Afro-Brazilian Street Food - GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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Thanks to Guilherme (ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ) for taking us around Brazil.
SALVADOR, BAHIA - Before ever going to Brazil, Salvador was one of the top cities I wanted to visit - and finally this is the time. In this all out ultimate street food tour of Salvador we’ll focus especially on Afro-Brazilian food and culture, the heart of Salvador, Bahia. The people were amazing, the food was delicious. #Salvador #BrazilianFood #Acarajé #streetfood
Sao Joaquim Market - To begin this street food tour we started in the morning at Sao Joaquim Market, one of the main fruits and vegetables market, with restaurant and food as well. One thing you’ll see all over the market, different from other parts of Brazil is dendê oil, the orange palm oil originally from West Africa.
Recanto Da Lucia - At the market we ate breakfast at Recanto Da Lucia, a small local Brazilian food stall serving amazing dishes like feijoada and pirão. Total price - 80 BRL ($20.61)
Dona Susana - Next up on this Afro-Brazilian food tour of Salvador, we drover to Dona Susana, a restaurant under the highway, with a million dollar view. The main dish to eat in Bahia is Moqueca Bahiana, a stew of fish or seafood in palm oil and coconut milk. Her’s was outstanding as was the ensopado de camarão and her version of pirão. One of the most stunning locations so far in Brazil. Total price - 87 BRL ($22.41)
Pelourinho - This is the center of the historic city of Salvador, with a distinct Portuguese style and influence. If you look around, you might think you’re in Portugal.
Capoeira - Pelourinho is a center of art and culture and I had a chance to learn about Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, but a dance at the same time. It’s amazing to watch and they even volunteered me to stand as they came dangerously close to kicking me!
Elevador Lacerda - In Pelourinho you’ll also find the Elevador Lacerda, which takes you from lover Salvador to the upper part of Salvador.
Price - .15 BRL ($0.03) per person
Mercado Modelo - One of the main central old city markets in Salvador, Bahia is Mercado Modelo, and while most of the market is pretty touristy, Jacibar on the outside serves up delicious local dishes. We ordered Xinxin de Galinha, Bobó de camarão, and Caruru. It was an incredible meal. Total price - 180 BRL ($46.37)
Tambores e Cores - Samba beats represent Salvador, Bahia, and the thundering drums are a must see when you’re in Bahia, Brazil.
Boteco Di Janela - In the evening we went to Boteco Di Janela, a bar and restaurant, friendly owners, and delicious seafood. We ate sarapatel - a blood stew, and sururu - small local mussels.
Acarajé da Ivone - If there’s one Brazilian street food snack you have to eat in Salvadar, it’s Acarajé, a life-changing bun of blackeyed peas deep fried in palm oil and stuffed with vatapa, caruru, shrimp, and salad. It’s is unbelievable and the owners at Acarajé da Ivone were equally as friendly and hospitable. I also had an Abara, the same thing except the black eyed pea fritter is steamed instead of fried. Price - 8 BRL ($2.06) per
Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil, exceeded my expectations - the food and people were outstanding and made it a city and destination I will never forget. What a stunning combination of natural beauty, food, and hospitality.
Thanks to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Check out their videos here: ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ
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Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 5 months ago
Thank you for watching this entire Brazil food and travel series! If you haven’t watched all the videos yet, here’s the full playlist: ruvid.net/video/video-TlWDF3BfUdo.html -- Before visiting Brazil, what I knew was Football, Amazon Rainforest, and Brazilian BBQ. This trip was a massive eye-opener and learning experience. From feijoada in the favelas of Rio, to pequi in Goiás, to feijão tropeiro in Belo Horizonte, to açaí, tacacá, and jambu in Belém, to moqueca and acarajé in Salvador. Honestly, not everything was easy and smooth in Brazil: traveling, filming while walking around with camera gear, and keeping safe. But for all the risk, the people we met along the way were some of the most warm, hospitable, and diverse, of anywhere. A massive thank you to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun - this trip wouldn’t have been possible without them: ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ And thank you again for watching and for your incredible support!
karla venancio
karla venancio 11 days ago
Mark you're just awesome! I live in England, I'm here missing Brazil through you! Your work is wonderful showing cultures👏👏
Alexander Batua
Alexander Batua 15 days ago
Nice vedeo mark watching from Philippines
Baskaran Lakhsmi
@ Mark Weins. love from South India to Brazil . Mutton 65 | Boneless Mutton Fry Recipe Cooking In Village | Cooking Special 65 Recipe in Mutton Meat. 🐐 🐑🍖😋🤣🤣 ruvid.net/video/video-LxWY32hogDM.html
The Orphan
The Orphan Month ago
Unfortunately there isn't much of the rain forest left after all that burning recently. =(
Rafael Rocha
Rafael Rocha 2 months ago
Next time try te south =) ruvid.net/video/video-noVPbRhUsx0.html
Yusuf Nida
Yusuf Nida 12 hours ago
Alcohol is not gud for health plz avoid
Yusuf Nida
Yusuf Nida 12 hours ago
Alcohol is not gud for health plz avoid
Jonas Luz
Jonas Luz 22 hours ago
Bahia is amazing 🙌
Mauricio Casella
Dude, I am Brazilian ...you are a badass!...food in Bahia is awesome but pretty heavy. Congrats!!
diele farias
diele farias Day ago
I really Love Bahia..
Mike Shep
Mike Shep Day ago
Joel is one funny goofy guy but loves and enjoys good food as well lol. Go Joel wish I was there !!!!!
fgobhz 2 days ago
I dont understand how Mark can eat so much and keep thin... Amazing!!
Eugene Dawson
Eugene Dawson 2 days ago
Afro Brazilians have a very similar similar dishes to African American soul food. We dont even have the same languge but our food is so close.
Darlene Sanders
Darlene Sanders 4 days ago
Looks delicious
Sophia Ghobadian
Sophia Ghobadian 4 days ago
U mix everything in one plate how u can test each one omg 😆
Mister Baby
Mister Baby 4 days ago
Thank you Mark for your visit to my dear Brazil, I hope you come back soon. A big hug .
Bilal Omar
Bilal Omar 4 days ago
Booper 343
Booper 343 5 days ago
Was that slimy skin or fat? I literally gagged.
VDBSS 5 days ago
When someone offers you the use of the shower, it's because you most probably need to take one.
Native Empress
Native Empress 5 days ago
Your facial expression is so comical. And the “ooh wwow!” 😂 It cracks me up every time. I’m going to incorporate it every time I eat something good! Love it. 😁
Angela Sellon
Angela Sellon 6 days ago
OmG!!! I am so hungry!!!looks delicious the food.😋😋😋
David Pinheiro
David Pinheiro 6 days ago
Rapaz, sempre vi os vídeos dele na Ásia e nunca pensei que ele viria no Brasil e olhe ele na minha terra ! Amando os comentários d9s africanos percebendo a conexão tão forte com Salvador
Gerry Jackson
Gerry Jackson 6 days ago
what would a vegetarien do for food?
Disu junior
Disu junior 7 days ago
Mr Mark I never love to eat but your videos motivate me to travel and taste all those goods foods;Thank you very much for all those fantastic videos.Really tahnk you for bringing joys in our life.
Arita Paulino
Arita Paulino 7 days ago
Mark,sucesso adorei .
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
I’m very upset 😡 as an American to read horrible comments in Spanish about Africa is horrible!!!!! Africa isn’t Not a harsh life! Africans were fine until invaded!!!! I very upset 😡many looted Africa!!!! Who said, we wanted to mix cultures?!! It happened because Europeans enslaved and spread the African DNA 🧬 AROUND !!!!!! If mixing cultures going to allow one to think 🤔 their superior over the original people then they can keep it!!!!! Personally I’m born and raised in USA 🇺🇸 I DON’T know 🤷🏽‍♀️ to mix up humans DNA!!! it has caused trouble!!!! I personally believe a culture can respect ✊ and learn about each other without sleeping together and mixing their DNA 🧬 then creating small confused human beings!!! I believe in purity and persevering My African DNA!!! There’s nothing wrong with keeping your heritage pure and the people original!!!!! But.... I’m tired 😓 if ALL the Bad mouthing on my land and people!!! We never asked anyone to enter Africa!!!! Africa is for The Africans!!! You can visit or enjoy its attractions without mixing with the people!! Leave alone our people if your going to bad mouth the Continent!! We have loads of resources in Africa!!! Africa is a blessed land! We can grow our own food and feed it’s people without outsiders!!!!!!! Africa life isn’t a Hard life!!! It appears that way because many people that’s NOT Indigenous to Africa keep telling our African History!! Keep your mouths shut! Stop 🛑!!!!!! We are intelligent people!! We NEVER NEEDED YOU TO TALK ABOUT OUR LIFE IN AFRICA TO THE WORLD 🌍 when your intentions are TO SPOIL OUR IMAGE!!!!! Stay AWAY!!!!!!! Get away!!!!!!!! Go away!!!!! We don’t need liars around our people!!!! You know who you are in this PALNET!!!! You DON’T mean well FOR AFRICA!!! Yes! Who stay away!!!!!! Go kill somebody’s else’s JOY!!!!!! Leave AFRICA!!!!! 😡😡 ITS LIKE A STRANGER COMING TO HARM MY FAMILY !!! Africa is MY EVERYTHING!!!! IT MY FATHER! My Mom!!! My Brother! My Sistar!!! My Cousins!! My AUNTY!!! My EVERYTHING!!!!! Leave MY FAMILY ALONE!!!!!!!
Vhbb Bnjhhh
Vhbb Bnjhhh 8 days ago
Comida BAHIANA a melhor do mundo 😋😋😘😘
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
Yes,Michael Jackson loved everybody but especially Africa...
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
Yes, that slimy okra part is a cure to diabetes!!!
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
Okra is African. Okra stew from Africa!!! it’s delicious 🤤 I cook it a lot.
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
I love ❤️ fish 🐟 I’m pescatarian
Miguel Baham
Miguel Baham 3 days ago
Why are you pescatarian
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
Mark is a very slim man 👨 and he’s so lucky 🍀 to eat whatever without getting to much fat. 😂
Maimuna Babou
Maimuna Babou 8 days ago
Yas!! Afro Brazilian!!!!
Fernando Brasil
Fernando Brasil 9 days ago
Sem querer ser estraga prazer mas o camarão não foi limpo...foi com tripa e tudo. Mas td bem...eu limparia.
Carmen Diaz
Carmen Diaz 9 days ago
Omg your making my mouth water mark everything looks delicious
Chantell Stallworth
my 11 yr old got me watching ur shows and I love them to see how u take ur son as u do ur shows and to see u and ur wife work together is great keep up the good work and the food looks so good
Shin Nihs
Shin Nihs 11 days ago
u should go to the actual El Salvador
BR WORLD World BR 11 days ago
Esse Maluco COmi pra caralhooooo Mas é lindo ver a Forma Primitiva que ele comi.
80 reais nesse prato de comida ? Kkkkkkkkkkk ridículo
Joshua Koonjisingh
Joshua Koonjisingh 11 days ago
This help with life a lot
Grilling with Jay
Grilling with Jay 11 days ago
Looks really delicious
Estudar no Exterior
The best food in the world Bahia
yerneedsry 12 days ago
You know palm oil is terrible for you right?
Jean L
Jean L 12 days ago
cara vc sabe curtir de verdade muito bom humiudade pura
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