ADELE - ROLLING IN THE DEEP | Allie Sherlock Cover

Allie Sherlock
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This is me singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele, one of my favorite artists of all time!
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Aug 12, 2020




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Comments 100
MCStudio 2 months ago
Gemma 9 days ago
its awesome
Liv Crey
Liv Crey 9 days ago
Iris Andie
Iris Andie 9 days ago
yep, its pretty good!
Iris Andie
Iris Andie 9 days ago
@Sophie D haha yea
Sophie D
Sophie D 9 days ago
Corena Garoutte MAKING BUBBLES
Seems like your rushing the song. Love the texture in your voice.
jeffrey howard
Great voice
Александр Химки
You can't say it's perfect ... but the timbre of this girl's voice is pleasant, humanly pleasant. And we must take into account that this is a street performance without any processing. Great! from Russia...
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 2 days ago
Her voice gets bigger every time I hear her.
Jay Markowitz
Jay Markowitz 2 days ago
Incredible talent. I wonder why she doesn't use a slightly bigger tablet/i-pad instead of her cell phone for the lyrics. It would probably be easier to ready and she wouldn't have to scroll so often in the middle of the songs.....It doesn't take anything away that she's got a real gift.
rama nagista eles
love you
Agape Love
Agape Love 3 days ago
Please cover some Christians songs like Amazing Grace or Oceans by Hillsong. Your voice is a gift from your Creator and it should be used to glorify Him. What a beautiful gift just like Him!!!
Megan Garcia
Megan Garcia 3 days ago
2:06 that girl with down syndrome who was clearly so excited to be there and was singing along with you, I love her! She's so sweet!
pierre hachin
pierre hachin 4 days ago
Trop bien très bonne reprise 👍👏👏👏👏
BT3701 5 days ago
What a great voice. It's perfect. I hope her voice never changes as she matures.
Dashippo 5 days ago
Every bit as good as Adele
Todd Sherfey
Todd Sherfey 5 days ago
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Macentropist 5 days ago
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan 6 days ago
You sound as good as Adele. Feels like you are hurrying. Slow down and savor.
Lady Law
Lady Law 6 days ago
My only question is where are we in the world. Everyone is dressed for a different season lol?
Lady Law
Lady Law 6 days ago
@ʕ•̫͡•ʔ free huggos ʕ•̫͡•ʔ Thank you, someone told me Alaska and made no sense. Thanks so much!!!
akira kira
akira kira 6 days ago
thats my girl!
almir alves de carvalho
beautiful ! ... i loved ...
Emma Fischer
Emma Fischer 7 days ago
Who else is always looking at the faces of the people behind her? 😅😂
D Mac
D Mac 9 days ago
💓ed. it. Thanks Allie
RENFLOCK 17 9 days ago
Arinby Music
Arinby Music 10 days ago
I really love your voice, and I love you too much, wish to see you singing in person, I'm from Philippines.
Peyton Keck
Peyton Keck 10 days ago
Your voice is absolutely beautiful. I can see a bunch of producers lining up to have you
Mark DiGiacomo
Mark DiGiacomo 10 days ago
She's got an amazing voice, and a little work with a vocal coach and she could really be a mega-star in a very short time.
Don't Whip The Horse
she has her own style and technique, that does not need to change at all.
Augie Xiaomi
Augie Xiaomi 11 days ago
Like 👍 from indonesia
Paige Perry
Paige Perry 11 days ago
bonnie tyler total Eclipse
Running Bear
Running Bear 11 days ago
Thierry company
Thierry company 12 days ago
better than original
Ali Cokkonusur
Ali Cokkonusur 12 days ago
So good to be true :) Greetings from Turkey... May Allah bless you...
Tiago Pacheco
Tiago Pacheco 12 days ago
Loved your voice. Greetings from Brazil
John Alden
John Alden 13 days ago
This song was perfect for her range and style -- and she handled it with great control and energy. Nicely done.
Michel Belizário
Michel Belizário 13 days ago
What's this country??? 😁
cptn neemo
cptn neemo 13 days ago
This is next level. Mind = Blown
William Fedz
William Fedz 13 days ago
To much yodeling
Dave E
Dave E 13 days ago
Earn enough busking for some non ripped jeans?
Juanjo Macho Liebana
Jolin pero que pedazo de voz que tienes!! y encima tocas guitarra piano y demás... que buena !!
X X.
X X. 14 days ago
exceptional talent Sing bitte emy wihnhous das passt garantiert super zu deiner Stimme ❤
Curtis Fogleman
Curtis Fogleman 14 days ago
Awesome 👍😊
Totoy Bibbo
Totoy Bibbo 14 days ago
Please Sing, Rainbow by south border
Jesse McCree
Jesse McCree 14 days ago
Tnx to my mom, i found ur channel. Great voice btw🥰👍👏
SkeetSkeetBang 14 days ago
If I sang this badly I would stick to the shower
Al Kahinat
Al Kahinat 12 days ago
Are you deaf? 🥴 the girls got pipes
Elise Kate
Elise Kate 15 days ago
Very jealous of her voice, she's amazing
João Henrique Abbud Geraldo
Women's needs to rule the world!! Cheers from Brasil
BOB YP N 16 days ago
didier ravidat
didier ravidat 16 days ago
I love you, you are terrible, il love....
Psymon 17 days ago
She had a very good Voice, but this Song was really bad performed.
Follow Yasou
Follow Yasou 17 days ago
Best singer for me
MARCOS JÚNIOR 17 days ago
Canta muito e ainda muito linda 😍
Express Your Enigma
1:37 Omg my heart
Kinleigh Tate
Kinleigh Tate 17 days ago
adele is probably the best person she can relate to singing wise. her voice is deeper as well.
John Kosztya
John Kosztya 17 days ago
Earth Planet
Earth Planet 18 days ago
Sdeburca2012 18 days ago
Probably still busking to keep sane!!
Jhonny Verenzuela
Jhonny Verenzuela 18 days ago
Yes it is cute!
This comment was posted
Jonathon Simon
Jonathon Simon 19 days ago
Liked how she made this cover her own - possibly better than the original
vigneshcrichton 19 days ago
This one of the best Adele covers!!
Chuck G
Chuck G 19 days ago
Great cover, again! Just a bit too fast . Just my humble opinion but when you speed up, it loses a little something. Still great but there's another you did a bit too fast when someone else was playing guitar. It may have been "Billie Jean" but I can't remember.... But your voice is incredible. I don't think there are many bad song choices for you. Just when you speed them up they don't seem as natural and seem to lack as much feeling as others. Again, just my humble opinion and constructive criticism. Don't take it any other way, just me being honest as a serious music lover. I appreciate you!
Ross Calverley
Ross Calverley 7 days ago
Chuck G Actually I’d argue she tends to do songs too slow... Complicated is a good example. This one is about right.
Eno Lerian Holi Soka
keren banget 👏🏻
Luiz 19 days ago
pepper Torres
pepper Torres 20 days ago
i am a fan of you Allie
de Pfeffel
de Pfeffel 20 days ago
The joy you brought to the little Down's girl in the red top, singing along with you. You deserve every success and happiness that comes with it. Breathtaking voice, my little daughter will grow up listening to you sing, I can guarantee that 😁
cliff onator
cliff onator 21 day ago
You would think her phone app would turn it's own pages
Michael Dukes
Michael Dukes 22 days ago
Sander Molenberg
Sander Molenberg 22 days ago
Allie, stop listening to all the people who tell you that you are so good, that you sing so beautiful - they're bullshitting you. You need singing lessons and (even more) guitar lessons. You'll be a good musician but right now you're mediocre at best.
Pelbee54 23 days ago
How is this girl not signed it's CRIMINAL
Q - Perspective
Q - Perspective 24 days ago
all voice zero originality,
Gary Bruyere
Gary Bruyere 25 days ago
I adore you Allie!
H Balanquit
H Balanquit 26 days ago
Hi , #1 Fan here 🖐️ From Philippines. ♥️ 👍👍
Oswaldo Espino
Oswaldo Espino 26 days ago
WOW! 3.25 subscribers!
David Evans
David Evans 27 days ago
no video at all
no video at all 27 days ago
Adele songs fit your voice so much allie Much love ♡
rick b
rick b 27 days ago
i swear 1 song in berlin at the warschauer street and 5minutes later theres no car driving anymore
José Gil
José Gil Month ago
Akzharkyn Konayeva
How old are u???
damialoveskittenss Roblox
Little Adele✨
Arnold Alfarero
Arnold Alfarero Month ago
so beuatiful
Munirah Ahmad
Munirah Ahmad Month ago
Love your voice 💖 Love from Malaysia.
Сергей Сладкий
You're a super talented Allie, you sing beautifully. Come to Russia to Moscow for the program " Voice" He won us over with his talent. Success is guaranteed..... Show rules Golos is a super project that is fundamentally different from the usual vocal competitions and shows for finding musical talents. We found the best voices in the country. Outstanding vocal skills are the only way to get into the Voice project, get a unique chance to go through a sieve of musical duels with competitors and fall in love with millions of TV viewers. www.1tv.ru/shows/golos-9/pravila-shou
David Wilde
David Wilde Month ago
class! 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥
Roy Beckerman
Roy Beckerman Month ago
Deserves to be a global star.. This amount of talent and that X factor at 15 yrs...just amazing..!
delectabletards Month ago
How do people like her singing I- the voice cracks I
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Month ago
I don't know how how this is popular delivery style 🤷🏽‍♂️
Daniel1987 Month ago
0:55 the gut with the Slayer Shirt 🤘🏻
Karel Holub
Karel Holub Month ago
wow how come this beautiful girl isn't singing anywhere yet. He has a very beautiful voice
MrPickledede Month ago
In English when we talk about a girl we use the pronoun She not He
Robert Chewter
Robert Chewter Month ago
Extraordiary good
Papito Month ago
Allie you was born a star
Papito Month ago
So talented
Mn y
Mn y Month ago
Love when she sings it all alone💓
Ns brother
Ns brother Month ago
so powerful, goodjob
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison Month ago
You should be in a studio and make a platinum album!
Eclipse of the Cortex
So I don't think I have seen a single one of your songs before... but today i was stopped in my tracks for like 2 hours enjoying your lovely voice and performances! keep up the great work!
Fernando Montantes
Absolutely amazing
manuel vazquez
manuel vazquez Month ago
Eres una gran artista y ademas preciosa. Muchos éxitos en la vida
Rangceena Official
You have a powerful voice but you need to improve your guitar playing and your timing..
jürgen christiansen
nice and the girly is from ?...
ukfrogman82 Month ago
Somebody sign this Girl Amazing talent 😍
Rogelio Gomez Rodriguez
You´re Amazing ! So talent ! Keep going Blessings
gonzalo jimenez rivero
you are a (PITU)means here in bolivia very very..cute and special
Orlando Sarmiento Zabala
Hello beautiful here in Colombia you already have many followers we would like you to Rolling in the Deep
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