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SPOILER WARNING for all seasons of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.
This video turned out A LOT longer than I planned. I thought about splitting it up into two videos since the first part focuses on TCW season 7 and the second part focuses on Ahsoka & Anakin, but I think it flows better as one video, even though it ended up being over 12 minutes.

►Series/Film: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Revenge of the Sith
►Music: Zero Gravity / We Have to Go by Steve Jablonsky
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►My other Star Wars videos: ruvid.net/group/PLHAkMd_DCmn8iejPj0styEHCW1Q5s_uiI
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May 30, 2020




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Cantrous 3 months ago
Are you excited to watch a live-action version of Ahsoka in season 2 of The Mandalorian? I’m bummed that Ashley wasn’t cast as Ahsoka but I think that Rosario will do a good job so I’m looking forward to it.
Аня Моринова
can I have a musical score, please? 😻❤️✨
Der Depp
Der Depp 2 days ago
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen 4 days ago
Voice is a big deal, I just wish they would do voice overs at the very least.
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 7 days ago
@joseph morton I love how people keep using that Phrase that she isn't a jedi ? Do you know where they stoled that from ? Kyle Katern was the first to use the phrase. "I'm no jedi. I'm just a man with a light saber." I wish they would bring back Kyle Katern from the expanded universe. He was the first popular Grey jedi.
Starwarsy12 Something
Tipnotice first of all she’s not black she’s Latina. And who tf cares about her ethnicity. Rosario is a far better actress than Ashley is. You sound just as annoying as those sjws if you’re pissed about a woc being cast
Galxey 43 minutes ago
thanks im sad now
Messir 4 hours ago
This is magnificient.
Dalir Farzan
Dalir Farzan 4 hours ago
Not gonna lie -- she's pretty sexy. Would totally bang.
_Akatski 5 hours ago
I gotta say, thats one strong citizen.
Lumpy 7 hours ago
This video has showed up in my recommended so many times and I watch it every time.
Asma Nisar
Asma Nisar 8 hours ago
Ey I never knew Asoka still lives you didn't have to spoil it xD!
Jamie Walton
Jamie Walton 9 hours ago
The best life edit of Ashoka I’ve seen. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 *StandingOvation
Vookrin 10 hours ago
I prepared subtitles on Turkish this video and I'm waitin 2 months please accept my subtitle
En 15 hours ago
One of three people that successfully broke through to Anakin while he was Vader.
Vezexis 18 hours ago
Holy shit, Ahsoka went from an annoying brat I hated to my favorite Star Wars character aside from GM Luke and Revan... This is why Dave Filoni needs to be head of storyboarding at Lucasfilm
Gamer Cat Legend
Gamer Cat Legend 23 hours ago
I cried when Ashoka said “My older brother taught me”
pixie the canary
I honestly think they go better together than padme and anakin
Eddy A.
Eddy A. Day ago
Ahsoka is powerful because the Daughter put her life force in to her, in a way she is the embodiment of the light side of the force. The Jedi were not.
KucklePuff Day ago
Fuck that was good
Zelda Of Hyrule
I miss Ahsoka. Shhh, I am not Crying!! Your Crying!!
EJ Andrews
EJ Andrews Day ago
Ahsoka and maul two best characters in star wars
Jixyrover17 Day ago
Always been my favourite character and always will be ❤ beautiful
Kylowley Day ago
Man I hate rebels
Prime333 Day ago
Ahsoka went from annoying to one of the best characters to ever be in Star Wars. What an amazing show
Marcelo Gomes
Ahsoka is my favorite character in the Star Wars saga!
Mikhail Dulepa
Хорошая история...
Andrew Buley
Andrew Buley Day ago
I love this video, you did a good job Cantrous. Thank You.
Noone Noone
Noone Noone 2 days ago
Why the hell could we not get a Ashoka like character for the Disney Soy Wars instead of a poorly written piece of Bantha Fodder like Rey Mary-Sue Palpatine. Star Wars will forever be the true expanded universe, original and pre-quil movies, as well as the CLone Wars saga. Someone please tell me how a multi-billion dollar company can screw the pouch so bad and not produce high quality well written movies???? All they had to do is follow the EU.
Jack Warrick
Jack Warrick 2 days ago
I literally cried when I saw this.
Connor 2 days ago
My favorite edits: 5:37 7:25 8:19 10:51 12:15
Landon Swafford
Landon Swafford 2 days ago
Hello World
Hello World 2 days ago
Wow. That was a great video. Especially since I just finished Clone Wars last night. lol. I think I may have to watch Rebels again to fill in the gaps.
FluffyLorax 2 days ago
you tryna make me cry?
Lightsabers Review
near the 5:30 mark the was a part from the ahsoka book
Justin Marcotte
Justin Marcotte 2 days ago
All i can do is crying...
Aedin Pereira
Aedin Pereira 2 days ago
I love Ashoka
Аня Моринова
can I have musical accompaniment, please? ❤️✨😻
Kevin Arabian
Kevin Arabian 3 days ago
James Simmons
James Simmons 3 days ago
In 12 years Ahsoka went from no one knowing about her to one of the most important characters in the starwars saga. She was a more well built character than Rey was in the last trilogy.
Wesley Lawrence
Wesley Lawrence 3 days ago
Superbly done. Love Ashoka Tano.
rickyc714 3 days ago
This is giving me goose bumps. Thank you!
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 3 days ago
This was pretty amazing
Knives* 3 days ago
You nailed the emotions. The editing with a beginning, middle and end. Flawless video.
Benjamin Zipsie
Benjamin Zipsie 3 days ago
wow, that hit hard
WalamusPrime 3 days ago
This is such a fantastic edit, well done!
Before you fuck me ,I
too strong for a child lol
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 days ago
Not only Ashoka is hot as FUCK shes powerful in the force and her lightsaber skills are more badass than Rey, heck Rey wouldn't last seconds against Ashoka.
Take me high
Take me high 3 days ago
please watch my Star Wars video
Jorn De Vries
Jorn De Vries 3 days ago
What made Ahsoka a great character is that her actions had consequences. She led the fighter squadron over Ryloth, she disobeyed a direct order and almost lost the entire squadron. Sadly we didn't see this with Rey, she would have been a great character if she had to struggle more, and IMO it would have been better if she had been a "nobody". It would show that everyone can become great through determination and training.
thejoshernut 3 days ago
I Loved the Clone wars series but I find the Rebels hard to watch. I feel as though I need to now just to see Best Girl again. Well done with this! It gave me shivers..
Sean Sterio
Sean Sterio 3 days ago
I love it
Mike M
Mike M 3 days ago
If Disney ever decides to do the sequels right...I'd love to see a New Jedi Order...with Ahsoka as a master. A bit aged perhaps...but still with the spunk she never loses throughout the various series. She is if anyone, best suited to bring honor to the Skywalker name.
John Wolf
John Wolf 3 days ago
I dread the day that Disney puts their foul hands on one of the best characters in any fiction.
N1COLA3 3 days ago
That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
stompzilla1 3 days ago
I cry every time I watch this. This is the story that needs to be told in the next trilogy
Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer 4 days ago
BRAVO BRAVO!!! Very well done.
Phillip B
Phillip B 4 days ago
Ahsoka is the most amazing fictional character.
i am a person
i am a person 4 days ago
Not going to lie I started crying like 2 minutes into the video and I didn’t stop... clone wars was such a huge part of my childhood and it’s really touching to watch this and get flooded with all those memories... it’s really nice thank you
goert616 4 days ago
How is this possibly... Years ago at the beginning of clone wars i didnt liked her at all... But after these years and after the sequels she became the last thing that bring me back to star wars. Please dave filoni protect her character at all costs. And thank you Ashley to bring her to life
Rize Familz
Rize Familz 4 days ago
Watching this made me realize again just how awesome Ahsoka was
Paul Gill
Paul Gill 4 days ago
"She wasn't even a Jedi Knight" Yes she was. Had she forgiven the Order for turning its back on her, she would have been promoted. Yoda's line at the point in that episode meant as much. Further, after the events on Mortuus, it is theorized (and the bird flocking to her supports this) that she either became the daughter, or she at least carries the daughter within her. Ahsoka and Galen were The Daughter and the Son; while Anakin/Vader became the dichotomous representation of the Father. Luke was the chosen one that restored balance by bringing Anakin back.
lovewhispers68 4 days ago
Them: Star Wars fans are toxic and they just hate women characters. The reaction to this video disagrees vehemently. Her arc is one of the best written characters in the franchise, and I jumped out of my seat during her first scenes in the final episodes of season 7 Clone Wars. Please don't ruin her live action entrance in the Mandalorian
GamesAngel 4 days ago
One of the greatest battle in the entire series: Ahskoa vs Maul. She was the apprentice of the chosen one, and maul was the apprentice of Darth Sidious. You could argue that Ahsoka didn't have the same experience/level of training as Maul, but both of them were trained by the best, and that made an epic duel for us to enjoy.
Throatlasher Mommas Boy
I’m scared of the Mandalorian changing up Ahsoka since I basically grew up with the animated version
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 4 days ago
In My Experience, When You Think You Understand The Force, You Realize Just How Little You Know.
REDLEGION 4 days ago
Order 66 sucks so much ass but it’s hard to imagine Star Wars without it
Preston Lalimo
Preston Lalimo 4 days ago
this made my heart drop
Michael Esbay
Michael Esbay 4 days ago
well done video, yo be safe keep up the best work
Cookfighters 4 days ago
“Let me go, let me die” - Maul Maul saw what Anikan would become... and he didnt want that smoke.
syd bohne
syd bohne 4 days ago
Clone Wars and Rebels were written so much better than any of the Cinematic Star Wars stuff, except maybe Empire.
donald murray
donald murray 4 days ago
0:14 Awww they made Former baby ani look so dashing and hopeful^^
Syke Unsent
Syke Unsent 5 days ago
Touching summery of Ahsoka's life. I'm still curious after the end of Rebels what became of her and Ezra.
Gryml CZ [WarSpace]
Paladynwiecznegostażu zkrajupolszy
God damn it she easly became the most important character with the most interesting history out of this show... watching her become more and more mature over the years and seeing her now is just magical...
B. M.
B. M. 5 days ago
That is a great piece!
Jack Da-Witch
Jack Da-Witch 5 days ago
Holy crap, that gave me goose bumps, Great editing! Ahsoka has potential to shape so many young force users into the future.
Kazza Kk
Kazza Kk 5 days ago
Shes more Skywalker then Rey. And the best female jedi 👑👑
Shaiane O'Hara
Shaiane O'Hara 5 days ago
My favourite character is Ahsuka.
Senator Lux Bonteri
One of the best people I ever knew
Zuzka Ondrová
Zuzka Ondrová 6 days ago
I have to admit, i cried
marco polo
marco polo 6 days ago
wow thankyou.
Solaire 6 days ago
If you pause it and look at mauls saber hilt you can see he added his brothers lightsaber to his own to recreate his saber staff
Vinista 6 days ago
Kernuba 6 days ago
The first time i seen Ahsoka I fell in love with the character. When she walked away at the end of the season. I daydreamed of what she did after that. But of course I put myself in to the story helping her on her way to when she reappeared. But who wouldn't do that lol. I'm just glad she survived.
Skylarius 6 days ago
A portal between time and space.. What next? Is Dr Who going to show up. Time travel should not be a thing in star wars. Awesome montage though. :)
Just Soap
Just Soap 6 days ago
The force is strong in this editor
Ranger4josh 6 days ago
i feel like ahsoka leaving anakin was a big turning point on his journey to the dark side as she was his best friend and she left. i feel he may have loved her even more than padme in the end
Alec McDougall
Alec McDougall 6 days ago
If there's a scene in Mandalorian season two where ahsoka reunites with Anakin's force ghost, I might just cry
JMDarkly1 6 days ago
Well now. A female Star Wars character who is actually interesting, enjoyable, and badass. Strange, its almost like if you're willing to make an actual character and not just a forced 'icon', then people will actually like her. Odd, isn't it?
Stressed_Out09 6 days ago
fing made me cry. love it and hate it. i love it as its true. i hate it because it made all those scenes even more emotional.
Peter Karargiris
Peter Karargiris 6 days ago
Excellent, just excellent !
Rachel [ R ]
Rachel [ R ] 6 days ago
I'm just gunna go cry now, this is so beautiful. 💛😭💙🌸
Istranil 7 days ago
Ha... Do you remember the beginnings of Clone wars and how she was hated?
Stephen Hamilton
Stephen Hamilton 7 days ago
Well done sir.👍
MrBeans 7 days ago
Still great! loved the video! She is by far one of my favorite characters and has been for a loooong time! i love her! they should do a movie Saga on her. she has such an amazing story. I love when she grabs the sisters saber and shuts it down, showing just how powerful she really is , so epic.
Bowhunter328 7 days ago
Did Maul know about Order 66 when he say they were all going to die?
Theo T.
Theo T. 6 days ago
I wouldn‘t say he “knew“ per se, but he definitely felt that something was coming.
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 6 days ago
Patrick S T A R
Patrick S T A R 7 days ago
I wonder how captain oops I mean commander rex will be treated by darth Vader
theloniousMac 7 days ago
I am never as thrilled with any other Star Wars character as I am with Ahsoka. One of the greatest heroes in a far, far away Galaxy.
Matt Wood
Matt Wood 7 days ago
If only she'd never said 'Skyguy'...
zack noxim
zack noxim 7 days ago
nice vid i say star wars should live on make new stories also remake of the main story possibility & potential is endless
Jens Schmitt
Jens Schmitt 7 days ago
Makes me cry for every time watching this great clip
Ur boy Skinnywinny
Hello Anakin, my name is Kris Hansen. I have a couple questions for you, why don’t you take a seat...
Evan Clark
Evan Clark 8 days ago
Even though this show is animated, Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship is one of the best.
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