AIMS 6000 watt 220 Split Phase Inverter - Home Emergency Backup Power

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Demonstration of using an AIMS 6000 watt 220 volt split phase inverter to plug into a home breaker box as an emergency backup power supply from a 24 golf cart battery bank during a power outage. An 8/3 cord at 125 ft long was used for the connection from the inverter's sub-panel breaker box and the home breaker box.

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21 мар 2016

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Pricedownmall 19 часов назад
Thanks for the information and feedback on the inverter.
michael ryan
michael ryan 11 дней назад
need to get your panels at about 60 degrees and get a mppt charge controller for them also keep batteries warm and really importantly you cant run power into panels from both ends wtf if you pull the wrong switch or someone else does have you ever seen an arc flash well theres videos on here of 250 lb men being vaporized in seconds literally nothing left of them when we commision we evacuate the building and pull the transfer switch in a michelin man asbestos suit you dont even have a transfer switch - that said i can see you tried and youre smart but the codes the generational wisdom and experience of thousands read it obey it at least for the big stuff
Billy Joe Mac Allister
Billy Joe Mac Allister 23 дня назад
Aims is a good quality low frequency inverter. It'll run anything. 99% of the public buy junk High frequency inverters and expect them to perform and run AC's Motors and inductive heating type elements. =P Not gonna happen ever!
M I Месяц назад
What if your breaker box is in your basement?
DrinksumConcrete Me
DrinksumConcrete Me Месяц назад
Don’t touch the metal gate after the house power feed gets hot
Amber & John Homestead Projects
Amber & John Homestead Projects Месяц назад
RVing Live The Dream
RVing Live The Dream Месяц назад
Looking to get a 4000 watt. Nice video. Thank you.
NQIS Steve
NQIS Steve Месяц назад
Wow bud that was one fucked up video anyone watching this please use it as a perfect example of what NOT to do.
Grey Lewis
Grey Lewis Месяц назад
Watch this video only if you want to see how NOT to do any of this.
Ci TM Месяц назад
There's no replacement for the brilliance of your mindframe and works. Thank you for sharing it, and, if you ever run across anyone giving away equipment, such as, but not limited to, solar, batteries, water heaters, etc., motorhomes, property, any craft, be they amphibious, aerial, terraneal, spacial, subterraneal, etc., that can be converted into motorhomes, etc. please let us know, because we can use as much as we can get. We are attempting to save the omniverses, as well as existence, so we have to acquire as large of fundings, budgets, etc. as possible, and, within those restrictions, have as many motorhome command centers, properties, equipments, supplies, etc. as possible, from which to function, with which to successfully do our works, etc.. Sincerely, Predada Severa™, Ci™ - Central intelligence™ of these omniverses, which are the innards of God™ (Godr™); agent of CiEPA™ - Central intelligence Existence Protection Agency™, CEPA™ - Central Existence Protection Agency™, EPA™ - Existence Protection Agency™, CiA™ - Central interall Agency™, etc. of GO™ - Government of Omnia™, the Omniversal Government™ - OG™ which supersedes, governs, etc. all within these omniverses, etc.
Luis Toribio
Luis Toribio 2 месяца назад
tiene que ordenar los inventos en orden logico para poder programarlos(memoria logica)
nsacrooks 2 месяца назад
Omole Ogedengbe
Omole Ogedengbe 2 месяца назад
This installation is perfect, nice work guys.
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 2 месяца назад
What can I do so that this does not happen, in theory these investors support up to 150% of its capacity for a time of 10 seconds. I hope a quick answer will be of great help
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 2 месяца назад
Greetings friend, I tell you that I have an inverter of 6,000 whatts, I have connected according to the manual, but this stops generating and turns off activating a fixed alarm, this only happens when you connected an inductive load, example when you connected a clothes washer
Ken Soopen
Ken Soopen 2 месяца назад
if i had all that money you put in that system id give it to the electric company and never have to pay another electric bill for the reds of my life plus
Cedrix Rosario
Cedrix Rosario 3 месяца назад
I like your equipments but the way you wiring them is a mess
Gordon Logan
Gordon Logan 3 месяца назад
Scary electrical. Rethink the wiring.
DL 3 месяца назад
I just bought the 24v 4000W 120v 'single phase' version. used #6 wire. automatic transfer switch works. Haven't really been able to load her down but - So far so good...........!!!
Joel Frese
Joel Frese 4 месяца назад
Preston, those batteries can't cycle down to zero, right? Won't that destroy them? I was thinking of doing something like this at the house but using the 18650 batteries like what TESLA uses. Also, I heard the lead-acid batteries "gas." I'm curious how this has worked over the years. You posted this in 2016. Great video, btw! Thank you. I've learned a lot from it.
prestonstroud 4 месяца назад
The heavy duty 6v golf cart batteries can cycle down to 10.5v before the system will shutdown to protect the batteries. Yes, the lead acid batteries will gas. After about 7 years, the batteries just would not hold a decent charge any more. I have downsized the bank and started replacing with newer batteries.
Riku Koivisto
Riku Koivisto 4 месяца назад
clowninbeat 4 месяца назад
where did you buy that in-line current/volt meter that is reading your panels? what is the model if you have handy?
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 4 месяца назад
Hola me puedes apoyar con la configuración de los dip swich
Defjamsgreen 4 месяца назад
Can you do an update of your solar system ? How it’s doing now ? Any new additions and , or upgrades ? Is it still up and running ? How is the power input and output AC and DC ? Did you have a chance to use it anytime when there was an outage , or just to save on the electric bill ,especially anytime day or night ? Or grid tie ? This would be a great presentation. You can check out my solar setup videos because this AIMS inverter is a very good product as like Magnasine , Outback , Powerjack , Sigineir , GT power or any Low Frequency power inverters. Thank You .
9000jimboo 4 месяца назад
please install a TRANSFER switch and do not use Male to Male hot plugs. I do a lot of stupid stuff with power, but this is really really really bad and you could fix it for $35-40... mater of life and death. 240v at that amp is insta-death
Mr Sunshines
Mr Sunshines Месяц назад
the transfer switch is built into the inverter numbnuts maybe you should jump on the website and learn something before you embarrass yourself any worse
Albert Ciafre
Albert Ciafre 5 месяцев назад
Dude buy some CFLs and LEDs. Ditch those halogens. At least be smart with the power you generate
David James
David James 5 месяцев назад
Your case may be an exception cuz of limited roof space, however, in general, I find it odd that people butt their solar panels up against each other, making it more difficult to clean them. I leave gaps between my panels so I can easily walk in between them and clean them.
Cesar R
Cesar R 5 месяцев назад
to make a alternative power source is the most stupid to think on Solar Panel just the batteries will suffer in the end is not a lot saving
Albert Wolanski
Albert Wolanski 6 месяцев назад
Is that inverter a pure sin or modified?
prestonstroud 6 месяцев назад
Pure sign wave inverter. But AIMS sells both types
DL 6 месяцев назад
code issues aside, for a first foray...nice job. Good tenacity. I'm looking at this same inverter at my house.
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty 6 месяцев назад
Nice set up
Larry Richelli
Larry Richelli 6 месяцев назад
Is is a pure sine wave inverter?
Robinson Soto
Robinson Soto 6 месяцев назад
very impressive, nice setup
rodney hendrickson
rodney hendrickson 6 месяцев назад
I love your setup That inverter is the same one I'm going to get I'm not near that far yet I'm just at 550 solar watts with a 400 watt inverter But I will get where your at before to long
Peter Holman
Peter Holman 7 месяцев назад
Switch the lights to led and save a lot of amps.
Roger Baker
Roger Baker 7 месяцев назад
NICE SYSTEM. I have the same brand of system.
GMoney 7 месяцев назад
WOW! That thing is a BEAST!
Hamidu Lumeh
Hamidu Lumeh 7 месяцев назад
How can I get one of that inverter
Peter Holman
Peter Holman 7 месяцев назад
Also don't disconnect fuses or wiring on your panels without disconnecting the load first. You generate a terrific dc arc if you do. Bad things happen if you do that.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman 7 месяцев назад
Also you need a professional electrician to do this. Cable has to go underground in conduit at least 18" down. You need an interlock or transfer switch (manual or automatic). You also need to have subpanels properly wired (bond wires and neutrals not connected) in case you drop a neutral you don't electrify the box.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman 7 месяцев назад
If you put an interlock on your main panel (at least do that) you can only run from grid or solar but not both at the same time.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman 7 месяцев назад
Your panels will only produce the wattage required by the load. So if you only are running 5 leds it will only pull 50 watts from the panels. I would put your necessary emergency loads in a subpanel with a double throw safety switch between them. This allows everything to run from the grid or the larger 220 volt items from the grid and 120 volt items from the solar at the same time. You then don't need to turn the main breaker off when you use solar. I have this system on my home.
Faidul islam sheikh ফাইদুল ইসলাম শেখ
When inverter on and inverter output load free, ( no load current) how much current shows in battery line?
P Mc
P Mc 7 месяцев назад
Sounds like Jesse pinkman
juan j vives
juan j vives 7 месяцев назад
Esta intalado en un nave extraterrrste jajajaja
Edward Darst
Edward Darst 8 месяцев назад
Wish you guys all the best
MD KALAM 8 месяцев назад
how much
Samir Alhejaj
Samir Alhejaj 8 месяцев назад
Does this inverter operates refrigerator!
prestonstroud 8 месяцев назад
Yes, I have tested the inverter with refrigerators, large shop equipment, power tools, lighting, computers, TV, etc. This inverter will power ALL home lighting, freezer, refrigerator, microwave, multiple computers, TVs, etc ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
Dave Green
Dave Green 8 месяцев назад
Wow, so many dangerous and illegal things going on here. As a certified electrician I have never seen so many code violations in one place. Better hope no electrical authorities watch this video...
Michael Hayde
Michael Hayde 8 месяцев назад
hi I need one of these inverters
Fook Utube
Fook Utube 9 месяцев назад
I have a noob question, why not a 12v battery?
prestonstroud 8 месяцев назад
I had 12v and then upgraded to 24v. I have 2,900 watts of solar panels at 37v. The solar panel voltage is reduced to the battery voltage of 12v. This was causing the wiring to overheat and get extremely hot. I upgraded all the wiring but it was still an issue. After upgrading to a 24v system, the overheating problems went away. Picture 2,900 solar watts must be pumped through the wires. 12v is like pushing 2,900 watts through a drinking straw so it must go faster and push harder to get the same energy through. 24v is like pushing 2,900 watts through a water hose, so it can go slower to get the same energy through and does not overheat.
Rick Ruehl
Rick Ruehl 9 месяцев назад
I changed all my lighting to LED. Guess this is a 2 year old video so I assume you did that already. For cool inside lighting, I used RGBWW strips inside an aluminum channel with opaque diffuser. Essentially my lightbulbs are between 6 and 14' long. I have remotes for each channel and change my lighting to any color and warm white if I want to read and any brightness. For outside lighting on a large acreage project I used Inductive lighting that lasts 60000 hours and is more efficient than LED. I had to make brackets for the lights out of aluminum tubing as each extension was $400 per pole. Cost to build was $40 plus some fun time with a mig welder. a 50w bulb up 20 feet covers about 100feet radius at night. It was rediculous to use 6 gage wire but that is the smallest overhead wire made. (triplex). 14 lights pretty much covers 5 acres where you can see the ground and not trip over things. I used 4000k frequency so it is like about 11am in the morning for the color of light. Nice layout. I would guess in 2018 you will switch over to Lithium when those deep cycles wear out. Watching guys use chevy volt batteries. They are way cheaper and not as good but useable than tesla batteries. Good use for Volts, better than their cars.
prestonstroud 9 месяцев назад
Yes, a few years ago we switched to florescent and now we are slowly switching to LED lights in the house. We have seen a nice drop in electric bills just from the lighting change.On the Batteries, they started going bad. I reduced the 24 golf card batteries down to 12 and replaced about half of those to improve the performance.Nice ideas you have for providing lighting to help in emergencies.
dalepres1 9 месяцев назад
STOP! DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO unless you like the thrill of danger. This is about the worst video on electrical work I have seen. They call them suicide cords for a reason. RUvid really should require a license to post.
M I Месяц назад
dalepres1 THANKS....
Roger Baker
Roger Baker 9 месяцев назад
Can you tell me if this is normal ruvid.net/video/видео-4iev5IjsxsE.html
Jacob Wellington
Jacob Wellington 10 месяцев назад
8g is not rated for 50A. Its rated for 40A. If you run 50A through it youll trip that 40A breaker or melt the wire if the breaker fails. Please know what youre doing before touching electrical...
Cezar Nowowiejski
Cezar Nowowiejski 9 дней назад
You sound like a genius...make a video for us to watch.
Arturo Meuniot
Arturo Meuniot 10 месяцев назад
is it pure sine?
Arturo Meuniot
Arturo Meuniot 10 месяцев назад
prestonstroud thank you for the fast response.
prestonstroud 10 месяцев назад
Yes - the AIMS is a pure sign wave inverter
Francisco Araujo o original
Francisco Araujo o original 10 месяцев назад
Parabéns Belo trabalho.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 11 месяцев назад
do you have a central air conditioner, what is the capacity
John Dabatboni
John Dabatboni 11 месяцев назад
Hey nice set up!!! No more electric bills ! Is that single phase 220v ( 2 hots)?
Albert Wolanski
Albert Wolanski 6 месяцев назад
Match with the sketch on the inverter, the neutral goes on your center rail of the fuse box. The hots on the sides.
Arthur Valmont
Arthur Valmont 8 месяцев назад
prestonstroud Local power is Input = 220Vac. Input: 220VAc. What is the output configuration. How to setup split phase?
prestonstroud 11 месяцев назад
It is 220v split phase so each leg is 110v with separate phase. This runs large 220v machines
Karl Jensen
Karl Jensen 11 месяцев назад
Man, your only human. Forget the right sequence and it could be expensive or deadly. Get a transfer switch. Than anyone can switch over too.
Dev Raj
Dev Raj 11 месяцев назад
hello sir is ki price kya hai Iske baare mein Hindi mein de India me kitne ka pattha hai
Sanit Attri
Sanit Attri 11 месяцев назад
Dev Raj मैंने चेक किया है यह Flipkart पर 85000 का है
new2 countryLIFE
new2 countryLIFE Год назад
Is there a specific name for your connector, from inverter to house breaker panel?
mitchsays1 Год назад
Junk! I bought the same one and it didn't last a year. Junk!
mark peters
mark peters Год назад
Well at least in the day you need no lights so things charge for at night. so If you have 120 volts by power company you have to take off breakers for inverter( not phased in ) I hope storm and lightning don't hit your cables. Do you have a spare inverter just in case?
Doug Harker
Doug Harker Год назад
Lion Jordan
Lion Jordan Год назад
I think you've done great job , Can I get your e-mail because I have some questions ?
Dennis Wall
Dennis Wall Год назад
Aims may be good for a back up power source, but sucks for Off Grid Solar. I have been through 4 of the same inverters in 2.5 years. Took 4 months to receive the last replacement and it lasted 11 months. I have since bought a Go Power Inverter and no issues for over a year. Really nice system you have.
Steve W
Steve W Месяц назад
I use an Outback VFX 3524, and it's worked great for 9 years and counting. (yeah, it was expensive, but it's reliable).
praveen mukhiya
praveen mukhiya 2 месяца назад
Dennis Wall
KG Salvage
KG Salvage 6 месяцев назад
I guess some and good and some not. I have an aims that I've been using for 8 years. I had lightning strike my windmill directly 8 years ago an fried the whole system. Had the previous one for 2 years.
Jim Huntley
Jim Huntley Год назад
The Go Power units are very dependable. I love mine. Mine is six years old and used 24/7/365. A near lightning strike took out the GFCI, but the inverter was still good!
E2A CENTRAL Год назад
Nice job sir
vipleather Год назад
Clean it up. Dogs like to chew stuff. Might have a dead dog the next day.
Ken Jones
Ken Jones Год назад
cheif i got 10kw generator for 650.00 wired in for. 100.oo and i sleep well no worry bout house burring down or replacing golfcart batteriesoll
The Reynolds
The Reynolds 6 месяцев назад
Ken Jones If you got a generator wired for $100, then you should get it double checked.
Den Stump
Den Stump Год назад
Batteries and inverter is better really for many reasons. Like no noise, power 24/7, clean steady power no surges etc. With generator only have power when it is running guzzling fuel. If not wanting solar or wind power, then a small generator could be used during power outage to charge batteries if they drain to low. Only need to run genny a few hours a day at lower load for charging thus saving money on fuel etc... But still have 24hr power. Being at end of line on crappy rural power grid I had many power issues like random 105v and 125v dips and surges and some power outs for 1-5 minutes randomly etc... all bad for electronics! Rather than run a tiny Ups for each item I just installed inverter with batteries to run 1/2 the house! Kept charged with grid power and provided perfect clean power to all important stuff. We can lose power for the dumbest reasons anytime. Onetime was without grid power 1-2 days, they said a racoon got into sub station shorted and fried a transformer or something. No problem for me, batteries and inverter ran entire time. Ice storm ripped down lines and busted poles and I was without power for over 2 weeks a few years ago. No problem for me! I just ran generator about 4-5hrs once every 2 days as needed to charge batteries, otherwise life as normal at my house. Wow, gas/diesel about $4-$5 a gal here then, just think the cost to run generator 24/7 if I had not had batteries and inverter. Solar at the time was about $4 a watt which is why I did not have it then. At about $1 watt ( less in volume and wholesale now) I am putting in solar. I have had some panels stored for emergency use for years, not installed though because if tornado kills the house it would certainly take the solar also. This way if I lose the house but live I can still have power for anything that still works. LOL Not a paranoid nut, just realistic. Over the last 20 years lost power many times, sometimes a few minutes or few hours, a couple days, and 2 weeks + Also been missed 2 times by tornadoes, 1 about 5 miles North, other about 5 miles south.
Lee Ben
Lee Ben Год назад
My God I bet that's a very expensive unit with the amount of batteries you have to hooked up to it my God how much is the total cost of the unit with batteries.
Ken Mack
Ken Mack Год назад
This is the worst inverter I ever used the AM radio bussed seventy five feet away from our home and testing with a Fluke scopemeter what a terrible sine wave. Within a year the inverter stopped working sent it to Amis and they wanted $750.00 to repair it and could not explain why it failed being shut of for three months. If you are going solar find one that has a lower transits and harmonics on the power line, Over time people get sick
Roger Baker
Roger Baker Год назад
Commie Slayer
Commie Slayer Год назад
What the author of the video calls "pollen" is in reality chemical component dispersal by planes. It is called geo-engeneering, chemtrails, aerial spraying. It is a menace to our health and agriculture.
gravelydon 4 месяца назад
Commie Slayer, Are you really that crazy? What you call Chemtrails are nothing more than contrail from the exhaust of the engines. They are formed from the compression of water molecules in the air and being heated and then cooled. Watch a video from WW II sometime and you'll see recip engines doing the same thing at about 20,000 ft or higher. And here in Florida, the ground, cars, homes, etc... can turn yellow from the Pine pollen. Known facts not made up BS.
Commie Slayer
Commie Slayer Год назад
COUNTER-NUT! Are you trying to convince me that the haze over the horizon which stretches from the ground up to 30K-40K feet elevation is a pollen? Did you ever notice planes leaving long and expanding lines behind them which turn in to this haze all over our country??? Do you have any idea how really blue sky looks like and any idea about natural cloud formation??? If you don't have any of these knowledges you have an opportunity to upgrade it instead coming here and making hideous statements. What you call a "Pollen" is actually restricting the sun rays to reach fully these solar panels diminishing full functionality of these panels.
Den Stump
Den Stump Год назад
NUT! Pollen is fact of nature!
Edgar Acosta
Edgar Acosta Год назад
Nice system, but other comment was correct just need to tidy up a bit, I would love to know where to get the red led inline amp and voitage meter would like to get a few for my 48v system. I like to be able to see at a glance with out having to toggle or look close up at my charging system
prestonstroud Год назад
I also really liked that in-line red led amp and voltage meter. After about 12 months, it blew. I ordered another from either Amazon or ebay and replaced it. Some time later, that one blew too. I think I was sending too many amps at a low voltage. I was running about 80-90 amps at 24 volts through it.
patrice constant
patrice constant Год назад
Hi use a good mppt controller for this system you will get the maximum power from your solar panel
Aleksandr Filatov
Aleksandr Filatov Год назад
Hallo How much amps you get if you swith of all lights, conputers, and all stuff. I want to know how much it drains without load when all is turned off? is there some kind of sleep mode?
prestonstroud Год назад
The inverter drained around 3 - 4 amps at 24 volts with everything unplugged but the inverter. It does have a sleep mode but I'm not sure what the amps are when in sleep mode.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Год назад
Also switch to led bulbs. An led bulb uses only 9 watts and is brighter than 1 60 watt incandescent bulb. Conservation is a must for solar systems.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman Год назад
If you don't mind a suggestion. On your main panel move the inverter circuit breaker to the top left and purchase a plastic interlock for about $35 of ebay made for your panel type. It provides a physical block that prevents you from throwing the inverter circuit breaker without first turning off the main grid power breaker. This prevents you from physically turning on the grid power and feeding it into your inverter and visa versa. You can also buy a transfer switch but they are expensive. I did this on my system and it works fine and is legal.
TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness
Pretty cool system. I need more because air conditioning is a must in South Texas....
Miru Mir
Miru Mir Год назад
This devide is China-made craft :))) and it means a lot
Vitalijs Kolesnikovs
Vitalijs Kolesnikovs Год назад
Our European company PWM also believes that the future is for solar energy. We produce solar and automobile inverters. Little by little we bring solar energy to the people: Our solar inverters are here: pwm.center
Defjamsgreen Год назад
I’m going to go solar on my home soon . I have the same exact inverter , and until I purchase the rest of the stuff , and with a lot of research , will referre to this video for the right approach whenever I’m ready to start installation . By far ,( this is one of my favorite video ) i watch from time to time along some others so I could keep the hookup as simple and safe as possible without all of that extra stuff and hookups everyone else be having that would be so confusing .
Defjamsgreen 7 месяцев назад
Just get a generator. No energy is free those batteries will die.
Den Stump
Den Stump Год назад
Generators die also! Often when most needed and just suddenly or from neglect being seldom used. A generator only provides power if running guzzling fuel, fine if you only want power couple hours a day maybe, 24/7 gets mighty expensive. You cannot store fuel for years, fuel dies fast! In a real emergency you may not be able to get fuel! Your not the only person needing fuels if grid is down, everyone with a generator needs same fuel! Major storms hit everywhere and destroy everything, anytime. What if nowhere to buy fuel! Drive through major tornado destroyed area to nearest station open about 100 mile round trip to buy what maybe 20gal gas to haul home and at what price? $5gal?? A few years ago gas was about $4gal normal price, and of course price gouging for any reason anytime they can. Batteries and inverter provide clean quite power 24/7 just need to keep them charged. Built right should store enough power for day or 2 at least. Can always just charge from generator if needed in a few hours and save tons of fuel not running it 24/7. With generator only either run it 24/7 or be without power when not running. Takes lots of fuel just to run with no load just to be able to flip on a light or tv at 2am, or keep the cordless phone on for incoming calls. Etc... Generators are not free either, change oil, filters, fuel, etc ... And may or maynot start easy or at all when most needed. Well taken care of good deepcycle batteries should last 10yrs or longer. Many generators do not. I have batteries that served me well for near 15yrs now and still good, been through many power outages over the years ranging from few minutes, hours, days, and even over 2weeks once. Just need a way to recharge them as needed during the longer power outages of course. Running a generator a few hours every couple days can work well to keep batteries charged, and Not running generator 24/7 for weeks uses less fuel etc.. And is better for the generator also. Solar and wind is best way to have emergency power for keeping batteries charged, but anything works when needed. Heck, if having to use generator it works fine but if generator blows up we could even charge from a running car 1 12v battery set at a time if we had to. Not great, but could be done. Generator only, if it blows your just screwed! If no fuel, your screwed.
Engr.Anwar Hossain
Engr.Anwar Hossain Год назад
How much price in Bangladesh..?
Hoa Dang
Hoa Dang Год назад
bạn ơi giá bao nhiêu vậy . có gởi sang việt nam được không?
Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr Год назад
I highly recommend to rework the positions in the panel and use an interlock. They are cheap and will allow you to have a safety "Either/or" power input into the main panel. You are on the right track and take your test set up and tweak it a bit . You will have a nice set up. The safety Sally's will be on your case, but I get what your doing. Your house, your peril. Thanks for the interesting video.
Jun Acaba
Jun Acaba Год назад
I have a question and I hope that somebody will answer this for clarification. I am wondering if you can use the 220v out put of the inverter to charge the batteries with the use of a charger?
Den Stump
Den Stump Год назад
You cannot use power from batteries to power inverter then use battery charger running from inverter to charge the same batteries you are using, no that will not work!
NSNorfolk Год назад
If you grab a copy of the National Electric Code and clean that up just a bit, you'll have a very nice (and safe) system. Still, I admire your tenacity.
Alfa Ms
Alfa Ms Год назад
how much amperes or watts it need on input?
Den Stump
Den Stump Год назад
How many amps any inverter needs as input from batteries depends on the devices being powered from the inverter and how long. The higher the load the more amps needed from battery. For example, my 12v Aims 5000watt inverter needs LOTS of battery amps to supply full 5000watts of power, but I have ran it many times just fine on 1 battery 12v 115amp hrs when I just needed to power a few tools that were not much of a load. Used it in truck to run small stuff like electric chainsaw, weed eater, drill, saws, etc... And 1 battery at 115amphrs was fine for those loads. Of course I needed much more battery amps to run my 2hp air compressor,
Sam Fusioncell
Sam Fusioncell Год назад
Mr. Stroud thank you for your efforts and results....I understand your only intention was to show an emergency back up working yet here is a what if question... can you reliably count on the AIMS to only start & run a central HVAC for at least 15 minutes (just to cool off the home) ? If yes, would you be comfortable letting the AIMS do one good thing only and just cycle the HVAC during peak solar and hot time of a day ? Given your 2900 watts of solar panels feeding 24 golf cart batteries how much time (during peak sun) could handle just one(1) smaller HVAC load (2600 watts consumed per 13.1 A @ 220 VAC). It appears from your concern about HVAC, running the battery's is valid.... but if only 15 minutes at a time were achieved to cool off a house... it would be worthwhile to simply switch back to the grid to maintain the cooler temps.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Год назад
I like the setup. Do you have the schematics and the parts list?
lexpee Год назад
I have fond the website looks good nice prizes. I found your inverter and I read that your inverter has a Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption of 29 Watts. That's quite Lot of energy. That's more than one amp in standby. My Victron inverter 24/800 that now is running have a self consumption of 7 watt. my big inverter 24/3000 have a self consumption of 15 watt.
lexpee Год назад
Hi AIMS what for brand is this? never heard of it. I like Victron that is a Dutch brand very good i have two inverters one for dally use 24v/800W 230V 50HZ and one 24/3000W 230V 50HZ for heavy loads as a Was machine, electric tools. Victron is good solid brand with a long service life, This brand make also 120v 60HZ inverters. www.victronenergy.com/inverters
Gary Rose
Gary Rose Год назад
they are filthy dirtythat will cut their power a lot
Nibiru Planet X
Nibiru Planet X Год назад
Listen You are only making half of what you are producing When your inverter converts D.C. To AC from the panels you must buy more panels to make up the conversion if your panels are producing 2000 watts D.C. Your inverter converts the power to AC when this happens you will only made 1000 watts ac so you have to make up the difference! I hope you understand what I am saying I have. 10.000 D.C. Watt system Here at the house but my system only produces 7500 to 8000 watts and I have an state other the art system Ok take care and get that cord off the grass!
Innocent Gabriel Dassanou
Innocent Gabriel Dassanou 2 года назад
Bought the same from Amazon. Excellent Inverter. Powers my whole house day and night from a 24 v 100 ah battery bank. l am very satisfied after a flawless year usage.
edesir 11 месяцев назад
UPDATE My AIMS failure was not the fault of the device but of the electrician who wired my breaker panel years before. I found that the bridge buss bar on the bottom of the panel was missing causing only one side of the common bar to be connected and forcing the other side to of hte common to travel tru the conduits to reach the common line. Found that out by accident while using my dryer and seeing tiny sparks at a conduit box. Anyway AIMS repaired my inverter which was slowly being short circuited and my new one is running just fine.
ezyfnef Год назад
Good man do you run an AC on it and whats the power specification of your AC unit?
edesir Год назад
Innocent Dassanou You are a lucky man, sometimes my charger has to kick in. I float around at 25.5v on most days. Sending inverter back for repairs and by the time it gets back my batts will be nice and healthy.
Innocent Gabriel Dassanou
Innocent Gabriel Dassanou Год назад
Good. I am in sunny Africa. Battery bank always full. No complains. Touch wood.
edesir Год назад
Innocent Dassanou I'm at 24/700 ah
Tom Bo Ros
Tom Bo Ros 2 года назад
What size/watts solar panel have you got?
Larry Oldenburg
Larry Oldenburg 2 года назад
6kw on 24v = stupid.
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