Adults React To Joker

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Adults React to "Joker." Watch to see their reactions.
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Joker Trailer
Chris Stuckmann Movie Review
Jeremy Jahns Movie Review
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Adults React To Joker




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Comments 80
FBE 8 months ago
Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/f/fbe/ AND follow us on twitter: twitter.com/fbe ! Q&As, Casting notices to join the cast and more! Be part of the FBE Family! Subscribe, then hit the 🔔! Notification Squad: We respond to comments the first 30 minutes a video is uploaded, so be sure to turn on notifications and come say hi sometime! Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing! - FBE Team
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 7 months ago
FBE please do this for jojo rabit
GSE 8 months ago
Thank you for including Gotham’s Joker
SMART PLAYER AR 8 months ago
Whatch jocker dancing scene ruvid.net/video/video-2_sq2UkNDXM.html
David Hacking-Bonilla
Here is an old saying about stories. "Everyone thinks that they are the hero in their own story". The Joker film showed that Arthur was a tragic hero of the story. Because after his "ONE BAD DAY". He snapped and the result becoming the Joker.
Steve Tong
Steve Tong 8 months ago
All these non-offended opinions in this video... is this next level woke?
Filip Markešić
Damn...that Haley
Bricks of Fury
Words can not express how much of an absolute masterpiece this film was
Zamá Raya
Zamá Raya 2 days ago
Kristine: I don't think I've ever seen a movie like this where the main character, the protagonist, is a villain, essentially, and there's not that hero that sweeps in and fixes everything Maleficient: hold my scepter
David Verdammnis
David Verdammnis 3 days ago
that movie started protests in iraq by the way
King bebeh Yoda
King bebeh Yoda 3 days ago
1:04 same
Milena Marijanušić
Heath Ledger was the best Joker ever. I'm not dissing the new Joker ( Phoenix ), he was also very awesome, and the movie is a masterpiece, and I enjoyed watching it but to me still the best Joker will be Heat Ledger.
Abraham Ford
Abraham Ford 6 days ago
the raid 1 and 2 fight scene please
disse 8 days ago
the fact that i’ve watched joker plenty of times and idk what to say
Jeff vee
Jeff vee 8 days ago
These are adults? Lol.
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo 9 days ago
joker really had me in the feels, cried a bit during this movie. i think this movie hit hard because heath is no longer with us.
Mufasue 14 days ago
Joker has the best trailers
KKay 16 days ago
Mark hamil is my favourite joker
Anh Tuan Nguyen
Anh Tuan Nguyen 17 days ago
I don't really know Joker and DC comics or something like that, but from what I read online, isn't Joker is kind of a genius? I mean, in this movie, he is just a poor pity person that works in a circus, how can he come up with the idea of defeating Batman?
harsh collection
harsh collection 18 days ago
what the f**k nobody is talking about what the movie want to say... and what it us made for...
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor 18 days ago
Tough decision so i'm not choosing only one. The best jokers to me are both mark hamill & heath ledger. But most importantly i just got back from watching joker. It was freakin' awesome!
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 19 days ago
That blonde girl needs to understand things better. Not just the film, I mean in general.
Horror Media
Horror Media 19 days ago
My generation is heath so I’m happy
Ezekiel Aimar
Ezekiel Aimar 23 days ago
Poor Jared Leto .. in my opinion he didn’t do that bad .. they recorded a lot more scenes of him being joker then the directors didn’t use it all and ended up cutting his screen time .. he didn’t have much to work with cut him some slack .. and then he has all the pressure on his shoulders because everyone knows all the past Jokers were done very well in their own respective ways .. #JaredLetoDidntDoBad
Justin Seagull69
Justin Seagull69 23 days ago
Joker-Heath Ledger "Im the most dangerous criminal in Gotham and everyone scares me" Joker-Jaqulin Phoneix "Mom he bullied me"
Tanney Nj
Tanney Nj 23 days ago
He's a dark character but he's also a victim in that cruel world😭. It was do hard to watch because it's dark but so sad🥺😭
Dipa Abraham
Dipa Abraham 23 days ago
Well today joker represent today social life then. "We live in society"
Douglas Garbutt
Douglas Garbutt 24 days ago
04:55 Todd Phillips knows he's succeeded when people start saying this.
Shihabuddeen Thaliyil
Please react my boy ruvid.net/video/video-v51hsenPuXQ.html
Mahesh Adhikari
Mahesh Adhikari 25 days ago
Joaquin has done great in joker but Heath Leadger was the masterpiece of the Joker character. nobody can replace ever even anyone had done the part
kyle fredenburg
kyle fredenburg 25 days ago
There's literally people who have gone down that path
Rohit Nigam
Rohit Nigam 27 days ago
The way he said “HARLEY” scared me like it was Mark Hamill himself!
The Joker
The Joker 29 days ago
yeah...should have went with Blind Waves review
The Joker
The Joker 29 days ago
Jesus the bright haired girl is as wise as a brick
Matt Lohr
Matt Lohr 29 days ago
"Last but not least, we have Jared Leto..." Oh, no. Oh, no, it IS least.
yash sharma
yash sharma Month ago
Why is nobody talking about the older white guy. He actually talked about the bullying and stuff
sahae crosdale
sahae crosdale Month ago
ok so why get people that already watched the movie to react to the trailer though?
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Month ago
The joker thought us that it is the society that creates the villan
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Month ago
The joker thought us that it is the society that creates the villan
chocaratto Month ago
I thought they're going to react indian tik tok joker :l
Chunga is Agem Agem
I’m the joker baby
daniel landeros
daniel landeros Month ago
The guy with the pink hair said it best about the movie
Miguel Juarez
Miguel Juarez Month ago
What about the Joker from the Lego Batman movie.
King Dave8WD
King Dave8WD Month ago
Do you they a little bit of inspiration from Logan.. I mean yeah.. It's Marvel, a little bit..
Ash Sunshine
Ash Sunshine Month ago
Lol none of them picked Jared Leto
F1rst World NomaD
Understanding why and how someone became what they are, even sympathizing with them and justifying their actions are are not the same thing. I very much sympathized with Arthur, I felt really bad for him through out the movie and have absolutly no problem understanding why he did what he did. That doesn't mean I think what he did was ok or that he should get away with it. Like putting down a rabid dog, I'd feel sorry for it. It's not the dogs fault he's sick but we can't have him around if he's gonna be a danger to society. The same way I don't think it's Arthur's fault that he became what he is but we can't have him running around murdering people. This girl saying Arthur is was always a "bad person" really didn't get this movie at all. At the beginning he was a very good person at the core, all he ever wanted to do was to make others happy, to make them laugh. But society combined with his mental health eventually broke him and he became bad.
David Vega
David Vega Month ago
If we are being totally real we all grew up on mark he is one of the best jokers of all time even though it’s animated there were some really really dark moments I don’t even know how they let us watch some of that stuff as kids mark animated joker was the best of all time and Phoenix comes in at 2nd because he worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to show us the rise of the “joker”
Miss Phoenix
Miss Phoenix Month ago
I think heath ledger joker and Joaquin Phoenix jokers are the most amazing and incredible actor since heath passed away but Joaquin Phoenix is still best actor in the Hollywood industry
LimeGreenWolf Month ago
I'm happy to say my Joker was Heath Ledger. Me and my best friend at the time went to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight, when we were 15-16 yrs old.
Jaelin Fowler
Jaelin Fowler Month ago
the really messed up thing about this movie is that it's not like something that couldn't happen, cause people break every single day
Ivy Marryl
Ivy Marryl Month ago
2:12 she predicted it before matpat
KG Mann
KG Mann Month ago
What's the point of making a react video if all the commentators have already watched it? It is less of a react video, and more of a review.
DxStormy Month ago
Im sad they havent seen cameron monaghan joker
Trazom Smeernoff Solway
You know the laughter is an actual condition? Crazy stuff.
Cunilingous Reloaded
Cavaughn Grace
Cavaughn Grace Month ago
Jared Leto tried god bless him but it just wasn't meant to be...
sanjana Unni
sanjana Unni Month ago
Mark hamill for life though
david trainor
david trainor Month ago
It didn't need the comic book elements but those elements enhanced the story and message overall
Freakin Nadzmi
Freakin Nadzmi Month ago
if u ever had the same problem as the joker, u know it hurt as hell when u dont wanna laugh but u cant control it. Back then , i had the same condition but not as bad as him.
Dakota Dunlavy
Dakota Dunlavy Month ago
i prefer marvel studios more than dc
Asher!! Month ago
This movie makes me cry a lot
kyle fredenburg
kyle fredenburg Month ago
There's no origin story to joker which makes him so mysterious the first use of his name Jack Napier was used in Tim Burton's version of batman very interesting I was sketchy about the movie all because of the name change and all but either way it's a great movie
Zeus Month ago
Really Haley? Someone is making a kid laugh, doing something harmless, and you'd make them feel like shit? Yeah, good for you.
Chamath Nadeeshan
I feel like Kristine don't have much experience of types of movies. I never liked this movie, 2 Reasons, I felt like DC fans got fooled by WB. And movie is too dark and I believe it will influence people in worst ways.
Bill Adams
Bill Adams Month ago
It's very funny to me that what is now affectionately called a "character study" was once known as a "moral treatise." As a film, Joker embodies that; this film points to the different elements which ultimately formed a character that is universally recognized and forces those who watch the movie to feel accountable (in part) for their perception of the character both at the end of the film and beyond the end of the film (extending into stories which appear in the comic books) as well.
Dalton Evans
Dalton Evans Month ago
Joker is the portrayal all around us.
Miguel Lucas Magtoto
I dont have a problem with jared leto as joker he just didnt have enough screen time
Sahil Khera
Sahil Khera Month ago
Why Tori Why 😭😭😭
K.Nicole Month ago
The only hero in this movie was that one midget
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
Not Applicable
Not Applicable Month ago
why is it ALWAYS white boys who say shit like “this movie was clearly about gun violence and mental health” and NEVER mention “CLASS”?? i wonder why?????? lol
Not Applicable
Not Applicable Month ago
what do you know, 100% of you suburban americans think “there is no hero to this movie”. lmao yall so privileged and gross. wait til you personally hear the joke... lololol
sleepy- -shadow
sleepy- -shadow Month ago
She bi for bipolar idk if that is the correct shortened way to say bi is bisexual not bipolar LMAO
Teo Pop
Teo Pop Month ago
I wanna see haley more often. she has something special...
Kruppt808 Month ago
Jack was my favorite, Heath was great for half the movie till it went dumb, JP is great for a Seven type of Joker, Mark Hamil will be the OG of the animated bad guys that laugh is imo more iconic than Luke Skywalker. CR was ok in a campy sort of way but not my taste, Jared.......no.
the mountain child
I love heath ledger
Tremendo Beats
Tremendo Beats Month ago
Mark Hamill
Eli Cervantes
Eli Cervantes Month ago
Heath Ledgers the best
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud Month ago
I didn't watch the joker
Izzy Brandford
Izzy Brandford Month ago
where's the word "stigmatization"
Mr NoBody
Mr NoBody 2 months ago
James Cojay
James Cojay 2 months ago
Heath ledger and joaquin phoneix are the best versions of the joker. Change my mind
elrenato82 2 months ago
And that is why actors deserve to be rich. They give so much of themselves to the public and Phoenix is a real artist pur sang. His brother was also very intense.
Prashil Bison
Prashil Bison 2 months ago
Jared Leto is like 5 minutes. Can we really not include Jared Leto in the history of any Joker portrayals.
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