Aaron Kaufman Builds 1200 HP FERRARI TWIN TURBO F12 for DDE: Episode 1

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You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! ruvid.net/video/video-hF-JuU9kWcU.html
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Jun 6, 2020




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Dave Riggs
Dave Riggs 10 hours ago
Aaron, this couldn’t of been explained any better by anyone else.... you spoke so that everyone could understand. You are the man!!
BLACK BELT 3 days ago
Aaron Kaufman is a genius when it comes to understanding car. Gas monkey had him and deserved his creative master craftsman abilities because it brought to the front the over qualifications of aarons talents. Aaron was being held back by the commercializium and over the top hilarity of what he was building at gas monkey. When he left my interest left. Richard lost a friend and master mechanic a hard blow. I know GM will survive Richards a power salesman. But now that aaron is on his own. Just listen to him talk he is at just a sick level of understanding. The turbo install and how he understood and explained the pistons and one leading the other is genius. I've done twin turbos on an Acura and the manifold and the placement and ware and tear I had. Aaron just blew my mind. I'm not good enough to hand him a wrench. I'd of brought some sick california weed to smoke with AK he just seems like he used to burn but he probably evolved and left that in his past now to. I hate to say it I think I have a man crush on him. If I had his talent shit. 🏁
Matthew Guilford
Matthew Guilford 3 days ago
I love that idea if mounting the turbo
Adrian Bustos
Adrian Bustos 4 days ago
Hope I see this car in Dallas
Songz 24
Songz 24 5 days ago
This is worst video ever.. you guys talk to much without showing the actual work on the car!!!! FFS
Space Rider
Space Rider 6 days ago
Washed out
Patrick R
Patrick R 7 days ago
Is ferrari ok with this? I heard they sue people for modifying there own cars
morten huva stenseth
I freaking love arons work
Tuc Lance
Tuc Lance 14 days ago
not sheepy ...
Beaux Guidry
Beaux Guidry 15 days ago
why did they mask the beautiful sound of the Viper's engine with that SHITTY music?
Dale Abbott
Dale Abbott 16 days ago
Tell Aaron to post videos of the build on the Ferrari. You giving us an update is hum, okay, but we want to see!!!!
DECK-eM J 16 days ago
i like the fact that aaron takes on projects that are innovative that no one has really done before or that they dont make kits for. any real hotrodder or fabricator has to be able to make something out of nothing!!!!
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas 18 days ago
Click to see what Aaron was up to post GasMonkey...I’d say he is ahead! Good to see.
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 24 days ago
That license plate say bait?
mhawkins1975 27 days ago
Hi guys great to see Aaron again, great video
Elias Acevedo
Elias Acevedo 29 days ago
Some of the terminology that Aaron is using I don’t really know but damn it’s good to see this man once again building exclusive kits
Paul's bike shop, Sackville, NB
Can't wait to see it finished!
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson Month ago
Outstanding Aaron Kaufman! You got that monkey off your back and DC and doin shit that is exciting and different.
Andy Walravens
Andy Walravens Month ago
Aaron please make a yt channel!!!!
Trent Cardwell
Trent Cardwell Month ago
Aaron is so smart glad to see people that do it right like him he's come along way from fast and loud he was always to good for that I think
Shaun Holden
Shaun Holden Month ago
Man the knowledge on aron wow
Johnny Sheridan
Johnny Sheridan Month ago
Dean Kearney 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
C Schnauz
C Schnauz Month ago
You ruined it
captain chaos
captain chaos Month ago
I think rear turbos can be a good compromise when space is limited. Check out nugget garage.
Marvin Sinclair
Marvin Sinclair Month ago
Arron's Father is einstein
Marvin Sinclair
Marvin Sinclair Month ago
Arron is boss
Marvin Sinclair
Marvin Sinclair Month ago
That first minute rocked
Yomo U
Yomo U Month ago
Dallas is still not using mask I guess ..anyways this was 3 months ago when they should have been using them but hopefully there using them now
there is nothing here so bye
You could have got a better car for that price.. You couldn't give me one I would burn it.
Greg Brechelt
Greg Brechelt Month ago
Love the video, hated the Adds
digitaldirt777 Month ago
When do we see it finished?
hafiz AI
hafiz AI Month ago
Hallo where is our best?????
the English Rocker
Aaron is looking amazing now hes in hes in is own shop,I think he was getting a bit bogged down at monkey,always loved his work ethic
Kaufman.a guarantee
All Games YT
All Games YT Month ago
Sub spanish
Lazare Wurdeman
Lazare Wurdeman Month ago
is it just me or does the dude with the beard look like messi XDDDD
Devin Pasco
Devin Pasco Month ago
The quality of this video is phenomenal!
Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn 2 months ago
Long time since we have seen the F 12, did you guys sell that as well? I guess its kinda hard to sell a car like that all cut up...?
Wombat Spork
Wombat Spork 2 months ago
Aaron is the king
Wombat Spork
Wombat Spork 2 months ago
Lamborghini exists because thier cluth is shit
Abraham Frias
Abraham Frias 2 months ago
I'm a big fan and my moms coworker actually lives next door even though next door in Texas means like down the street 😂😂
Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker 2 months ago
I hope all is well with the fire at poly tech?
Andrea Scorrano
Andrea Scorrano 2 months ago
Ferrari 😱😱🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Rodrigues 2 months ago
18:39 Was edited
3436jesse 2 months ago
Can some one give Aaron his own car show you won’t be disappointed this guy is a genius!!
ᛋᛁᛗᛟᚾ ᚱᚨᛞᚺᚨᚷᛖᚾ
I wonder when ferrari will send a cease and desist
mickey 1000.000
mickey 1000.000 2 months ago
Watch that beard dont get burned by the exhaust flames lol
Nelson Jeffries
Nelson Jeffries 2 months ago
Aaron needs to have his own youtube
Jose Angel Suarez Hidalgo
Subs in spanish pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!
Benny Lin
Benny Lin 2 months ago
So nice to see Aaron Kaufman!
James Pink
James Pink 2 months ago
When will Americans understand balanced design and elegant execution? I suspect never. What's next, Jack up kit and Hoosiers?
Andre Roestenberg
Andre Roestenberg 2 months ago
AK is a mechanical genius...I wish I had a 1000th of his mechanical ability...seems like a good dude and love that he always takes on a challenge and seamlessly puts together a plan on something he has never attempted before..amazing how some people are so innovative, creative and handle their job like a consament professional.
Robert Walls
Robert Walls 2 months ago
Damn your Ferrari was only 1 mile from my warehouse!
Clark Road
Clark Road 2 months ago
Hot rodding cool but yea racing better
BOBBY GONZALES 2 months ago
Great content and quality
Chris Figel
Chris Figel 2 months ago
When fake care guys wanna look cool. " Let's twin turbo everything".
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma 2 months ago
Wait Kauffmen used to be with Gas Monkey right?
Jonka Olofsson
Jonka Olofsson 2 months ago
How can someone not know who Dean Kearney is lol
Davide Castaldo
Davide Castaldo 2 months ago
How to ruin a Ferrari, part 1.
M A 2 months ago
Never touch a Ferrari engine!
sqwidink1 2 months ago
Petrol bomb it
Timothy Ross
Timothy Ross 2 months ago
In NASCAR - when you go right, you hit the wall !!! So never turn right...
No Limit Brian
No Limit Brian 3 months ago
I would had put the turbos in the front bumper or in the rear bumper. Probably front bumper
Car&Track7 3 months ago
This is how Lamborghini was born!
AJ 3 months ago
Aaron on DDE is an epic collab, just let this series run as long as it takes. I could listen to this guy all day, as an engineer I may be biased; but I love his deep dive explanations. This car might break the sound barrier.
Jeff Nowicki
Jeff Nowicki 3 months ago
100% dig this vid style. Well done. And major kudos to the cool dudes behind the scenes doing all the video work to create these great productions. DDE Network - Let’s GO 💪
Christiaan Y
Christiaan Y 3 months ago
Major Ed Bolian vibes from this dude
Jar Jar Binkz
Jar Jar Binkz 3 months ago
nice video although you could have explained what a turbocharger does to a car in more detail.
Phat Laz
Phat Laz 3 months ago
Oh my god!!! You found the hobbit. Kauf is the man. Some say he has a third temple full of car knowledge
Austin Grant
Austin Grant 3 months ago
Love this channel it’s become apart of my life I really love dde love aa Ron thank you guys for everything you do!!!
OwesomeSloth 3 months ago
Dde-dick dan electrifided
Adrian Devin
Adrian Devin 3 months ago
When is episode 2 and the finished project ?
G T 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure Aaron could make the sound of speed go faster . And to say we're only restricted by the size of the engine an F12 Ferrari 😆 pure Aaron 😁👍
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 3 months ago
Are y'all smoking a bowl on the way to Summit? Lol my dudes 😎
marcos g
marcos g 3 months ago
Wow haven’t seen Aaron since the monkey days. So glad he is working on what he loves. His partner reminds me of one of the actors from Smoking Aces movies😂
James Killeen
James Killeen 3 months ago
Yo ain't seen as Coffman in time where you been boss ledgend beleave
Ghost rider
Ghost rider 3 months ago
I stopped watching gas monkey when Aaron left. Wasn’t the same after. Aaron is a master of his trade.
Ace Rider
Ace Rider 3 months ago
watching the guy with the beard talk soo long, after 10 min he made me switch channels
Rachel Wisely
Rachel Wisely 3 months ago
Chics dig builds.. get sum🖤
Groupwar NA
Groupwar NA 3 months ago
Another "fake" car mechanics show, where they talk and fool-around 10X than they really work on cars. You guys should go back and learn from guys like Tavarish, Samcrac, The Wizzard .. etc.
Jason BlackForest
Jason BlackForest 3 months ago
I think a supercharger would be a better option
Alan Wallace
Alan Wallace 3 months ago
Wheres the next episode?
Knowledge 3 months ago
Can sum1 tell me why his c8 has the f12's plate?
Thom W.M.D.
Thom W.M.D. 3 months ago
Good to see Aaron doing well... Hope he still has his Ford Falcon, that car was a work of love...
Josh m
Josh m 3 months ago
Next ep .?? Any updates
JM Videos
JM Videos 3 months ago
Great to see a irish lad working on this kinda stuff 😊
Knowledge 3 months ago
This is the type of thing where I would skip parts ......but I didnt :/
jose martinez
jose martinez 3 months ago
When is part 2 coming???
Luis Longoria
Luis Longoria 3 months ago
I hate Cliffhangers 😑 Oh, and i ALWAYS Fast Forward, Just Because I Already know Cars Don't Get Built Overnight
Andrew Celmer
Andrew Celmer 3 months ago
When is episode 2 coming how long is it taking to build this
FREDDY COUGAR 3 months ago
Hey Wang!!! ITS A PARKING LOT!!! A quote by the late great Rodney Dangerfield...
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 3 months ago
Aaron should start a channel
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 3 months ago
Aaron should start a channel
Razr Ramon
Razr Ramon 3 months ago
Only here for mr Kauffman
Robert Flagstad
Robert Flagstad 3 months ago
As Ren Hoek would say "your an IDIOT.
Lars Hatlevik
Lars Hatlevik 3 months ago
Really great edit!
Bob Uncle
Bob Uncle 3 months ago
Aaron is a madd man. Crazy skills. Always love his work, but when he is actually allowed to do his work, and not race to some crazy short time line, he does some incredible things. A legend in the car biz.
ROM speciale
ROM speciale 3 months ago
Yeah, Someone ate a BAT!
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