Aaron Paul Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul goes Sneaker Shopping and talks about his character Jesse Pinkman's style on the movie, El Camino, Walter White's Clarks Wallabees, and his off-beat personal style.
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Oct 28, 2019




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Comments 100
Complex 9 months ago
If you could steal anything from your job, what would it be?
REHZ. Joel Ramirez
I’m a liquor buyer for a high end bar. I’d take a bottle of 40yr old Balvenie scotch
XIV Demon
XIV Demon Month ago
Off white air Jordan 1
Abdulaziz Alotaibi
Complex My soul.
Wayne Month ago
The company.
Carlos infinite
Carlos infinite 2 months ago
If you would’ve asked me about a month ago I’d say toilet paper
Hamad Saleh Mahfooz
Hamad Saleh Mahfooz 10 hours ago
Does joe watch every single workpiece of actors that come on the show?😂
Cliometrics Dc
He reminds of Bill Burr dkw
Aaron 2 days ago
I have Vans Slip On
Devyn Soul
Devyn Soul 2 days ago
If you like storytelling, click the link to listen to my song. ruvid.net/video/video-53uDRjNC4Dw.html
Giffar Masabih
Giffar Masabih 3 days ago
Yeah! Sneakers!
Angel Chaidez
Angel Chaidez 5 days ago
Willy va a ser papa
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce 6 days ago
Jesse is a King Pin of course he's gonna buy some sneakers
Eddie Valdovinos
Eddie Valdovinos 11 days ago
that's to much for them shoes its just better to have a shoe plug and get them for there regular price Biiitchhh !!!
Ashfar Azfar
Ashfar Azfar 12 days ago
Its Awesome he has such crap taste in kicks.
Sebastian DeCecchis
8:11 I’ll stick with cheap adidas skate shoes, thanks 😂
Marc Wareham
Marc Wareham 13 days ago
Hope Aaron’s taking responsibility for things he not responsible for to improve his profile. Knob!
Jules Trubuil
Jules Trubuil 14 days ago
Off whites x nike for only 130$ ?
Jxk 202
Jxk 202 14 days ago
$1400 for the blazer😂😭
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 16 days ago
Sneakers he's wearing 🤩
GK M 17 days ago
Heisenberg makes you rich
Ronnie Palma
Ronnie Palma 17 days ago
He use drug money
Ayush Sunwar
Ayush Sunwar 17 days ago
Sneakers biyatchh!!
Reagan Berkenmeier
Reagan Berkenmeier 17 days ago
Magic Cookies
Magic Cookies 19 days ago
Aaron Paul and pop smoke the best guests on this show they both are so cool without trying but rip pop smoke
Deep Inside
Deep Inside 22 days ago
The meth really aged him.
Til Ross
Til Ross 22 days ago
Noch vor dem Reaktionsboss angeschaut
Dee's Production
Dee's Production 22 days ago
But why this host is wearing a raincoat inside?
Hazard 22 days ago
Forehead? More like fivehead
jeffrey soechit
jeffrey soechit 23 days ago
first person and only person (i think) that gave the guy behind the counter a hand and said thank you✊🏿nice
Bence Tuza
Bence Tuza 23 days ago
where did you leave your red koenigsegg?
Kieran Shayle
Kieran Shayle 25 days ago
Aaron shaking hands with the employee at the end shows how humble he is. Respect.
David Cheung
David Cheung 26 days ago
Oh shit that’s Jessie pinkman
The Real Caustic
The Real Caustic 27 days ago
Lol the skateboard talk 😂 the host trying but you know he know nothing when he jizzing with the super high caveman lol
Nicolas Florez
Nicolas Florez 28 days ago
you imagine going in there and that your card says like "insufficient funds"
Its. Flips
Its. Flips 29 days ago
When you bust a mission from Alaska to get some kicks
Candice Martinez
Candice Martinez 29 days ago
What’s the name of the pair of Jordan 1 he was wearing in breaking bad I want them sooooo bad but idk the name pls someone help me.
Pedromtab 29 days ago
1700 dolars for this j1??!! This is a joke
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Month ago
Ok wtf, when its the,, on feet,, shoot, he wears off white nike blazers right, and the price is 130$? The fuck?
Beny Music
Beny Music Month ago
Science bitch
Erik Arnald
Erik Arnald Month ago
Literally one of the best actors I have ever seen.
Håvard Moe
Håvard Moe Month ago
That they have to include the buying cringe in the end is just..
Marley# Quinn 22
Jesse pinkman ❤️
Benjamin Vazquez
Vaya forma de gastar el dinero de la meta
Pratikno Litbang
Oops i accidentally wasted 8 million on sneakers
Mario Zaldivar
Mario Zaldivar Month ago
Science Bitch!
Richard Alexander
What Nike's is Aaron Paul wearing?
Sid Month ago
Gatorade me bitch
Commander1SUV Month ago
aaron paul looks like Eminem if he had a little brother
Neel Deka
Neel Deka Month ago
Did he buy the same pair of off white blazers he had on?
ZoaKnecht 69
ZoaKnecht 69 Month ago
I can’t watch this without imagining Todd saying this stuff
Tyrone Shoes
Tyrone Shoes Month ago
I take responsibility for this shit stain.
manish gowda
manish gowda Month ago
too too too todddddd.....
R W Month ago
Another attention seeking B list annoying douchebag!
BlackJack Month ago
"Yeah, Mr. White. Yeah, SHOES!"
Bob Tillman
Bob Tillman Month ago
I think Aaron needs to take responsibility.
JM2988 Month ago
Bob Tillman 🤣🤣
El coco de lacoste
Is good to see jese is doing fine:)
Abdulaziz Alotaibi
“Perfect” 😂 . No wonder, Arron worth 20$M and sooner or later he’ll start getting paid 30M+ a movie because he’s insanely talented and beloved by everyone.
Steve W
Steve W Month ago
Is this the same asshole on those recent celebrity apologizing videos?
Fabio Pallini
Fabio Pallini Month ago
So ugly the Nike
Mannan _D
Mannan _D Month ago
Walter- where r u, v r getting late. V need to cook some meth, guss will kill us. Jesse-im on my way yo!, wanna buy some sneaker. Walter- what an idiot.
ElYulian Month ago
hes look licke Jesse
Adam's universe
Adam's universe 2 months ago
“Yeah bitchhh!” - Jesse Pinkman
alisos360 2 months ago
I bet he also stole some of the blue meth..
Payel Ghosh
Payel Ghosh 2 months ago
张征 2 months ago
yo yo yo bit---ch
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 2 months ago
Count Duku
Count Duku 2 months ago
The Off-White Blazers are Slappin!
KOOL KID 2 months ago
To much for some nike snickers
Darthzidion 2 months ago
Jessie rlly making it out in Alaska huh
Emilio Cañamar
Emilio Cañamar 2 months ago
Only 4 pairs?!?
Akash Shukla
Akash Shukla 2 months ago
Box of Kicks TV
Box of Kicks TV 2 months ago
Yeah! Sneakers b*tch!
kabeer 2 months ago
He sounds like todd
2sdd 2 months ago
glued shoes for 3.5k nice
VojtaMM69 2 months ago
This is good shoe BITCH!
SheffRudyTKE 2 months ago
What would of been funny if he put some blue meth on table and said oh wrong pocket.
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez 2 months ago
$130 for his Off White x Nike Blazers? No way, where can I get them?
João G.
João G. 2 months ago
When I see Aaron Paul I can remember only one thing: HEYY BITCH !! 😅
Cambones 2 months ago
Rory Mclaughlin
Rory Mclaughlin 2 months ago
I like shoes, but I hate the premise off this show tbh.
ĺeon T D
ĺeon T D 2 months ago
I like how he got shoes for his baby girl before him.. great father
Geetesh Joshi
Geetesh Joshi 2 months ago
Title should've been "Aaron Paul goes sneaker shopping... Beeyatch !!" 🤣🤣
Leon 2 months ago
you should bring dave mustaine on here he loves sneakers
PBZgaming 2 months ago
Nobody gonna talk about them fire ass Freddy Krueger shoes
Sanajaoba Chingtham
Sanajaoba Chingtham 2 months ago
The pants he wears in the last scene of el Camino looks good
Diego541 2 months ago
WTF is going on with shoes? It’s almost criminal! Little baby shoes for over 250, they will outgrow them in a month!
Bhurnner 2 months ago
6IX9INE Tekashi
6IX9INE Tekashi 2 months ago
Who the fuck is this dude ?
Carlos infinite
Carlos infinite 2 months ago
$250 infant Nikes
Game Master
Game Master 2 months ago
Where's my money BITCH!
Alan Karlik
Alan Karlik 2 months ago
what a ripoff
Ernesto Alvarado
Ernesto Alvarado 2 months ago
Aaron Paul steals some stuff from the set. And we see the host of this show stealing some of Aarons money. Oh welp.
Tizzankyume Onfroy
Tizzankyume Onfroy 2 months ago
Jesse Pinkman really rubbed off on Aaron, he seems like a crackhead during this episode
Charlie Saladino
Charlie Saladino 2 months ago
xavier 2 months ago
1:08 i guess the question went over his head?
Zakariyae Haida
Zakariyae Haida 2 months ago
heisenberg be like: Jesse get back to work
Charly brown
Charly brown 2 months ago
Ahora veo en que se gasta lo que que ganó con la producción de la meta.
Josue Sanchez
Josue Sanchez 2 months ago
White 2 months ago
Joe turning into nardwar with these interviews
taha dahil
taha dahil 2 months ago
fuckin love this man
Annex 2 months ago
love his acting, personality, and style. one of my fac actors
Julian Garcia Matallana
6:23 “yeah, I don’t think anyone’s gonna knock down your door”
Bozo Johnson
Bozo Johnson 2 months ago
Do coldplay
myguyburns 2 months ago
1:08, Looked like in photo to me he was wearing the Ishod Wair quarter snack sb’s
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