Adam Lambert - New Eyes (Official Video)

Adam Lambert
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Song Written by @pariscarney @jamiesierota and Me!
Video Directed by: @milesandaj
Glam: @jonlieckfeltbeauty
Vibe: @jskystyle
CAST: @harris_reed @myegotrip @comagirl_ @sir_alexprado @d0_dam @thepocketqueen @iamsatarra
Rainy nights I’ve know for awhile
getting away from myself again
I was alive but empty inside
Hole in my heart, I never thought I’d mend
I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see
Damn, I was getting jaded til the day you looked at me
You got those new eyes honey
Virgin like blue skies sunny
Everything that you try
Everything gets you high baby
I’ve so blind without your new eyes
Without your new eyes
This chemistry like candy to me
I’m addicted to the sweet sleepy haze
So whisper at me
Get me wavy
Naked and free never no room for shame
I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see
Damn, I was getting jaded til the day you looked at me
You got those new eyes honey
Virgin like blue skies sunny
Everything that you try
Everything gets you high baby
I’ve so blind without your new eyes
Without your new eyes


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May 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Skyla starr
Skyla starr 53 minutes ago
I adore Adam Lambert.
Per4alltid 2 days ago
Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre 9 days ago
Similar? 😂🤣😅😂
Khalid Mayo
Khalid Mayo 10 days ago
Carol Hagerty
Carol Hagerty 6 days ago
Way, way, wayyy better than.
ARİNNA 11 days ago
green lover,, i love you
David Sobral
David Sobral 14 days ago
The voice of this generation! Deserves to be more recognized!
Forever 🐾
Forever 🐾 18 days ago
What does new eyes mean in this song?
Forever 🐾
Forever 🐾 14 days ago
@Liam Barnes thanks
Liam Barnes
Liam Barnes 15 days ago
Seeing things from a fresh perspective.
expressings 22 days ago
i know this is stupid, but 3 of my favourtie songs in my album. And I just now found out it's all from the same Artist, I am impressed. This is golden, and I would never forget this discovery. Because, wow. I am deeply intrigued with this man.
Cloudy Moon
Cloudy Moon 22 days ago
Does anyone know why on his album this has no lyrics?
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd 21 day ago
@Cloudy Moon an instagram live session but I can't remember which one😅
Cloudy Moon
Cloudy Moon 21 day ago
Bored Nerd do you know where he apologised? :)
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd 21 day ago
@Cloudy Moon no problem 😊
Cloudy Moon
Cloudy Moon 21 day ago
Bored Nerd thanks for your help!
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd 21 day ago
Adam apologized for it and said he had no idea how it happened but it was probably a manufacturing mishap. You should see if you can have your copy replaced.
Sheldon Swiger
Sheldon Swiger Month ago
Seen adam 3 times in concert
XunWuKong Month ago
He sounds a little Billy Squier on this, and it totally ain't a bad vibe.
Ирина Дубровина
Bertha Karrington
Velvet album BIG FLOP. Sold 6K. Dropped out of Billboard 200 after only 1week.
Carol Hagerty
Carol Hagerty 13 days ago
This isn’t true, do not believe this trash.
Jeanette Kejling
New troll account...you can't hide behind a fake name..i know who you are ...coward.#duckling🦆
Pauly B
Pauly B Month ago
There is nobody on this planet that can sing as good as Adam imo.
V D Month ago
OMG.... kindna like Slow Hands by Niall :v :v :v
John Eyler
John Eyler Month ago
The CD didn't have his voice recorded for this song. May have just been my copy, but at least it's available online.
Jesse Moses
Jesse Moses Month ago
I love this song and video
Becky Rowan
Becky Rowan Month ago
I love the lyrics to this song ...Adam is so freaking Unbelievable singer and frontman for Queen...he is the best male singer/verstial music ever..I have been a fan for 10 years and always will be....
Melanie Murczak
Melanie Murczak Month ago
Der Michael hatte so schlechte Augen, dass er gerne die Augen eines Toten eingepflanzt bekommen hätte. Er ist auch ein Antisozialer.
Amanda Parry
Amanda Parry 2 months ago
I love this, and Adam, but my CD that I bought at my local tesco store, has no words to this song on the album! So sad, I mean the instrumental arrangement is knockout, but I'd prefer the words!
Keren Campbell
Keren Campbell Month ago
Amanda Parry it’s a manufacturing fault. Mine is the same
alistair gunn-malcolm
the best male singer on the planet absolute amazing
James 2 months ago
Play some rock!
OliviaDunham111 2 months ago
For just 1 sec i imagined a colab with Alex Turner...
peter pan
peter pan 19 hours ago
I generally never want Adam to collab with anyone on stage, because it would just hinder him! Alex Turner is the only exception. I'd really really like to see how these two mesh together.
Nic Winchester
Nic Winchester 2 months ago
Any particular reason the cd version of this song is just the instrumental?
Robert Walton
Robert Walton 2 months ago
Almost a blues-rock song. Would like to hear more like this.
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd 2 months ago
Check the album out. "Ready to run" has a similar vibe.
Aimee Bays
Aimee Bays 2 months ago
Always been an Adam fan...the old stuff, the new stuff, with Queen....I'll take it however I can get it!!!
Димир Котлев
Саша Севрюк
Почему он начал петь говно какое то. Нормальные песни же были
Chantal Lachapelle
Chantal Lachapelle 2 months ago
I have new eyes Adam. Thank you for everything.
yamhead33 2 months ago
This Hombre is killing it every which way at the moment. Fronting one of the most iconic bands in the history of rock and blazing it with his solo career.
Meddahi 3 months ago
The green light from if I have you
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare 3 months ago
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 I can look at Adam Lambert’s eyes 👀 4EVA
Elaine Hall
Elaine Hall 3 months ago
I wish I understood the New Eyes video and have watched it several times. Will it come to me if I watch more or is Adam simply a mystery man?
Name's Roz
Name's Roz 2 months ago
And the song was about his boyfriend Javi they were together then and he's on the comin im hot video too. They broke up because Javi's visa expired and he had to move to spain
Name's Roz
Name's Roz 2 months ago
It's like the Velvet Goldmine movie reference. There was a green thing there a gem. Here it is an aura which is being spread out by a person. Basically shows that the green thing is what gives joy and brings people together
Jeanette Kejling
Jeanette Kejling 3 months ago
Find some of his interviews, where he talk about the songs on the Album
Cleo 3 months ago
This man is so classy, his music, his style, himself
Gabi Koehler
Gabi Koehler 3 months ago
Gorgeous song!!!
Nico Sanchez
Nico Sanchez 3 months ago
Rose Schulze
Rose Schulze 3 months ago
Does anyone else have the full Velvet CD with the New Eyes song missing all the vocals? I thought I read on a fan site that it was an error and Adam had mentioned something about it? I thought it was a long intro before he'd start to sing -- until 3 1/2 minutes went by. ;)) Still sounds cool though.
6grandlady Season
6grandlady Season 3 months ago
Yes I too have that cd but I'm keeping mine and I emailed his company Empire and got a response they are correcting it. Plus, Adam apologized about it.
Sarah Mosier
Sarah Mosier 3 months ago
Love you so much bby 💜💜🌈
Gabi Koehler
Gabi Koehler 3 months ago
I haven't listened to this gem in a while. It's gorgeous. Love it as much now as I did at first listen. What an amazing album "Velvet" is!
James Barker
James Barker 3 months ago
This is my favourite song from the Album Velvet ❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎵🎵
Name's Roz
Name's Roz 2 months ago
@Arcadian Luna his whole album is underrated. The sucky part is people are not getting to jam on this song
Arcadian Luna
Arcadian Luna 3 months ago
It really annoyes me how underrated this song
jemeritte 3 months ago
He should be as famous as Elvis was. I don't know anyone with his talent, voice and personality. Plus he is so handsome, funny, down to earth and Unique. Nobody even comes close. Adam is the most talented of all, 👌👌
Johnny Vo
Johnny Vo 3 months ago
wow, that was just amazing!!!!
the1truebeliever 3 months ago
Love this.
Helga Bach
Helga Bach 3 months ago
I miss Adommy
Maou 3 months ago
kylooney 3 months ago
grow yr hear long adam dam looks good
Michelle Lorje
Michelle Lorje 3 months ago
Hello! My name is Michelle Therese Lorje.
TheBlazingk11 3 months ago
Omg that good he going back to his old style
jemeritte 3 months ago
maria poulos
maria poulos 4 months ago
Such a good song. Adam Lambert songs should be on the radio more. That voice!
1azyME 4 months ago
I fall in love with each new Adam Lambert song one by one. His music occupies my mind and helps immerse into work. And encourage to seek for better things.
DD Of Trion
DD Of Trion 4 months ago
Only 3M WTFF???? This is fire and should be in the BILS
deena white
deena white 4 months ago
This song only have 45k likes? Wtf😐
Анастасия Казанина
So in love with this song!
Caroline Joyce
Caroline Joyce 4 months ago
A little late to the party but I am loving your new/ish music! Very funky :) So very talented. Please come and tour in New Zealand,
Anu 4 months ago
He kind of looks like Pacho from Narcos btw Adam’s amazing
Kittycomere 4 months ago
Lucy's grandpa .... call me
Christopher Fuery
Christopher Fuery 4 months ago
does anyone know What the storyline of this video is
Krystal Pearl
Krystal Pearl 4 months ago
I want a Velvet fragrance. There's already a Velvet nail polish, so why not? I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 4 months ago
Velvet was such a surprising album. Adam just continues to release better quality content with every album.
TJ Neal
TJ Neal 4 months ago
Only this guy could make sleazy look hot.
Anthony Rhodes
Anthony Rhodes 5 months ago
Is he the only one making real music I'm actually thrilled to hear music his anyway music hasn't done that to me. In a long time land thats a shame thank God for some sick music!!
Anthony Rhodes
Anthony Rhodes 5 months ago
Adam Lambert all his recordings are great but this is the best I.o m g
Anthony Rhodes
Anthony Rhodes 5 months ago
And your right he deserves even more recognition but it's like Paula Abdul said he is going to be iconic ! There are no male singers out as talented as him he uses his voice like an instrument which makes him more than a singer he is a damn good musician for me to say all this means something I'm not easily pleased especially with what is going now days most music sucks right now but that's how it goes in cycles before Michael Jackson blew up it was pretty bad and he inspired so many it turned around but thank God for Adam Lambert and a few others! Where the he'll is Christina Aguilera she is one of the few!!!
Anthony Rhodes
Anthony Rhodes 5 months ago
This is one talented m.f. I am so proud he is from San Diego he is doing great after American Idol cheated him oh yeah Chris who???
Emma A
Emma A 5 months ago
I know your gay but if you ever need a WIFEY for everything else Marry Me!!!! just luvvvv you
Kittycomere 3 months ago
get in line : )
Andrea83 5 months ago
His voice... amen
Michelle Lorje
Michelle Lorje 5 months ago
Why is it, Hollywood, you lied about me?
Magali Queen
Magali Queen 5 months ago
This video was released exactly 7 years after Adam's #1 album, Trespassing. Adam knows what he's doing. Every move he makes is strategic.
Andres Ojeda
Andres Ojeda 5 months ago
Adam Lambert is truly one of a kind✊ I'm gonna need "New Eyes" after listening to this song lol👀
Jose Patino
Jose Patino 5 months ago
His voice and style is more than other musicians can handle😎😎
Javier Montaño
Javier Montaño 5 months ago
Wonderful, beautiful, marvelous, amazing voice, God saves Adam Lambert...forever.
The Donovan
The Donovan 5 months ago
ꨄ ༒
ꨄ ༒ 6 months ago
adam lambert love you ♥️😍😍🔥
Ralph Oliver
Ralph Oliver 6 months ago
Why is this amazing song not in Velvet Part I?
peter pan
peter pan 6 months ago
It will be in the full album. He released Side A, is going to release Side B shortly and then the full album.
Trace 6 months ago
Adam Lambert just kills it with this song. The second he appears and starts singing at about the 30 second mark - he is captivating. Great vibe and very cool song.
Sherry Goettler
Sherry Goettler 6 months ago
LOVE this song. Love the slower songs with your beautiful voice.
Punkjr Lim
Punkjr Lim 6 months ago
Adam, In the past ten years, I have been listening to your songs... Good looks, beautiful singing voices, shocking treble, perfect live singing, I still do n’t understand why you are so underrated.......
Saddle Tramp
Saddle Tramp 6 months ago
I really love your new sound Adam
Jose Maria Hernandez Ortiz
Monica naranjo and Adam lambert mis favorito singer
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