We Went to the Abandoned "Island of Death"... (ITALY)

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This week, Matt and I explored the island of Poveglia, one of the scariest and eeriest abandoned places we've ever been to. With over 160,000 deaths having taken place on the island, half of the island's soil is from human remains...
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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 5 311
Annie Wangui
Annie Wangui 3 hours ago
I watch your documentaries cause you are cuty guys ..😛😛😛 am here to look at you 😂😂😂 much love from Africa though
True Potential
True Potential 18 hours ago
"What if the driver leaves and never comes back and we are stuck in the island?" Well, obviously we eat Josh and cuddle with Mattypoo 😋
Paolo Di Matteo
The way he is pronouncing Poveglia makes me scream
VdamMusic Day ago
Challenge.. Spend 24 hours on the island
SilentWrath Day ago
so you really didn't find even a SINGLE dead body???
Caroline Grüter
Hey, I´m so sorry to inform you that Poveglia is just an island with a former hospital and nursing home. They have given up the hospital due to financial reasons. There were other islands used for pestilence deaths. Venice never had a population over 100,000 and there never was a psychiatry located on Poveglia. These rumors about these terrible stories occured for about 15 years ago and are simply not true. have a nice day.
F A 2 days ago
i wouldnt call it creepy,but tragic and sad...so many people were killed,abandoned,abused and exiled there...me and my parents went to auschwitz two years ago,and there were untouched clothes and kids shoes,and toys all over,i felt such sadness and grief,so many poor kids. died,families,elders,innocent men. we are such cruel people,we always have been ,and always will continue to be unfortunately,
filipeandrade28 2 days ago
Definitely, these cities/places are the ones to be restored and don't let us forget what happened in the past. They are an example of what, we humans, are capable of
Xanlics ᏒᎧᏕᏕ
2 am squad
Linda Mazzoni
Linda Mazzoni 2 days ago
Holy shit I actually got scared when he screamed
Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez 2 days ago
On 12:20 why he beeped out crap lol
Urša Debenjak
Urša Debenjak 2 days ago
New drinking game: take a shot everytime that people in the comments say plague is caused by a virus.
Elan Sinder
Elan Sinder 2 days ago
farukh abbas
farukh abbas 2 days ago
U dickhead actually shook me at 8:40 into the video
Nazreen Zulaikha
Nazreen Zulaikha 2 days ago
i love josh!
Emrah Delan
Emrah Delan 3 days ago
Could've taken it up a notch and spent the night there ;/
SantaGoneMad 3 days ago
I love videos about abandoned places but please take care and don't climb half broken staircases >.
Lorenzo Pedretti
Lorenzo Pedretti 3 days ago
it looks like a map from uncharted
Iush Man
Iush Man 3 days ago
7:06 are those 2 shadows in front of matt????
Youtube Admin
Youtube Admin 3 days ago
Seek discomfort is their moto but they dont climb the scary ladder
Youtube Admin
Youtube Admin 3 days ago
Bring a shovel next time
cute agrawal
cute agrawal 3 days ago
Looks like ERODA
The Fragrance Apprentice
How Boring.
nandy aggarwal
nandy aggarwal 3 days ago
organize a fun trip to chernobyl. like if u agree
Thina Ser
Thina Ser 3 days ago
I thought in order to go on to this island, u gotta do some paper works asking for permission.
Ruchunsinle Tep
Ruchunsinle Tep 3 days ago
You boys are brave 🤗
Jackson Buckingham
There is a giggle between 8:28 and 8:36
springer223 4 days ago
dont understand why these guys would be laughing and smiling about how many people died on the island. have some Class bunch of disrespectful kids.
Katarína Vertaľová
The island reminds me of wifi 😅
Marti 33
Marti 33 4 days ago
I love you but please, PLEASE don't you dare pronouncing "poveglia" like that ever again. That hurt me
Jumana Bayrhe
Jumana Bayrhe 4 days ago
This island is straight out of a horror movie
yourAG source
yourAG source 4 days ago
u rlly had to put those sounds in the backround didn’t u -
Android Kustoms
Android Kustoms 4 days ago
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Charlie Nurse
Charlie Nurse 4 days ago
People aware to go to this island is illegal? Like how does a taxi just say yeah fuck it and take them😂
Bubblei Langdon
Bubblei Langdon 5 days ago
American horror story: Asylum,, anyone?
katii 5 days ago
Remember the guy from Dora the Explorer? This is him now. Feel old yet?
Hamie Ikhwan
Hamie Ikhwan 5 days ago
You should come to Malaysia, we do have a lot of abandoned places. Of course it is haunted, an example you can search 'Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru, Malaysia'.
Insert creative reference I cant decide
*Everytime one of them takes a step on soil* Me: one human, two human, three human, Oh look another human, and another and another, and what’d you know THERES ANOTHER ONE.
Oday Ahmad
Oday Ahmad 5 days ago
a place i would live in with no internet
Giada Parmiggiani
italian people watching this video and laughing every time they say the name of the place “poveglia”.. you’ll understand only if you are italian
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