Afro-Brazilian Street Food - GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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Thanks to Guilherme (ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ) for taking us around Brazil.
SALVADOR, BAHIA - Before ever going to Brazil, Salvador was one of the top cities I wanted to visit - and finally this is the time. In this all out ultimate street food tour of Salvador we’ll focus especially on Afro-Brazilian food and culture, the heart of Salvador, Bahia. The people were amazing, the food was delicious. #Salvador #BrazilianFood #Acarajé #streetfood
Sao Joaquim Market - To begin this street food tour we started in the morning at Sao Joaquim Market, one of the main fruits and vegetables market, with restaurant and food as well. One thing you’ll see all over the market, different from other parts of Brazil is dendê oil, the orange palm oil originally from West Africa.
Recanto Da Lucia - At the market we ate breakfast at Recanto Da Lucia, a small local Brazilian food stall serving amazing dishes like feijoada and pirão. Total price - 80 BRL ($20.61)
Dona Susana - Next up on this Afro-Brazilian food tour of Salvador, we drover to Dona Susana, a restaurant under the highway, with a million dollar view. The main dish to eat in Bahia is Moqueca Bahiana, a stew of fish or seafood in palm oil and coconut milk. Her’s was outstanding as was the ensopado de camarão and her version of pirão. One of the most stunning locations so far in Brazil. Total price - 87 BRL ($22.41)
Pelourinho - This is the center of the historic city of Salvador, with a distinct Portuguese style and influence. If you look around, you might think you’re in Portugal.
Capoeira - Pelourinho is a center of art and culture and I had a chance to learn about Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, but a dance at the same time. It’s amazing to watch and they even volunteered me to stand as they came dangerously close to kicking me!
Elevador Lacerda - In Pelourinho you’ll also find the Elevador Lacerda, which takes you from lover Salvador to the upper part of Salvador.
Price - .15 BRL ($0.03) per person
Mercado Modelo - One of the main central old city markets in Salvador, Bahia is Mercado Modelo, and while most of the market is pretty touristy, Jacibar on the outside serves up delicious local dishes. We ordered Xinxin de Galinha, Bobó de camarão, and Caruru. It was an incredible meal. Total price - 180 BRL ($46.37)
Tambores e Cores - Samba beats represent Salvador, Bahia, and the thundering drums are a must see when you’re in Bahia, Brazil.
Boteco Di Janela - In the evening we went to Boteco Di Janela, a bar and restaurant, friendly owners, and delicious seafood. We ate sarapatel - a blood stew, and sururu - small local mussels.
Acarajé da Ivone - If there’s one Brazilian street food snack you have to eat in Salvadar, it’s Acarajé, a life-changing bun of blackeyed peas deep fried in palm oil and stuffed with vatapa, caruru, shrimp, and salad. It’s is unbelievable and the owners at Acarajé da Ivone were equally as friendly and hospitable. I also had an Abara, the same thing except the black eyed pea fritter is steamed instead of fried. Price - 8 BRL ($2.06) per
Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil, exceeded my expectations - the food and people were outstanding and made it a city and destination I will never forget. What a stunning combination of natural beauty, food, and hospitality.
Thanks to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Check out their videos here: ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ
• Rio4Fun: instagram.com/rio4fun/
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• Rafa: instagram.com/ribs.rafa/
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Jun 16, 2019

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Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 2 months ago
Thank you for watching this entire Brazil food and travel series! If you haven’t watched all the videos yet, here’s the full playlist: ruvid.net/video/video-TlWDF3BfUdo.html -- Before visiting Brazil, what I knew was Football, Amazon Rainforest, and Brazilian BBQ. This trip was a massive eye-opener and learning experience. From feijoada in the favelas of Rio, to pequi in Goiás, to feijão tropeiro in Belo Horizonte, to açaí, tacacá, and jambu in Belém, to moqueca and acarajé in Salvador. Honestly, not everything was easy and smooth in Brazil: traveling, filming while walking around with camera gear, and keeping safe. But for all the risk, the people we met along the way were some of the most warm, hospitable, and diverse, of anywhere. A massive thank you to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun - this trip wouldn’t have been possible without them: ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ And thank you again for watching and for your incredible support!
Orlando Faria
Orlando Faria 6 days ago
Brazilian food full of pesticides.
seles santiago
seles santiago 17 days ago
im always watching your vlog, pls come in the philippines, i will show you all the best filipino cuisine, that never taste before...
Leon Magno
Leon Magno Month ago
Vez. A Chiapas México
Leon Magno
Leon Magno Month ago
Vez a Chiapas
dakotail 7 hours ago
Mark I just found you ,,,, have to catch up .... wow .... the foos look so good and now I have to eat to ,,, 8-)
Lorenzo Johnson
Lorenzo Johnson 9 hours ago
I love your smile, I put your picture on my wall to remind me to smile everyday, all day like you. I don't know how you do it but it has impressed me.
SILSUPA Gina Channel
Uzoma Ekedede
I am Nigerian, and I would like to say that there are many similarities between Afro Brazilian food and the food found in Nigeria.
Daniel Ezequiel
Faltou farinha no prato kkkkkkk
raquel oliveira
raquel oliveira 2 days ago
Como q ele consegue comer isso tudo???
adaranatural 2 days ago
Watching this video reminded me of Nigerian food, especially yoruba food. The akara as well.
Steve Lew
Steve Lew 2 days ago
Wow!!! I’m here in Salvador de Bahia now and thanks for this video!!!!!! Can’t wait to follow this tour in the next few days!!!!, Yum!!
p1nk nova
p1nk nova 3 days ago
I love all of your videos, but I do love the Brazil series, and the people you have with you, so awesome! :)
Joyce Mangueira
Joyce Mangueira 3 days ago
Eu sou fã desse cara parabéns pelo seu trabalho. 😍😍😍😍
Joyce Mangueira
Joyce Mangueira 3 days ago
Adorei amo muito esses... Vídeos... É adoro esse canal.😍😍😍😍😍
Tiago Oliveira
Tiago Oliveira 3 days ago
Use talheres, existem no Brasil taokey
No1 Nicechick
No1 Nicechick 3 days ago
Moi moi
Joaquina Fernandes
I think you become fat kkk with foods in Salvador Bahia ...so delicious foods and very fat rs
Patty Matias
Patty Matias 4 days ago
Comida brasileira é tudoo 😍
I wanna try the local cuisine when we visit ,I have a cousin and friends in Salvador but never had the money to visit, but......I'm not fond of fish. I love feijoada! And coxinha! Acarjé is good. I wish we had the money to visit. Wishful thinking for the close to poor here.
Aquaman Aquaman
Aquaman Aquaman 5 days ago
I'm originally Afghan, and I love Brazilian steak houses. I can't wait to visit Brazil for some real food and the country's beauty.
Fernanda 3 days ago
Welcome to Brasil! 😁
Samira Soares Bangura
Literally nobody: Mark: and top it with a little bit of chilli sauce 🤣 love it . quando for ai quero comer essas comidas todas ja Estou viciada nesses vídeos de comida 😍
Samira Soares Bangura
Se Deus quizer ano que vem Vou passar umas ferias maravilhosas na bahía no brazil 😍🙏🏿🇵🇹
Setsuka 09
Setsuka 09 5 days ago
Even though i haven't been there i already love Brazilian food, those ingredients & colour.... hope someday i could visit Brazil & gain weight by those tasty meals.
Orlando Faria
Orlando Faria 6 days ago
Brazilian food full of pesticides .
Arafat Sajja
Arafat Sajja 6 days ago
I wonder how Mark and wife manage eating that much and remain with that weight.
fcentauri8 7 days ago
Look at my people! In Nigeria, we refer to "Acarajé" as "Akara". The steamed version called "abara" in Salvador Bahia is called "Moi moi" in Nigeria.
Lettuce Do Lunch
Lettuce Do Lunch 7 days ago
Very interesting
Jager COG
Jager COG 8 days ago
Falta tomar um açaí kkkkkkk
rod. le
rod. le 9 days ago
puts tocando um Pablo de fundo ainda por cima
AKA Andrew123
AKA Andrew123 9 days ago
Love all of your videos Mr Mark!
Sagonda Sharp
Sagonda Sharp 11 days ago
Mark I have watched just about all of your videos. I love you. I love how you enjoy your food. I just love sweet little Micah,that is my daughter's name he is so cute. My granddaughters and I watch you together this summer. You have made me want to venture out and try new foods.
Marcio Paulo Bispo
Marcio Paulo Bispo 12 days ago
Cara, me deu uma vontade de comer um acarajé ou um abará ! :(
Emeka Eleko
Emeka Eleko 13 days ago
Funny this... In Nigeria(west Africa... The same cow hoof stew is called "Bokortor" Damn the slave trade man🐄
Sr. Nućc
Sr. Nućc 14 days ago
*Tô vendo esse vídeo logo quando eu tô com uma fome de 10 mendigos pqp*
Pla Chompoonut
Pla Chompoonut 14 days ago
I'm happy to learn cultures from your videos. Brazil series is one of my favorite.
Michelle Roberts
Michelle Roberts 10 days ago
Same from Canada, how about your Pla champoonut
mizan ahmad
mizan ahmad 14 days ago
Because of Mark I'm going to brasil soon.. Yeay
Bia J.
Bia J. 15 days ago
Eu acho que eu sou a única da minha família que não gosta de acarajé
ronaldouefa 15 days ago
e em portugal se serve comida brasileira assim?so a merda do rodizio
TL Nab
TL Nab 16 days ago
hahaha I love how you enjoy your food.. lovely people of Brazil.
Simone Schroeder
Simone Schroeder 16 days ago
always and always again i think that you are not high maintenance when it comes to meat.
Jessica Martín
Jessica Martín 16 days ago
Minute 11:08 is where Anitta and J. Balvin were making the videoclip Bola Rebola!!! OMG :DDD ruvid.net/video/video-lby6qH2WYXY.html
Dru N
Dru N 16 days ago
i love Mark
Cyber Doomgirl
Cyber Doomgirl 17 days ago
Poor Mark still speaking spanish in Brazil no one from the staff teached him the basics. Not even google, Alexia nor Cortana. In case you go back to Brazil and Portugal, and Africa, here's the basics: - Muito obrigado = thank you very much - Obrigado = thank you - Brigado = thanks - Tchau = bye - Muito prazer = I'm pleased to/ It's nice to meet you - Gostei muito = I liked it a lot - Amei = I loved it
john liao
john liao 17 days ago
ha ha ha l waiting to sway your head to the left it mean something you are lucky man you eat the world.😗😋😋😋
Jaqueline Coly
Jaqueline Coly 17 days ago
Ele comendo acarajé parece eu comendo hot dog em SP kkkkkk 🤦
Fabricio Subires
Fabricio Subires 19 days ago
Sensacional, verdadeiro e viciante, parabéns pelo canal e pelo carinho com nosso pais!!
Just keeping Itreal
Love your facial expression Every time you take a bite!😋
111 2222
111 2222 19 days ago
Como que esse moço não engorda? 😂
Jasmine0Brooke 20 days ago
I want that grilled cheese curd with the palm syrup
Andrade tv
Andrade tv 20 days ago
Quando os gringos vem ao Brasil e descobre oque é comida de vdd kkkkkkk
Sale Saleas
Sale Saleas 21 day ago
Mark come to the Balkan route and Chek the food from Serbian I like your videos my friend you are great🔥. the king of food travelers!!!! 😉👍🏿
Paul R. Diamond
Paul R. Diamond 22 days ago
Mark, I absolutely love all your videos and watching you eat this Acarje made me actually LOL. I lived in Brazil for 2 years as a missionary and I love the place almost as much as I love the States. The people and food are so amazing as you demonstrated in your tour. If you're ever in Utah make sure to come see me and my family at www.BrazilianGoodies.com we love Brazil so much we decided to start our own Brazilian Cafe and import store last September. Safe Travels and keep the videos coming we absolutely love them. BTW I hope you don't mind us looping them on our TV's in Brazilian Goodies, I should have thought to ask first.
KaOS_ DK 22 days ago
Wow Nice Video!, I Love Brazil❤️
Rodrigo Ferreira
Rodrigo Ferreira 23 days ago
You are the most cool guy in you tube, i'm from salvador and i glad to you've been here, can't stop to see your videos arround the world, congratulations man, i'm your fan now!! cheers
Phouvan Chan
Phouvan Chan 23 days ago
G'DANG!!! This is the messiest face he's EVA had in ALL the vidoes ive seen of mark. SO! Wid that being said, THAT FOOD MUST OF BEEN SOOOO BOMB!!! OH WOW!! OH WOW!!!! Lmao Im sooo jelly!!!😭😜😊
Claodenia Freire
Claodenia Freire 24 days ago
Como vou sua esperiencia das comidas ,muito saboroso .beijo adorei de ver saboreado as comidas.
Talha Barut
Talha Barut 24 days ago
The thumbnail 😂😏
Laís Benício
Laís Benício 25 days ago
adao campos
adao campos 25 days ago
Man, your channel it’s the best food channel, amazing food tour in Brazil, I don’t see you in Rio Grande do Sul (churrasco). U ARE THE BEST
wingsweep1 25 days ago
question...to mark....if you are such a foodlover howcome you so skinny???
parindita bhattacharyya
Please do come here in North-east India 🇮🇳
Andre Stechhahn
Andre Stechhahn 25 days ago
Que delícia!! I need to know Salvador!!!
Lucas Lino
Lucas Lino 26 days ago
5:49 "Ual é Bilau"
geane silva
geane silva 26 days ago
Shekinah Sebastian
Shekinah Sebastian 26 days ago
We have something called Sorpatel in Goa, India which is also from the Portuguese colonization days. It's almost the same thing - pork, organs and some blood in it. Just amazing how cultures have blended and you have similar food in different continents too.
ciço Junior
ciço Junior 26 days ago
O olhar dele quando come kkkkkk engraçado kkkk
nemo theo
nemo theo 26 days ago
Hehehe enyewe Kenyan food is boring esp kiuk food
mmabowler 26 days ago
Gisele can get my business any day!!!
Diogo Olher
Diogo Olher 26 days ago
Unfortunately you didn’t visit one of the most traditional state when you talk about it Brazilian Food, Minas Gerais State, where you can find different regional foods and famous around Brazil
Gabriel iamake
Gabriel iamake 27 days ago
Esse gringo é mais brasileiro que muitos brasileiros kkkkkk
Gabriel iamake
Gabriel iamake 27 days ago
Eu conhecendo o Brasil através de um gringo kakakakaka MT bommm!!!
Globbie 27 days ago
There is a Mercado Modelo in the Dominican Republic you should go there too.As a matter of fact go island hopping in the Caribbean you wont want to leave.
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius 27 days ago
Neste vídeo eu aprendi que o nosso feijão fradinho tem o nome daquela banda Black eyed peas kkk
May Araújo
May Araújo 27 days ago
Mark Wiens, Im Brazilian living un Denver. Come to Denver and Im a hell of a cooker so is my husband. We invite you to Denver. We promise to make a fiest for you and family. Let us know.
Lalinda rathnakumara
@o8xY Sri lankan wall art
Emanuel Brown
Emanuel Brown 28 days ago
This guy puts his face in the camera too much a real turnoff. Keep it on the women and food. Smh
Emanuel Brown
Emanuel Brown 28 days ago
English PLEASE I am AFRICAN AMERICAN✌🏿️✌🏿✌🏿💐💐💐💐.
Lubna Rahman
Lubna Rahman 28 days ago
I’m watching your videos from more than two years and I haven’t missed any of your video since then. Really love watching them. Keep up the good work. From Pakistan 🇵🇰
Emily Delaia
Emily Delaia 28 days ago
Deus abençoe o estômago desse guri
Sunayana S
Sunayana S 28 days ago
I had to pause mid-way and Thank You, Mark, for making it possible for people like me so far away from such beautiful places, people and food on earth to see and somehow feel what it's like!
TheLEONARDO1235 28 days ago
Parabéns Mark por ser tão humilde, sempre bem vindo ao Brasil.
Girsiana Dos Santos
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