AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)

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Oct 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Александр Сталкерских
Топ песня(top song)
cauã melo
cauã melo 8 days ago
??????????????????????Rock in roll bits!!!!!
Ashley Bates
Ashley Bates 15 days ago
“I shot the dog”
Ssar1702 17 days ago
18 years old this year and i'm sure i will always like to listen to AC/DC... still lit !
Noah ray
Noah ray 17 days ago
MLB THE SHOW 21 brought me here
CoolCat 33
CoolCat 33 10 days ago
Nice, this is some real music of culture
Big Hand
Big Hand 15 days ago
Bryce Welty
Bryce Welty 18 days ago
Thank you AC/DC for changing my life, even though I'm only 15, I STILL ROCK!!!
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez 22 days ago
Desde Paraguay !!!😍
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez 22 days ago
Por siempreee!!!! Vivaa mi grupo faboritoo!!!! Ac Dc 💪💪❤
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 24 days ago
Rock Music will never die it will live forever 🤘🏽🎸🎸🎸
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 25 days ago
Love seeing ACDC fans of all ages from around the world. 🤘🔥🌎🔥🌍🔥🌏🔥🤘
martina olmedo
martina olmedo Month ago
ROCK5TAR 86 Month ago
wwe should use this for wm 38 dallas texas 2022
Barbie Lock
Barbie Lock Month ago
This shit makes me wanna fly a fighter jet....armed.
Gary Dean
Gary Dean Month ago
AC/DC rock no other band that has ever lived can get close
Alyse Huskinson
Alyse Huskinson Month ago
I love your music so much 💕!
Francisco Javier Rodriguez Alegre
Mojor de mundo ac/dc
Джек Ичан
1975 "Fly on the wall" - the best!!!
Theresa Quickster
Best Rock I ever heard . Sense 6th grade now 50 years old lol still Rockin lovein Brittish schooled 😋🥰🤣🤪💞💕💘💖💣💣💣💥💫🍺🍺🍻🍻🥂🍾🥂
Bee 1984
Bee 1984 Month ago
This music is better than that ghetto rap | Hip hop trap music . Make Music Great Again 🇺🇸
First Name Last Name
@Bee 1984 hip hop is music as many hip hop songs are created with real instruments. and even using a beatpad uses real instruments. rock music was invented by black people. hip hop was invented by black people. blues was invented by black people. country was even invented by black people. but music has no race. hip hop is just as much black people music as it is white. music is what makes America great. and hip hop isnt ghetto
Bee 1984
Bee 1984 15 days ago
@First Name Last Name hip hop isn't music nor rap because they don't perform real instruments like rock music or pop so to me it is ghetto . Everything else is music except rap or hip hop along with reggeaton thats my perspective. But AC DC is true rock music. I dont like African American black music nor anything from them thats just my perspective I love white American music . MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 🇺🇸
First Name Last Name
1. dont call rap ghetto 2. real hip hop is golden 3. i'm assuming/hoping you're talking about mumble "rap" which is pure garbage 4. ACDC will always be better than mumble "rap"
DonutBoi Gaming
DonutBoi Gaming Month ago
Any song that AC/DC makes is automatically a good one
Guillermo Vasa
Guillermo Vasa Month ago
El comentario de abajo es el comentario de abajo ksks
Heiko Klatt
Heiko Klatt Month ago
... würdig zu altern ohne Alt zu werden! THX
BEEMAN 420 Month ago
this is almost 6 months old now
Big Hand
Big Hand 16 days ago
Raymond Polichano
Motivated Month ago
_Return of the Kings_
Billy McWilliams
I am 65 and I still listen to them.
Liparo_Mpifteki Month ago
if aint trap, aint crap
Lane Mendenhall
Lane Mendenhall Month ago
Sorry we don’t speak slang here
Gabriela Matias
Gabriela Matias Month ago
Foda pra caralho
Joane Crucifix
Joane Crucifix Month ago
Trop cool 😎 😎
Kevin Raabe
Kevin Raabe Month ago
Another simple effective riff...by the riff machine themselves
mk c
mk c 2 months ago
멋지다~! ㅜ.ㅜ
아오 형님들 진짜 몇 십년 째 죽여주시는 겁니까..
juan guerrero
juan guerrero 2 months ago
Andrew H/Quickstar Networks
The Official Music For ROBLOX Monster Jam World Finals 22 in Tampa
Min Thang
Min Thang 2 months ago
jayᄀᄀ 2 months ago
미쳤네 선생님들 전성기는 도대체 언제까지인가요....
Corina Pirlog
Corina Pirlog 2 months ago
I,m sad for Bon Scott.anyway I love ACDC.
ken I lui sto domingo
I used to be a fan, but after hearing tmasterpiecehis , I'm a whole air conditioner
Nor Fen
Nor Fen 2 months ago
Fuck Covid.... ACDC has a new album !!!! Please God 🙏 let them tour the USA again , please !!!!!
Andrew Rau
Andrew Rau 2 months ago
Dang.....he hasn't lost that voice. Sounds the same 40 years
BLOODY 2 months ago
Кайф 🌚
oldschoolbussdrive 2 months ago
I shit in the dark
Mark Henry
Mark Henry 2 months ago
Survivor series 2020 theme❤️
Roberto Vallese
Roberto Vallese 2 months ago
Nipramos 2 months ago
Like si eres de los que habla español 😎👍🏻
Paula Kaczmarek
Paula Kaczmarek 2 months ago
Игорь Семёнов
Greatest of Rocks music of all time, also Metallica. Their songs are the masterpieces.
phoenix fire
phoenix fire 2 months ago
Ac⚡Dc is back !!!!!!
Sujith muthukumarana
angas young super 😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😯😯😯😯😯wow ❤❤❤❤❤❤
ski 2 months ago
Imagine you are fighting in ww3 and you have the greatest entry for it
Gohan335i7 2 months ago
Dogecoin was a “shot in the dark” . Thank god I took it . 🤘#Tothemoon2021
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 2 months ago
A c d c shot in the dark
Instant classic from the legends
orlowski2018 2 months ago
"THERE BACK BOYS" They where never gone. Love these guys.
Justin Curless
Justin Curless 3 months ago
Jamming out Music Doesnt Get any Better Than ACDC exspecially when you Grew up on it...
Merle Reese
Merle Reese 3 months ago
Cool Song , Guys🎸
comrade pudding
comrade pudding 3 months ago
damn they old but still rockin it like beethoven is
dave d
dave d 3 months ago
I did some rough, back-of-a-napkin calculations, and they are right. A shot in the dark slightly edges out a walk in the park. (But it's close)
Marion Tessnow
Marion Tessnow 3 months ago
ACDC !!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤ so genial!!!!!!
Ricky Painter
Ricky Painter 3 months ago
I'm not a big AC DC fan but this is live
Sibte Sajjad
Sibte Sajjad 3 months ago
A couple of weeks before I turn 13 I find this album........I’m soooo glad I get to listen to a new AC/DC album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corina Pirlog
Corina Pirlog 3 months ago
Concrete ,the best song ACDC is in front of all as usually ,the best
Pizza Time 2.0
Pizza Time 2.0 3 months ago
Angus Young was 18 when this band started. He is 65 now. Feel old yet?
Keko Morrison
Keko Morrison 3 months ago
Still kicking ass after all the years ..first time i was 15 when i heard them ..my older brother got me high and played hells bells ...yeah get high and listen to ac/dc nothing can touch it lmao peace people .
LV - AG 3 months ago
Acdc does sound the same, COS THEY ARE ALWAYS GOOD
John Constantine Marinakis Kipps
Rock the fuck on!
Henrik Rasmussen
Henrik Rasmussen 3 months ago
det er bare fedt
peter machin
peter machin 3 months ago
Love ac dc since the 70s and goerdie
Gary Graham
Gary Graham 3 months ago
Undertakers 30th WWE debut anniversary n retirement at survivor series brought me here best tribute song ever after a 30 year career ends😊😊😊😊
Frank Kozel
Frank Kozel 3 months ago
AC/DC Klasse . Wie immer.👍
P. Schnürfrosch
P. Schnürfrosch 3 months ago
Ihr könnt sagen was ihr wollt, die stimme von Bon Scott war viel besser!!! Aber leider starb er viel zu früh!
leadnsteel 3 months ago
Glad to see Phil fixing his problems and getting back in the scene
Shy Guy Promotions
Shy Guy Promotions 3 months ago
#thankyoutaker #thankyoutaker #phenomforver
Audrey Allen
Audrey Allen 3 months ago
Just bought a cd of PWR UP!
Owen Buchanan
Owen Buchanan 3 months ago
Still making history!
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 3 months ago
wow, and this is not even their best song
Michael Wiley
Michael Wiley 3 months ago
This actually came out on my 18th birthday. As a huge AC⚡DC fan, I am proud to have received the best birthday gift ever!
Philip CLAN
Philip CLAN 3 months ago
Au début, ça sonne Stones. Et puis, le braillard arrive ....
Jack Davie
Jack Davie 3 months ago
i shot the dog?
First Name Last Name
dont shoot dogs. take a shot in the dark instead
BADDBOYFILMS News 3 months ago
This is amazing, are you the guys on Shot in the dark #shotinthedark on Netflix Ac/DC music?
Raul Fer Ga
Raul Fer Ga 3 months ago
J....r otra vez AC DC siempre igual GRACIAS🤟🤜🤛
Shannon Spurgeon
Shannon Spurgeon 3 months ago
your songs are the best theymake me feel happy
Prodescu Ștefan
Prodescu Ștefan 3 months ago
I was in 2007 but i like so much AC DC i tought they are a dead formation but no they never was.
Gregory Killen
Gregory Killen 3 months ago
Now young ones, this IS music !!!!!! NOT ED F@#KING SHEERAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
rusty paperclip productions YT
Glad what's left of the old team is back
Zikki Charade
Zikki Charade 3 months ago
Shot in the dark is one and only by mr OZZY FUCKING OSBOURNE
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 3 months ago
Yeah BTS has a song called Dream On. It's nice, but Aerosmith's Dream On rocks!🤘🎸
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras 3 months ago
I felt the same way when I found out BTS had a new song called Dream On. I wanted to call Aerosmith and be like "you're seuing right?" But I mean it's just a phrase. The song's still out there and rocks as much as always.
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 3 months ago
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 3 months ago
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 3 months ago
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 3 months ago
Fireymations 3 months ago
Hey guys I own an iPad so I put this song as my alarm lol it’s true tho this song is just good
Dik Zin
Dik Zin 3 months ago
master light
master light 4 months ago
Still shocked my dreams to hear an album that was made by ACDC in my life my dreams have come true THANK YOU
John Redd
John Redd 4 months ago
Wonderful. I love the energetic and loud beats of their music.
Najm 4 months ago
I need a pick me up A Rollin' Thunder truck I need a shot of you A tattooed lady wild Like a mountain ride I got a hunger, that's the loving truth You got a long night coming And a long night pumping You got the right position The heat of transmission A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark Yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark Beats a walk in the park, yeah Blast it on the radio Breaking on the TV show Send it out on all the wires And if I didn't know any better Your mission is to party 'Til the broad daylight You got a long night coming And a long night going You got the right position The heat of transmission A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night
John Leask
John Leask 4 months ago
This is for you malcolm! RIP
Александр Морс
Любой трек звучит как любой другой трек AC/DC , но всё равно обожаю эту группу
Klakier Polska
Klakier Polska 4 months ago
Zajebista płyta słuchałem jest super
Andre Priest
Andre Priest 4 months ago
You never sold out, thank you for being a legendary band
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