Adam Driver & Charlize Theron - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Adam Driver and Charlize Theron talked about their awards-season movies, "Marriage Story" and "Bombshell," and why they're drawn to playing unlikeable characters.
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Comments 80
mingming dynamite
i don’t even know what they’re talking about. im just here to make my eyes happy with adam driver’s face lol
Yafi Day ago
In a perfect world, Adam would be single and ask me to marry him
Kurly Kayla
Kurly Kayla 3 days ago
They both have legs for days
Dara Hayes
Dara Hayes 4 days ago
shia lebouff and adam driver know how silence can shape a conversation and every interview where they listen more that talk the other person ends up sharing more or way deeper by way of compensation
Tingting Rocks
Tingting Rocks 5 days ago
Two of my favorites! Thanks for putting them together! I feel the COOL vibes spewing from the room!
Kriti Shrestha
Kriti Shrestha 6 days ago
13 mins in, I want to hear Adam talk please!
Thomas T
Thomas T 12 days ago
What's with Charlize's makeup? It looks like someone sandblasted her face.
Woohyun Son
Woohyun Son 13 days ago
Their voices are just stunning, they could be talking about anything from toilet paper to Trader Joe's and it would be captivating
Ksea Radsky
Ksea Radsky 15 days ago
Charlize is a goddess. I mean, those legs... As for Adam, he is pure eye and ear feast, as usual.
niceviewer 16 days ago
20:25 The way he takes compliments- “oh good”. 😂 I’ve seen him on a talk show where the host is like “I’m a huge fan! “ Adam replies “Oh.”. ...Hilarious. The larger the complement, the more understated the reply.
Karen Whelan
Karen Whelan 16 days ago
I've always believed in life there are givers and takers. (Never is bad) All during this interview I felt Adam was a taker, his interest in her felt like he was absorbing her experiences and insights, his interest In what she was saying was like he was taking a master class, he seems to have no ego, and was much more interested in learning than talking. he is going to be a phenomenal actor, I also feel like he has only scratched his surface.
Chill Patrick Bateman
I like Driver's taste in sneakers.
jbvader721 7 days ago
Air Jordans all the way!!
First Last
First Last 21 day ago
Adam is great that Fox News hallmark movie was a trash fire
Hammer Of Justice
Theyre both so well spoken and intelligent. I could listen to their voices all day.
Nomnomnomiana 22 days ago
If i could go back in time, i would want to see Don Rickles and Robin Williams talk.
A5280T 24 days ago
Just finished watching Patterson the other day. One of the most unique and quaint films I’ve ever seen. It’s unremarkably remarkable in a strange way. It almost doesn’t work, and wouldn’t have had it not been for Adam Driver’s performance. It made me realize how much of a powerhouse of an actor he truly is. Yea he’s great in the huge, over the top blockbusters, and huge budget films like Star Wars... but when you strip all of it away. Reduce a film to literally just based on the simple performance and interaction between characters. Driver EXCELS in this arena as well. He doesn’t so much “carry” the film...he IS the film. Talent of this level and screen presence of this magnitude doesn’t come very often. He is this generations greatest actor. By far. He would almost be the greatest actor of any era. I see nothing but successful role after successful role for the guy from here on. He is still very young and has only really been in film for a little more than a decade, and really became a household name only about 5 years ago. He is and will become one of the biggest actors of all time. A true legend of film in the making.
BrainyCesarin1 26 days ago
When Æon Flux meets Kylo Ren!!!.
omegapointil 27 days ago
Don't knock over the furniture.
Ruby Orchid14
Ruby Orchid14 28 days ago
He does interviews so naturally, he seems to put people at ease. I would see myself being completely comfortable sitting at a coffee shop with him and just having conversation. He just seems very...genuine.
TrashCan 5000
TrashCan 5000 29 days ago
Damn he got fresh kicks
Damiane Rabelo
Damiane Rabelo 29 days ago
Only I saw that Adam Driver was uncomfortable interviewing C.Theron?
Christen Waltman
Most comments are over Adam, he intulectually sticks to script and does a great job, Charlene struggles with insecurities and lives herself personally into different characters, I think it confuses her who she really is.
AudCinema Month ago
Can we get Adam and Shia please!
Will Hanley Reed
What a weird way to end the video
person8203 Month ago
Adam Driver's trainers, respect.
Nome Sobrenome
Nome Sobrenome Month ago
what's with this Gareth Keenan haircut?
Hunter R.Thompson
Bloody hell Charlize is still so damn hot
DodgeThis 82
DodgeThis 82 Month ago
That moment Charlize Theron is talking about at 21:09 is in the scene starting at the 1:18 :03 point of the movie.
Nidhi K
Nidhi K Month ago
They're brilliant. Both of them. It's always lovely to watch Charlize. Adam Driver...such a gentleman.
ZacH Month ago
who's maghan kelly?
(303) Chocolates
She's so eloquent 😍
QueenSaphira Month ago
We're all walking insecurities, I love that....
Eric Coelho
Eric Coelho Month ago
she`s a great interviewer too!
Amy Baker
Amy Baker Month ago
Damn, what a man.
Gillian Coughlan
Charlize is amazing and so inspiring!
acLewBert Month ago
And they both got Oscar nominations for best actor and actress. Big congrats!!!
Kim Townsel
Kim Townsel Month ago
The concept of "switching loyalty" in a film is intriguing.
Leigha01 Lane
Leigha01 Lane Month ago
He doesn’t even nod or give any kind of indication he agrees with her - he just lets her speak and challenges her by not making it easy. He’s a great listener
C H Month ago
whats with that stupid fucking lloyd christmas dumb and dumber haircut all these dumb bitches are getting?
Banks Month ago
Don Juan Trumpeta Johnson
She was hot as fuck in that Martini commercial..
Skilgannon the Damned
The Ugliest Man in Hollywood. I'm sure the Female leads sigh in disgust when they learn they have to act opposite his Fugly Ass.
billiey giles
billiey giles Month ago
Why are you sure? You haven't bothered to get informed, have you? His co-stars think very highly of him. Lots of people find him attractive. Your opinion isn't going to make any difference to his career.
black swan
black swan Month ago
Aaron Ahlfeldt
Aaron Ahlfeldt Month ago
Who the hell is Megan Kelly
Vicente Fernandez
I'm 20 years younger than this woman and I could play her uncle. Damn.
Martina Ochoa
Martina Ochoa Month ago
It seems they are competing to see who has the sexiest femur
Dalia Sánchez
Dalia Sánchez Month ago
It is so great to watch so intelligent and talented actor to talk in a nice way, listening each other with respect.
Courtney Scott
Courtney Scott 2 months ago
MAGA 2020
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 2 months ago
Can it be Charlize Theron is somehow the new Kim Basinger?
Bianca Scribbles
Bianca Scribbles 2 months ago
damn, adam's shoes !!! godamn nice nikes my boi
Glimax 2 months ago
I love Charlize so much ❤❤❤
BloodCrest 223
BloodCrest 223 2 months ago
Adam driver who’ve ever seen marriage story my favorite part is JUST GET IN THE FUCKING CAR
iftlatlw 2 months ago
i love how Charlize talks clearly and honestly. she is a true professional. adam is a great interviewer and the make this conversation work
Alexis Benavides
Alexis Benavides 2 months ago
SHE'S A PRODUCER FOR MIND HUNTER? Kudos you amazing woman.
sublime_ death_
sublime_ death_ 2 months ago
wow, he´s jewish, and he´s wearing red, white and black, deliberately. very edgy...
zamzamkablam 2 months ago
@sublime_ death_ If you read literally any interview with him you'll find out that his dad is / was a Baptist minister. He isn't Jewish.
sublime_ death_
sublime_ death_ 2 months ago
@zamzamkablam i doubt it.
zamzamkablam 2 months ago
He isn't Jewish.
FanArt Zone
FanArt Zone 2 months ago
wtf is wrong with this comments? nobody else notices her LEGS?!!!!
FanArt Zone
FanArt Zone 2 months ago
J P 2 months ago
Both need new hairdressers....just saying.
Bryan B
Bryan B 2 months ago
Come to think of it she could have been cast in the "marriage story". But I did love Scarlett. They are both so beautiful and such talented, believable actresses
al karg
al karg 2 months ago
Variety has an Ace, makeup artist/stylist crew (?) working for them. They make all the girls look "FAB." Only FOX News' crew can compete with them.....IMO.
Wizard Of Cat
Wizard Of Cat 2 months ago
It's Adam Driver's world, we're just living in it.
wOwmOusse 2 months ago
Me: came to listen to Adam Driver, and only Adam Driver Adam Driver: keeps on asking her questions for 13 min straight
Greene Mist
Greene Mist 2 months ago
Not gonna lie I didn't know who Adam was before star wars, so I'm grateful for those movies for showing me. Great actor.
Gabi Kas
Gabi Kas 2 months ago
Charlize: "everyone knows who Megyn Kelly is" Me quickly googling: Who is Megyn Kelly
Nikki .Z
Nikki .Z 2 months ago
I like these 2 together hmm...
the dude
the dude 2 months ago
damn Adam has got some huuuuge feet
LM SORENSON 2 months ago
Two of my favorite actors so far.
Tobias Kjernell
Tobias Kjernell 2 months ago
i want to hug this woman
Douglas Sirk
Douglas Sirk 2 months ago
woman have short hair, man long hair. what is this?
Richard Lichaa
Richard Lichaa 2 months ago
Is it weird that I clicked on the video because of Adam, and not because of Charlize?
Nathaniel Matychuk
Nathaniel Matychuk 2 months ago
Two completely opposite personalities. The ultimate introvert meets an extrovert. xD
Alexander Supertramp
I see Adam Driver, I click. I see Chrlize Theron, I click. I see Adam Driver and Charlize Theron, I ask myself if I’m dreaming. Then, I click.
Shree Nation
Shree Nation 2 months ago
I'm a walking insecurity and I'm not even an actor
Devin Michael Roberts
How does she get more and more beautiful in old age.. i remember her in monster when she was young and the movie Heat and I always thought she was ugly. She is the only woman ever to all of a sudden come into her looks in her 40's
Amadeahi 2 months ago
did she say stenths? like charles barkley?
Amadeahi 2 months ago
good god she has the most adorable face. and adam driver has just a genuine personality.
Kevin Landorf
Kevin Landorf 2 months ago
Best "episode" ive seen yet. not the usual ass kissing in the other ones.
David The Sun Devil
David The Sun Devil 2 months ago
Charlize is hot, Adam is a boss. Great back and forth, but Adam would be a keen reporter
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 2 months ago
Charlize Theron right here reminds me of a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. movie. Is it just me? Her mouth is doing this weird thing.
Winking Monster
Winking Monster 2 months ago
He’s so ugly I don’t get the hype
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