AIMS 6000 watt 220 Split Phase Inverter - Home Emergency Backup Power

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Demonstration of using an AIMS 6000 watt 220 volt split phase inverter to plug into a home breaker box as an emergency backup power supply from a 24 golf cart battery bank during a power outage. An 8/3 cord at 125 ft long was used for the connection from the inverter's sub-panel breaker box and the home breaker box.

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Mar 21, 2016

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basspig 28 days ago
I'm revisiting going off grid about every other year as tech improves. The bottleneck right now seems to be storage. Batteries are expensive and have to be replaced often. Super capacitors are very low voltage and you need an enormous number of them and they are absurdly expensive, but no practical limit on charge cycles. I have to run a recording studio, a mini IMAX theater with 20,000-watt sound system, a large venue 4K projector, numerous computers for rendering video and animations, a full electronics shop full of test equipment, 3 air conditioners of 24,000BTU each, electric range, oven and clothes dryer. Our 13,000-watt generator struggles with these loads. My goal is to maybe get the computers running off a smaller solar inverter system, since they're on 24/7, including our web server, but eventually, I want to get the whole house on solar. I found a 120,000-watt inverter ($29K) that would fully replace utility power with no compromises on living style, but battery storage could run six figures alone. It needs to be a big system with a low impedance, so that voltage regulation is good and rejection of noisy loads prevents noise from being injected into the output of the inverter (a huge problem with generators of small sizes). Then I need to cover a 36x50' roof with 325W solar panels to charge the batteries and store sufficient power to get us through over night. The goal is total off grid living. Just being connected to utility power runs us $200 monthly with zero kWH use. Normal use runs $743 monthly. Getting impossible on social security!
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Month ago
I had not intended to bash your video because your idea is solid you simply only have just enough knowledge of this type of equipment to be dangerous; instead of putting in a safe and proper install you are basically getting lucky with a slip shod job without it blowing up in your face. You should make a copy of the installation specs. including all parts with their model numbers used to put this system together and send it to your local electrical inspector's office. They are always looking for good training videos that don't bore the class to tears and I am positive this will be a big hit. Make sure to include the you tube video. These guys are always looking for a good laugh. Your first noob give away was when you were still using incandescent bulbs instead of LED, plus the wrong wire and breaker size (big safety mistake).
Kandela Brown
Kandela Brown Month ago
What a mess!
Steve Loomis
Steve Loomis Month ago
Humm, NO followup. Must have fallen on its face.... Poor choice of batteries. If you are running a test, why leave the solar panels dirty???
Gary Raum
Gary Raum Month ago
Can you send your setup in a step by step instruction style manual? I have a smaller system and wish to upgrade
elboricua caguas
can you make a diagram on how you did the batteries connection and share with us ? thanks in advance
Ako Ito
Ako Ito 2 months ago
Ser kindly answer me, how much the price cost of your industrial inverter?
Paul Shalom
Paul Shalom 2 months ago
@ prestonstroud Nice vid. . Thanks for sharing.You may want to get the Remote LCD for the Aims Inverter. It will give you the most accurate info. Also, raise the angle that your solar panels are laying at. They'll be more efficient. Get a hose and a long handle squeegee for easy cleaning of those panels. I'm about to get that 4000 watt Aims with a bank of battle born batteries.
kelhawk1 2 months ago
I've used one of these off grid during the past 7 summers, but find the non adjustable standby feature absolutely useless for home power. It's been a great inverter, and I'm not sure if the current Power Saver feature is still set up like mine, but most users may find it takes too large of a load to turn the inverter on...perhaps because it's marketed as an "industrial inverter"? lol. Sounds very impressive, but not real practical when you have to leave this big ass inverter running all night just to keep the fridge going, or turn on the bathroom light at 2 a.m. If you mentioned the AIMS standby "Power Saver" feature, I must have missed it...but then I previewed and skipped the parts of the video where you were obviously not talking about the subject of the video. (i.e. most of it) In my experience the idle current is just too high for *any* off grid homestead, and since my mini refrigerator won't even fire it up, I am about ready to install my old Trace DR1500 alongside the AIMS. I'd be curious to see the difference in typical morning charge levels, and will trade the 4500 more watts the 6000W AIMS has for the precisely adjustable standby settings on the 1500W Trace.
kelhawk1 Month ago
Here's an update about my AIMS Global LF. After installing my ancient Trace DR1500 in parallel with the AIMS 6000w Global LF with the useless "Power Saver" feature, my dawn charge levels have gone from a typical 80-85% to no lower than 95% so far. This after running two mini fridge all night. By 9 to 10 a.m., my eight Trojan L16's are on float, as monitored thru a shunt by Bogart Engineering's Trimetric 2020. Having just installed a 220 volt welder outlet for my Mig, which the 120Volt Trace won't power, I needed a way to easily, safely, and cheaply, transfer the power into my AC breaker panel, from either one inverter or the other. Obviously a transfer switch is the best solution, but not cheap. So... I wired a 50 amp range cord, with a 4-prong, 14-50 plug, into the main lugs of the breaker panel, and wired a 14-50R receptacle to the output of each inverter. I basically plug the breaker panel into either the 220V, pure sine wave AIMS or the 120V modified sine wave Trace. Since neither inverter is fused for more than 50 amps, the 50 amp entry hardware should be fine. I used a jumper wire to connect the two 110 legs in the receptacle for the 120V Trace, so both sides of the breaker panel would continue to be energized when unplugged from the 220V AIMS inverter into the 120V Trace. Some issues could arise if the breaker panel is unplugged under load; or if I forget to shut my new 220V welder outlet's breaker off, and try to use welder while it is being energized by the 120V Trace, the welder and/or inverter could be damaged. Since I can't imagine even needing the AIMS online *unless* I am using the welder, I am not concerned about the welder outlet, and I rarely unplug *anything* while under load. Someday I may post a video titled "Poor Mans Transfer Switch", but oh how much simpler if my 6000 watt AIMS inverter's standby power saving feature would work half as well as the precisely adjustable one on the Trace. I guess it's about time I contacted customer service, lol.
kelhawk1 Month ago
@Joseph Smith I found nothing offensive in your post, and extend my sympathy with regards to your recent experience with death. My wife of 20 years, then my 35 yr old stepson, both shot themselves, in 2002 then 2006. A long story, but let's just say "SSRI anti depressants" and leave it at that.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Month ago
Actually, I am working on a climate controlled building right now which will house a lot of computer equipment hence the climate control and also a lot of security for this expensive setup but once I am finished I want to start a solar power project to see how much of the actual power used daily can be replace with solar power. I will need something in the range of 10,000 to 15,000 watts not counting the AC unit which will be the best energy saver unit possible and also the high volume high cfm industrial fans for the air flow through which is to be used as much as possible until it just gets so hot the AC has to be used to help. I plan on using only the highest quality inverters available. For this setup I will be looking for some good high wattage solar panels to produce as much wattage as possible keeping the efficiency, safety, and price in mind. I will most likely be running my panels in sets of approx. 6 per set. Most will be connected in series due to the fact that series wired panels will increase the amperage output to easier charge your battery system and also do not need large gauge wiring anywhere in the system so your cost is greatly reduced by installing several sets of panels this way and you can rest easy knowing that you will always have good charge on your batteries. Now the two or three sets of panels wired parallel with each other will greatly increase the amperage giving me more power to run the heavy duty devices. Keep in mind that wiring in parallel adds the amps together and wiring in series adds the volts together producing a quicker and stronger charge to the batteries. Now there are a couple of big drawbacks to each wiring configuration. For instance; panels wired in parallel will give you more amperage while the sun is out but won't provide enough voltage to keep the batteries charged for night time use and down time for repair work. Also the increased load in amperage requires much, much larger gauge wires and more connectors, breakers, etc, or you will damage your system. For this reason I plan to place my parallel wired panels as close to my inverters and batteries as possible to reduce the amount of expensive large qauge wire. The drawback of the panels wired in series is that one damaged panel or connection will reduce the the whole output of the unit to what the damaged unit is producing. This is why I recommend setting up your solar array in sets of four to six panels or more depending upon your budget. This way you are not dependent upon one unit, therefore one problem or mistake is not so serious. The biggest and most attractive value to using a solar system wired in series is that all the wiring can be kept to a minimum of size and approx. 10 gauge wire is the most common needed and nowhere near as expensive as the other setup and if you build your solar panel system as I suggested in 2 or 3 separate systems of 4 panels each then 1 minor problem will not completely shut you down while you repair the problem. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST. One more thing and I will shut up and end this long post and let you readers get back to much better things. It is very important or I wouldn't add it in. The batteries that you will use in your solar system are most likely one of the top 3 or at least top 5 items in the whole setup. Without them you are not going to be doing much if the sun is down. Also, with the amount of quality batteries needed for your system to perform the way you want; I am not even going to bother to ask it they aren't just about the most expensive parts you will have to get. To the point; these "Charge Controllers" that are placed between the solar panel combiner boxes and the batteries are not all the same and it is very important that you get the proper one for your particular system. This doesn't mean more money or more expensive, just the right part for the job. Now, you will hear a lot of different things about these items, some of which are just misinformed information, some or it plain out lies by the salesperson to get you to buy the one they have, sometimes just plain ignorance; not knowing the proper one to use. First off the charge controllers are not a one stop part that does it all for every different system. I will tell you the two biggest mistakes that are made when choosing the right controller for the job and the go around so you don't make the same mistake. For one thing, technology is coming along nicely and we are getting close to the point where most all " charge controllers " are to the point that they will work with all batteries but this has not always been so. Some " charge controllers " are made for use with lead acid batteries while others are for use with the newer gel type batteries and you need to make sure you are getting the proper one. However this is simple and not the big mistake I have been referring to. This is actually one of the reasons I will build may solar array in sections. One or two sections wired in parallel and installed as close as possible to your installation system (batteries, breaker box, power inverters, and wiring connections) will give you some added oomph to your power and by installing it close; cut way down on your costs (For believe me, when you go to installing #8 wire, every inch is going to hurt your wallet), then use the remainder or your solar panels wired in series because you can use #10 wire for most all of the wiring and it is a drop in the bucket compared to the other costs and you will desperately need these configured this way to keep your batteries charged, maintained, and healthy. Now THE BIGGEST PROBLEM. This is why I choose to maintain solar array units consisting of solar panels between 4 and 8 per each unit. There is no code or law that tells you how many charge controllers you have to use or can use. For that matter you can install 3 controllers on a 6 panel system with each panel producing 150 watts. The reason is very simple. When the charge controllers first came out, installers were expected to know what to use for what and now technology has taken over and reduced most of the strain. I said most NOT ALL. Depending upon the brand, size, model, etc. every solar panel has a different output of various power. Wattage being out main topic but they also produce amperage and volts all from the suns rays. A power converter in only capable of receiving an input of so much wattage from your collection of solar panels before it is overloaded. This is why installers normally use one converter per four or five panels. The converters being manufactured and sold on the market today are suppose to have overload protection to keep problems like that from happening but people who install solar panel systems will still use a charger controller box per approx. 6 solar panels and depending upon the panel specs. hook it up along with around 4 or 5 deep cycle batteries (Batteries used for solar power is a very controversial issue). Most Charge controllers are inexpensive so there is no reason not to use plenty of them to charge the batteries. That is what they are for anyway; use the dang things. The Power Inverters are where the cost comes in. People want that solar power converted into the batteries converted into AC power to run their computers, charge their cell phones, and all the other real neat convenient things people use in these modern days. SO DON'T BLOW UP YOUR POWER INVERTER BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO CHEAP TO BUY ENOUGH FOR THE JOB. THEY COST LESS THAN A MEAL AT RED LOBSTER. Sorry about giving you a hard time about your post. It is no usually my style, been having a hard time lately, death comes knocking when it wants so I am a little out of sorts. Sorry about mistreating you. you put a lot of work into that project.
Jacob Wellington
Jacob Wellington 2 months ago
jesus man you need some LED lights
Where does this inverter buy ...?
Michael Balamuth
Michael Balamuth 3 months ago
I'm not sure where you live, but in most States it is illegal to wire a system like this without an interlock to prevent the inverter putting voltage into the system while the Main Line is still connected. If you electrocute a lineman, you'll go to jail and worse.
Kwantize 4 months ago
i have one for sale $1000
Amos Bardemorilla
Amos Bardemorilla 4 months ago
Specs from the manufacturer please.
MrDavidelliottjr 4 months ago
Very nice.
Diesel Power
Diesel Power 5 months ago
dual power sources should have an interlock at that main house panel. don’t blow up your inverter lol
Stuartbe 5 months ago
Yay... Widowmaker cable AND no interlock on the utility incomer ! You would be shot, hung, shot again, drawn and quartered in the UK :-D
joseph wright
joseph wright 5 months ago
your shop lights pull 10 amps? get led's. reduce your load by a factor of ten
Pricedownmall 6 months ago
Thanks for the information and feedback on the inverter.
Billy Joe Mac Allister
Aims is a good quality low frequency inverter. It'll run anything. 99% of the public buy junk High frequency inverters and expect them to perform and run AC's Motors and inductive heating type elements. =P Not gonna happen ever!
M I 7 months ago
What if your breaker box is in your basement?
DrinksumConcrete Me
DrinksumConcrete Me 7 months ago
Don’t touch the metal gate after the house power feed gets hot
RD channel77
RD channel77 7 months ago
Adventures With Amber
RVing Live The Dream
Looking to get a 4000 watt. Nice video. Thank you.
NQIS Steve
NQIS Steve 7 months ago
Wow bud that was one fucked up video anyone watching this please use it as a perfect example of what NOT to do.
Grey Lewis
Grey Lewis 7 months ago
Watch this video only if you want to see how NOT to do any of this.
Central intelligence TM - Ci TM
There's no replacement for the brilliance of your mindframe and works. Thank you for sharing it, and, if you ever run across anyone giving away equipment, such as, but not limited to, solar, batteries, water heaters, etc., motorhomes, property, any craft, be they amphibious, aerial, terraneal, spacial, subterraneal, etc., that can be converted into motorhomes, etc. please let us know, because we can use as much as we can get. We are attempting to save the omniverses, as well as existence, so we have to acquire as large of fundings, budgets, etc. as possible, and, within those restrictions, have as many motorhome command centers, properties, equipments, supplies, etc. as possible, from which to function, with which to successfully do our works, etc.. Sincerely, Predada Severa™, Ci™ - Central intelligence™ of these omniverses, which are the innards of God™ (Godr™); agent of CiEPA™ - Central intelligence Existence Protection Agency™, CEPA™ - Central Existence Protection Agency™, EPA™ - Existence Protection Agency™, CiA™ - Central interall Agency™, etc. of GO™ - Government of Omnia™, the Omniversal Government™ - OG™ which supersedes, governs, etc. all within these omniverses, etc.
Luis Toribio
Luis Toribio 8 months ago
tiene que ordenar los inventos en orden logico para poder programarlos(memoria logica)
nsacrooks 8 months ago
Omole Ogedengbe
Omole Ogedengbe 8 months ago
This installation is perfect, nice work guys.
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 8 months ago
What can I do so that this does not happen, in theory these investors support up to 150% of its capacity for a time of 10 seconds. I hope a quick answer will be of great help
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 8 months ago
Greetings friend, I tell you that I have an inverter of 6,000 whatts, I have connected according to the manual, but this stops generating and turns off activating a fixed alarm, this only happens when you connected an inductive load, example when you connected a clothes washer
dan wells
dan wells 9 months ago
if i had all that money you put in that system id give it to the electric company and never have to pay another electric bill for the reds of my life plus
Cedrix Rosario
Cedrix Rosario 9 months ago
I like your equipments but the way you wiring them is a mess
Gordon Logan
Gordon Logan 9 months ago
Scary electrical. Rethink the wiring.
DL 9 months ago
I just bought the 24v 4000W 120v 'single phase' version. used #6 wire. automatic transfer switch works. Haven't really been able to load her down but - So far so good...........!!!
Paul Shalom
Paul Shalom 2 months ago
I'm About to buy one to pair with 2 Battle Born batteries and 4 270 watt panels.. Will add more batts/Panels as I go. Aims are among the Best in the game..
Joel Frese
Joel Frese 10 months ago
Preston, those batteries can't cycle down to zero, right? Won't that destroy them? I was thinking of doing something like this at the house but using the 18650 batteries like what TESLA uses. Also, I heard the lead-acid batteries "gas." I'm curious how this has worked over the years. You posted this in 2016. Great video, btw! Thank you. I've learned a lot from it.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Month ago
@P Roppo Another bit of knowledge that may never be needed or ever recalled again but the 18650 batteries are not impervious to low voltage drain. I have personally seen a pair of brand new high volume, high drain, and of course rechargeable Li-ion Overcharge&Overdischarge Protection batteries be completely drained of power due to a short somewhere constantly drawing power all the time unknown to anyone at the time. The first pair of batteries were returned for replacement with no response so we chalked it up to faulty merchandise but when the second set fell upon the same fate we decided that 18650 batteries could be ruined in a short amount of complete drain time with no chance of recovery no matter of recovery method used and we kept an open mind on that.
P Roppo
P Roppo 4 months ago
This is an excellent point that most people miss when comparing batteries. The lead acids are done at 50% (and that is pushing them) while the lithiums are good down to 80%. Better cold performance too. I'll never do lead acid again.
prestonstroud 10 months ago
The heavy duty 6v golf cart batteries can cycle down to 10.5v before the system will shutdown to protect the batteries. Yes, the lead acid batteries will gas. After about 7 years, the batteries just would not hold a decent charge any more. I have downsized the bank and started replacing with newer batteries.
Riku Koivisto
Riku Koivisto 10 months ago
clowninbeat 10 months ago
where did you buy that in-line current/volt meter that is reading your panels? what is the model if you have handy?
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 10 months ago
Hola me puedes apoyar con la configuración de los dip swich
Defjamsgreen 10 months ago
Can you do an update of your solar system ? How it’s doing now ? Any new additions and , or upgrades ? Is it still up and running ? How is the power input and output AC and DC ? Did you have a chance to use it anytime when there was an outage , or just to save on the electric bill ,especially anytime day or night ? Or grid tie ? This would be a great presentation. You can check out my solar setup videos because this AIMS inverter is a very good product as like Magnasine , Outback , Powerjack , Sigineir , GT power or any Low Frequency power inverters. Thank You .
9000jimboo 10 months ago
please install a TRANSFER switch and do not use Male to Male hot plugs. I do a lot of stupid stuff with power, but this is really really really bad and you could fix it for $35-40... mater of life and death. 240v at that amp is insta-death
Mr Sunshines
Mr Sunshines 7 months ago
the transfer switch is built into the inverter numbnuts maybe you should jump on the website and learn something before you embarrass yourself any worse
Albert Ciafre
Albert Ciafre 11 months ago
Dude buy some CFLs and LEDs. Ditch those halogens. At least be smart with the power you generate
David James
David James 11 months ago
Your case may be an exception cuz of limited roof space, however, in general, I find it odd that people butt their solar panels up against each other, making it more difficult to clean them. I leave gaps between my panels so I can easily walk in between them and clean them.
Cesar R
Cesar R Year ago
to make a alternative power source is the most stupid to think on Solar Panel just the batteries will suffer in the end is not a lot saving
Albert Wolanski
Is that inverter a pure sin or modified?
prestonstroud Year ago
Pure sign wave inverter. But AIMS sells both types
DL Year ago
code issues aside, for a first foray...nice job. Good tenacity. I'm looking at this same inverter at my house.
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty Year ago
Nice set up
Larry Richelli
Is is a pure sine wave inverter?
Robinson Soto
Robinson Soto Year ago
very impressive, nice setup
rodney hendrickson
I love your setup That inverter is the same one I'm going to get I'm not near that far yet I'm just at 550 solar watts with a 400 watt inverter But I will get where your at before to long
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Year ago
Switch the lights to led and save a lot of amps.
Roger Baker
Roger Baker Year ago
NICE SYSTEM. I have the same brand of system.
GMoney Year ago
WOW! That thing is a BEAST!
Hamidu Lumeh
Hamidu Lumeh Year ago
How can I get one of that inverter
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Year ago
Also don't disconnect fuses or wiring on your panels without disconnecting the load first. You generate a terrific dc arc if you do. Bad things happen if you do that.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Year ago
Also you need a professional electrician to do this. Cable has to go underground in conduit at least 18" down. You need an interlock or transfer switch (manual or automatic). You also need to have subpanels properly wired (bond wires and neutrals not connected) in case you drop a neutral you don't electrify the box.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Year ago
If you put an interlock on your main panel (at least do that) you can only run from grid or solar but not both at the same time.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Year ago
Your panels will only produce the wattage required by the load. So if you only are running 5 leds it will only pull 50 watts from the panels. I would put your necessary emergency loads in a subpanel with a double throw safety switch between them. This allows everything to run from the grid or the larger 220 volt items from the grid and 120 volt items from the solar at the same time. You then don't need to turn the main breaker off when you use solar. I have this system on my home.
Faidul islam sheikh ফাইদুল ইসলাম শেখ
When inverter on and inverter output load free, ( no load current) how much current shows in battery line?
P Mc
P Mc Year ago
Sounds like Jesse pinkman
juan j vives
juan j vives Year ago
Esta intalado en un nave extraterrrste jajajaja
Edward Darst
Edward Darst Year ago
Wish you guys all the best
MD KALAM Year ago
how much
Dave Green
Dave Green Year ago
Wow, so many dangerous and illegal things going on here. As a certified electrician I have never seen so many code violations in one place. Better hope no electrical authorities watch this video...
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Month ago
Hey, everybody stop and look around. Take a look at what's going down. The black choppers are touching down and the first thing they grab is that loose cord in the yard sliding around. lmao
Michael Hayde
Michael Hayde Year ago
hi I need one of these inverters
Fook Utube
Fook Utube Year ago
I have a noob question, why not a 12v battery?
prestonstroud Year ago
I had 12v and then upgraded to 24v. I have 2,900 watts of solar panels at 37v. The solar panel voltage is reduced to the battery voltage of 12v. This was causing the wiring to overheat and get extremely hot. I upgraded all the wiring but it was still an issue. After upgrading to a 24v system, the overheating problems went away. Picture 2,900 solar watts must be pumped through the wires. 12v is like pushing 2,900 watts through a drinking straw so it must go faster and push harder to get the same energy through. 24v is like pushing 2,900 watts through a water hose, so it can go slower to get the same energy through and does not overheat.
Rick Ruehl
Rick Ruehl Year ago
I changed all my lighting to LED. Guess this is a 2 year old video so I assume you did that already. For cool inside lighting, I used RGBWW strips inside an aluminum channel with opaque diffuser. Essentially my lightbulbs are between 6 and 14' long. I have remotes for each channel and change my lighting to any color and warm white if I want to read and any brightness. For outside lighting on a large acreage project I used Inductive lighting that lasts 60000 hours and is more efficient than LED. I had to make brackets for the lights out of aluminum tubing as each extension was $400 per pole. Cost to build was $40 plus some fun time with a mig welder. a 50w bulb up 20 feet covers about 100feet radius at night. It was rediculous to use 6 gage wire but that is the smallest overhead wire made. (triplex). 14 lights pretty much covers 5 acres where you can see the ground and not trip over things. I used 4000k frequency so it is like about 11am in the morning for the color of light. Nice layout. I would guess in 2018 you will switch over to Lithium when those deep cycles wear out. Watching guys use chevy volt batteries. They are way cheaper and not as good but useable than tesla batteries. Good use for Volts, better than their cars.
prestonstroud Year ago
Yes, a few years ago we switched to florescent and now we are slowly switching to LED lights in the house. We have seen a nice drop in electric bills just from the lighting change.On the Batteries, they started going bad. I reduced the 24 golf card batteries down to 12 and replaced about half of those to improve the performance.Nice ideas you have for providing lighting to help in emergencies.
dalepres1 Year ago
STOP! DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO unless you like the thrill of danger. This is about the worst video on electrical work I have seen. They call them suicide cords for a reason. RUvid really should require a license to post.
M I 7 months ago
dalepres1 THANKS....
Roger Baker
Roger Baker Year ago
Can you tell me if this is normal ruvid.net/video/video-4iev5IjsxsE.html
Jacob Wellington
8g is not rated for 50A. Its rated for 40A. If you run 50A through it youll trip that 40A breaker or melt the wire if the breaker fails. Please know what youre doing before touching electrical...
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Month ago
knowledge is power, take it where you can get it. A good education costs a great deal of money. Take some advice before you end hurting someone.
C Now
C Now 6 months ago
You sound like a genius...make a video for us to watch.
Arturo Meuniot
is it pure sine?
Arturo Meuniot
prestonstroud thank you for the fast response.
prestonstroud Year ago
Yes - the AIMS is a pure sign wave inverter
Francisco Araujo o original
Parabéns Belo trabalho.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Year ago
do you have a central air conditioner, what is the capacity
John Dabatboni
Hey nice set up!!! No more electric bills ! Is that single phase 220v ( 2 hots)?
Albert Wolanski
Match with the sketch on the inverter, the neutral goes on your center rail of the fuse box. The hots on the sides.
Arthur Valmont
prestonstroud Local power is Input = 220Vac. Input: 220VAc. What is the output configuration. How to setup split phase?
prestonstroud Year ago
It is 220v split phase so each leg is 110v with separate phase. This runs large 220v machines
Karl Jensen
Karl Jensen Year ago
Man, your only human. Forget the right sequence and it could be expensive or deadly. Get a transfer switch. Than anyone can switch over too.
Paul Shalom
Paul Shalom 2 months ago
The aims has an automatic transfer switch.
Dev Raj
Dev Raj Year ago
hello sir is ki price kya hai Iske baare mein Hindi mein de India me kitne ka pattha hai
Sanit Attri
Sanit Attri Year ago
Dev Raj मैंने चेक किया है यह Flipkart पर 85000 का है
new2 countryLIFE
Is there a specific name for your connector, from inverter to house breaker panel?
mitchsays1 Year ago
Junk! I bought the same one and it didn't last a year. Junk!
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