Actors Roundtable: Adam Driver, Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx | Close Up

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Adam Driver ('Marriage Story' 'The Report'), Shia LaBeouf ('Honey Boy'), Robert De Niro ('The Irishman'), Tom Hanks ('A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'), Jamie Foxx ('Just Mercy'), and Adam Sandler ('Uncut Gems') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's FULL, uncensored Actors Roundtable.
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi 46 minutes ago
people have shit on shia for a long time. i respect him especially from the little ive seen here
Shush Maybe
Shush Maybe Hour ago
I could listen to Jamie Foxx all day he’s such a great natural entertainer no matter what he’s doing
Ana Chayres
Ana Chayres 2 hours ago
Great table, so eclectic.
PuckStar27 2 hours ago
They didn't let Jamie and Shia answer the last question!?
dewdew34 2 hours ago
"No i don't got it "
williamgatesenson 2 hours ago
what the fuck is Shia LaBeouf doing with these esteemed actors?
Æthelstan Jian Shaaker
Dream Room.
De La Rosa
De La Rosa 15 hours ago
I am wondering what's behind the people who dislike this interviews.
Beastmode Salvia
Beastmode Salvia 16 hours ago
why does this feel so awkward?
Uncle Bear
Uncle Bear 18 hours ago
3:44 why does Tom Hanks look just absolutely disgusted by what Jamie is saying lmaoaoaoao
Leah Harris
Leah Harris 18 hours ago
Every time Adam driver opens his mouth I just… All I can say is wow, just wow😙
Andrew Junk
Andrew Junk 18 hours ago
They spelled Sandler wrong. Idiots.
KH Daneil
KH Daneil 20 hours ago
Kylo Ren expression still maintain xD
Phil Hughes
Phil Hughes 21 hour ago
Outside of Driver, these guys would struggle with day-to-day tasks.
Q-Da-Mood 21 hour ago
i kinda wish tom hanks was my guidance counselor back in high school, lmao his vernacular would be so calming lmao
Natalie Kassirer
Natalie Kassirer 23 hours ago
Adam Sandler is way too humble. The man is just as good as everyone else here at the table but I think he doesn't know it yet. I want an address to send fan mail to him at.
Marion Fernandes
What do you know?... Robert de Niro can actually have a normal conversation lol
Zed's Dead
Zed's Dead Day ago
hanks coughing in this, then he got the old coronies
djtripleight Day ago
oh wow! Adam Driver looks Like Adam Sandler!!
15:45 Loved what Tom had to say. And how you can see the others, esp Driver really processing and internalizing it. Amazing stuff
Neal B
Neal B Day ago
why is Adam Sandler not in the title?
DeLANE Day ago
Tom Hanks with The Greatest advice ever 55:27
Am I only going to be hot when I’m in movies ? 😂
onpoc Day ago
Andy Velasquez
Table full of legends!!!
joliecide Day ago
Of the actors in that table, only Shia and Adam do De Niro justice.
Gail Adie
Gail Adie Day ago
I’m the part about taking it home (the emotions/tensions) from the days work.... I’ve heard some horrible things about method actors living every day in character until filming is complete. And even then, some actors take a while to decompress and life that character off their shoulders. Like dramatic roles.
Lisa Day ago
A show with so many greats...wow! Very insightful conversations
Janny Rodriguez
Man Shia could play Rob Deniro later on they actually look very alike.
L- Drizzy
L- Drizzy Day ago
Adam Driver looks like the cheaper version of Keanu Reeves
K T Day ago
Wow, Adam Driver is the newest and prob worst one up there and he doesn’t even say hello to the host? Douchebag city
Deniro sitting there trying to figure out whos getting whacked after the interview.
Brian Shockley
That was a cool interview with Jamie fox, Sandler, and Even Stevens....not sure who the older gentlemen with the grey hair and especially the white tie was but I hope their careers take off sometime.
Exciter Matronik
Exciter Matronik 2 days ago
actors sucking each other's dicks lol
Brian Dalton
Brian Dalton 2 days ago
Shia is the man
Suatt38 2 days ago
I thought joker killed that guy
Greenehhhh 2 days ago
Not sure why the interviewer felt the need to mention that Adam Sandler's Wife in Uncut Gems was a dominatrix YEARS AGO? What relevance did have to the table discussion? Not sure what he wanted to happen there... Glad the rest of the table moved on from the subject very quickly, they handled it well.
Andyoaryoga 2 days ago
i love how the young pay attention to the older ones.
Leah Schrei
Leah Schrei 2 days ago
I just love how everybody here in the comments is respecting some of the actors being introverted, I think thats beautiful and I wish it would be the same in real life, especially in Schools.
sadia adil
sadia adil Hour ago
In my country,culture and line of work,those who are introverted are considered dumb and a pushover.Its difficult to get a promotion unless you sing about your achievements.
J Waco
J Waco 2 days ago
Oh bob, keep your politics to yourself.
scandelooch 2 days ago
❤'d this
Childe Harold
Childe Harold 2 days ago
I love what Jamie Fox says at about 31.00, re Trump. Precisely!
Dom Yeo
Dom Yeo 3 days ago
Shia looks like Christian Bale here, sounds like him too
Chris Moran
Chris Moran 3 days ago
Le Boeuf is the next R Downey's jr the good one s go through all life throughs at u
Chaim Samuels
Chaim Samuels 3 days ago
I like the moderator has anybody complimented him yet.
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 3 days ago
Jamie Foxx shows why actors shouldn't talk about politics. One of the reasons why Trump ran for president was Obama made fun of him at charity dinner.
Na Chebit
Na Chebit 3 days ago
adam seems like he has watched most of these men work, thats respectful
Great David
Great David 3 days ago
mfkrs where is adams name n the title you fkrs
Selena Franco
Selena Franco 3 days ago
Robert seems like he barely smiles. It scares me
portaccio 3 days ago
I like Jamie Fox and think he's a brilliant actor but the way he keeps pointing at people round the table and referring to them as "he" and "him" is pretty disrespectful.
Rúni Djurhuus
Rúni Djurhuus 3 days ago
Jamie Fox, 52 years old??????? Wtf
Teofilo Tuiteleleapaga
I’m not the type to watch 1hr+ videos on RUvid... But good grief, I literally sat and watched this whole video....and was also bummed when it ended.
Logan Avery
Logan Avery 3 days ago
My favorite part was when half of them found a way to make a political speech.
Van Sidavong
Van Sidavong 3 days ago
I wish this interview video could’ve been longer! I could listen to this all day! Geniuses at the table ! 🤯 Great upload!
Tim Woods
Tim Woods 3 days ago
Robert is right about those people if you know what i mean. Just look at Putin.
Wayzor 3 days ago
Jamie "know what I'm sayin" Foxx
Sunmay 4 days ago
Jamie Foxx seems like a fanboy in all of this, and it's making me laugh my ass off.
phi 4 days ago
This interview would be so heavy and intense without Jamie. When he talks, the whole room just lights up. Everyone there has amazing charisma, but his is a light kind that really draws you in
Bill Bob
Bill Bob 4 days ago
I am hearing artist speak, i am happy.
BMAD97 4 days ago
I have a massive amount of respect for Shia. I grew up watching him, and when he was going through his hard times, I found that upsetting. But, it is so inspiring to see what he has now become. He seems so calm and just kind of at peace with himself.
Isaac Solorzano Guerrero
This conversation would've gone smoother if Craigh Ferguson was the host.
Krêpes 4 days ago
Am I going crazy or are some parts repeated in the editing when Jamie Foxx is speaking? Specifically the cuffs part
Nikhil MN
Nikhil MN 4 days ago
Shia LaBeouf and Adam Driver are absolute gems
Sean Oisin Osullivan
So Johnny English is only there to ask questions...ok
Sean Curry
Sean Curry 4 days ago
I love how Shia is just sitting in sucking up information. I would love to sit at this table.
Sidharth Kapil
Sidharth Kapil 4 days ago
tom hanks showing his corona symptoms :-D
Jibran Wafi
Jibran Wafi 4 days ago
Why does tom hanks looks like john hammond?
Angry Alan Rants
Angry Alan Rants 4 days ago
Lol actors crying about a tough President haha. I love it.
Angry Alan Rants
Angry Alan Rants 4 days ago
Oh deniro. Hows that second term taste? Mmmmmm its so good
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 4 days ago
Tom Hanks the paedophile! Can't wait for truth to come out! People need to wake up, these Hollywood "stars" have sold their souls to the devil and kill children to for their blood! Shame on them mentioning president Bush as if he was a good president! All these actors are not what they seem, trust me!
Niranjan Kurambhatti
i like how the editor has put reference about what they are talking!
William Winkle
William Winkle 4 days ago
Wow, I didn't know I wanted all these actors together talking about the industry so bad!
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd 5 days ago
Sandler name?
Baldeesh Chaggar
Baldeesh Chaggar 5 days ago
Top actors x I respect them and admire them
Mr Kika Bonita II
Jamie Foxx always trying to steal the show 😏, stfu and try to listen.... and learn.
Theodore Hobson
Theodore Hobson 5 days ago
I never realized it, but Driver would be a perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne. Especially to Joaquin’s Joker.
Baldeesh Chaggar
Baldeesh Chaggar 5 days ago
Love all these actors x love tom hanks the most and robert denioro looks like a gangster lol
Alan Nastari
Alan Nastari 5 days ago
Fuck Robert De Niro
Hernan Martinez
Hernan Martinez 5 days ago
Everyone else either nods or says hi then there is Adam just stares blankly at the camera
Angela Vanderwal
Angela Vanderwal 5 days ago
It would be so much more real if they were doing something-poker maybe? Men seem to be better at the conversation behind the conversation
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