Actors on Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal and Margot Robbie (Full Video)

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For Variety's "Actors on Actors," Jake Gyllenhaal and Margot Robbie sat down to talk about playing real-life people, separating fame from their personal lives, and more.


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Nov 28, 2017




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Comments 1 097
Admiral Raddus
Anyone else watch this while thing having not watched either movie??
Sonia Sid
Sonia Sid 2 days ago
I want to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Timothee chalamet!!!!
buzzardbeatniks 2 days ago
She's so not annoying. This makes me hate/love her even more.
Ree Cee
Ree Cee 5 days ago
It would be great if you would put the name of the movie they are referring to in larger script on screen or list it below the video. I have no idea what movie he is referring to with the “Jeff” character and on phones, the font is much too small.
Sami Games
Sami Games 13 days ago
Mysterio and Harley Quinn lol.
Exciter Matronik
Exciter Matronik 25 days ago
actors sucking each others dicks and pussies LoL
Jacob Hanley
Jacob Hanley 29 days ago
Jake loves his blondes... he was so into her
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat Month ago
Her body language is strange. She seems closed off. Either that or she has social anxiety. She tends to hold her elbow. I know because I do this, a lot. Lol. Great conversation between these two undervalued actors.
Joya Trif
Joya Trif Month ago
this is one of the first time ive seen jake actually being serious
Therese Ember
Therese Ember Month ago
How are the actors chosen to be paired? Do they choose?
Adore. Nevaeh
Adore. Nevaeh 13 days ago
Therese Ember they just make sure the actors have never worked together before
Slack Month ago
'do you use an electric toothbrush?' that could have been a very dirty question..
•• Month ago
i love jake so much pls 🥺 he's such a good actor and should have 2 oscars already. also, he's like insanely attractive, i could watch him for hours
Nick Month ago
What would be way cooler is if it just a normal person interviewing actors. Actors interviewing actors is interesting for about 1 minute until you realize they know exactly what they are expected to say to one another.
No Wonder
No Wonder Month ago
Alan Wake?
Cak Redi
Cak Redi Month ago
That one time Haley Quinn met Mysterio.
Javo Salazar
Javo Salazar Month ago
Jake looks kinda bored
Italo Emmanoel
Italo Emmanoel Month ago
Presented by who? STFU Google Home.
Javeria khan
Javeria khan Month ago
Shaima Kurde
Shaima Kurde Month ago
iam always shock why jake not even nominate for oscar best lead actor!!!!!!
Sotero Mares
Sotero Mares Month ago
I absolutely love these segments! No half assed interviewer asking the same tired questions or phony BuzzFeed humor.
Dupi Month ago
I love his long pauses while talking...
زين العابدين
Jake deserve an Oscar, it make no sense to me if he don’t win it . Just his role in nightcrawler is more enough to win an Oscar .
Bird Skull
Bird Skull Month ago
God he's a lovely, thoughtful, human being.
nia z
nia z Month ago
Misyerio n harley Quinn
jaja nooraldin
jaja nooraldin Month ago
keep talking about teeth please 😂😭
rodney adams
rodney adams Month ago
theory.. margot robbie - girl version cast way. goes on boat vacation trip. they so poste show deep sea fishing. then shark shows very scary. end sink boat. she on blow salty boat. that she ends on iland not realy know how fish or anything. make clothing coco nuts, make shelter, food. she chase birds to get something eat. lucky there strike stick on life boat. so not going all stuff hanks did get fire. she use shape maker on coco nut make her own version wilson, she call Mr. co co. put bottom bottle on as eye monocle on co co nut. when talk nut she talk british acent. get water from rain, buy make rain roof out palm beaches . cut tree down , burn center of trunk burn chanel for water get. then take salt water put fire out so rain tub. then cover leaves keep birds way from it. beat tree down with stone.
rodney adams
rodney adams Month ago
mistero here see smoke from island he one shows save. she like food. healy candy bar. he was one boat fishing trips. he see smoke save her.
Nada Tobar
Nada Tobar Month ago
She sounds alot like alicia vikander
Deeter Month ago
two very well-spoken actors.
wait what
wait what Month ago
noooooooooooooooooooo this ended way too soon i want more
Hope Heartnet
Hope Heartnet 2 months ago
i feel like jake can be an amazing therapist
bioware5 2 months ago
She is so hot and smart...he is good too
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah 2 months ago
Jake is one of the greatest guy ever
Justin Ratliff
Justin Ratliff 2 months ago
198 people’s favorite movie is fast and the furious
Israel Siqueira
Israel Siqueira 2 months ago
0/10 title of the video is totally misleading
NordicEgg Tv
NordicEgg Tv 2 months ago
I dont know if anyone will see this but I'll comment it. From the body language and the way the are behaving and speaking to each other, I can make out that Margot likes Jake and is trying to hide it but shes too comfortable to do so. Jake likes margot too and is hiding it really well but he slipped up a couple times and here's what I made out of it: Jake was getting nervous a few times throughout the video as you'll see. He was swallowing a little and trying to deepen his voice a tad bit. He was also rubbing his hands together at some points which is a big sign hes trying to comfort himself. Margot notices this and likes it. Jake is trying very hard not to check her out and is keeping eye contact when shes speaking so he doesn't alert her or makes her uncomfortable. Margot is pleased by Jake's behavior and is showing signs of interest. I haven't watched the whole video so I'll do that and edit the comment if I see more hints.
ericakim503 2 months ago
they need to work together!!! they already have a great chemistry
jin kwon
jin kwon 2 months ago
Does anyone know the necklace brand that Margot's wearing?
Rüburü loupbleu
Rüburü loupbleu 2 months ago
why am I more looking at Jake.G than Margot.R? What is wrong with me????
•• Month ago
nothing, you just have good taste
hannah Potter
hannah Potter 2 months ago
I've seen a post about how jake looks like Alex the lion and I can't stop thinking about it
Hamza Riazuddin
Hamza Riazuddin 2 months ago
these 2 have immense chemistry...wonder if they could channel that into a movie...would love to see it..Jake for me is right up there and Margot is proving herself to be one of the top female talents of our generation too
Skymarshal 2 months ago
These people aren't good looking enough. Why isn't youtube giving me more attractive people to watch??
•• Month ago
please say sike
Fede Tores
Fede Tores 2 months ago
Is this Irony?
Ben .Purvis
Ben .Purvis 2 months ago
He is SO sweet!
José B.
José B. 2 months ago
Really interesting conversation, also Jake being meta in the last part. 10/10
Reginald Andrews
Reginald Andrews 2 months ago
Mysterio and Harlequin.....havin' a chat!!
Philip Bonev
Philip Bonev 2 months ago
I think Margot Robbie is one of the greatest actress of our time, but she choose/gets shit roles. Jake Gyllenhall is just perfect.
nina 2 months ago
Why doesn’t anyone ever ask about southpaw??? That was the ultimate role
rose191991 2 months ago
love him
Sara Zonana
Sara Zonana 2 months ago
Its so great to see a comicbook Villains interview Harley Quinn and Mysterio
Rachel K
Rachel K 2 months ago
They’re both extremely attractive
Black Cat
Black Cat 2 months ago
He is perfect 😍
Cary Nick
Cary Nick 2 months ago
In case you missed it, presented by Google Home
Bamba Skaff
Bamba Skaff 2 months ago
Margot's accent sounds so neutral to me. If I focus it can sound Australian, British, or American...
Sreehari Sreekumar
Sreehari Sreekumar 2 months ago
Who is this man and what has he done with Jake Gyllenhaal??
Aasma Jain
Aasma Jain 2 months ago
This was dead boring !
Niana K
Niana K 2 months ago
Wait, is she a British?
The_Artistic_Movieman 98
Mysterio & Harley Quinn. 🔮🃏
Aîr Bendêr
Aîr Bendêr 2 months ago
Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from Where do I know him from OH YEAH Prince of Persia.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 months ago
He fucked her
Joseph Habeeb
Joseph Habeeb 2 months ago
anyone come here after watching far from home?
the Swan
the Swan 2 months ago
1:46 Just what I was going to say.
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