After Effects Force Levitation Tutorial - Star Wars VFX Academy # 1

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Hey what is up guys, Chris Connor here and welcome to the introduction of the long awaited Star Wars VFX Academy. Starting things off with a very cool effect I came up with...the Force Levitation! This Star Wars After Effects Project means a lot to me cause I put many hours in it and it has being a long time coming so fire up After effects and lets get started with an amazing series of star wars visual effects tutorials!
Make sure to tune in for the next one (lightsaber, force push, force lightning, force deflect, sith eyes and more)
Stay Creative!

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May 12, 2016




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Comments 46
CHRIS CONNOR 3 months ago
Upon your requests you can find my signature cinema luts here: www.creatrix-visuals.com/product-page/cinema-luts-signature-edition
sclogse1 5 months ago
What I get from this is tool use. So many tools...you only learn from a lot of repetition... but I could do this in photoshop extended. What I couldn't do is this while the saber rotated on it's axis, showing me it's back side. Which is what would have made this more interesting.
Emily Motion VFX
no :/ failed
Trey Zeno
Trey Zeno Year ago
Hey Chris I was looking at one of your old star wars vid can you show us how to use something like element 3d to make r2d2 and BB8 sience buying a real droid is suoer expensive thx
Ciao Year ago
How many lights do you use, what kind are them and how do you setup them?
Jmmy W
Jmmy W 2 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial. The effect in the video didn't work for me, the light saber is soft the whole time and the blacks didn't match.. but this video did give me ideas to analyze these mistakes..
shubham shrivastava
nice cepture
Thegreenslime92 2 years ago
could u do a harry potter spell effect i found a detailed video of one of the spells im trying to create here is the link ruvid.net/video/video-gRg6WWZdMKk.html and the spell is at 2;41
Hanna Wie
Hanna Wie 3 years ago
Love it 😍 because of you and the Star Wars movies I started being interested in VFX ^^ I want to start with static pictures but I can't find your video for Concept art :/ is it still available? or are more Star wars videos planned?
mindhormone 3 years ago
i thought you were just staring oddly. Lost me. What i meant by that is, you should emphasize and put more attention to the saber more. that's your point of interest, right? so make it stand out. 1st, the color of the saber fails to stand out, 2nd the levitation of it, not that noticeable, it was "too subtle"
FoxDogist Gaming
FoxDogist Gaming 3 years ago
personally I would have made the lightsaber rotating a little, and sort of swaying in the air to help sell the "levitation", but the effect is awesome none the less!
MICHALLIBRA 3 years ago
Hi! ..You're perfect! All of your work and videos are very exciting! Plz, what camera do you using to record this unbelieveable things like this? :O :D :)
JoeCremo 3 years ago
great tutorial! just earned yourself a new sub!
The Gamer
The Gamer 3 years ago
Taahir Dutoit
Taahir Dutoit 3 years ago
he sounds GAY
Pay 3 years ago
CREATRIX VISUALS u sound cool :D
CHRIS CONNOR 3 years ago
interesting observation
Per Saukko
Per Saukko 3 years ago
Basically if i had one dollar for basically every "basically" word he said, i would basically have 100000 basic dollars. Basically.
CHRIS CONNOR 3 years ago
haha nice :)
AlexDoubleLL 3 years ago
One question I would like to ask is, where do you get your awesome costumes? I've been looking around for something similar, but can't find it anywhere. Or maybe I just don't know what to search for.
CHRIS CONNOR 3 years ago
I make my costumes as well. This particular one is made out of H&M clothes
Marc Muresan
Marc Muresan 3 years ago
what sound effects product do you use? Thanks, you are one of the best tutorial makers;)
Daniel Carnovale
Daniel Carnovale 4 years ago
I love your tutorials! You don't show us your saber footage though.. is it just a picture? EDIT: Never mind you do actually, I took a short clip moving slightly around the saber like you have :) I love how you say everything is awesome and the way you said composition in the lightning tutorial XD OMG guys look how well my keying turned out! I like many don't have a green screen, so I used a blue towel instead and it worked so well :D s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/darkquake/keying.JPG s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/darkquake/keying2.JPG Good luck :) EDIT2: Used cardboard instead actually, much better as it didn't deteriorate later on
Brocton Nunns
Brocton Nunns 4 years ago
Hey, I know this might be overly simple but how did you do the accent sparks on the trailer video for this tutorial? Thank you!
makayla b
makayla b 4 years ago
how much is videoblocks after the free trial?
Lost Boys Film
Lost Boys Film 4 years ago
Could you possibly provide the footage of the lightsaber that you have in the video please?
Kandarp Gautam
Kandarp Gautam 4 years ago
nice 1
WILDBUNNY 4 years ago
hey connor...im VERY possionate about making films and just short little clips like you do but im absiloutely sh*t at effects...but these tutorials are starting to really help...and by the way this star wars thing you have going on is AWESOME...i will hopefully be using your help in the future
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+WILDBUNNY Glad to hear that they help :)
VideoCraze 4 years ago
Hey man can you do a Kylo Ren tutorial for a VFX Academy episode? that would be sick!
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+Gordonco Under development :)
Pranto tarafdur
Pranto tarafdur 4 years ago
Thank You So Much for upload this video. I am Always Wait for Your Tutorials. your just amazing. :D
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+Pranto tarafdur :) Thanks
VideoCraze 4 years ago
What is that cinematic font that he uses?
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+Gordonco Pacifica Condensed
XIV 4 years ago
Can you do a Bullet time effect please ?!
XIV 4 years ago
I cant find this can you give me the link please ?
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+Fresh At some point...it's in my vfx list
LpsRose Studios
LpsRose Studios 4 years ago
if u sponsor you get money?
Depletion 2 years ago
yea, if someone asks to sponsor them, you get money for giving a shoutout or something around those lines in your vid or watever
Joel 4 years ago
Really looking forwards to the rest of the series! Quick question, is there a way to have someone actually grab the hilt out lf the air?
Joel 4 years ago
+Creatrix # Visuals thats what i though, yes. Very clever hiding the transition with motion blur, had never though of that before! Thanks allot, im gonna try this out sometime!
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+Joel Yes so, the actor should remain relativey stil (body+expression) and you will match the cgi hilt using the size and rotation/position of the saber that falls. Then you will combine the two ''clips'' at the moment when the two hilts intercept and while using position keyframes you will make the cgi hilt follow the real one (use motion blur) until the moment it's supposed to hit your fingers, then change to the real hilt clip cathing it
Joel 4 years ago
@Creatrix # Visuals Aah, I see what you mean, that's really clever! Final question, how would you then remove the real prop whilst its falling? I assume you'd drop it from above the actor, so you'd have a hilt coming from the top of the screen, whilst the green screen prop is still floating in the middle. Do you think it could be masked out somehow?
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
Yes and you can hide the transition between the green screen hilt and when the actual one drops by using motion blur (you will have to be very carefull and at the same recording have someone drop you a real saber hilt)
Joel 4 years ago
@Creatrix # Visuals But how would that work with the fingers/hand going infront/around the hilt? Very careful rotoscoping, and it as a mask to obscure the hilt as its being grabbed/dropped into someones hand?
Chris S
Chris S 4 years ago
glad to see your back
xpixtures 4 years ago
Finaly a Tutorial agin
Matheus Schmidt Hornstein
Hey Chris, how come u still have RAM Preview in the latest version of After Effects? Thanks and ur videos are awesome!
Nicolai Sagasser
Nicolai Sagasser 4 years ago
Flame Striker
Flame Striker 4 years ago
Luke Greenspan
Luke Greenspan 4 years ago
Awesome cannot wait for more videos
The Creep Bible
The Creep Bible 4 years ago
New mic? Will complete this when I get the downloads dude (Steve)
Hugo 4 years ago
It looks really fake imo :/
bubu 4 years ago
Keep up the great work Chris, you have one of the best tutorial presentation styles on RUvid. Your channel will get huge, I just know it!
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+bubu Thanks!
Piotr Kuśmirek
Piotr Kuśmirek 4 years ago
Where can i proffesional learn VFX ?
androidgeeking 4 years ago
You should take us through your lighting setup for this as well. You did such a great job with it.
Sam Marsden
Sam Marsden 4 years ago
+Creatrix # Visuals yes plz do your behind the scenes set up !!
androidgeeking 4 years ago
@Creatrix # Visuals That's great to hear!
CHRIS CONNOR 4 years ago
+androidgeeking Thanks, I will
Daniel Veloza
Daniel Veloza 4 years ago
fuck yeahhh
Ken Everson
Ken Everson 4 years ago
I'm in the video! ... dream complete
Artur Teodorczyk
Artur Teodorczyk 4 years ago
Nice ! ;) You should composite sword more because it looks bit flat in my opinion ;/
SCHERGE 4 years ago
D I 4 years ago
Next videos