Adam Lambert - New Eyes (Official Video)

Adam Lambert
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VELVET: Side A is OUT NOW: empire.lnk.to/VELVET
SUPERPOWER out now: empire.lnk.to/superpower
"New Eyes" Out Now 👁: Empire.lnk.to/NewEyes
"Comin' In Hot" Out Now: empire.lnk.to/hot
Keep up with Adam:
Song Written by @pariscarney @jamiesierota and Me!
Video Directed by: @milesandaj
Glam: @jonlieckfeltbeauty
Vibe: @jskystyle
CAST: @harris_reed @myegotrip @comagirl_ @sir_alexprado @d0_dam @thepocketqueen @iamsatarra
Rainy nights I’ve know for awhile
getting away from myself again
I was alive but empty inside
Hole in my heart, I never thought I’d mend
I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see
Damn, I was getting jaded til the day you looked at me
You got those new eyes honey
Virgin like blue skies sunny
Everything that you try
Everything gets you high baby
I’ve so blind without your new eyes
Without your new eyes
This chemistry like candy to me
I’m addicted to the sweet sleepy haze
So whisper at me
Get me wavy
Naked and free never no room for shame
I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see
Damn, I was getting jaded til the day you looked at me
You got those new eyes honey
Virgin like blue skies sunny
Everything that you try
Everything gets you high baby
I’ve so blind without your new eyes
Without your new eyes


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May 15, 2019




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Comments 4 194
MedSou 3 hours ago
*Don't open* . . . *Have a fantastic day* 99% ❤ ⬇️⬇️
Landy82c 18 hours ago
喜感不是虚伪 而是一种智慧 一种胸襟
Landy82c 18 hours ago
Newe Chin Khun Zheng
Landy82c 18 hours ago
我是你 我会过得很开心
Landy82c 18 hours ago
你肯定有错啦 虽然不是主角 这样的绿叶也是可以做大富翁 无忧虑过下半生
mikeparez 2 days ago
When the song isn’t even on the EP
Manu Vieira
Manu Vieira 4 days ago
My eternal love... Congratulations baby
Jimecca Warrior
Jimecca Warrior 5 days ago
So know one notice that his style is like Prince
BananaFishBones 200
I am so happy, my mom got me tickets to go see him 5 days before Christmas, that's the best Christmas gift I am getting, and my daughter is going too, what a great Christmas this is going to be!! I love his new music, this man can sing, he's nice to look at too very nice.
Sylwia Ch
Sylwia Ch 9 days ago
To jest chore sory to nie te droga koleś 👼
Sally Ot
Sally Ot 9 days ago
Love him and he has such a voice and style. He is so incredibly handsome too. He got it all. But I didn’t like this video! It’s very cold and has such sad vibe to it. His voice is beautiful though
Dandelionfluff _
Dandelionfluff _ 10 days ago
I'm liking this song more and more. The recent live performances have been great.
Noahide 11 days ago
Cool video Adam.
Jesse Cole
Jesse Cole 12 days ago
This man is worthy of his own movie!
Kittycomere 7 days ago
well, there is the Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story, , on ABC
Noahide 13 days ago
Some flair in clothing choices, Mr Lambert. But a Queen lead singer should dress more like your cousin Christopher of a more matured generation, if you really wanted credibility for that recent musical tirade foisted upon us all in the name of the power of a frikking + symbol.. ( Noahide Books - noahidebooks.angelfire.com )
E turnall
E turnall 14 days ago
he must of made this song after listening to slow hands to much
Busy Procrastinating
New Eyes doesn't even sound much like Slow Hands and it's WAY better.
Madlene Bozoki
Madlene Bozoki 25 days ago
❄🔥🌈🌞 😗🤗♾
Kane Mckane
Kane Mckane 26 days ago
1:04 the boy from stranger things 20 years from now. Haha jk
Matthew XD
Matthew XD 27 days ago
How is this music not in the TOP charts
Paul James Brady
Cos Adam was out so long touring with Queen I wasn’t optimistic about this album but as he always does he’s only done it again an produced a masterpiece 💚
JH Gim
JH Gim Month ago
l g
l g Month ago
God Ive been listening to him since I was little and damn he's still the sexiest man Ive ever seen
Ashley H
Ashley H Month ago
Officially my favorite song of his. Can't stop listening. His voice is especially divine on this one.
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd 19 days ago
@peter pan yes! A jewel in abox of jewelry.
peter pan
peter pan 19 days ago
@Bored Nerd 😱😱😲😲😲🤣🤣🤣 no waaaaaay.... Overglow, Stranger you are, Superpower, Closer to you, Ready to run, Feel Something and Comin in hot are first for me. Then New Eyes, but they are all great. So it's like choosing a jewel in a box of jewelry...😉
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd 25 days ago
@peter pan I think if I had to choose between new eyes and any other song on the Ep I'd choose new eyes
peter pan
peter pan Month ago
Really? I like this one, but every song on Velvet side A is better to me.
Ирина Бондаренко
у него Иггипоп снимался?!!!!
Electoral Topics
I actually hate it don't mean to say it
Kittycomere Month ago
you just contradicted yourself
Kittycomere Month ago
Lucy's Grandpa (call me)
filly devotie
filly devotie Month ago
fucking A love potion #AL
Fathom Darkness
Fathom Darkness Month ago
Adam Lambert more like Angel Lambert this guys voice is hella good
peter pan
peter pan 13 days ago
@Fathom Darkness I believe you, but Adam's voice is made for metal, that's why I think you like it. And metal used to be a favourite genre of mine too...
Fathom Darkness
Fathom Darkness 13 days ago
@peter pan i do listen to other genres though
Fathom Darkness
Fathom Darkness 13 days ago
@peter pan funny thing about this is i mainly listen to metal yet i love VELVET
peter pan
peter pan Month ago
This guy's voice is the most beautiful voice in the world.
Nektaria Dimas
Nektaria Dimas Month ago
Hi I just wanted to say that his recent songs move me, there is something about his music so incredibly unique. I hear it before bed every night!! I love Ghost Town, New Eyes, if I had You. He’s has so much style and I love his moves!!! His voice when he reaches high point unbelievable!! Incredibly good looking, so much talent. Hope to see more of his songs on video!!!
Angiblueyes 67 Harvey
Sizzzzzzlin Hot!
Adam Lambert 🤩🤩🤩
Rusty MMM
Rusty MMM Month ago
Not s fsn of hid current bf, but this sounds like magic!
Kittycomere Month ago
are you drunk?
Jess Theory
Jess Theory 2 months ago
This whole album is luscious.
Ashley Tan
Ashley Tan 2 months ago
I was born in the twenty-first century, but this song just give a sip of the 70'. And I loving it
peter pan
peter pan Month ago
The whole ep Velvet (A) is very 70ies and early 80ies. It's so good.
Rocio Hernandez
Rocio Hernandez 2 months ago
He's so handsome!!!
MGZRJackass 2 months ago
Possibly his best work yet. Love it
Lara Jackson
Lara Jackson 2 months ago
His voice is no joke I'm a fan since 2014
Antonis Tsikelas
Antonis Tsikelas 2 months ago
Paloma R
Paloma R 2 months ago
I'm dying for a colab between harry styles and Adam lambert
Saeyka 2 months ago
So the "Green" is making appearance in AL videos a lot... He wants to create a mystery kind of like Bowie's last album. I feel there's more to this Green.
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