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Kim Kardashian talks about husband Kanye West’s heavy use of Twitter and says if she ever tells him to stay off of it and Kim defends Kanye West about his supposed words regarding R. Kelly.
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'Watch What Happens: Live' is Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the series includes lively debates on everything from fashion, the latest on everyone's favorite Bravolebrities, and what celebrity is making headlines that week. Past guests who have joined Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse include Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Liam Neeson, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lance Bass.
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After Show: Kim Kardashian On Kanye West’s Tweetstorms | WWHL


Published on


Jan 15, 2019




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Comments 3 169
_ Desii_
_ Desii_ 3 hours ago
The froze on the drug talk lol 🙄🙄
Dev Jones
Dev Jones 12 hours ago
Khloe did not remember that boy 😂
Amada Teresa Contreras
The new generation Hollywood Woman go go go girls
marunga jesiah
marunga jesiah 2 days ago
Kloe is not cool
Trelanda Hawkins
Trelanda Hawkins 3 days ago
Kim's smiling at the end and not saying anything had me laughing so hard for some reason.😂🤣🤷
LotusFlower Flores
Kim and Khloe look like drag queens. Kourtney is looking very natural and beautiful.
Sara 6 days ago
Khalid Khan
Khalid Khan 6 days ago
Nice Kim Kardashian I love you 🌷🌷🌷💋💋💋💜💜💜
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez 6 days ago
Still love Khloe for being charismatic and show empathy to the people
like, realizing stuff -kylie
remember when one of them told kourtney that she is the least interesting to look at OMG YASS KAAAWWEEEEN slay
like, realizing stuff -kylie
4:38 OMG ME @my life decisions
Virtual Asylum
Virtual Asylum 7 days ago
kourtney gets better with time.....the other two look like clowns.....Kim can't even move her face.....too much plastic....
Eon Hardy
Eon Hardy 8 days ago
“Bravo-lebrity” was such a cringe Khlo @1:56 😖😖😖😖 Kim looked so annoyed ..
HeyItzDemi Evie XL
When Kim says "I think mine is obvious" what does she mean? What's she talking about?❤️
ynesrr the best way to get a replacement for a akwa
I want to watch a movie or series with Kourtney in. She is beautiful and graceful
LotusFlower Flores
Kim and Khloe's filler lips. Khloe's plunging neckline, Kim's face contouring, Kourtney's most interested to see.
Angela Ortiz
Angela Ortiz 7 days ago
LotusFlower Flores right Kourtney look so natural and beautiful 😩
Thea Jones
Thea Jones 10 days ago
What is their cringiest moment to explain to their kids? Wow its a smorgasbord of events! They should probably go lock themselves in their (church) and listen to kookye drone on and on, maybe it'll come to them. Take that wonkey eyed Andy with them.
Gray Den
Gray Den 11 days ago
"My mom just bought us a vacation home somwhere secrer" The show told us its in palm springs😂
Stormy G
Stormy G 11 days ago
Is it just me or does Kim always always talk like a baby?
MJzTruth TheyWillTalK
Courtney is the only one who went to college out of these girls and she’s the dumbest one. sorry Courtney 💁🏻‍♀️love Kim she’s just amazing and very sexy she seems like a good person. Kim is very intelligent 🤓
sharon johnson
sharon johnson 11 days ago
Wow, Khloe has completely turned face..Khloe use to talk shit, and be sarcastic to Kim contantly, now it seems like it's Kortneys turn...Truth is Kort is the greatest mom, and all 4 of you other girls need to be modeling yourselves as mothers by following her lead... She's humble, genuinely caring, and puts even Kris to shame on her parenting skills...
mylovexavier 12 days ago
I like courtney the most
Unsab13 12 days ago
These girls totally disrespects their Mom. I would Kim is the more respectful one.
Unsab13 12 days ago
Khole looks like Jeffery Star 😂 But they all so Beautiful!!
Alexis J
Alexis J 12 days ago
I was just wondering why they didn’t have a end of the season reunion. Every other reality show has one but them😂😂
Adnohr Eloop
Adnohr Eloop 12 days ago
They're all beautiful, but Khloe seems like she still feels less than beautiful as her sisters. She's always overdone.
Komal.A 13 days ago
kourtney is so beautiful and radiant!
HuggsndKissez 13 days ago
Doesn’t Kim look exactly like Carli bybel in this interview right now??!
lullabby hosny
lullabby hosny 13 days ago
Was kortnery sitted slumbering???
Alicia cyriac
Alicia cyriac 13 days ago
I bet a thousand dollars khloe doesn’t even remember who Maraco is.
Eon Hardy
Eon Hardy 8 days ago
Alicia cyriac she really didn’t care about that lady’s story .. she was ready for the conversation to be over
Katie F
Katie F 14 days ago
That lady was so nice but omg she kept talking and talking and talking ahahah they were all just like ok thank u next
Khloes reaction towards Kourtney on last question😂😂
Carissa Luevano
Carissa Luevano 14 days ago
I love how supportive Kim is of Kanye! Even though he’s insane sometimes, that’s something I could probably never do.
Is Andy giving praise to ecstasy...?
Marilyn Bahoura
Marilyn Bahoura 15 days ago
Khole had no idea who Rocco is so she pretended to ask how he’s doing and she said she loved him but if you see her face in the beginning she has no clue
Ivory Glass
Ivory Glass 12 days ago
Tim Simms
Tim Simms 15 days ago
are these real humans?
Dorothy Mays-Pitts
Dorothy Mays-Pitts 15 days ago
People R tired of the Jenner/Kardashian dysfunctional group of overrated immoral group of women. DPitts
Mary Adkison
Mary Adkison 15 days ago
Khole & kim so not cool. Drag queen looks. Kourtney. Classy here.
Fiona Jennison
Fiona Jennison 15 days ago
What tragic tightened faces and fat lips that don´t look natural ... What a joke their fake faces are and what a bore they are as conversationalists.
ESE 15 days ago
Khloe and her white outfits.... She needs to her announce her presidency already. 😁😁😁
carol MC
carol MC 15 days ago
I miss kims old clothes make up and hairstyles
Yanna S.
Yanna S. 15 days ago
How do y’all casually admit to doing ecstasy.⁉️
Deanna Fogg
Deanna Fogg 12 days ago
Right! Every disappointed in them. Hasn't anyone told them they are role models.
valf156115 15 days ago
Khloe sooooooo extra lollll
𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴 15 days ago
Wow the last caller was from Green Bay WI that’s where I live lol
Dee babes
Dee babes 15 days ago
I love Khloe 😘
Reba Bustamante
Reba Bustamante 15 days ago
Kourtney, beautiful elegant and picturesque as always graceful, poised, and it's always the less vocal person that has all the goodies! Beautiful as always Kourt! Andy so handsome distinguished looking! Great show! And congratulations!
Reba Bustamante
Reba Bustamante 15 days ago
Kim thank you for all the work your doing. Aside from your celebrity, I see a real strong person, who is supportive and really exhibiting the intelligence it takes to be a self made trillionaire! Seeing you, they way we all should, see the beauty within that exudes outwartdly and appreciate you for sharing it.
Lady Day
Lady Day 15 days ago
Kourtney is the most classy 🎈🎈
Reba Bustamante
Reba Bustamante 15 days ago
Khloe your freaking beyond awesome for that! Forget celebrity, your contribution to humanity is far more a title that resonates with in me. God bless you.
Monica Lum
Monica Lum 15 days ago
I’m confused by Kim’s outfit
MissKellyKels 15 days ago
I love how Kim defends Kanye.. he might be 'crazy' but he is her crazy & thats all that matters lol
MissKellyKels 15 days ago
Khloe seems so insincere... do you remember when she used to be the most liked Kardashian?! She really lost herself
Kay zion
Kay zion 16 days ago
Wow all that money ... to ended up looking like this lmaooo
Holly L
Holly L 16 days ago
The Kardashian’s are my guilty pleasure but their interviews are f*cking BORING good lord! 😴😴😴😴
Me Wright
Me Wright 16 days ago
Kourtney is #1
Late Night The Sausage
I don’t like how Kourtney is treated.
leanne mcgrady
leanne mcgrady 16 days ago
Andy looks sick of all this baby talk already 😄
leanne mcgrady
leanne mcgrady 16 days ago
These callers are so fake Cmon...
Stephhh Leeezie
Stephhh Leeezie 16 days ago
Kylie’s her favorite cause she’s a billionaire
LoveofVelvet 16 days ago
Oh ffs woman on the phone!!! Get to the point. This is not a private talk this is on TV for gods sake!!! Ask your damn question and move on!!!
Jamie 16 days ago
Khloe be putting on Tristians outfit in the hopes of getting him back
Heidi Flyest
Heidi Flyest 16 days ago
you can tell they don't like Travis Scott because anytime he's brought up in an interview, they do this face like they don't care and won't say much about him at all.
mimi R
mimi R 16 days ago
KOURTNEY!💋😍 So beautiful
Ashley Young
Ashley Young 16 days ago
Lol it's just an embarrassment at tbis point to talk about Khloe and Tristan. Like, that whole situation just needs to dissappear. Lol
Nish xo
Nish xo 16 days ago
Why is khloe there lmao
mariyaa111 19 days ago
That ENTIRE family looks plastic and disgusting except for Kourtney and Kindle!
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 19 days ago
Here just because I heard Kourt said something interesting. Edit- do you all think Khloé never goes to Armenia because she knows she isn't Armenian? Lol... JAT.
Cathy Latorre
Cathy Latorre 20 days ago
Bravo does it have massive amounts of commercials on believable why don't they call a commercial bravo
Mariana Dominguez
Mariana Dominguez 20 days ago
Kourtney looks the BEST the other 2 look like they try too hard fake girls for sure
Blessed Mahere
Blessed Mahere 20 days ago
Kim looks the worst
Dana Nair
Dana Nair 21 day ago
Kourtney looks is so simple she is so beautiful Kanye west style Kim so bad😟
Love Lilly
Love Lilly 22 days ago
Why glamorize doing Ecstasy keep your mouth shut 🤐 Young people look up to you and don’t Make them think drugs are cool
Cathy Latorre
Cathy Latorre 23 days ago
Only had to start investigating you Kardashians because you're influencing the whole world but not in a good way it could be a good way because naturally you guys are beautiful you actually seem to have nice nurse and you But that don't mean shit In the eternal thinking or among mankind
Cathy Latorre
Cathy Latorre 23 days ago
I noticed you women legs to get on tables with Dr. in front of the whole world Nothing makes you blush nothing not by word not by deed
Cathy Latorre
Cathy Latorre 23 days ago
Can't see you three have lost your way Because you never really found it to begin with,,, I change my mind you're not the Babylonian prostitute more like the Egyptian Babylonian prostitutes
Claire Larece
Claire Larece 25 days ago
There had to be something else behind this....that’s being childish
estrella peach
estrella peach 26 days ago
what is kim wearing
Hi I’m Kourtney Kardashian and out of all my sisters, I’m the most interesting to look at 🤣👏🏻
Marsha Maua
Marsha Maua 27 days ago
Kourtney looks like the youngest of them all.plastic surgery doesn't solve everything
cindy L
cindy L 28 days ago
I thought Khloe was jefree Star from the thumbnail
Josh Roulane
Josh Roulane 28 days ago
I happen to think Kim and Khloe look stunning. I like the outfits . Kourt is cute but her outfit is bland .
Yasmin Natasha
Yasmin Natasha 28 days ago
Kourtney shes the best so funny 😂
Angela griffin
Angela griffin 29 days ago
Omg!!!!!! Kourteney and her down lo shade. I love it ... 'just send the list' ... 💀😭😭
lpward90 29 days ago
Khloé looks terrible lmao
Lou Kolderman
Lou Kolderman 29 days ago
Isn't it so sad that most of the Kardashian girls use their bodies for profit. Didn't they realize your body is for your husband is made to be Holy because the Holy Spirit lives in it. Their mother used them. Kylie and her sister's father was always upset that they showed flesh. It is so sad how
walter harris
walter harris Month ago
True is a baby doll.
L7 Weenie
L7 Weenie Month ago
Kourtney in this interview reminds me of me in middle school. Third wheeling two girls who were best friends, trying to fit in and chime in but constantly being dismissed and low-key bullied. Good times
Thomas Escalante
I love Khloe I meant ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😂
Thomas Escalante
I love Klohe 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Shawntae Stepter
They are super boring
Emma Bouloudene
Emma Bouloudene Month ago
Kourtney is the only one that doesn't look like a damn fool lmaooo
heaven12345100 Month ago
What is khloe wearing? I love her but they ruined her today. 😟
chenchen cai
chenchen cai Month ago
I love you Khloe but you need to hire a new stylist!
Kellyann thomas
Kellyann thomas Month ago
Love the queen K's 👑
Felicia Ward
Felicia Ward Month ago
Wtf is going on with Kim's face? She needs to leave it alone, she's making it worse! Kourtney is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite hands down. She gorgeous, natural, funny, etc
d.d. p.parker
d.d. p.parker Month ago
look at kims top lip..too full
d.d. p.parker
d.d. p.parker Month ago
look at those lips on khloe, ick
abi q
abi q Month ago
SINGLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adrian Gutierrez
Khloe seems bitter. She’s acting like a bully towards kourtney
Emerald Mclaughlin
Emerald Mclaughlin 14 days ago
Khole is jealous of Kourtney because Kourtney is a natural beauty didnt spend a fourtne on plastic surgeries and still look a hot mess, carries herself with more class than Khole and Kim
Toni Anjelica
Toni Anjelica Month ago
That's awesome, that's awesome, awe yeah that's awesome.
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