÀÏ 16 days ago
soobieSTI 17 days ago
lol he said “peg”
Zmasacngfyovredr Ksiatehrerrai
1:11 love this momment
Sloppy Beaner Boi
Sloppy Beaner Boi 24 days ago
This is a shitty commercial from a shitty PC Company, and it haunts me in my sleep. I hear “what makes the Pegasus Unique!” over and over ;(
Robert Hooton
Robert Hooton 26 days ago
Love the shoe but, can't make the heel counter lock in no matter how I lace it...the heel slips...I've been wearing Pegs or lately Vomaro's for the last 20 years...they locked solid with simple lacing. These are thinner back there & the pressure ' lower'. Would be GREAT . Hopefully they fix this in the next model. Nobody from Nike will see this....lmao. RRH
Erik Steenkamp
Erik Steenkamp 28 days ago
True it is a reliability shoe
Shiva Thakur
Shiva Thakur Month ago
So these aren't really suitable for guys because it has 15PSI which is suitable for women and guys should go for a model with 20PSI?
Лука Божић
WoW Just WoW
tru tube
tru tube Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-DZKJHk-vpzY.html . THE SECRET OF THE PEGASUS.
Enjoy songs
Enjoy songs Month ago
Obi Wan
Obi Wan Month ago
Loved the design but these crippled my knees, flat feet/pronation issue.
Pcyloeyx _
Pcyloeyx _ Month ago
You should see this video in the minute 5:00 because it is so awesome ruvid.net/video/video-fDaELQd0KC0.html ❤️❤️❤️ this Kuwaiti girl is amazing🇰🇼❤️❤️.
Soull Studio
Soull Studio Month ago
Never regret buying these pairs, love it!
Koodo 2 months ago
Ill buy these next year if they are still around
johy2007 2 months ago
Great marketing.
GFB13 Productions.
GFB13 Productions. 2 months ago
I just got mine in love them so much!!!! 🔥👟 Nike never fails!
Thiago Carneiro
Thiago Carneiro 2 months ago
egg test looks fake
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams 2 months ago
In my opinion the 36 is incredible and very reliable, when mine bust I'll probably buy another pair
javier ortiz
javier ortiz 2 months ago
Anyone else buy these and were disappointed
adekunbi aderibigbe
adekunbi aderibigbe 2 months ago
I wish to work with Nike one day it's a big dream of mine
The5GIO5 2 months ago
Aha, and why dont you give me the bag for the whole foot?
Feral Cat Hunter
Feral Cat Hunter 3 months ago
video begins at 2:57
Somkiat Arunrangsee
Somkiat Arunrangsee 3 months ago
best for run.
Issakrowth Rowth
Issakrowth Rowth 3 months ago
How much. I want this
KAUÃ VITAL 3 months ago
Só falta o dinheiro e o rim
A.B 3 months ago
React... sit thick zoom bag 🤤 take my money
Alexander Levan
Alexander Levan 3 months ago
А это что, женские кроссовки?
Ahmed Salm
Ahmed Salm 3 months ago
Please, please, Nike, help me, I want a sneaker running long distances on a solid floor like the street. What kind and new specifications
Ahmed Salm
Ahmed Salm 3 months ago
Please, please, Nike, help me, I want a sneaker running long distances on a solid floor like the street. What kind and new specifications
Ahmed Salm
Ahmed Salm 3 months ago
Please, please, Nike, help me, I want a sneaker running long distances on a solid floor like the street. What kind and new specifications
sebastian sanchez
sebastian sanchez 3 months ago
what a shame that having a bad ass namae as the Pegasus, they call them the peg...
D R 3 months ago
What's more impressive the Peg or the marketing? They probably just sold 500k shoes
NL 138
NL 138 3 months ago
My shoe is coming next week in blue can't wait
ゴーヤmzi 3 months ago
2:25 卵もったいねww
Teo Teo
Teo Teo 3 months ago
Adidas boost the best
Rowan L
Rowan L 3 months ago
Why does every person talking sound so edited lol
Рафаель Сакаев
Very-very good Video Thanks Forever Super Nike...
Sy Huang
Sy Huang 3 months ago
That egg test blew my mind!
Ascendence 3 months ago
we are all the same, we are human, there are no men or women, why divide humankind into these two categories? make unisex shoes RIGHT NOW!!!
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
lmao whats your problem you do relize that they make a men’s and women’s shoes to change the air bubble and make it harder for the men’s version because men are known to weigh more than women
Muhammad Umar Abdul Halim Abdullah
Why they have to differentiate men and women in the shoe making. That is sexism
Rhys 3 months ago
you're Indian, one of the most sexist places on earth lol
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
they made the pressure of the air bubble different because men are heavier so the bubble pressure is stronger to support their body
周宋 3 months ago
The Dude10
The Dude10 3 months ago
Dope. That's always been my favorite of all running shoes. I've been running with that shoe since my cross country team won a state title back in 1999. Amazing shoe!!
Lagartillo TV
Lagartillo TV 3 months ago
Gente muriendo de hambre y ustedes quebrando huevos 😑😑😑
Chinese Virus
Chinese Virus 3 months ago
Nike need to lower they prices bruh. Make this pegasus worth $80 and I am all in bruh
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
compared to other running shoes it’s a really fair price in my opinion
Ilya Maximov
Ilya Maximov 3 months ago
balls test please
badwith names
badwith names 3 months ago
im still gonna stick to buying the 35s as i can still find em those were soo god.
1217이시원 3 months ago
아우 지루해
vaibhav jain
vaibhav jain 3 months ago
For a second i thought i was watching an Apple advertisment of new shoes and then i realized its Nike acting like Apple
Rick Hambric
Rick Hambric 4 months ago
How about make a 15 wide in another color other than black/white...
random ting
random ting 4 months ago
Why isnt pegasus 37 not available in singapore nike website??
Cho kin Ho
Cho kin Ho 4 months ago
They look like KD8
Kalevi Ummer
Kalevi Ummer 4 months ago
Before you buying Nike you must try Mizuno Ultima 11 and you will forget Nike forever.
look like really nice
Hugh McGrane
Hugh McGrane 4 months ago
Feels like this shoe has lost the original essence of the Pegasus, this looks like something completely different. Sad to see
Anita Rathore
Anita Rathore 4 months ago
The only problem is that the shoe is a bit expensive.
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
it’s quite a fair price for new pegasus shoes
OhPlease a
OhPlease a 4 months ago
Props for the commercial, less likely that it lives up the hype.
Вячеслав Ильин
Что за дичь вы мне втираете какое яйцо, хочу 4 пластины как у Кипчоги и всё
DII MDP 4 months ago
The 33 and 34 were by far the best, how the 36 got put into production I don’t know as it was a terrible shoe, anything would be an improvement
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
i personally loved the 35s
Bruce Wu
Bruce Wu 4 months ago
same Zoom Bag as "Why Not zer0.3"
Chris Lu
Chris Lu 4 months ago
Nice video. Support pegasus series
Christopher Truong
Christopher Truong 4 months ago
So there is a a version of the pegasus 37 that I only found on eastbay in which the outsole was different. The outsole resembled that of a zoom gravity and zoom fly 3 together. Has anyone else seen this?
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
no most likely fake because the 37 hasn’t been released at that point
ultraryman 4 months ago
Bradfrey Kasang - Life Of An African
i MADE A LITTLE NIKE PROMO. yall let me know what you think. You can just skip to the actual part on 4:10@
Your First Brand
Your First Brand 4 months ago
Nike the best brand in the world!
Rango N
Rango N 4 months ago
Am i the only one imagining funny things about half horse half wing animal?
Edward Reyez
Edward Reyez 4 months ago
But side of the sole is easy to crumple.. you can see it in 1'59"
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
you do relize that does not change the performance of the shoe?
YOGITA TAPAR 4 months ago
That's a hard boiled egg for sure....I can bet on that too
Sergio Moreno
Sergio Moreno 4 months ago
Sebastian Polverigiani
This model is just for women? This is what your marketing department is telling me with this video...
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
it’s for men and women
Allan Cyril
Allan Cyril 4 months ago
15 people required for naming a fucking shoe🤦🏼‍♂️😂...... end of the world
Gerald Edberg
Gerald Edberg 4 months ago
waiting for 2e version..until pegasus 99
Rft Brşk
Rft Brşk 4 months ago
i miss my Pegasus Bowermans. Nike didnt produce shoes of that quality for years.
PHTHRN 4 months ago
Background music is sound familiar but I cant remember. Anyone know?
Giap Nguyen
Giap Nguyen 4 months ago
Looking for chapter 2 lol 🤣
Ken Tan Schneider
Ken Tan Schneider 4 months ago
Egg Testing’s been done by Asics decades ago.
Кокаиновый Джо
Зачем он одел очки когда яйцо кидал ?
Raul Rojas Villa
Raul Rojas Villa 4 months ago
I star Running since 1984 .., watching Joan Benoit in the LA olímpics ... I was used Pegasus ..., Pegasus ..., Pegasus and for compite Nike American eagle., Mariah..., the sock races.., ... but the elite shoes was the Pegasus . I was the faster man alive ...The Flash !,, ⚡️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️
Dzemal Selimovic
Dzemal Selimovic 4 months ago
When are the new once coming out?
Justice O
Justice O 4 months ago
OMG!!!! Coach Bennett!!! Thanks for always pushing me on the NRC app! 👍🏾
Guishe Van
Guishe Van 4 months ago
Las cápsulas de zoom son una basura y algo ya antiguo, no duran nada, hay que enfocarse en react y cosas nuevas.
Kim Ohgn
Kim Ohgn 4 months ago
Okay, and Where's man's version?
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
there is a mans version
Siva kumar
Siva kumar 4 months ago
Nike always ensures that it creates an impulse in the viewers while presenting every product. Also honours sportsmanship. Branding redefined.....
John Major
John Major 4 months ago
Black mirror?
Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings 4 months ago
Nope. Still boycotting Nike! Stick with Kofuzi and others when it comes to holding Nike accountable for their actions.
Kradisasht 4 months ago
Thank you nike, for giving me joint pains with your high heel runner shoes
Muchamat Irfanodin
Muchamat Irfanodin 4 months ago
Hello.. May I have quastion..? How about grade ori jersey and original?
iPGTV 4 months ago
Just Another Shoe, marketed by using Queen's English ...... :)
В гостях у Аркаши .
And the sole of these sneakers will decompose in 3 months? Nike Air Max 90, 95, 97, Nike Air Max Command, Nike Air Max Plus TN, Nike Air Max One, Air Max Flair 50 do an excellent job))
Rhys 3 months ago
Nobody want that doo doo looking ass shoe, they are terrible for running
Rob Jorg
Rob Jorg 4 months ago
bought new pair of nikes from nike and found they feel cheap. considering to move on after 30+ years of wearing nikes. this woke commercial is just bullshit, thats a turn of too
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
don’t buy running shoes then?
Miloš Vasin
Miloš Vasin 4 months ago
But Monarchs IV have Full Length Air Unit.
vinod 4 months ago
scotthunter4 4 months ago
The Ford Focus of the running shoe world. Average. Glad I picked up the last 2 pairs of discounted Epic React 2 for £63 in the Nike April sale. Nike's last proper light weight high cushioning shoe.
Kant Limpitaks
Kant Limpitaks 4 months ago
Sad for wide feet runners :(
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 3 months ago
there is a wide foot and slim version
감구방 4 months ago
할머니 줜나 멋있네
Tomioka Project
Tomioka Project 4 months ago
Let's see if we can get runners to refer to it as "the peg".
ItsKaptainMikey 4 months ago
anyone else notice how fake the egg test looked?
Rhys 3 months ago
uh the egg bounced then cracked on the hard surface kid
suraj amom
suraj amom 4 months ago
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