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This week, Matt and I explored the island of Poveglia, one of the scariest and eeriest abandoned places we've ever been to. With over 160,000 deaths having taken place on the island, half of the island's soil is from human remains...
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Jul 21, 2019

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Comments 4 826
Fedo167 Day ago
Looks like something straight out of Uncharted
WhyJay4X4 2 days ago
@mrbeast collab!!
Roxy 2 days ago
Got me bad with that jump scare 😂
Sandra 4 days ago
at 8:34 you seriously scared the shit out of me!! omg :'D
Allyssa Shipsteel
Them: should we do it? Me: no, nO,No Them: let’s do it
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 5 days ago
this is literally Zelda Breath of the Wild
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 5 days ago
anyone else want to build a thriving community on this island or am i just crazy?
DU BEaST 5 days ago
If buzzfeed unsolved doesn’t do a video on this I’m gonna poop my pants
washiwep washineyney
okay please tell me im not the only one who screamed at 8:34
Jonah Grahn
Jonah Grahn 6 days ago
Didnt know that Faze Apex and Reckful had a channel togheter
Mart Bult
Mart Bult 6 days ago
Lon LO
Lon LO 6 days ago
Guys, did u know that all the things about Poveglia are fake right? I am from Venice and I can guarantee u this... It was never used as a lazzaretto and almost nobody died there... all this folklore comes from the american tv series Ghost Adventures.... As always 100% fiction 0% history... dam americanos
Steven Murphy
Steven Murphy 7 days ago
“What happens if we get stranded on the Island of Death?” …and a new reality show is born.
Greta Soblinskaite
You should really be wearing masks and gloves so you don't get seriously sick .
Aiden Allen
Aiden Allen 8 days ago
8:31 do you guys hear that
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez 9 days ago
Guys if you like doing that so, the Hospital del Torax in Terrassa (Barcelona province) is similar. Just heard a lot of very disgusting stories about people visiting it. Not sure if it stills but i think so. Give it a try ;)
Avix Yale
Avix Yale 9 days ago
Who else got scared when Math shouts........... 😄
Red Panda Slimes
Red Panda Slimes 9 days ago
Y’all should hike the Appalachian Trail!
Marc Stärker
Marc Stärker 9 days ago
thomas is just so funny x) love u guys !
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez 9 days ago
Take a trip to Mexico and visit the Zone of Silence!!
Aaron Madulara
Aaron Madulara 9 days ago
Sending people away and burning them instead of helping. A very Christian thing to do.
Zet0s 9 days ago
Yalda Yazarlou
Yalda Yazarlou 10 days ago
omgggg how scary!!!
HarryVJames 10 days ago
I LOVE this type of Yes theory content. Just like the old days. Love it.
sara amodio
sara amodio 10 days ago
The suspension built before saying “boveglia” just made me laugh cuz he pronounced it SO wrong, It’s okay lol we forgive u
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 10 days ago
In my head i was like, "Hey, I'm in the mood for a Yes Theory video!" Thinking it was going to be up lifting but then I watched this... It was still super interesting though hahaha
Gabriel Beaupain
Gabriel Beaupain 10 days ago
160k people died there and you didnt see any bones ?
Gabriel Beaupain
Gabriel Beaupain 10 days ago
Lol is that a riva boat?!
L A 10 days ago
They are literally inhaling dead human dust 😂
George Trophimets
George Trophimets 10 days ago
Куаче Куолькуно?
TheYoshiOfOz 10 days ago
Woah the documentary comes out on my Birthday
TheFedHD 10 days ago
fuck it, Poveglia is like 100km from where I live, I'm heading there this summer.
whole wheat toast
whole wheat toast 11 days ago
Awesome Fries
Awesome Fries 11 days ago
Oh shoot I saw this on Brennen Taylor’s channel when he did it a month or two back.
Soumendu Kumar Ghosh
really terrifying place...
Kevin Piip
Kevin Piip 12 days ago
I dont like that you used creepy music when nothing creepy happened or even before they were on the island...
Bigbenjaminss 8 days ago
Kevin Piip get tf over it
Deep Das
Deep Das 12 days ago
That place looked like the shelter in bird box
SweGamerHost 13 days ago
11:44 OH IT'S A DEAD... end.
SweGamerHost 13 days ago
8:34 FUCK ME
NPC 99845
NPC 99845 13 days ago
This is such BS, it's just an island, nothing is gonna happen. All fake suspense. Haunted? Superstitious BS.
Wes Miller
Wes Miller 13 days ago
8:30 Ngl you scared the c**p outta me
Tú Lê
Tú Lê 13 days ago
Outlast vibes hella much in most of this video
stopme 13 days ago
Honestly, it's kind of beautiful. If I didn't know the past of the place, I would find the island gorgeous
kelsie campbell
kelsie campbell 13 days ago
you know what rhymes with that's scary? yes theory
Blake Nethers12
Blake Nethers12 13 days ago
Wanna help me find the one
abigail goudeau
abigail goudeau 13 days ago
odd. with a place that overgrown and left untouched for so long, you’d expect to see at least one animal. i wonder if they sense it too and stay away
Hexful 13 days ago
Anyone else notice the satana tagging?
NPC 99845
NPC 99845 13 days ago
Venice, Italy - oh thanks for confirming it wasn't Venice, Kentucky. I always get those two mixed up. Bruh. You don't need to say, London, England, Paris, France or Venice Italy. London, Paris and Venice are enough. Pass it on.
Lucas Hoffman
Lucas Hoffman 9 days ago
What about London Ontario
André 14 days ago
this is one of the places where you *_DON'T_* want to hear someone coughing. if you _do_ hear coughing, *RUN.*
Mary Soanes
Mary Soanes 14 days ago
You say that no one wants to go back... there is a group of us that willingly went to Poveglia and want to go back again.
somebody 14 days ago
the editing is just
NIbbitz 14 days ago
I first thought u guys were Abandoned on the island
Chaotic Lord
Chaotic Lord 14 days ago
Imagine this place during the nighttime 😱😱😱
Audrie Luczek
Audrie Luczek 14 days ago
You should tour the island of Molokai in Hawaii. There are two leprosy colonies there where Native Hawaiians were sent and it’s practically deserted now.
NicebutDim 14 days ago
Fred Dibnah would have climbed the ladder.
DasDu 14 days ago
Just think they did this at night 😶
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 14 days ago
In Greece we have an island in Crete where people with illnesses were sent to live and they would never be able to come to see their family
Mikołaj 14 days ago
one guy spent 24 hours on this island
Apple Car
Apple Car 14 days ago
So what happened to the pizza guy? You just flew him back home solo?
Elena Mandelli
Elena Mandelli 14 days ago
Poveglia is not pronounced like that 😩 my poor Italian heart.
Tobias Berggren
Tobias Berggren 14 days ago
Someone should go there at night
Princess Slayah
Princess Slayah 15 days ago
Take me somewhere haunted pls
TheSwedishLad 15 days ago
COME GET THE F%&/€&%(&/(//&)/
Jeremy Akut
Jeremy Akut 15 days ago
wayy over dramatic
Dragon 15 days ago
holy shit good quality
Hunter The Gr8
Hunter The Gr8 15 days ago
Lol this will be area 51 in 100 years
VexxedFPV 15 days ago
Super pumped guys! Premier Launching on my Birthday :D!!!!
Dylan Couturier
Dylan Couturier 15 days ago
Logan paul: filming dead body Get hate by everyone Yes theory: filming bump that are grave Nobody care I mean wtf
chartmancz 16 days ago
It looks like the concentration camp I visited on a school trip
Owain Evans
Owain Evans 16 days ago
Would love to see more videos like this! One of the best for sure.
Munawwar Azmi
Munawwar Azmi 16 days ago
The myth has been broken again. Only white people goes to places like this😆 hollywood type movie
Byron Watts
Byron Watts 16 days ago
One of the places you probably wouldn't want to repurpose
Eric Santiago
Eric Santiago 16 days ago
Anybody know the name of the boat?
Itz' BaNdIDo
Itz' BaNdIDo 16 days ago
8:33 i was so in, that i jumped scared😂😂
Marin Anderson
Marin Anderson 16 days ago
I jumped when Matt yelled lol
Trevor Page
Trevor Page 16 days ago
You know how I know that place wasn't totally forgotten? There's GRAFFITI all over the place. How many asylums has Josh been to where they handed out spray-paint? Deff an interesting idea...though; I salute the attempt :)
Brennan Whalen
Brennan Whalen 16 days ago
I hope you guys brought youngbloods, not the band, the astrallian spearfisher
zoof boof
zoof boof 16 days ago
Hate to be that guy but it is a bacteria not a virus
law leclair
law leclair 16 days ago
matt caught the plague confirmed
Kelvin0369 16 days ago
The jump scare at the end got me good
Random Random
Random Random 16 days ago
It’s not even scary like ik it creepy but
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