Age of Empires IV - X019 - Gameplay Reveal

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The acclaimed RTS franchise returns with Age of Empires 4. Experience the epic, historical battles that shaped the modern world.


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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 2 181
orinius juegos
Bruh that's amazing
Brian Andres Chavez
I expected the game to take place in World War II
JordiMG Day ago
this will be perfect for my retirement
Pepe 5 days ago
0:50 we can finally put the archers on the walls :)
tipoomaster 5 days ago
Hope this means an Age of Mythology 2 next :)
Mohammad Ramezani
oh my god
Jesus Zelaya
Jesus Zelaya 7 days ago
Cuando sale
Connor Kelsen
Connor Kelsen 8 days ago
I wanted the game to look more real than cartoonish
Marcelo Z
Marcelo Z 9 days ago
looks like the age 2 version 4K
Marius B
Marius B 9 days ago
I love xbox 💙👍🏻
ZULU 9 days ago
i hope this has some sort of ranked matchmaking looks goo but long overdue lmao
Marcelo S
Marcelo S 9 days ago
I love Age of Empires IV ..😍😍😍😍❤
karni60 9 days ago
i dont understand why Xbox has anything to do with an RTS like AOE ... please dont imitate CnC microsoft
миша иванов
похоже на рекламу мобильной донатной гриндилки
Willian Capoani
Willian Capoani 9 days ago
Igor Sousa
Igor Sousa 10 days ago
Estou xbox one esperando
Ricardo Feiten
Ricardo Feiten 10 days ago
Will the bird still explode?
Isaac Devera
Isaac Devera 10 days ago
Omg i love the art please be good
FSK Plzeň
FSK Plzeň 10 days ago
Start the game already!!
Igor Kaplounenko
Igor Kaplounenko 10 days ago
Looks gorgeous. But why does that eagle have condensation trails?
Just Me
Just Me 11 days ago
And the other ones too
Just Me
Just Me 11 days ago
Bring it to Xbox one
alexandre marillesse
amazing !!
Xbox 10 days ago
So excited to play!
Virgo Mortensen
Virgo Mortensen 11 days ago
Y el gameplay?
Plantlo Lovr
Plantlo Lovr 11 days ago
Warcraft + AoE ..... I'm very happy, it was my dream
Plantlo Lovr
Plantlo Lovr 11 days ago
How do you turn this on
NexusHUB 11 days ago
Let's be real though AoE2 was by far the best one, I'd argue the only good one So it makes sense that they'd try to recreate that magic. Give me another AoE2 but with brand spanking new technologies to research and gameplay improvements and I'll play another 600 regicide games.
wheatley 12 days ago
if the priest dont say "I owe you, I owe you" when healing units, I dont want it.
Sebastian Gastelumendi
Seems to be strongly inspired by warrior kings, specially buildings!!
JBM BFREE MUSIC 12 days ago
r8tedn00b 12 days ago
I do hope it comes to console with mouse and keyboard support at launch or sometime after. Also hoping it has some form of cross play to up that player population
Gürkan Güler
Gürkan Güler 12 days ago
Ömrümü verdim ömrümüüüüüü
alejandro morcillo pinilla
Fantastic videogame.
no one
no one 14 days ago
whats up with the combat animations ...it needs to be more realistic and bloody.
Alvin G. Newton
Alvin G. Newton 14 days ago
Wolololooooooo and The monk still convert catapult to christianism
Lel Lel
Lel Lel 14 days ago
It ain’t Age of Empires if we can’t spam ”are you ready?” in the lobby
El Templario
El Templario 14 days ago
14 years... 14 years and it looks like an age of empires 2 remake... at least, we have soldiers in the walls
Johannes Schubert
Johannes Schubert 14 days ago
Человек Света
Age of Empires IV- windows 10, not xbox.
Ramon Velazquez
Ramon Velazquez 14 days ago
Clash of clans
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