absolutely awful PHOTOSHOPS

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Jun 12, 2019




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Comments 22 519
LazarBeam 4 months ago
Video got copyrighted. I would never put ads on a sponsored video but the people who copyrighted can. I am sorry.
Tronic_ LilRider YT
Lazar do you Still say croce
Emma George
Emma George Month ago
It's OK we understand
HI Dud
HI Dud Month ago
Old man
Ry ry Gamer boy
Ry ry Gamer boy 2 months ago
LazarBeam it’s ok 👌 YEET Use code lazar
matthew the god
matthew the god 2 months ago
i wanna slap you for doing that to sanic
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas 5 hours ago
Yeet yeet !!!!
Gavin Bob
Gavin Bob 5 hours ago
I got the joke kitty/pussy
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter 6 hours ago
Dum tattoo
Semajcju Yt
Semajcju Yt 6 hours ago
Your going down a dark path because of this sponcer
Harold 17 hours ago
Zooms in at 0:27 Lazar: 😖
Regina Carpenter
Regina Carpenter 20 hours ago
future viber
future viber Day ago
That really is how Sonic looks in the movie though
Giedre Eleksiene
Nice spider lazarr
FuZy x Bunnies
Haha three Willie is what normal human says what the Dirty minded people say free pussy 😂
Dude Sup
Dude Sup Day ago
lazarbeam your the best
Blake Wild Ninja
Stop talking about sex in the vid
Dogy Day ago
What software do you use
Yo-Kai Guy
Yo-Kai Guy Day ago
Your cat farting: Fly a inch high. My cat farting: 2:40
Adan ledeso
Adan ledeso 2 days ago
His future kids are going to be like : hey daddy what is this tattoo about and he is going to be like that is the greatest tattoo ever the yeet tattoo
Jason Cook
Jason Cook 2 days ago
5:05 its like a full grown man beating a child we all know lazer beam is a child
freya_ shark - _-
I have a tiktok account called subscribe.to.lazerbeam
NSA _RAGE 2 days ago
YT first video BOT
Jason so proud of you
Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear
Felix Rivera
Felix Rivera 2 days ago
3:00 best content on RUvid
Jet Nova
Jet Nova 3 days ago
free pissy
Yeeter Nation
Yeeter Nation 3 days ago
Mhls Ctn
Mhls Ctn 3 days ago
i love bojack horseman
Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry 3 days ago
When people watched JW and he said t-rex instead of carnotaurus: :l
Mr. Food Trcuk
Mr. Food Trcuk 3 days ago
Lazarbeam: I win because I put a cat doing a Fortnite dance. Also Lazarbeam: Nananana take the L. Lazarbeam again: I win because I put my own channel in. Me: I want to die.
AlanTheSAVAGE12 3 days ago
What do you use to make the "the thanos cat"
Jazmin Jaz
Jazmin Jaz 3 days ago
You cursed
Jazmin Jaz
Jazmin Jaz 3 days ago
You cused
QSquad 3 days ago
Excuse me BoJack does not have a daughter
YT_SNIPERLUX 3 days ago
My mum wanted. FYI know what I was watching and i said RUvid then she heard lazerbeam swearing
itz Brightless
itz Brightless 3 days ago
0:39 who relisied that he was naked
Malthe Sunke Pedersen
F*** ps
ItsYaBoy Cole
ItsYaBoy Cole 3 days ago
5:00 he is fighting little kids
Ansen Turcotte
Ansen Turcotte 3 days ago
Im Canadian and I love astralia
King Oof
King Oof 3 days ago
Well u both did bojack u both won
Jennifer Appleby
Jennifer Appleby 4 days ago
A ttv killed me
CrazyCreeper 089
CrazyCreeper 089 4 days ago
Lannan : you can't Photoshop perfection. Me : then i guess you can't edit Lazarbeam's channel RUvid : YoU cAN't PHoToShoP sOMetHiNG thAt DoEsN't EXisT.
Noah Esson
Noah Esson 4 days ago
I am to young
Ceeday’s Upload schedule
Is photo shop battles coming back?
Sherry Hyde
Sherry Hyde 4 days ago
that relates to my everyday life 6:27 i live on a farm and go out all day pretty much BUT at night i get on pc and use cod lazar
yesca_frezzca 4 days ago
Rudy De La Torre
Rudy De La Torre 4 days ago
Kim Lizotte
Kim Lizotte 5 days ago
Why not put a mask on usane bolt
Black Hole Games
Black Hole Games 5 days ago
chunky poop
Le monkey
Le monkey 5 days ago
Carter Stephens
Carter Stephens 5 days ago
Not a t rex
Kaelan Monty
Kaelan Monty 6 days ago
9:13 So funny
Antoine Scott
Antoine Scott 6 days ago
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow how how how how how how how
CAINAN AYERS 6 days ago
Lazarbeam OMG I’m such a huge fan of you. It would mean the world to me if For my birth day coming up, you the bloody legend himself followed me on TikTok @csa0244. I’ve been following your RUvid ever since you were at exactly 678,503 followers. I wish the best to you and hope you get less demoitization and copy rights on your videos. Have a great day.
Ryan Tang
Ryan Tang 6 days ago
XD 10/10
Cosmos Campbell
Cosmos Campbell 7 days ago
JaSoN iS pRoUd Of YoU
1v1 20euro
1v1 20euro 7 days ago
1:45 am i the only one that just died from laughing from the cat behind? let me know i wonna know if im weird
Monster Phone
Monster Phone 7 days ago
Free willy turned into free pussy
its Malik
its Malik 7 days ago
you are the best RUvidr ever even though I am in the hospital you make my day bro keep up the good work
DZD Productions
DZD Productions 7 days ago
Lazer beam is acting like every girl does when they get a win. (3:35)
pewe you
pewe you 8 days ago
Get unsubed
Josue Jaco
Josue Jaco 8 days ago
Jenni Curtis
Jenni Curtis 8 days ago
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 8 days ago
2:53 that looks so bad.
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