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Watch A Very English Scandal on the BBC: bbc.in/2KT0aFp Starring Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw, A Very English Scandal is the story of an illegal love affair that threatened the life of one man and the entire British establishment. Directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen, Philomena) and written by Russell T Davies, this brand new three-part series is a darkly comic adaptation of true events.
Hugh Grant as Jeremy Thorpe
Ben Whishaw as Norman Scott
Monica Dolan as Marion Thorpe
Alex Jennings as Peter Bessell
Jonathan Hyde as David Napley
Eve Myles as Gwen Parry-Jones
David Bamber as Earl of Arran
Jason Watkins as Emlyn Hooson
Naomi Battrick as Diana Stainton
Blake Harrison as Andrew Newton
Michelle Fox as Lyn
Adrian Scarborough as George Carman
Patricia Hodge as Ursula Thorpe
Michele Dotrice as Edna Friendship
Michael Culkin as Reggie Maudling
Susan Wooldridge as Countess of Arran
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May 5, 2018




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Comments 80
Google User
Google User 18 days ago
Shame this never appeared on the crown
Ziad Obaid
Ziad Obaid 3 months ago
Double Toasted brought me here
Cheslee Callum
Cheslee Callum 4 months ago
It is the best role Hugh Grant ever played...
Sushant Subrahmanian
Trailer music?
luis angel-luis miguel calzadilla aduen
Oh man... Hes such a bad person i mean it... What a piece of shit of a man...
SANY 3000
SANY 3000 7 months ago
I'm really looking forward to seeing Hugh Grant for the first time in a different role than before. The trailer seems to promise something good. With best regards, SANY 3000
Sandra Naylor
Sandra Naylor 7 months ago
Hugh Grants finest film
glorialoreto 8 months ago
Congrats to Ben for his Emmy 2019 for Best Actor for tv film
I’m not good at listening to English.So could you tell me what Ben speaks at 1:07 ?
Jacob Walsh
Jacob Walsh 10 months ago
0:56 1:00 Blake harrisonnnnnnnnn
Eliane Keller
Eliane Keller 11 months ago
By now BBC could ask for my kidney and I would give them my soul in addition!
Lucy Creamer
Lucy Creamer Year ago
What is the music for this? It's amazing!!!
Inez & Ida
Inez & Ida Year ago
Luis Felipe Orozco
This is barely now being shown in my country. I missed the first part already. Dammit.
Trailer Jam
Trailer Jam Year ago
what is this music
Chat 2000 Chat 2000
I saw this ! Ben Wishaw (my favourite actor) is just perfect in his role !
revol148 Year ago
The best thing Hugh Grant has done (the bar is quite low admittedly) !
M S Year ago
I don’t remember reading this Paddington book...
Julien Dark
Julien Dark Year ago
What's the soundtrack used in this trailer?
Marcos G. Díaz
Amen Ben Whishaw.
Nora Barkai
Nora Barkai Year ago
I recently saw this. Absolutely outstanding performance by Hugh Grant. True story.
Nicolas Year ago
a very gay* scandal, need to fix title....
Chat 2000 Chat 2000
Ben Wishaw is definitely my favourite actor ever, in all world, in my all life ! It's because of him that I want to enter in a theatre school in the futur. That's because of him that I want to be an actress. Thank you Ben.
Ruby Z
Ruby Z Year ago
Yes he is my fav actor too.. I love his performance in perfume
A.m P.m
A.m P.m Year ago
I wonder what he did to this guy for him to out him.
Sandra Naylor
Sandra Naylor Year ago
Great programme
Ashlee Lee
Ashlee Lee Year ago
How can i watch the series outside of UK? 😭😭
Nini T.
Nini T. Year ago
Did u get to watch it yet?
momowini0116 Ww
1:07 chiiiiiiils!!!
BT Trade
BT Trade Year ago
Thorpe should've hired Agent 47 or Nikita. If he did, this "scandal" would not have been known.
Retired Stitcher
So glad to see Hugh Grant in such a grand character. So different from his usual light-hearted stuff. Excellent and a nice surprise. He aging into his character splendidly. Hope to see more of this side of him.
Anonyme User
Anonyme User Year ago
*why does he always play gay characters?! and why am i in love with him?!* 😭
Ruby Z
Ruby Z Year ago
Same here.. I have a huge crush oN Ben ..but sad he is gay
E S Year ago
"This is the story of a liar meeting a fantasist and I'm not sure which one's which."
E S Year ago
For anyone who sees this... Do you know what the music is?
Rainy Jane
Rainy Jane Year ago
And of course the old geezer is married to a woman half his age... sigh
Gladissims 10 months ago
1. This is based on actual history. 2. He's not really portrayed as a good person?
zaitesushion Year ago
That moment where Hugh and Ben snog..... I totally popped a semi....
Noelia Alonso Galluzzo
I so want to see this
Andrew Soles
Andrew Soles Year ago
trying to make somthing abnormal looks normal. no doubt the end is near you think there will be nothingness after you die? such a shallow mind
Kristina Georgieva
Paddington? Another chapther on Cloud Atlas more likely.
Trumpets Harps
jc Year ago
Luckily found full episodes on some Hungarian website. Absolutely loved it "..and he is not to write to my mother describing acts of anal sex under any circumstances whatsoever!" Hugh Grant is superb
jc Year ago
Luckily found full episodes on some Hungarian website. Absolutely loved it "..and he is not to write to my mother describing acts of anal sex under any circumstances whatsoever!" Hugh Grant is superb
david cox
david cox Year ago
Great series
Dr.Marianna W.Winchester
I wouldnt be surprised if Jack Harkness walked casually in. #Whovians
EvilKris Year ago
fck Hugh Grant is actually acting!
Some random Guy
Guys, is it weird that the opening credits theme sound like the Song of Gunfire by Sean and Dean Kiner?
Charmalay Williams
All he ever wanted was his national insurance card. Smh
Little Kiwi
Little Kiwi Year ago
Bravo BBC!
Thomas Cholowsky
I'm just praying that there's a blooper involving the love making scene between Ben and Hugh where Ben moans "Marmalade..." in Paddington's voice just to freak Hugh out.
Chyntia AR
Chyntia AR 9 months ago
HAHAHA this makes me literally rolling (on my bed)!😂😂
anonUK 11 months ago
That's an unusual way of searching for Darkest Peru.
revol148 Year ago
+Thomas Cholowsky thanks for that comment - I laughed out loud !
Jenny Midori
Jenny Midori Year ago
Hugh Grant is still very charming.
felinefanII Year ago
Why the muted colours, the '60s and '70s were anything but that.
anonUK 9 months ago
Most of this miniseries was set in Parliament or in police stations: little sign of psychedelia, bri-nylon or rayon miniskirts in either of those places! Also, TV in the UK was black and white in the 60s (colour TV licenses only exceeded black and white licenses in 1976)- and newspapers were black and white a lot longer than that. Most Mod work was done in black and white, apart from the use of the Union Jack and the RAF roundel. Many blackened buildings were still being cleaned from the days of coal fires and inner-city industry. There were still bombsites from the war. The 60s were still very grey, outside Carnaby Street and the hippie festivals. In the 70s, once colourful media and clothing had become commonplace or even passé, fashion turned to muted and dark colours from 1973 or so until 1982 or 83.
Freddie Grace
Freddie Grace Year ago
I am an American so what is a national insurance card? I just kept thinking cant this guy get another one?
Norman Josiffe
Lissy London thank you
Lissy London
Lissy London Year ago
Now you can. Back then if was up to your employer to deal with- and neither of his employers apparently wanted to (including Thorpe) so he was stuck with a loss of benefits. Think of it like a Social Security card. It has your personal number on it and with that number you prove through taxes that you have a right to be in the country (and can get SS based on how long you worked in the US much like the UK). The national insurance card back then was only a physical card and most didn't have the number memorised. If he wanted to go to the doctor, or try to get council housing etc... without that card he really couldn't in the 70's.
Lucas d'Anjos
Lucas d'Anjos Year ago
I can't wait to watch it. For sure they will be telling a very good story. I read about it yesterday.
maggie smith
maggie smith Year ago
If this was fiction, we would say it was ridiculous, because no sane people would behave this way, but it's all true.
L Wasson
L Wasson Year ago
Just got done watching it, it was VERY good!
Jenny Midori
Jenny Midori Year ago
Hugh Grant is still very charming.
Arthur Watts
Arthur Watts Year ago
This is for all the women who ovulated at the sight of Hugh Grant for a large chunk of the 90s / early noughties : time waits for no man, ladies. I realize that he's been made up to play an older man, but at 57 he's the same age as George Clooney - sooner or later, we all have to accept that the best we'll be able to manage is Ed Harris ;)
lee mavis
lee mavis Year ago
Can't believe they are showing this on the BBC
Isabel Neves
Isabel Neves Year ago
Iván García
Iván García Year ago
does anyone know where to watch it outside uk?
Lissy London
Lissy London Year ago
Mj Jones
Mj Jones Year ago
I just started watching the first episode its kind of a cross between Rik Mayalls the New Statesman . meets Quentin Crisp the naked civil servant so far it's been quite funny . I will say one thing about the first episode there was definitely product placement in that episode it was a jar of VASELINE . I thought the BBC are not supposed to advertise . I hope that Vaseline wasn't bought out of licence fee . I always heard that actors are supposed to suffer for ones art . OR IN THIS CASE SUFFER FOR ONES ARSE !!
شوريان شعب
Music name pleeeeeeease
شوريان شعب
Adriaan Hofstra thank you so much sir. You are a life wonder!
Adriaan Hofstra
The Gallows - Audiomachine
Isleofskye 2 years ago
EXCELLENT Drama. Just seen all 3 parts back-to-back. Really shows the power of The Establishment and the supreme INEVITABLE irony of Jeremy Thorpe being the main opponent to the "Keep Britan White" campaign and living in the ( then ) 99% White West Country while David Steel lived in a 99.9% White Scottish Area.
Mustafa Jackson
Mustafa Jackson 2 years ago
Not my cup of tea; I'll pass.
Tootsla 125
Tootsla 125 2 years ago
Ok I'm just gonna say it.....how could homosexuality ever have been so dangerous, illegal, reviled and punished in England? I mean, come on! Every English guy I've ever known was either totally gay, in the closet gay or in denial gay.
bert1029 Year ago
I'm guessing you've not met many English guys, then. Don't get me wrong, we have lots of LGBT people (Stonewall reckons it's 5-7% of the UK population), but the population is still overwhelmingly heterosexual, even accounting for people still in the closet.
william wright
william wright 2 years ago
Read the book its based on - very good !
Why Curious
Why Curious 2 years ago
Where do I find the music in this? Its simply beautiful!
Adriaan Hofstra
The Gallows - Audiomachine (correct me if I'm wrong :P)
Marla K
Marla K 2 years ago
I've been wondering about that too!
Mai Chan
Mai Chan 2 years ago
Yixiao Deng Let me know if you find it! I've been searching for hours!
Biblical Broadcasting
Too right, Betty. I can't believe some of the filth they put on the BBC either
Mai Chan
Mai Chan 2 years ago
Biblical Broadcasting LMAO BIBLICAL BROADCASTING IM PISSING. I don't think I've ever felt more informal on the internet! Oh Christ, Im actually giggling on the spot, did I just find a middle-age bigot putting religion into homosexuality's opinions. I'm laughing at how close minded this comment is.
normskimonger 2 years ago
Shame it wasn't shot in Barnstaple. I know because there is no Market Tavern pub there. I come from North Devon,,and there isn't a single location from there in the series.
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams 2 years ago
Just spotted the homage to Quentin Crisp in the closing lines.
Frir10 2 years ago
Hugh going for that BAFTA nomination :)
JxJxJxJx 2 years ago
too gay for my taste
AB M 2 years ago
This is so English it's almost offensive
INDIE GENRE 11 months ago
@angela flear JUDGING by his name, definitely of indian origin, From the COMMONWEALTH
angela flear
angela flear Year ago
I love it. What country are you from?
Winter Piano
Winter Piano 2 years ago
Loved the first episode :D
ternitamas 2 years ago
I feel I've seen this, is this a remake? It looks very good
Rifki N R
Rifki N R 2 years ago
Marmalade Stex1591
Marmalade Stex1591 2 years ago
I remember this Scandal while i was at school because kids picked up on it strangely and used to call people either Jeremy or Norman if they wanted to accuse them of being Gay!.
Tom Bradford
Tom Bradford 2 years ago
Whishlaw looks nothing like Norman Scott - bad casting and the look and fashion is wrong - its the Seventies not today's shit era. Typical Russell Davies shit.
E GRY 2 years ago
Ben Wishaw is amazing.
LuxLisbon 2 years ago
Does anyone know if this is coming to the U.S.? Maybe BBC America?
Liam Berry
Liam Berry 2 years ago
This is the prime minister from love actually`s prequel
Charlotte D
Charlotte D 2 years ago
woah, looking forward to watching this
Celebrimbor Blue
Celebrimbor Blue 2 years ago
Finally, something to look forward to!
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