A 'Travel Warning' Issued for ‘People of Color’ in Republican State?

The Red Elephants Vincent James
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A 'Travel Warning' Issued for ‘People of Color’ in Republican State?

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Ooo Wee Baby!
Ooo Wee Baby! 2 days ago
When POC person say White Privilege - 1) Black is actually the absence of color - 2) White disperses into all color. Who are the POC again?? Anyone offended can't go 3 seconds in any conversation without "politically correcting" the NewSpeak. We need George Carlin more than ever.
pecker wood
pecker wood 10 days ago
My 9mm makes it safe for me to travel anywhere!!
Stuart Coker
Stuart Coker 12 days ago
The only people who care what color your skin is or what genitalia you have is Leftist Democrats. Conservatives don't care if you are Black or Brown. They care if you are law abiding and love America.
Neil W
Neil W 17 days ago
What the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center fixate on reminds me of the MSNBC obsession with incarceration and or mass incarceration. Just like the Quran says quote this is what you would hasten on unquote.
ya yaya
ya yaya 18 days ago
whites are the 1848, rampant post ww2, GLOBAL COMMUNISTS new ww1 russian revolution onward contrived enemy country creator KULAKS. btw we must eliminate all the media controller years of advertised evil colluding COMMUNISTS right ??? or does that only apply to the century contrived image of hardly believable formidable enemy of "white"/asian _NATIONALIST_ communist russians ??? bc we are still supposed to believe that the post ww2 euro americans could not have annihilated any opponent, like the million chinese and korean war veterans on modern chinese tv war documentaries who explain how the americans were an unstoppable endless supply chain, who accidently pushed all the way up nearly to the chinese border in the korean war, then had to somehow lose ground to restore the image of an ongoing difficult war.
Cid Sapient
Cid Sapient 18 days ago
lol its kinda like before the civil war when states were ignoring federal laws its strange that the reason today is almost very similar to then with the reason these states being sanctuary, and ignoring federal law, is for cheap labor similar to slaves even tho the civil war had much more points than slavery
SkyJinx 21 day ago
Meanwhile, in reality...the most dangerous areas in North America are areas predominantly inhabited by american blacks. That is a fact. Highest violent crime rates in the entire world. Murders, rapes, home invasion robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, arsons, assaults, etc etc etc. Not all american blacks are bad people, but american blacks are responsible for 80% of all violent crime in America, even though they are only about 20% of the population. This makes them the most violent, lawless culture on the entire planet.
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler 21 day ago
If all the red states adopted that kind of policy; the Illegal aliens would go to the Blue States and overwhelm their systems and the big companies that support the Democrats.
Don Olinger
Don Olinger 22 days ago
White people are in a lot more danger and they knew that when they wrote that. They're so delusional that they might actually believe the BS that they wrote.
Gary Ray Cardoso
Gary Ray Cardoso 24 days ago
The ACLU (Racism HQ of America)
Rich McDonald
Rich McDonald 24 days ago
If it had been a white guy that threw a black kid over the ledge it would still be on the news
Leonard McCreary
Leonard McCreary 25 days ago
Um, isn’t FL mostly black and Hispanic?
Ydely Suarez
Ydely Suarez 27 days ago
I can definitely tell you that no one has trampled on my rights or have been discriminated against down here. I live in South Florida. What a load of 💩. Such 🤡 .... They’re insane.
Mr Gib
Mr Gib 27 days ago
ACLU - American Criminal Liberties Union
wonderful day
wonderful day Month ago
Trump 2020
NorCal OntheRight
Thanks to this propaganda, it will just likely result in Conservative majority White States and or communities becoming more safe by less POC, illegals etc. Works for me.👍 Maybe I should choose a state to move to by researching the ACLU information regarding the most unsafe state for POC’s and illegals?
Bobbie Faler
Bobbie Faler Month ago
The Mexican gangs are doing the very same things that black gangs do. The blacks have harassed white People out of areas they believe are theirs. They burn the white peoples houses, they break in and steal the owners possessions, they party on the white peoples lawns. All to force them out of the neighborhood. Why are they complaining? They don’t like it when another group does it to them? Another black double standard! Do on to others. Unless the videos have been removed there are plenty of examples on UTUBE of black people doing the very same thing. Blacks vote Democrap almost 100%. Democraps back the illegals 100%. Suck it up you voted for it! How’s Odrama,Hillary,AOC,Chuckey and Nancy working out for you now? It must be tiresome to be a perpetual victim. EVERYONES always picking on the poor black victim.
Bobbie Faler
Bobbie Faler Month ago
That’s because mobs of white ‘teens’ are running through the streets looting stores and playing the black bear game! However not one of those ‘teens’ have been arrested. The police just could not catch them!
Dedboii Gaming
Dedboii Gaming Month ago
Where are all these legal minorities getting deported like they claim there's a risk of?
Complete Satire
Complete Satire Month ago
Oooo I’m black and weaaaaaaak
Michael Holderbaum
The sad fact is that white Americans can't walk through certain neighborhoods. The Democrat push for racism against whites is in full swing. The only actual racism is mostly from a very minuscule number of people on both sides. If Democrats would stop pushing racism it might end.
Christopher Trinh
Dear Vincent James, Can you interview Cyrus Hojjaty (Cyrus 992) on Immigration and demographics issues?
Olive Locutions
Olive Locutions Month ago
Who has created the conditions for things like this? The ruling dystoparchy that sits atop their elected Shabbat goy. Whether it is POC crime against Whites or some other crime against whites that is a result of forced multiculturalism/die-versity, the blood is on their hands. THE BLOOD BELONGS ON THEIR HANDS.
Olive Locutions
Olive Locutions Month ago
These oy veys are really begging for the rope.
TheLawDemon Month ago
Is nobody gonna report on the riot in CHicago last night????
Morf Morf Vandewalt
It's a miracle how all these minority families live and thrive in these Republican states 🙄
jj rusy
jj rusy Month ago
travel warning for little white people at mall of America, WELL unless they want to go flying: STAY ON THE GROUND FLOOR
Jason Ibanez
Jason Ibanez Month ago
So the head of the splc is forced to resign due to racism and sexism? And their credibility isn't questioned at all? Hmmmm. Interesting. People really are low iq if they fall for the bullshit being espoused by this hate group
Benito Mussolini
ACLU is just an Antifa wing at this point.
Chelo Fig
Chelo Fig Month ago
Leftists already created hate and for what I hear Minnesota is sharia law. Hope they claimed Minnesota as a no go zone.
Sew Cat
Sew Cat Month ago
They are not racist they want real people who are not illegal
Aylcudoff Urclitoris
I would like to warn non whites traveling to U Penn. They are attacking people of color with violence and intimidation.
Adam Carter
Adam Carter Month ago
Maybe all non whites should just leave America, they would be much happier and safer elsewhere.
Dan Kerb
Dan Kerb Month ago
Please stop calling them, "latinx". They are Latinos. Let's not play the Orwellian word game. Everytime we use their dumbass newspeak, we lose a little.
SJ Month ago
I never really thought about being white until the mainstream culture became prominently anti-white, until I realized that every other group was playing ID politics and playing to win. If we dont play too we’ll lose everything.
Arcion Month ago
Did you seriously call them Latin x?! What the f*** dude? Don't use AOC's dumb term. AOC's as dumb as rocks.
you don't know beans
I live in Florida and this is BS! Maybe they are trying to cut back on illegal immigration which is something this whole country needs to do but there are many different people from many different cultures here and no one really cares. Actually, I can't stand all this SJW nonsense so if you are like that then please don't come here.
Frenchinator too
What is the difference between people of color and colored people?
marioxmariox Month ago
Isn't offensive to put illegal immigrants in the same class as "people of color"? I think the ACLU just does not want people to go to Florida and realize it is a much better place then California or New York.
The Daughters of Zion 2
Repent. The Time is at Hand. Jesus is Coming Soon, Will you be Ready ???! Heaven or Hell, Where will you Spend Eternity. ???? 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
J Month ago
May as well put Hawaii on that list. Grew up getting beaten daily for my skin color, but there’s no hate crimes for whites, no sob stories for whites, and no one cares about the whites.
Winter Sky
Winter Sky Month ago
this really is all about the beast system will lie lie lie to gain power and tell you that evil is good and good is evil .
diamonddog257 Month ago
What is your point?.... whigger ?
William Sych
William Sych Month ago
Lol they don't want them to see how much better they run stuff compared to dems
Stephanie Grieco
Latinx is not a thing in Spanish. Most self respecting Spanish speakers don't appreciate butchering the language and heritage for English sensibilities. Don't be PC dude its not a good look.
Nancy M
Nancy M Month ago
Whites aren't the ones throwing innocent children off of mall balconies... the ACLU is a pack of undeniable commies who were organized years ago by a hardcore communist that stated he wanted to wrap himself in the American flag pretending to defend Constitutional freedoms while in actuality wanting to destroy the country... should all be in prison...
TMH lion
TMH lion Month ago
Ill deadass throw my hands with any a yall bumassess lol whats good get the gloves foh
E DubZ
E DubZ Month ago
I think its crucial that political advocates and voices of the right needs to change gears and strategy. Their audience is likely overwhelmingly white and conservative and the level of influence they have over specific demographics is likely even more overwhelmingly white and conservative. Before we can attempt to influence change of groups outside our circle of influence, we need to focus on those who have differing opinions on say abortion or free speech but are within the same circle of demographics, focus on those that are more likely to listen and consider such ideas because they can relate and/or they share similar opinions on other issues. A conservative white male trying to convince leftist minorities to change their views before attempting to convince white moderates or liberals is really putting the cart before the horse. Focusing on leftist minorities is not only futile but likely counterproductive as by doing so can create just more push back causing them to defend their position more aggressively and vocally. By the right highlighting the insane ideals of the left it only brings more attention to their cause, where not only do you get the left advocating for their own ideals but also by all those politically active on the right focusing on them as well. All the while the actions or inactions more like it and bad ideals of those on the right go unnoticed and uncriticized hidden in a shadowy corner while everyone is distracted by the clowns at the circus. The leftist even the crazy ones aren't the unAmerican bad guys, they're just exercising their rights and freedoms that allows every citizen to voice their opinions and advocate for support and change to implement said opinions no matter how absurd insane or harmful its their rights as Americans, they're doing what they're supposed to and in a way is more patriotic and American they're fighting for what they believe is right. Its the inaction of those on the right that is the travesty, by not advocating for what they believe is right, not fighting for what they believe in is the real cancer in America. That is who every political voice on the right should be focusing and reporting on. Like a crooked judge or cop those who willingly let harmful actions go unpunished create far more harm than those who perpetrate them. If those who are too weak or afraid to stand up to malicious actors who mean to cause harm to our lives, our society, our freedoms rights and country don't deserve such things. Freedom isn't free it was obtained with the blood, sweat and tears of those before us, it was obtained and passed down like a mortgage our forefathers blood, sweat, and tears was simply a down payment and its our responsibility to make our own regular payments in blood sweat and tears if necessary. You can't blame the bank or the taxman for reprocessing your home because we're too lazy to work and earn the money needed to pay the rent, or too dumb for squandering our money on stupid material things. The left is just playing the role they've been born to play and they're playing it well and as crazy as it seems should be applauded as American patriots for doing so, as well and to the degree as they are. Its the right that are the bad guys, the evil ones that need to be pointed out, chastised, punished, and stopped at all costs for failing their duty as citizens to protect the public, and our country, the rights and freedoms that we hold so dear are just as much if not more so obligations and responsibilities, they're not given they are earned.
E DubZ
E DubZ Month ago
Brown people beware!! The lizards are shooting leftists with their space tornado moon lasers.
Steven C. Rivas
Steven C. Rivas Month ago
Hispanic is not even a race. The majority of "Hispanics" in the USA are mostly native Americans from South and central America who hate themselves. They are ashamed of being native American. So they're bullshiting themselves when they say their race is important to their identity.
will f
will f Month ago
The fire in France ruvid.net/video/video-B64XVAiK-9U.html
President of the Secrete Sankcake Server
Wouldn't want to be slapped lightly by ny🅱️🅱️as in whiteface and forced to wear a paracord tie while splashed with scented water!
Drac139 Month ago
If only they would actually follow it.
Daffyd Landegge
Daffyd Landegge Month ago
If they have the proper paperwork, why worry 🙄 The stupidity is so much in abundance that even an astounding number of Americans do not carry proper identification cards with them when out in public (e.g., "why do I need to?")
Antarctic Ice Queen
It’s okay to want a space for your race..
David Ringlein
David Ringlein Month ago
Please STOP the "african american" narrative. Unless one has dual citizenship... its NOT possible.
Jared Hammel
Jared Hammel Month ago
You sound especially racist in this video, Vince. :D Just kidding. Great video!
Paul Nightwolf
Paul Nightwolf Month ago
Title sounds about right ...
Ryan X
Ryan X Month ago
You know what at this point I think it's safe to say that the white population is going to need to fight back pretty soon!! We are so far past being able to talk this out the media is trying to turn everyone against white people! Violent crime against white people perpetrated by blacks is 3 times higher than white on black crime blacks are only 11% of the population whereas whites are 65% this is just another attempt to try to spin the facts because once enough white people realize this fact and have enough of this race-baiting you're going to have some serious problems! You can only poke a Sleeping Bear for so long then he's going to wake up and rip off your f****** face!
Self Discipline
Self Discipline Month ago
"People of color" sounds really racist. Didn't racist used to call black people "colored people"? Now its, "People of color"? WTF?
Jacqueline Davis-Nicholson Jr
4Kandlez Month ago
So the illegals are in danger of being caught and deported? What's the problem again?
Alliance Media
Alliance Media Month ago
Alot of misleading stuff the hate group graph divided the white racism and its funny cause there all same lol
Maxie Karn
Maxie Karn Month ago
Failed propaganda?
Von Festus
Von Festus Month ago
What's this ridiculous pathetic fear mongering worth in votes? A few dozen? I mean I guess they really! Think blacks are stupid
hungry money
hungry money Month ago
Racism is apart of America it is built on it. The.problem is now whites are becoming the minority. The black Americans are not the enemy. The government are the ones selling out the people. Allowing these third world folks to overflow into our cities.
Tim Cross
Tim Cross Month ago
This is actually rather funny, not to mention hypocritical on the part of the left... And then you tried to sell me stuff...
Maddock fitzsimmins
If the list is not confined to Chicago, Detroit, Balt and Wash DC then its complete bull sht.
Angela S
Angela S Month ago
I don’t feel safe in Blue States! I’m not allowed to carry my gun to be able to protect myself! Sanctuary Cities are a deadly Lawless Cesspool, with highest amount of crime, Illegal Aliens murdering Americans, rape, drugs, & Communists & Gangbangers & Homelessness. They are the filthiest violent Shitholes that look like 3rd World Countries! Hate Crimes Against White People is becoming an Epidemic! Black on White Violence is rising because of Groups like SPLC ACLU!
Max Sperger
Max Sperger Month ago
Will the ACLU be issuing a travel warning for white people visiting the Mall of America?
Billy Hill
Billy Hill Month ago
I'd like to know when whites will get a travel warning at the MOA in Minneapolis?
Frank DeVries
Frank DeVries Month ago
The ACLU should stop creating unfounded fear, the left is so devisive
John Davis
John Davis Month ago
There is a unofficial travel ban for Whites to stay out of Black and Latino areas of the country.
John Davis
John Davis Month ago
Every Supremacy is okay 👌 except White.
Shel Ski
Shel Ski Month ago
LimitPro Month ago
Pfft they say they like them but won't take them in their own state!
Bill Chesher
Bill Chesher Month ago
Wait till POTUS 45 finds out. Easy trolling
Bill Chesher
Bill Chesher Month ago
Trump...the boss
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Step Tart
Step Tart Month ago
If it wasn't for our kindness and charity this wouldn't be happening so I say white man stop turning the other cheek and get in the streets and show minority who runs things around here!
Keith Edwards
Keith Edwards Month ago
These groups or organizations are racebaters immigrants illegally here are the real problem.
myke hunt
myke hunt Month ago
As a child I remember a family wENR vacationing I believe it was in Florida. They took it wrong turn into Gangland and when they tried to turn around a bunch of thugs walk behind their car and shot up the car and killed the family women children Mom Dad all that. But it would be racist to put warnings on maps for tourists. I guess it'd be racist cuz the places you wouldn't want to go are black so that makes it racist so there's a place where Whitey'gets killed they just have to figure it out by the gunfire . we'll put on a travel warning cuz somebody black might get pulled over l, ook out. I find it funny the difference in racism, not really funny. They walk through rich stuck-up white neighborhood and the cops might get called and if they act okay they'll just go to jail or get talk to. But they want to act all lunatic like usually get shot at. on the other hand my car breaks down and I get stuck in one of their neighborhoods guess who's DEAD?
K Mims
K Mims Month ago
The only people of color are black people. When did we ever in past history call an Asian a person of color. When they visit relatives in India do they call themselves colored?
Trevor Sedis
Trevor Sedis Month ago
What's Israel's immigration law look like?
simon pulis
simon pulis Month ago
Florida....making America Great Again👍
Trevor Sedis
Trevor Sedis Month ago
ACLU. ADL. SPLC. AIPAC. Google. Facebook. RUvid. Israel. Schiff. Schumer. Nadler. See a pattern?
Trevor Sedis
Trevor Sedis Month ago
ACLU: Arsehole-Cuck-Lesbo Union
Trevor Sedis
Trevor Sedis Month ago
The ACLU also warns decent people not to visit Israel, the Fourth Reich. So there's that.
Aidan Cael
Aidan Cael Month ago
..yeah but do u want some one that’s refers to themselves as a POC ?
teenagevagabond Month ago
The democrats will do anything to prevent America from becoming great again.
jonny malayil
jonny malayil Month ago
As a Hispanic not really
DamnTheTorpedos Month ago
Makes me proud to be a Floridian.
carol ducree
carol ducree Month ago
If you believe the numbers on the charts , you're still asleep. heathens lies about every thing they're cursed to live off the fat of the land and by the sword. Naturally they would lie,cause confusion , chaos and violence , this is who and what they really are according to the bible the heathens really should read Obadiah and other books to see how it all ends for their kind.
Chris Facts
Chris Facts Month ago
Wow looks like trumps new America is coming faster
Sir LurksaLot
Sir LurksaLot Month ago
I will admit that I do try my best to avoid most blacks but it's not because of their skin color , It's because of quite frankly they hate me because of mine . All the racial hatred is coming from them and I could sit here and point out many examples but most people know them so I will just say follow the hate. I'm not talking to all Blacks though . I have met and observed some blacks that are surprisingly cordial and just a joy to talk too. and be around , I really do wish there were more like that.
Ro3NBurG Month ago
So they will go to non white community.....their community. I'm lost.
Sig Kimber
Sig Kimber Month ago
The ACLU is about as credible as the SPLC or CNN or Snopes...
Michael Senn
Michael Senn Month ago
Let's start throwing baby niggaz off the balconies. We owe it to them so they don't grow up to be real niggaz & end up in prison. We will call it our prison reform , stop them before it happens.
Vincent Cazzetta
That is exactly why I sold my house in NJ a purchased one in FLA
Nicholas Nissen
Nicholas Nissen Month ago
American communist leftist union. Divide divide divide commies here use race to divide instead of class. Pretty simple.
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