Agust D 'D-2' Mixtape Interview

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May 27, 2020




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Julika Ranjan
𝓗𝓮'𝓼 𝓼𝓾𝓬𝓱 𝓪 masterpiece🥰
annie 2 days ago
our genius 💜
임효은 2 days ago
너무 멋있어여ㅠㅠ
Kpopfan4ever 2 days ago
I like how Yoongi is able to express how he feels with confidence. Lil meow meow FIGHTING!
아니야 동양적인거 좋아 너무 좋아 앞으로 계속 동양적인 것만 내도 좋으니까 그 마침표 쉼표로 바꿔줘ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜ
Felicity Samaniego
Thank you Yoongi for giving your music to us. I enjoy it every day and love hearing your deep thoughts. I hope you are proud
Milad 2 days ago
موفق باشی مهربون❤
hongjoongsmehmehs _
min yoongi is the sexiest man on this planet idc what u say fight me 👊🏽
TashWashXO 4 days ago
The first time I watched this interview, 대취타 was the only song I heard off D2 and now I understand why he had been listening to 사람 a lot, it's such a beautiful song... so raw and real. It's my favourite off of D2❤
Naya D
Naya D 4 days ago
He really is a genius
Devlin LC
Devlin LC 4 days ago
I can’t imagine the world without a genius in music like Yoongi, even tho he didn’t wanted to become famous he just wanted to be a producer, but instead became one important member of the worldwide boy band and loved BTS, I’m so glad I met him and BTS as well, I fell in love with him the instant I saw him in the billboard picture.
Lawit Mnty
Lawit Mnty 4 days ago
Eilyn Ortis
Eilyn Ortis 5 days ago
Me gusta mucho chuga y a 2 mas
Shannon Kwon
Shannon Kwon 5 days ago
"가장 한국적인것이 가장 세계적"이라고 생각해왔는데 슈가씨의 대취타를 보고 전율을 느꼈네요. 정말 예술적 완성도 높은 곡과 뮤직비디오! 이건 상상 이상이라고 밖에 할말이 없네요. D-2전체 곡들도 너무 좋았고 이런 좋은 곡들을 무료로 누리게 만들어주셔서 감사합니다. 방탄의 아미로써 정말 자랑스럽고 사랑합니다. 앞으로도 한국 고유의 멋과 미를 또 보여줄수 있으면 좋겠어요.
YoongiStan 5 days ago
I enjoyed every song of the mixtape, it came up just 4 days before my birthday, and was the only thing that made me cheer up during my birthday, every lyric, every melody of this mixtape is unique and I'll be enjoying listening to it during my whole life, I have no doubt of that. I'm really so proud of yoongi, he can make a lot of things, he doesn't give up, he has a lot of thought, I especially liked the message of strange and people, he is really so thoughtful and I admire him for that. When the time comes, be it 1 year, 10 years or 50 years, I will be here, waiting for your music
YoongiStan 5 days ago
yoongi when he finishes speaking be like :]
Juliana Nóbrega
Juliana Nóbrega 5 days ago
He is soooooooo great! LOVELY...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
• cookykoo_
• cookykoo_ 6 days ago
Amal's world [English]
Agust D (Suga of BTS) New Song: Daechwita *Music* *Video* AWESOME
Paria Mokhtarian
Paria Mokhtarian 7 days ago
I'm proud of you yoongi ♡
shadow moon
shadow moon 7 days ago
This interview is really thorough
audrey 7 days ago
i love you!
Fares Elias
Fares Elias 8 days ago
Srishti Singh
Srishti Singh 8 days ago
Suga oppa I have came here again to say you a big thank you. You said that, "If you can't take control on anything put your hands on what you can change." This has helped me a lot. And I know that BTS will help us forever. Thank you again. You are my inspiration. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Olivia Bodden
Olivia Bodden 8 days ago
he’s such a genuine person and you can tell he put so much of himself into his music. instead of just mumbling the same 3 words over for 2 minutes, he’s actually pouring his soul into it. even when it’s a song like this that he describes as mainly for “auditory enjoyment” it still holds such weight and it’s so relevant. big hit really made a jackpot decision when they recruited him. there’s some people out there who have all the talent and tools they need to sprout and all they need is a platform. im happy that bighit has given him that platform to give us a piece of his mind. thankyou to min yoogi, suga, and agust d for blessing our minds with this mixtape.
Patricia Lopez Lema
there is nothing more attractive than someone talking about something they are truly passionate about, just like listening to Yoongi talk about the process behind D-2
Tina Lazaro
Tina Lazaro 9 days ago
I love you Yoongi suga Agust D 💜💜💜💜
Chhanda Pal
Chhanda Pal 9 days ago
Me who don't understands Korean and has to read that subtitles but got distracted by his face...bruh...am I the only one?
Srishti Singh
Srishti Singh 8 days ago
You're not alone. Count me.
eky shaiyg
eky shaiyg 10 days ago
방탄 소년단 💜😘
Alona Abigael
Alona Abigael 10 days ago
His insights are really impressive, especially when he said that his works are like letters for his future self.
Mỹ Hạnh Đặng
So great 💛
ماما حاجة
ماما حاجة 12 days ago
Overhaul ́
Overhaul ́ 12 days ago
Me gustó bastante el title track 👌
Bts & Army
Bts & Army 13 days ago
Yoongi I’m proud of you
Afifah Shaikh
Afifah Shaikh 14 days ago
Duh ppl us think Russia is the most largest country and BTS is famous there so MaGic !¡!¡!¡!¡!¡ Soooooo many Russian comments :)
遠藤律子 14 days ago
arki trig
arki trig 14 days ago
set me free is really calming
Nevriye Fırat
Nevriye Fırat 15 days ago
M. Asfand Raza
M. Asfand Raza 15 days ago
No one: Litteraly no one : Army in comments: talking about haters Me:I can't see any haters
Ai Dori
Ai Dori 15 days ago
Tzuyun 16 days ago
isnt it just so peaceful to listen to his voice with those bird noises ㅠㅠ
인형 한
인형 한 16 days ago
Let's be honest **It's not your first time here**
NaTahlia Miller
NaTahlia Miller 16 days ago
His voice is so soothing oh my
Hwasalalisa.m 17 days ago
*Agust D is a masterpiece* 💅✨
Siti Nurholisa
Siti Nurholisa 18 days ago
yoongi kamu gamtenk bgt hikd
ㅇㅁㅅ 18 days ago
신발 이쁘다 했더니 루이비통😭
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 18 days ago
OMG suga looks scary
umida rahmonova
umida rahmonova 18 days ago
Шуга оппа Я ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ😘😘😍😍Я безума от тебя😇😇😇Ты мой КОРОЛЬ👑👑
E vlog
E vlog 19 days ago
really love this man
Kim Claire
Kim Claire 19 days ago
You did a great job Suga. Congratulations.
Reitō Kirā
Reitō Kirā 19 days ago
"I'll be back when the time comes" sounds so badass and a perfect way to end the video
dolley Alamrone
dolley Alamrone 19 days ago
Jeon Jung kook
Jeon Jung kook 19 days ago
Say Damski
Say Damski 19 days ago
great standing applause for suga a.k.a agust D... thank you so much for great masterpiece in 2020..
Luzero M
Luzero M 19 days ago
Voto por subtítulos en español!!!!!!
Aaron 20 days ago
please keep spitting FACTS
Mila 20 days ago
방탄소년단 슈가 항상 곁에 있을게요
Mila 20 days ago
방탄소년단 슈가 음악으로 힐링 시켜주는 뮤지션들
suga holly9
suga holly9 20 days ago
i love you yoongi and thank you for the masterpiece💜
Kauane cantis
Kauane cantis 20 days ago
Gokhan Turgut
Gokhan Turgut 21 day ago
flwr honey
flwr honey 21 day ago
i love the way he talks and expresses himself even though sometimes he’s a bit scared to share his feelings and thoughts. thank you for being who you are! you and your music are truly amazing!
happyfeetdrama 21 day ago
first love this man. second his interlude is prob one of my fac things about the mixtape. (it screams picses energy) but it shows a different sound of his voice which is overall very awesome. i know singing isn't his thing but it was such a different thing I loved it a lot. this mixtape feels so close to him and I really connect with this work of art a lot
Rain Bow
Rain Bow 22 days ago
20세에 랩을 처음듣고 뭐야 했는데 48세에 랩을 처음으로 좋아하게 됨
My Vinne
My Vinne 22 days ago
I love the way he talked
Courtney G
Courtney G 22 days ago
I love how yoongi expresses himself through music. I fell in love with suga, yoongi, and agust d separately and then all as one beautiful, unique person. and I dont see myself ever not loving him. I dont care if it takes another 10 years for another mixtape, I will listen just as passionately. he is my inspiration
Courtney G
Courtney G 22 days ago
I'm sorry but the way he is sitting in the chair is so cute
모하메드사라 22 days ago
زهوي زهوي
زهوي زهوي 23 days ago
يا الله مع جمالك
Mila 23 days ago
Suga's mixtape is the best ever!!!!
이정민 23 days ago
Kim Byoungsu
Kim Byoungsu 23 days ago
아주 좋은 작품이었습니다 정말로 감사합니다 앞으로도 사극 스토리 더 믹스시키면서 좋은 음악주세요!
Ariana Loli
Ariana Loli 23 days ago
Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang man Bboong Bboong
the bird love daechwita song
BTS_V 23 days ago
난 진짜로 충격이였어....상상이상이야ㅜㅠ
Min_ Yoongi
Min_ Yoongi 23 days ago
te amo 👉👈 ❤
Katherine ARMY
Katherine ARMY 23 days ago
오,그래! 나는 당신을 아주 많이 그리워하고보고 다시 듣고 기뻐요! 사랑해💜💜💜
BTS ARMY TÜRKİYE 24 days ago
Greetings from turkey 🇹🇷 ❤️ ❤️
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