A Tesla & 6 Other Cars Stuck in Same Spot

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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We have a new sand trap! We got a call for a vehicle stuck on the Babylon Mill Road about every other day for a couple weeks!
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This road is so soft most of the cars won't even make it down the hill. One of those was a Tesla Model 3!
Watch us rescue a couple of ladies stuck on the sand dunes

We hope you enjoy these 7 recoveries from the same spot!
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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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Aug 26, 2020




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Matt's Off Road Recovery
Check out our other rescue where we got a call from a couple of ladies stuck on the sand dunes in their Jeep Wrangler. ruvid.net/video/video-GPqLykJ5ibY.html
Do you guys get paid for this?
Water Boy
Water Boy Month ago
2 wheel drive i get it now. I was having a really hard time with understanding how they were getting stuck
LES Month ago
@pear7777 but I can guaran-dam-tee you it's worth every penny to those who are helplessly stuck out in the middle of nowhere. 😄
DJ Rodriguez
DJ Rodriguez Month ago
Mathew you are such a professional not making fun of these people. These days we see so many people who seem to get by without any critical thinking skills somehow.
Brian Thibodeau
Brian Thibodeau Month ago
@Rick Littleso turn them off.
Felix Nguyen
Felix Nguyen 4 hours ago
What’s the attachment point to the cars in the front ?
Surby 13 hours ago
Do you guys charge standard fees on all recoveries? Or some easier ones do you just work off tips?
Caleb Byers
Caleb Byers 21 hour ago
11:28 always remeber, lefty tighty righty loosy
iron 2 days ago
Lizzy looks mentally slow.
David Blazzee
David Blazzee 2 days ago
So you pulled all those vehicles out for free Lol? Unreal
Ben T.
Ben T. 14 hours ago
Bro its his Business
Cesareo Alonso
Cesareo Alonso 2 days ago
Just tell those people to get good tires mtat
Gerard Rig
Gerard Rig 2 days ago
Aren't Tesla Four Wheel Drive Electric Motors...
atomicdeath10 3 days ago
I almost fell out of my chair laughing when you daisy-chained almost $80,000 worth of Chevy behind a $5,000 Jeep. Just to get out of SAND. *Dead*
Bohdan Porteous
Bohdan Porteous 3 days ago
Lol “ we didn’t know there was sand here” what a bunch of gomers lol
madrabbitt 3 days ago
the colorado didnt have front tow hooks?
Kevin Roth
Kevin Roth 3 days ago
You found a $$ Money hole
Dwight Schneider
Dwight Schneider 3 days ago
Damn Texans, they should know better then to drive a Colorado LOL
Mav Div
Mav Div 4 days ago
ah the dumb ass cars dem damn city folk drive. Fucking incredible!
gsk 4 days ago
Its all about tires i believe. even 4x4s stuck in simple sands
pancho lira
pancho lira 4 days ago
the other left😂
Thirty Three
Thirty Three 5 days ago
I bet Tesla does not train / teach their cars to drive in sand.
Thirty Three
Thirty Three 5 days ago
What does it cost to get a vehicle unstuck? Do you have any deals with AAA or Tesla?
World of Airsoft
World of Airsoft 5 days ago
I bet people ask a lot but why are the tires of the Jeep always bald 🤣
Kevin March
Kevin March 5 days ago
Lol xj towing 2 Chevys at once out of the sand. Priceless!
Tommy Wooten
Tommy Wooten 6 days ago
Mask on in the desert... lol... thanks for your videos buddy
stevest1300 6 days ago
🎸🎹 "The Chev got stuck and the Ford got stuck, got the Chev unstuck when the Dodge showed up. But the Dodge got stuck in the tractor rut which eventually pulled out the Ford..."🎵🪕
jedslather 7 days ago
Look at all the people with face diapers 😂 in the middle of the desert 🌵
Che Garcia
Che Garcia 8 days ago
Ostia tío !! Pero que haz hecho? Porque haz metido el coche a arena ? olé , olé 🇪🇸. Viva España, Viva el Rey, viva el orden y la ley
Maxpower36912 8 days ago
Shout out to the camera crew for all the cardio
bricks1010 8 days ago
Everyone in Florida knows about the sugar sand and you don't drive through it.
Jason Claunch
Jason Claunch 8 days ago
matt pretty short with the Asians. kinda blew that guy off at first meeting him.kinda rude.10:37 in
stlswagger 9 days ago
Ed needs to be in movies
FAST///M3 9 days ago
Man I have to say it. People now a days don't have any kind of common sense. How did they get a license. They may have to read their owners manuals 👀 oh wait that means they would have common sense 😂🤣😂
Van's Best Friend
Van's Best Friend 10 days ago
Here we have a batch of ignorant imbeciles - one of which is driving a golf cart (Tesla) - down a sandy road. What makes these people think Teslas are REAL cars anyway? And the Chevy Colorado should REALLY be ashamed of himself!
The Source Of A.T.G.
Is it the type of tire you use that make it that you don’t get stuck in the sand?
Robert GH
Robert GH 10 days ago
8:34 lower your tire pressure on soft sand.
YOUAINT POOP 10 days ago
The Crafty Tech
The Crafty Tech 10 days ago
ed is such an "old don" lol. don was some old guy who chilled at my shop sleeping most the time, then comes out and gives you advice randomly about something. guy makes all his money from his male order bride working for him lmao
Montero 10 days ago
How do they get stuck so bad
drc 086
drc 086 10 days ago
Man time 4 some new tyres
David B
David B 11 days ago
You should put a sign with your number on it at that sand trap. LOL
Tom Oakhill
Tom Oakhill 11 days ago
You know I have seen that Same Sign in a dozen, or more, of Matt's videos. That sand is an amazing trap.
sampson2525 12 days ago
Do any of these pickup driver air down? Doesn’t seem like any 4x4 should get stuck in his. Air down to 20psi and they should all be fine.
ID 12 days ago
Hope these guys actually get paid. Never see it on the videos but hopefully they do.
Tom Christian
Tom Christian 14 days ago
Enjoy the videos. Always amazed at where people take 2wd trucks and front wheel drive cars.
Tom Christian
Tom Christian 14 days ago
or a Tesla, just because it's AWD.
Chief Executive
Chief Executive 14 days ago
Out of shape... 😂😂😂 me too man..
jtcellphone 14 days ago
Video counter: 14
Kiddo VR
Kiddo VR 14 days ago
Tesla Drivers stuck in Desert Sand = Granger Smiths song City Boy Stuck
Bryan Hulse
Bryan Hulse 15 days ago
Certainly Tesla dude isn't sitting in his car, in the middle of nowhere, with his mask on?
would snow chains work?
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 15 days ago
I feel embarassed , that guy blantantly wearing a california shirt, we must appear dumb and obnoxious to people from other states
Jenee Robert
Jenee Robert 15 days ago
Some people are so dumb why would you take those vehicles out there??? Our country is so confused these days
Dudeman 90
Dudeman 90 15 days ago
Love the videos. Almost time for tires I'd try to get every bit of them expensive things too lol and I can't understand why you'd drive a two wheel drive truck let alone car in deep sand like that!!!! Omg haha
Hugo Nabais
Hugo Nabais 15 days ago
Driving a Tesla in that sand? And getting worried about pulling it out gently?! Something does not add up!!
It's Private
It's Private 16 days ago
I switched from watching my spooky paranormal shows to your show. I feel guilty
Sith Yarael
Sith Yarael 16 days ago
Will those the sheep vs. Wolves. Those that wear mask are sheep and those that don't are wolves. Period.
John White
John White 16 days ago
Matt. Buddy. Get some new tires. Those are illegal in 37 states. Jus' sayin'.
Isaac Byrkit
Isaac Byrkit 16 days ago
Sand is very hard to get through with standard road tires
Jose Juan Jon
Jose Juan Jon 16 days ago
Did u charge all them
Jose Juan Jon
Jose Juan Jon 16 days ago
That's gotta be a blow to the Tesla owners ego...
Him Him
Him Him 16 days ago
How much for a Pull?
namelessone 18 days ago
well done jeep
DEAN last
DEAN last 18 days ago
Lizzy reminds me of Goldy Hawn
TrainedTiger 18 days ago
Lizzie is beautiful :)
Catrik 18 days ago
Can someone explain what kind of road these are? I mean are they public roads that just happen to be bad (for normal cars), are they privately owned advernture trails for offroad vehicles or what?
JH 12Koba
JH 12Koba 18 days ago
Matt I think you may need some new tyres soon. Those are a bit in the racing slick side. Great recoveries keep them coming. Wish I coukd do the same thing in South Africa but here we all drive serious stuff in convoy
Nick C. Lanides
Nick C. Lanides 18 days ago
Your other left...
Lick Nahr
Lick Nahr 18 days ago
That might have been the first hot rod references I've seen.
Mike Capps
Mike Capps 19 days ago
Curious if that Tesla was an AWD or 2WD model.
AzE Sniping
AzE Sniping 19 days ago
3:49 pathetic, like its a fliping truck...
That's What It Is
That's What It Is 19 days ago
Tesla - they belong in Facebook's or Google's parking lots. Other than that. Why?
bernhard85 19 days ago
texas trucks no 4x4 and no heaters hahaha :)
MGD84 20 days ago
who buys a 2 wheel drive truck? lol
Santhosh Aditya
Santhosh Aditya 20 days ago
8:18, it's not a problem bcoz, itz a friggin JEEP
JAY STEPHENSON 20 days ago
Bluemint 20 days ago
the first sheila rushes to drive, don't know left from right
kyle jefferds
kyle jefferds 20 days ago
Two Chevy's in a row?
Jamzzz 20 days ago
Who buys a pickup and gets the 2-wheel drive version - especially a Colorado and a Silverado? Good grief. That completely defeats the purpose of owning either of those things.
Robert 21 day ago
Yall need to get Randy a Segway with AT tires so he doesn't stroke out!
Desert Ghosts Airsoft
Haha we got a couple cars stuck in that same spot the other night. We got everyone out tho with a little innovating 🤘🏼
Badass Viking
Badass Viking 21 day ago
Bunch of guys play airsoft out there. We tell everyone bring a truck and dont go slow or you're fucked haha.
tamil droner
tamil droner 21 day ago
This guys are not deflecting their tyre psi .
UGA Dawgman
UGA Dawgman 21 day ago
What are some of these folks thinking? 🤦
Curtis Johnson
Curtis Johnson 21 day ago
After the 3rdh car you should just put a yard sign by that sand pit with your phone number on it
Ron Metcalfe
Ron Metcalfe 22 days ago
your tires have seen better days !
bfjb70 22 days ago
First girl jumps behind the wheel, hubs gets the back seat. Gee I wonder who got them stuck.
Tittles 3334
Tittles 3334 22 days ago
Why are they scared of 3 inch sand
Mark Benson
Mark Benson 23 days ago
You took a 1 month old tesla off roading x,D you must be rich hahaha
mohamad alSh
mohamad alSh 23 days ago
How much you charge guys for such service ?
S Brian Treelife
S Brian Treelife 23 days ago
12:55 - Asians are always driving around with the brights (high beams) on!
S Brian Treelife
S Brian Treelife 23 days ago
I think airing down the tires would get most of these people out, especially the ones in trucks?
S Brian Treelife
S Brian Treelife 23 days ago
What's up with cars that don't have tow points?
Michele 23 days ago
(I know nothing about offroading even less about sand) How do they get stuck? What do they do wrong? I look at them and I just can't understand what they are doing wrong
Live Life Freely
Live Life Freely 23 days ago
Lizzy seems like she was raised by a good father.
atheistmecca 23 days ago
Use the mirrors Lizzy.
Tim Galley
Tim Galley 23 days ago
Missed a perfect opportunity to get Lizzie to top up the Tesla blinker fluid ;)
bfjb70 22 days ago
No thumbs for you.
Christian Saunders
Christian Saunders 24 days ago
tesala lady umm why did the car stop
charlyRoot 24 days ago
She’s the prettiest Ed I’ve ever seen. No offense Ed.
chapo the blue huleer
That's hot
Saxon Liddle
Saxon Liddle 24 days ago
where the tred on ur tyres
Cody Ball
Cody Ball 24 days ago
You need to get new tyres for the beast
None Yall
None Yall 24 days ago
Auto pilot failed? Dont let the tesla drive any more.
Cade Smith
Cade Smith 24 days ago
Florida 4wheeler here. Sugar sand is no joke. A strawberry field will get you stuck when you least expect it
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