A Tour Of My Plants

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Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - ruvid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - ruvid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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14 мар 2019




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Spitphyr AJ
Spitphyr AJ 13 минут назад
I haven’t seen many “you need to watch your Cermet” comments and I’m disappointed
Maureen Wright
Maureen Wright 16 минут назад
LOL my dog woke up next to me VERY concerned over Cermits crying
Brooke & Jeremy
Brooke & Jeremy 16 минут назад
If I could meet any RUvidr it would no doubt be Jenna marbles
ula gudaityte
ula gudaityte 17 минут назад
Isin't she announcing engagement in the thumbnail photo? Or was the ring there the whole time?
Princess Owly
Princess Owly 18 минут назад
Did anyone els notice the ring on her left ring finger??
Theboredbitch 20 минут назад
My rubber tree is named Durex :P
Lady Spirituum
Lady Spirituum 20 минут назад
Why do I feel like Jenna and Julian watch Trailer Park Boys by the way Jenna said "you know hat I'm saying" like J Rock.
Grace McCool
Grace McCool 31 минуту назад
big palm is Bruce
Annalie Adlaon
Annalie Adlaon 32 минуты назад
Jenna is literally the most adorable
Anna B
Anna B 34 минуты назад
Wait ring???????
Johanna Norling Fäldt
Johanna Norling Fäldt 35 минут назад
"A Tour Of My Plants" *is 29 minutes long*
Clementine_the_larper .s.
Clementine_the_larper .s. 43 минуты назад
I love your dog
Kayyy J
Kayyy J 48 минут назад
Jenna's LOVE for plants 😍🌱 Next trend on RUvid, Plant Reviewer 👌🌱🌱🌱
Brittany Pinto
Brittany Pinto 49 минут назад
I actually loved this video and didn’t find it boring at all. It’s either that or I’m a 32 year old lady that doesn’t know it yet
Caleigh Parlier
Caleigh Parlier 49 минут назад
Plot twist, they’re all plastic
Life with Shannon Marie
Life with Shannon Marie 53 минуты назад
Brookey Baby
Brookey Baby 54 минуты назад
Jennaaaaa I love ur eye makeup!
AC H 56 минут назад
I LOVED this video! I'm so glad you did it as soon as you did. But girl! How can you only have one spider plant?! I have eight, I love them. But I don't have a curly one, so brb off to the nursery I go!
FluffyWriterGirl 56 минут назад
This was so unexpectedly pleasant, Jenna!
Megan Wanders
Megan Wanders Час назад
Hearti Ko
Hearti Ko Час назад
As much as I love Julian and their chemistry together, it's actually really nice just nice seeing a chilled out video of Jenna where he let's her just do her thing without an Aries Tornado™.
DB&Baby Час назад
The ring in the thumb nail is this new or????
Rachel B.
Rachel B. Час назад
Can anyone tell me where she was ordering these plants online from??
Bat Man
Bat Man Час назад
Jenna, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've beaten my dick raw to you. It has to be in the trillions by this point.
Vittoria Wills
Vittoria Wills Час назад
when jenna used the moisture thermometer to gesture to the plants, i felt like i was in lecture when the prof uses a ridiculous pointer during a slide show
Katarina Henry
Katarina Henry Час назад
Now you need a second channel of you just updating us about your plants.
luckkarma19 Час назад
As a fellow 32 year old lady i needed this video very much, thank you forever, ive never felt more seen.
Margaret Wallach
Margaret Wallach Час назад
Nothing more fickle than a ficus...I once gave mine the side eye..(completely by accident) and it started dropping leaves the next day..😥
Taylor Knox
Taylor Knox Час назад
I LOVE THIS. Thank you for appreciating plants 🌱 28 minutes of pure content
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Час назад
What’s that website she buys plants from????
Jaydee Ellis
Jaydee Ellis Час назад
Loved this video
Bekki Chance
Bekki Chance Час назад
Can you please turn yourself into a blueberry? I watched the vice story and now I’m intrigued, feel like this is something you would do Don’t have a fetish, don’t worry, just interested
BRIANNApenna Час назад
good plant
LunaMalfoy3 Час назад
I have watched this video three times...... I love Jenna. I love plants. I’m just so happy. Also, for the Palm problem, I have a majesty palm about the same size and she loves humidity but my house is dumb dry. Try a pebble tray for them!!
Megan Stoldt
Megan Stoldt Час назад
Now you can't get a cat :(
GodIsMyJudge Час назад
Jenna can you and Julien do a music video cover of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
Angel Wilcox
Angel Wilcox 2 часа назад
OMG I'm loving this inner plant lady you're letting out. I'm so jealous of your plant collection I used to have so many when i was in Florida but here in Iowa i only have my Philodendron which is doing okay but shes looking pretty sad after this winter :( Moving sucks when you have to abandon your plant children lol.
n cnsnnts
n cnsnnts 2 часа назад
I want plants now ;_;
Landon Hilde
Landon Hilde 2 часа назад
I fuckin loved this video
Nykkole Loncarevic
Nykkole Loncarevic 2 часа назад
what's the website you got the perfume plant off of??
Trina Julian
Trina Julian 2 часа назад
Jenna, I’m so impressed!! Lol. Love that you love plants!
Courtney Woods
Courtney Woods 2 часа назад
5:30 "MISS KEISHA" I love that vine!! And I died when you said "oh my god she fuckin dead" 😂😂
Erin Lynne Murray
Erin Lynne Murray 2 часа назад
You will probably never see this ever but I'm a "certified agriculturalist" now currently a hairdresser (just got my license ayye) I went through like 3 1/5 years of my technical school program for it and i fell in love with it. But sadly when my teacher died we all took it super hard and our passion kinda died with her and it only got worse when they brought in the new teacher that didn't care about the program. The teacher now is fantastic but I wish he was hired first. This video literally made me fall in love with plants again. It gave me that fuzzy feeling again. I decided to get a string of Pearl's and hung it in my window with my 4 year old rubber tree, 5 year old fern, and my 2 year old purple heart plant. Thank you for this video, I feel so warm and happy
ohBunglleHD 2 часа назад
Take that make up off Jesus why these girls like that vile orange look
Lani Legend
Lani Legend 2 часа назад
Literally this gives me life. I may only be a 28 year old lady but I just want dogs and plants. I have about 30 succulents and wanted to try new types. I just got my first Hoya after this. DEM WAXY LEAVES SO GOOD.
Mika Jönsson
Mika Jönsson 2 часа назад
i'm not really interested in plants but it's fun to listen to someone when they're really passionate about it! i've had plants in my window for a few years now but they keep dying because: a. my room gets very little sun and b. i forget to water them constantly. and the one i have now got chewed on by my cat 5 minutes after i got it so it didn't get a good start and hasn't recovered since
slash tmp
slash tmp 2 часа назад
How do you live with a life so pointless like you JennaMarbles. I mean you must have had dreams of doing something productive once right?
Sinead Murty Bautista
Sinead Murty Bautista 3 часа назад
I love Plant Jenna. It's one of those RUvid contents that I need in this chapter of my life. Thanks for this surprisey
Radiator Puddles
Radiator Puddles 3 часа назад
Cermet is literally in the process of a dog panic attack at the beginning 😂
Nawn 83
Nawn 83 3 часа назад
I saw that beast ring on her engagement finger and couldn't hear anything she said the rest of the video!!! What the heck is that!! I SEE YOUUU
Sam Fox
Sam Fox 3 часа назад
I wish I was a plant in Jenna's house
illusionsandvisions 3 часа назад
This was the best!!!!!! Please buy more plants and do more tours and updates
Liza Aleksandrovych
Liza Aleksandrovych 4 часа назад
we just love to watch no matter what you do!
Zeina Ian
Zeina Ian 4 часа назад
I don't really know anything about plants but I think your Pothos plants are my favourite. I looked at plants at my local plant store online and my favourite is 'Croton - Codiaeum variegatum' the leaves look like colourful butterfly wings, it's the prettiest plant I have ever seen.
vani mattoo
vani mattoo 4 часа назад
Lahoya Jackson.... Latoya Jackson is SHOOOkkK
Dakota Maverick
Dakota Maverick 4 часа назад
Jenna out here momming all the plants and fish, wearing baby blue button ups, and a mom bun. Jenna is well on her way to being a 33 year old Karen. This isn't what I signed up for... but I will stay..
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn 4 часа назад
Jenna “In 30 years it will be a full grown plant” Me “ so when you are a ‘ 62 year old laaaaady’ he he he he”
Dakota Maverick
Dakota Maverick 4 часа назад
She starts by introducing the plants by name, origin, and personality and by the middle she's like "these r my succulents idk why they're alive"
Dakota Maverick
Dakota Maverick 4 часа назад
plantlife appropriation. Am uncomfortable
Aisha S
Aisha S 4 часа назад
Can you make more videos on your plants? I love these.
Emma Porcelli
Emma Porcelli 4 часа назад
Absolutely hands down my favorite video ever!!!!
Stacey German
Stacey German 4 часа назад
I have a rubber plant called quineth
Kalie Brandt
Kalie Brandt 4 часа назад
Jenna should do a pottery video and make pots for her plants
Tom Davis
Tom Davis 4 часа назад
7:00 that “Byork” plant is definitely a Virgo
Josephine Lim
Josephine Lim 5 часов назад
I have never related more to you than in this video
đìñâřà 5 часов назад
Competed with Joana Ceddia and become the Cookie Monster e
Plants Over Pain - JerseyShoreGirl
Plants Over Pain - JerseyShoreGirl 5 часов назад
Omg you shouted-out Planterina! That’s awesome! 💝 I love the tour. And adore your charming personality. I’m subscribing.
Meg T
Meg T 5 часов назад
The best video ever
Ida 5 часов назад
She's wearing an engagement ring, the 'boyfriend choose me outfit'-shirt and also jeans? YOOOO giiiirl
Tehyaa Darling
Tehyaa Darling 5 часов назад
*everything about this video radiates positivity and makes me wanna buy a plant*
Courtney J
Courtney J 5 часов назад
Plants grow toward the light so if you feel like your plants are growing slanted or crooked, turn the pot and it should straighten out!
Ally Marie
Ally Marie 5 часов назад
Can someone list all the names of her plants?
emily66hatter 6 часов назад
i love plants. also just noticed her plaid shirt might be the one julien got in the shopping video lol
Makayla Comelli
Makayla Comelli 6 часов назад
Congratulations on your engagement!! Your ring in the thumbnail looks gorgeous. You and Julien are so lucky to have each other. You guys are the definition of soul mates ❤️ I wish you all the best! Love from Australia 🇦🇺❤️
Makayla Comelli
Makayla Comelli 4 часа назад
I’m sorry I just realised you just like to wear a lot of rings and they just happen to be very flash and pretty hahah for some reason I thought you were trying to tell us something
Linnea Arvidsson
Linnea Arvidsson 6 часов назад
I don't know if you named your plant "Bjork" or "Björk" either way I found it very funny becuase björk means birch tree in Swedish😂
Hannah Su Taylor
Hannah Su Taylor 6 часов назад
28 year old lady approves
Lara Olliver
Lara Olliver 6 часов назад
Jenna appreciating her plants for 28 minutes is all the world needs to beat deforestation
Thierry YT
Thierry YT 6 часов назад
Thumbs up if u agree she should do more of these video
Rainbow Slime
Rainbow Slime 6 часов назад
I love you Jenna! ❤️❤️❤️
Nikaela Damasen
Nikaela Damasen 6 часов назад
The brows looking good sis😂
Luna rificmoon
Luna rificmoon 6 часов назад
45 on the trending chart wow Jenna youve peeked 😂👌🏻 love your videos
jessica almondjoy
jessica almondjoy 6 часов назад
Only Jenna Marbles can get 3.8 million views for a video about plants of different shades of green. You go, sis!
elisemakesabunchofvideos 6 часов назад
Hahaha you certainly got the demographic right!! Genuinely enjoyed how emotional you get over your beautiful leafy friends 💚🌿🍀🌱thank you those 29minutes were well wasted.. I didn't know curly spider plants existed either!! Omg get those baby spiders going and aggressively force them into the homes of your friends and family 🤣
Savannah Radogna
Savannah Radogna 6 часов назад
Your “too much” gene went off
Steakloins 7 часов назад
All of her plants are boy plants
IceManAuz 7 часов назад
you're actually a savage if you read more... your going to have an amazing 2019 like and subscribe to me to activate
Ashley Reynierse
Ashley Reynierse 7 часов назад
put the jean chair in the dead corner you should experiment with like veggies and fruit trees in your outside area
Jimena2406 7 часов назад
You should try making the gelatin flower cakes!!
itsmisspretty 7 часов назад
Jenna, a decade ago did you ever imagine you would do a house tour for your plants?
Cristina m
Cristina m 7 часов назад
do you mean that the plant can get the humidity from the shower, or do you take it INTO the shower with you? sensual regardless i lOVED this video. i also love plants and I used to care for a ficus (rip rhonda you're probably still alive but i have no idea how your new owners are caring for you) so this is just a trip and a half.
Stephanie Riczu
Stephanie Riczu 7 часов назад
This video was so wholesome and also what I anticipate my life becoming in the next five years 🥰
Jordan Welsh
Jordan Welsh 7 часов назад
jen, juel.... she had a wand. I COULDNT WRITE THIS. I mean youre str8
Just another nail artist
Just another nail artist 7 часов назад
Can I get a hooooyaas.. lmaooo😂😂
Nuggetsaurusrex 8 часов назад
I love that that mine and Jenna's life paths have followed each other so similarly, feels like we're growing up at the same rate ☺️ I was into gogo dancing around the same time she was, then went through the video game obsession, and lately the plant lady obsession. That's so cool she got that kentia palm, they're supposed to be the best palm for keeping indoors but they're SO expensive oh my! I want one so bad!
Elze 8 часов назад
At first I was like why would anyone want to see a plant tour? But then I was like but it's Jenna! So I have to watch!
Jordan Welsh
Jordan Welsh 8 часов назад
YOU did marbles a hellea no no! Momma cant show her babes without her #! psssh
Stephanie Kalina
Stephanie Kalina 8 часов назад
Bec Block
Bec Block 8 часов назад
Izaya Rasher
Izaya Rasher 8 часов назад
I used to have quite a few plants but they eventually died when I went out of the country for a few months and my family ignored them. I've wanted to get back into it (they were mostly flowers) but something has been keeping me from doing it. I think this video has really peaked my interest again. Thank you Jenna
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