Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov: Special episode of 'Dagestan: Land of Warriors'

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Footage used in this film was shot in October 2019 for the fifth installment of the documentary series Dagestan: Land of Warriors. Due to the tragic death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, we are now releasing this episode unnumbered, as a tribute to the life of Khabib Nurmagomedov's father and coach, Dagestan’s leading MMA trainer and one of the main supporters of combat sports in Russia.
FIRST EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video-l027P8kkQDw.html
SECOND EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video--Z9heFkh80k.html
THIRD EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video-gUsF35fZuN8.html
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Jul 6, 2020




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RT Sport MMA
RT Sport MMA 6 months ago
Dagestan: Land of Warriors FIRST EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video-l027P8kkQDw.html SECOND EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video--Z9heFkh80k.html THIRD EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video-gUsF35fZuN8.html
Samsung ак S6
Samsung ак S6 2 months ago
Вера в себя Сила Воли
dark face
dark face 2 months ago
Could you please to make Documentary Film about Mother of Khabib Nurmagedov, too. Because a great person like Khabib born from the womb of an extraordinary mother.
vintage zeevan
vintage zeevan 2 months ago
Thats why 29-0 same blood....khabib
Foziljon Begimov
Foziljon Begimov 2 months ago
Joylari jannatdan bo'lsin!
MrMoss786 2 months ago
Watched this after khabib retired. May Allah be pleased with man and grant him jannah and his family sabrun jameel and peace and sakina forever, ameen yaa Rabb. From South Africa 🇿🇦
SUHAIL 3 days ago
8:12 this man is facility too, RIP
arkan kamarada
arkan kamarada 12 days ago
Honor y gloria noble y fuerte guerrero..Dios te recompense x tu esfuerzo y buen corazón....from basque country.......leon
friendlywhiteguy 20 days ago
How did he die so young?
Joanna Jodłowska
Joanna Jodłowska 22 days ago
так много талантов, это заслуга Tренера - не случайно. Cпать спокойно
Salam Ahmed
Salam Ahmed Month ago
talat ahmed
talat ahmed Month ago
Inna Lilahi wa inna ilayi rajioon !! May allah swt grant him jannah and give khabib and his family sabr
mohavez wadani
mohavez wadani Month ago
Okay everyone can use the word #beutiful to describe something or someone but the real meaning of this word is #abdulmanap he was the most beautiful human that walked on this planet ... We loved u #Abdulmanap 💘 and we will always love u #insha_allah we will meet again ❤ thank for all the memories and love for the youth even though I'm from Somali 🇸🇴 we got mad luv for people from #Dagestan
Dmitriy Month ago
Почему бог забирает великих первыми? Не справедливо.
SuperTahira123 Month ago
Certainly the best coach of all time. RIP InshaAllah 🤲🏽
firas kafaween
firas kafaween Month ago
إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون ، الله يرحمه ويغفر له
ahmad from Yemen
Humble and legend
NA11M OG Month ago
Whoever disliked this can go suck on a egg you clowns. R.I.P legend 🙏🏾
Alain Swanson
Alain Swanson Month ago
💚 khabib will keep doing you proud... rest in peace friend. You are a true inspiration to a lot of people, your legacy will live on.
Mursheed Kamil Rashid
1.2k dislikes ... probably salty people.. who can never be like him
mohammed abid
mohammed abid Month ago
So much calculated😍
Jhesell Matos
Jhesell Matos Month ago
RIP brother Namaste 🙏🏾
Orhan Mahmuti
Orhan Mahmuti Month ago
Insh Allah xhenet ❤️🙏💪
Pietro Ferrari
Pietro Ferrari Month ago
Thank you, Mr. Abdulmanap, for training a warrior to the battle, and show us how a love of a father can change a destiny. Stay with Allah. ☝🏻❤️
Scott G
Scott G Month ago
I was disappointed when the video ended.
Ayub khan
Ayub khan Month ago
One of the good person on earth, the way he guided the youngsters shows the real respect what he has done in life, Example khabib....
ATLASLION11 Month ago
Only respect for what this man Has done for his community and for his country and worldwide . The name nurmagomedov is a name that is respected. I hope islam will Take the torch over from khabib in honour of sir abdulmanap
J Jj
J Jj Month ago
Live in Piece... RIP. Your wrk here is complete yr legacy lives on through yr son and other you've made better for thr experience with you. HAPPY Birthday you will NVR DIE...
Mohammed Hashim
Mohammed Hashim Month ago
الله يرحمه ويغفرله ويسكنه فسيح جناته
Зара Зара
samad khan
samad khan Month ago
May Allah grant him a place in paradise. AMEEN.
Taimur shariff Taimur
Allah tala apki magfriat karai Ameen Ameen Ameen sumameen sumameen sumameen
Bitcoin Blockchain
Legend, may Allah have mercy up on him, and grand him with higher level of Paradise. Amin
Arunkumar Oinam
Arunkumar Oinam Month ago
You are inspiration of all and true legend.Nobody can forget your hard work and motivation
Arturo Gatti
Arturo Gatti Month ago
He’s in a better place that’s heaven !
rakibRTMLHG hasan
Rip... Sir....allah blase you
The Game Life
The Game Life Month ago
PoochZie Month ago
This shit made me cry from the first few seconds. Rest in peace legend.
Nashier Sirajan
Nashier Sirajan Month ago
some nations sacrifice youth for their political ambitions clothing it with promises of change , now I fully comprehend.
Mohit Mandal
Mohit Mandal Month ago
Dislikes are from McGregor fans
JD Salazar
JD Salazar Month ago
Respect!!!! Great Father and Coach
Anibal Puerto Rico
Alhamdulilah r.i.p my brother
Let me Check
Let me Check Month ago
Sign on the beach near ruins: "trespassing and swimming strongly forbidden" Meanwhile: Russians 0 fucks given absolute legends
MMA Hops
MMA Hops Month ago
The good fathers
Rea List
Rea List Month ago
What a great man he was, not to mention the coaching and educational qualities he had. May Allah grant Mr. Nurmohamedov with Jannah.
Mushaira Media
Mushaira Media Month ago
@6:11, I can't run like him, even though I'm only 37 years old now. Salute to the great Legend.
marc Leblanc
marc Leblanc Month ago
I wish they would make a full movie documentary about this world legend
V3d M3h
V3d M3h Month ago
he is really a special!
Шота Салукари
Maher BeRain
Maher BeRain Month ago
El-Fatiha for this man
Mohdrizal Rizal
Mohdrizal Rizal Month ago
What an absolute legend, history will remember him as one of the best coaches of all time.
Callum Kent
Callum Kent Month ago
RIP legend
Azad Kaleel
Azad Kaleel Month ago
What he said at the end "They will show their level in the next 2-3 years". That was the prediction from a God fearing man and a champion coach. UFC tighten the seat belts. Dagestani warriors are coming. Fearless, humble, strong and with proper technique. Lethal combination and too much to cope with
Alexis Vicent
Alexis Vicent Month ago
R. I. P Legend 🙏
yassine jansen
yassine jansen Month ago
We see you in Jennah Ins Allah
yassine jansen
yassine jansen Month ago
You are the best, we all miss you. You make khabib the best and the respect men of the UFC. You teach him not only to fight but also a good muslim brother. You derserve the best respect RIP we all der you in heaven Insh Allah
kuihekili82 Month ago
To Abdulmanap, you truly are a remarkable human being! I have the upmost respect of how you carry yourself and of course how you train your fighters. Im very humbled when I watch videos of you and khabib and how your guys legacy will always bring meaning to my life. Thank you for teaching me these values and may you rest in peace! May Allah bless you!!!!!
Kaali Surfer
Kaali Surfer Month ago
Great man!pocivaj u miru g.Abdulmanap
Omar Calles
Omar Calles Month ago
That guy was a King 🤴
Adem Gün
Adem Gün Month ago
Rıp 🕋🕌🕋
PLO RIP tayar
PLO RIP tayar Month ago
Rest in Peace, but i thing Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov never die from Covid19!!
Marium Raja
Marium Raja Month ago
I stand and I salute this great man ... We love you sir your a Legend.. The people of Kashmir/ Pakistan
Danial Jamal
Danial Jamal Month ago
Please make film👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
atun Month ago
انا لله وانا اليه راجعون ☝🏾
Игорек86 Month ago
Тебе Рад помочь
Muhammad Aladdin
Muhammad Aladdin 2 months ago
الله يرحمه.
la frappe du bresils
Un grand monsieur
Roronoa Engkus
Roronoa Engkus 2 months ago
Allahummagfirlahu warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fuanhu
Ricky Balboa
Ricky Balboa 2 months ago
this man can do anything...economist, account...and MMA coach...what a unique combination...great man!!
Zain BEN SALEH 2 months ago
The moment when you see him laughing or smiling ...
Hollow King
Hollow King 2 months ago
The more I learn about this man. The more I get inspired.
sailer sai
sailer sai 2 months ago
Абдулманап напоминает моего тренера А.А.Федорича тоже делает много для молодежи пгт Демьянова благодарен таким людям дух воспитывают
SpiritoLibero - Tribe of Talents
1,2K of idiots... RIP Abdulmanap.
bachoban 2 months ago
He trained a whole generation , must been proud of his son.
Nosmalija Yunos
Nosmalija Yunos 2 months ago
i never meet this man..he just kind.. humble.. just like father figure. i dont know why i cry while watchiny this. Al-Fatihah may Allah Grant him high rank in Jannah. love from Malaysia ♥️
Jamelah Macabangkit
Jamelah Macabangkit 2 months ago
Habib..anywhere on the globe loves so much an EAGLE!im Ur fan..bcoz of ur hardship in every fight.not bcoz u intertained people and me😭😭,i feel ur hardship in the cage..that made my heart cry😭😭 i feel so sorry that just ds last week of oct.2020 that i have an idea about ur career nd fame😭😭😭😭im just an ordinary busy mother that dont have much time watching you tube,tv fb..maybe ths why😭😭😭😭 i pray to ALLAH i can talk to u somedy in any possible way.😭😭😭😭😭im so proud of u...😭😭😭😭😭i hope u can read my mssge..INSHA ALLAH idnt know ur exact/real fb or instagram accnt.i hope someone can helpme send this messge to you😭😭😭😭..im jamelah from masiu Lanao del sur, philppines..i love ur natural life than ur fame😭😭😭!i love ur vedio while u are carrying ur shoes with bagpack, i felt ur natural life in that vedio and i said i love ur natural life than ur fame😭😭.i pray to ALLAH that somdy ill be one of those people u know even only here on social media..we love u for the sake o ALLAH..salam to ur family especially to ur mother...ur community is so nice ..seems like many people there are good and kind..indeed, there is such thing as IMPOSSIBLE, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be able to come to ur community..what a good amazing place..
Kulas Bb
Kulas Bb 2 months ago
I can only imagine how he misses his dad such a sad story seeing this and much of a impact he had on people
Besian Qevani
Besian Qevani 2 months ago
How did he die so fast this video is 4 months old
Abd 2 months ago
Masha Allah what a great man. May Allah swt raise him high in Jannah.
NAPALMITEO 2 months ago
😢May allah azawajel bless your soul akhy l aziz you gave us a great champion yo admire you can rest easy now ❤️🕊️
Tnt B
Tnt B 2 months ago
Great man ...RIP from a orthodox Christian brother.
Muhammad Nadeem Shahzad
may Allah have mercy on his soul, aameen
Yandri Fadli
Yandri Fadli 2 months ago
4:33 Pak ogah di Russia
АСА 2 months ago
Абдулманап, великий тренер 🔥♥️
Joe 2 months ago
RIP master
Old Bulgaria Nationalism
Rip Abdulmanap you left having trained champions and your lessons will be passed on for future generations, true here is a real man having accomplished good things in life, be proud brothers of Dagestan! 🙏👏☝
JOHN CAREY 2 months ago
What an amazing, humble gentleman ♥️🌹♥️
Bigspliff26 2 months ago
his father was MURDERED.
Momo Ben
Momo Ben 2 months ago
Mais Condoléances a tte la famille. Bravo pour le reportage respect.
Mohammed Abdul Baseer
When will the episode 5 of Dagestan come , it's really interesting
Shafiq Tokhi
Shafiq Tokhi 2 months ago
What an example of what a father, teacher, Man should be
Emadi 2 months ago
This is a terrible and stupid question I don't wanna ask but how did he die I mean he's in such a great shape better then most young ones, this question just had me wondering. Laillaha ilalah
Имя Фамилия
Complications on heart after covid
casen lemafé
casen lemafé 2 months ago
ca joue au foot tranquille rien avoir avec la mentalite des combattants francais..
Asma Fadzilah
Asma Fadzilah 2 months ago
He loves and obeys Allah in his life, he will be put in heaven(Jannah), aamiin♥️
Damian Gradecki
Damian Gradecki 2 months ago
Great person respect from poland
Jangroyvia Creslovinia
awesome. i agree with everything he says. so many great fighters out of russia. a lot of discipline and hard work from them and they always respect their opponents
abzy3k1 2 months ago
I miss this man I teared up about him and he's not even my father. Cannot imagine Khabibs pain. May Allah reunite Father and Son in Jannah
خالد موسى البلوشي دلوش
الله يرحمك ويغفر لك الى جنات النعيم ان شاء الله
Андрей Е
Андрей Е 2 months ago
Лучше бы Дагестан был не землёй войнов, а землёй учёных, культуры, развития, науки, образования, инноваций... Дагестан - дотационная земля. Так точнее
Indus Anon
Indus Anon 2 months ago
Respect to the man behind the man
Tomaszek 2 months ago
POLAND : a wonderful man. He raised wonderful sons, modest and character. RESPECT !!!‼️💪
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