Adults React To Joker

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Adults React to "Joker." Watch to see their reactions.
Content Featured:
Joker Trailer
Chris Stuckmann Movie Review
Jeremy Jahns Movie Review
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Adults React To Joker


Published on


Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 4 387
FBE Month ago
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Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 5 days ago
FBE please do this for jojo rabit
evanfoster27 2 hours ago
1 Billion Dollar Club 💴
Keaton Hanson
Keaton Hanson 10 hours ago
Seeing Jeremy and Chris have their reviews featured in this, puts a smile on my face.
Three of them Thangs?
Heath Ledger is his best Joker, While Joaquin Phoenix is his best joker. We should not compare them, rather be happy with the fact that we have two amazing or possibly even perfect Joker.
have faith
have faith 23 hours ago
I havent see the movie yet but I dont mind the spoilers . Joker is not my fav , harley is❤❤❤
Reema Nagpal
Reema Nagpal Day ago
Joker is one of the most best characters that was ever created. It's not because he is a villan and he has a different look just the way joker acts is ICONIC
Reema Nagpal
Reema Nagpal Hour ago
@evanfoster27 I don't no that's just my opinion
evanfoster27 2 hours ago
Reema Nagpal one of the most? Who is the top?
XxLouuieeeXx 2 days ago
Best movie ever
xxx galaxyxxx
xxx galaxyxxx 2 days ago
I whatch the movie it was good actually and also the end Is ThE bEsT!!!
Taha Tariq
Taha Tariq 2 days ago
Mark Hamil 😤❤️
Erin Lee
Erin Lee 3 days ago
After watching Joker , this movie make me so sad I feel so sad.. It’s a great movie...
Erin Lee
Erin Lee Day ago
AJYT Abbott :’)
AJYT Abbott
AJYT Abbott Day ago
Smile and put on a happy face.
Henrique Melo
Henrique Melo 3 days ago
Coloca legendas em português aí por favor
Raoul.__.r 3 days ago
Joker is not one of the... the joker is the best character ever created
Jemma Hovsepyan
Jemma Hovsepyan 3 days ago
The hype kind of destroyed the movie for me.
Tayslay Wift
Tayslay Wift 4 days ago
These people think they understand Joker They don't
Oji Torres
Oji Torres 2 days ago
They wouldn’t get it
axton 3 days ago
@Pan Orzech/videos r/moviecirclejerks
Pan Orzech
Pan Orzech 3 days ago
@axton that we live in
axton 3 days ago
it's society man.... it's society
MostlyPlaymobil 4 days ago
All these viewers are shallow as hell.
MostlyPlaymobil 4 days ago
Our Joker has a very damaged Joker.
croysk 4 days ago
Vapid, irritating non-entities
HabsMD97 5 days ago
Is that a tana mongoose impersonator?
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 5 days ago
Please do this for jojo rabit
Kyo Thesthy
Kyo Thesthy 6 days ago
That blonde had me so uncomfortable
Wondering Joe
Wondering Joe 2 days ago
Kyo Thesthy Yes , very very very much so
Mikko Kusmin
Mikko Kusmin 6 days ago
BULLYING should ALWAYS be taken seriously! Stop bullying in it's root!
AJYT Abbott
AJYT Abbott Day ago
Thanos IS Happy
Thanos IS Happy 6 days ago
Thanos IS Happy
Freddie Mercury QUEEN FORVER❤️
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 2 days ago
I love your profile 😍
P a u l i n a
P a u l i n a 3 days ago
Ikr 🙄
Thanos IS Happy
Thanos IS Happy 6 days ago
Roger Taylor SUP that's AWESOME
Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor 6 days ago
Eby Mn
Eby Mn 7 days ago
One of the best movie ever.joaquin is a amazing actor
Isabel Verdias
Isabel Verdias 7 days ago
I understood the movie l and its true because they bully author fleck and when Thomas wayne cried everybody cared
RyokSan 7 days ago
HEATH LEDGER!!!!!!!!!!!
Rated Ace
Rated Ace 21 hour ago
@RyokSan No
Oji Torres
Oji Torres 2 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix > heath ledger
RyokSan 5 days ago
Liks99 Suna was the best joker
Liks99 Suna
Liks99 Suna 6 days ago
KazeSan what hearg ledger what
Hannah Montoya
Hannah Montoya 7 days ago
This film was amazing. The entire film was a journey. It made me uncomfortable and it just was amazing it left me wanting more. Definitely a great movie imo
MASTER OLLY 7 days ago
The 2 best jokers for are Joaquin and ledger . 2 different types of joker but both nailed it
Dylan 2 days ago
MASTER OLLY don’t forget mark hamill, he was incredible
Misogynistic Racist White Cis Nazi Male
They completely miss the entire message about class and society as a whole.
bigwolf 22346
bigwolf 22346 7 days ago
yes we live in a.....
Matt Walker
Matt Walker 7 days ago
eeewww nadja cop
eeewww nadja cop 8 days ago
3:23 yes... a pathological lough
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 8 days ago
Wanna hear another *bruh moment* Murray?
Angelique Macariola
I'm surprised that none of them touched on how the system is broken and funding is continuously being funneled elsewhere as if mental health is not important.
eeewww nadja cop
eeewww nadja cop 8 days ago
I agree
Günther Bahnhof
Günther Bahnhof 8 days ago
Now, when i see any Joker Film and i see him laughing... Now i know, he isnt laughing..... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 PS: i hope, this is the first movie for a restart in the DC universe 🤣🤣🤣
Mason Mittleider
Mason Mittleider 8 days ago
This was a relat... good movie
Devski 8 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix=Heath Ledger
ROSH 8 days ago
That blonde chick pissed me off
Esteban Baez
Esteban Baez 4 days ago
Your right. I can think of only two reasons why I would tolerate her 🤣
the living barfpoo 2
What's the point if they have already seen the movie ?
lauren Ray
lauren Ray 2 days ago
the living barfpoo 2 so they have an informed opinion on the situation and can give actual responses
Jim Osman
Jim Osman 8 days ago
Izzy is so damn hot
Epic Boim
Epic Boim 9 days ago
People are comparing jokers but they are all different
Mr AFL Fantasy
Mr AFL Fantasy 9 days ago
Joaquin was good but not as good as the heath ledger joker
Al M
Al M 3 days ago
No. Just no.
James Henderson
James Henderson 8 days ago
False. Think Again.
Hasan Cirkin
Hasan Cirkin 9 days ago
Sorry everyone but, Joaquin is the best Joker ever
Hasan Cirkin
Hasan Cirkin 4 days ago
@mangalabg Nope this is a fact, not an opinion.
mangalabg 4 days ago
Hasan Cirkin in your opinion
Spray 1
Spray 1 9 days ago
Well don’t blame aurther blame his friend
Jimmy Meza
Jimmy Meza 9 days ago
Health ledger no cap was the best one
Oji Torres
Oji Torres 2 days ago
U buggin out ya mind no cap 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jimmy Meza
Jimmy Meza 8 days ago
JustASmallTurtle true but the movie was overrated it was good but Joaquin Phoenix did good but I be live health ledger did better
cuddle muffin
cuddle muffin 9 days ago
Joker is the best Joker of all time.
cuddle muffin
cuddle muffin 5 days ago
stinkypigcheese agree as well!
stinkypigcheese 6 days ago
cuddle muffin nope, joker is the best joker!
pincmin 7 days ago
Melucity 10 days ago
That blonde is a dumbass lmaooo
Harley Ratcliffe
Harley Ratcliffe 5 days ago
All blondes are
Harish Satheesan
Harish Satheesan 7 days ago
Angelique Macariola
I get this disingenuous vibe from her.
gorillaz is good
gorillaz is good 8 days ago
finally someone said it, they shouldn’t let her on anymore cause she just makes me hate the entire video
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez 10 days ago
Why are there people on the comment section insulting the interviewee's intelligence instead of discussing the content of the video, the Joker film?
KripsyKream 10 days ago
One of them said that “it would make more sense if you know the comics, fun fact: they didn’t take any full plot points from the comics.
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 8 days ago
Talking about how joker has no back story. He lives by multiple choice. How the movie was.
Saint Prongles
Saint Prongles 9 days ago
Kind of. They took him being a comediam amd gojng crazy. And in th4 comics he had a wife
Kur Norock
Kur Norock 9 days ago
She was talking about the character, not the plot.
Kurt Mills
Kurt Mills 10 days ago
Mark Hamill was definitely the best and most iconic
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks 4 days ago
for a voice sure he was the best voice actor of joker. but live action is another thing.
Daak Amum
Daak Amum 11 days ago
this is legit the best movie that will ever be seen
d-donk 10 days ago
JimmyDarling sure
JimmyDarling 10 days ago
No its not lol
Zen Green
Zen Green 11 days ago
Zen Green
Zen Green 10 days ago
Dam susiety strikes again
Captain Showag
Captain Showag 10 days ago
Double EMS
Double EMS 11 days ago
dm @xsnkrzx on Instagram for shoes and hoodies , low prices ‼️
GDXdominator Geo
Double EMS uhh
d-donk 10 days ago
Double EMS do you have some kind of mental disability that makes you avoid the O key on your keyboard at all times
Double EMS
Double EMS 11 days ago
dm @xsnkrzx on Instagram for shoes and hoodies , low prices ‼️
ورق طرنيب
ThanksGivingTurkey وزبر شو قاسي
ThanksGivingTurkey 10 days ago
Take your self-promotion and SHOVE it in your ASS!
Ray O 'Shea
Ray O 'Shea 11 days ago
Common Comic Sense
Common Comic Sense 11 days ago
2019's joker was the best
Angelique Macariola
Nah, fam. 2019's Joker is the most relatable.
the beatles are the best
@Zenith Edge agreed
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 10 days ago
Zenith Edge Nah
Zenith Edge
Zenith Edge 10 days ago
@the beatles are the best i love both jokers but heath ledgers is better in more ways than this one
ViperpipeHyper TV
ViperpipeHyper TV 10 days ago
u mean joker from persona 5? Lol
motori 12 days ago
*s o c i e t y*
bambimoon 9 days ago
Matthew Westbrook
Matthew Westbrook 13 days ago
These are not really adults.
Yeet your life away
Matthew Westbrook how else would you define them as adults besides the legal definition?
Ateş Küresi
Ateş Küresi 13 days ago
Let’s be real here Jared Leto is the best joker
Zoey 3 days ago
I’ma just explain Küresi’s joke, from what I understood. Jared Leto is the best Joker because of what of a joke he made of himself in making Suicide Squad.
eeewww nadja cop
eeewww nadja cop 8 days ago
F u
Tommy Mcdoodle
Tommy Mcdoodle 10 days ago
No my friend you are the best joker
TheOGHorrerFan 13 days ago
You mean last but certainly least
Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral 13 days ago
You get what you deserve!
Steel Forge
Steel Forge 8 days ago
Zenith Edge
Zenith Edge 10 days ago
its "You get what you fucken deserve"
Captain Showag
Captain Showag 10 days ago
Sharkie Alami
Sharkie Alami 13 days ago
Joaquin is the best Joker
Kurt Mills
Kurt Mills 10 days ago
Nah Mark Hamill is the best
BOSS FIGHT 10 days ago
Ukr he was born for this role
DuragChris Plays
DuragChris Plays 14 days ago
Tbh Heath had the best one
eeewww nadja cop
eeewww nadja cop 8 days ago
Tbh Joaquin Phoenix=Heath Ledger
Zenith Edge
Zenith Edge 10 days ago
@Joker exactly he takes it just by a little but both are really great
Joker 11 days ago
I think Heath takes the crown here.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 12 days ago
@Sarah Fayecroft there is no crown because they're friends
El Loco Rift
El Loco Rift 14 days ago
I hope this channel gets into insurance dept. Please die react
Fahad Malik
Fahad Malik 12 days ago
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